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Announcement No. 144 [2019] of the General Administration of Customs―Announcement on Matters concerning the Adjustment to the Administration of Manifests for Water and Air Transportation [Not Yet Effective]
海关总署公告2019年第144号――关于调整水空运舱单管理相关事项的公告 [尚未生效]

Announcement of the General Administration of Customs 


(No. 144 [2019]) (2019年第144号)

Announcement on Matters concerning the Adjustment to the Administration of Manifests for Water and Air Transportation 关于调整水空运舱单管理相关事项的公告
For the purposes of ensuring the smooth progress of the reform of the “two-step declaration” business, effectively strengthening the management of manifests for inbound and outbound water and air transportation, regulating data declaration, simplifying the requirements for entering of data, ensuring data accuracy, and effectively implementing the safety access and risk prevention and control mechanism, the relevant matters are hereby announced as follows: 为确保“两步申报”业务改革顺利推进,切实加强海关对水运和空运进出境舱单的管理,规范数据申报,简化数据填制要求,保证数据准确,有效实施安全准入和风险防控机制,现就有关事项公告如下:
I. Relevant logistics enterprises shall, in strict accordance with the Measures of the Customs of the People's Republic of China for the Administration of Manifests for the Means of Transport Entering and Leaving China (Issued by Order No. 172, GACC and amended by Order No. 235 and No. 240, GACC) and the provisions of the relevant announcement on the time limit for the transmission of the electronic data of manifests for import and export, transmit manifests and relevant electronic data to the Customs.   一、相关物流企业应当严格按照《中华人民共和国海关进出境运输工具舱单管理办法》(海关总署令第172号公布,根据海关总署令第235、240号修改)以及关于进出境舱单电子数据传输时限相关公告的规定,向海关传输舱单及相关电子数据。
Enterprises that have had unified social credit codes shall, after undergoing the recordation formalities with the Customs, use the unified social credit codes to transfer electronic data of manifests to the Customs. 已具备统一社会信用代码的企业,经海关备案后使用统一社会信用代码向海关传输舱单电子数据。
II. The Customs shall strictly check the time limit for the transmission of the electronic data of manifests, and impose penalties upon logistics enterprises transmitting electronic data of manifests beyond the time limit according to the relevant provisions.   二、海关对舱单电子数据传输时限进行严格检查,对超过时限传输舱单电子数据的物流企业,按照相关规定予以处罚。
III. The transmission requirements for the data items of some manifests for water and air transportation shall be adjusted as follows:   三、部分水运、空运舱单数据项传输要求作如下调整:
1. Data Items of the Original Manifest (see Annexes 1, 14, and 15 for entering conditions and specifications). (一)《原始舱单数据项》(填制条件和填制规范见附件1、附件14、附件15)。
(1) “Code of the first domestic destination port at which the means of transport arrives,” “Date and time of arrival of the means of transport at the first domestic destination port,” “Code of location or country of cargo consignment,” and “Customs status code of cargo” are adjusted to “Required items” of “main data” and item “{75}” of “Other data.” 1.“运输工具抵达关境内第一个目的港代码”“ 运输工具抵达关境内第一个目的港的日期和时间”“货物托运的地点或者国家代码”“货物海关状态代码”调整为“主要数据”的“必填项”,“其他数据”的“{75}”项。
(2) The “Code of communication mode category” corresponding to the “Contact number of consignee,” and the “Code of communication mode category” corresponding to “Contact number of informant” are adjusted to “Condition items” of “Main data.” 2.“收货人联系号码”对应的“通讯方式类别代码”、“ 通知人联系号码”对应的“通讯方式类别代码”调整为“主要数据”的“条件项”。
(3) The data item name of the “Code of reason for alteration” is adjusted to “Code of reason for change,” and the entering conditions are adjusted to the “Condition items” of the “Main data” and “Other data.” 3.“更改原因代码”的数据项名称调整为“变更原因代码”,填制条件调整为“主要数据”和“其他数据”的“条件项”。
(4) The names of data items of “Address (Street and E-mail) of consignee,” “Address (Street and E-mail) of consignor,” and “Address (Street and E-mail) of informant” are respectively adjusted to “Address of consignee,” “Address of consignor,” and “Address of informant.” 4.“收货人地址(街道、邮箱)”“发货人地址(街道、邮箱)”“通知人地址(街道、邮箱)”的数据项名称分别调整为“收货人地址”“发货人地址”“通知人地址”。
(5) The data item name of “Country Code” is adjusted to “Country (Region) Code.” 5.“国家代码”的数据项名称调整为“国家(地区)代码”。
(6) “Cargo volume,” “Value of cargo consigned,” “Code of amount type,” “Code of country passed,” “Code of previous Customs document type,” “Number of previous Customs document,” “Dock operation instruction code” , “Identification of intermediate carrier,” “Contact number of intermediate carrier,” item 40 “Code of communication mode category,” “Code of consignee,” item 44 “City name,” item 45 “Province code,” item 46 “Province name,” Item 47 “Zip code,” “Name of specific contact person of consignee,” “Contact number of specific contact person of consignee,” item 53 “Code of communication mode category,” “Code of consignor,” item 57 “City name,” item 58 “Province code,” item 59 “Province name,” item 60 “Zip code,” “Code of deconsolidator,” “Address (Street and E-mail) of delivery destination of cargo,” item 66 “City name,” item 67 “Province code,” item 68 “Province name,” item 69 “Zip code,” item 70 “Country code,” “Informant code,” item 74 “City name , item 75 “Province code,” item 76 “Province name,” item 77 “Zip code,” “Cargo description supplementary information,” “ Code of Customs formalities,” “Code of origin,” “Sole consignment number” and other data items are deleted. 6.删除“货物体积”、“托运货物价值”、“金额类型代码”、“途经的国家代码”、“前一海关单证类型代码”、“前一海关单证号”、“码头作业指令代码”、“中间承运人标识”、“中间承运人联系号码”、第40项“通讯方式类别代码”、“收货人代码”、第44项“城市名称”、第45项“省份代码”、第46项“省份名称”、第47项“邮政编码”、“收货人具体联系人名称”、“收货人具体联系人联系号码”、第53项“通讯方式类别代码”、“发货人代码”、第57项“城市名称”、第58项“省份代码”、第59项“省份名称”、第60项“邮政编码”、“拆箱人代码”、“货物交付目的地地址(街道,邮箱)”、第66项“城市名称”、第67项“省份代码”、第68项“省份名称”、第69项“邮政编码”、第70项“国家代码”、“通知人代码”、第74项“城市名称”、第75项“省份代码”、第76项“省份名称”、第77项“邮政编码”、“货物描述补充信息”、“海关手续代码”、“原产地代码”、“唯一托运编号”等数据项。
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