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Civil Aviation Law of the People's Republic of China(2017 Amendment) [Revised]
中华人民共和国民用航空法(2017修正) [已被修订]

Civil Aviation Law of the People's Republic of China



(Adopted at the 16th Session of the Standing Committee of the Eighth National People's Congress on October 30, 1995; amended for the first time in accordance with the Decision of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress on Amending Some Laws adopted at the 10th Session of the Standing Committee of the Eleventh National People's Congress on August 27, 2009; amended for the second time in accordance with the Decision on Amending Five Laws Including the Metrology Law of the People's Republic of China adopted at the 14th Session of the Standing Committee of the Twelfth National People's Congress on April 24, 2015; and amended for the third time in accordance with the Decision of Amending Twelve Laws including the Foreign Trade Law of the People's Republic of China as adopted at the 24th Session of the Standing Committee of the Twelfth National People's Congress on Nov. 7, 2016; and amended for the fourth time in accordance with the Decision of the National People's Congress on Amending Eleven Laws including the Accounting Law of the People's Republic of China at the 30th Session of the Standing Committee of the Twelfth National People's Congress of the People's Republic of China on November 4, 2017) (1995年10月30日第八届全国人民代表大会常务委员会第十六次会议通过 根据2009年8月27日第十一届全国人民代表大会常务委员会第十次会议《关于修改部分法律的决定》第一次修正 根据2015年4月24日第十二届全国人民代表大会常务委员会第十四次会议《关于修改〈中华人民共和国计量法〉等五部法律的决定》第二次修正 根据2016年11月7日第十二届全国人民代表大会常务委员会第二十四次会议《关于修改〈中华人民共和国对外贸易法〉等十二部法律的决定》第三次修正 根据2017年11月4日第十二届全国人民代表大会常务委员会第三十次会议《关于修改〈中华人民共和国会计法〉等十一部法律的决定》第四次修正)
Contents 目录
Chapter I General Principles 第一章 总  则
Chapter II Nationality of Civil Aircraft 第二章 民用航空器国籍
Chapter III Rights over Civil Aircraft 第三章 民用航空器权利
Section 1 General Provisions 第一节 一般规定
Section 2 Ownership and Mortgage Rights over Civil Aircraft 第二节 民用航空器所有权和抵押权
Section 3 Right of Preemption over Civil Aircraft 第三节 民用航空器优先权
Section 4 Lease of Civil Aircraft 第四节 民用航空器租赁
Chapter IV Control over Airworthiness of Civil Aircraft 第四章 民用航空器适航管理
Chapter V Aviation Personnel 第五章 航空人员
Section 1 General Provisions 第一节 一般规定
Section 2 The Flight Crew 第二节 机  组
Chapter VI Civil Airports 第六章 民用机场
Chapter VII Aerial Navigation 第七章 空中航行
Section 1 Airspace Control 第一节 空域管理
Section 2 Flight Control 第二节 飞行管理
Section 3 Flight Insurance 第三节 飞行保障
Section 4 Required Documents for Flights 第四节 飞行必备文件
Chapter VIII Public Air Transport Enterprises 第八章 公共航空运输企业
Chapter IX Public Air Transportation 第九章 公共航空运输
Section 1 General Provisions 第一节 一般规定
Section 2 Transport Certificates 第二节 运输凭证
Section 3 Liabilities of the Carriers 第三节 承运人的责任
Section 4 Special Provisions for Air Transport by Actual Carriers 第四节 实际承运人履行航空运输的特别规定
Chapter X General-Purpose Aviation 第十章 通用航空
Chapter XI Search and Rescue and Accident Investigation 第十一章 搜寻援救和事故调查
Chapter XII Indemnity Liabilities to the Third Party on the Ground 第十二章 对地面第三人损害的赔偿责任
Chapter XIII Special Provisions for Foreign Civil Aircraft 第十三章 对外国民用航空器的特别规定
Chapter XIV Legal Applications in Foreign Relations 第十四章 涉外关系的法律适用
Chapter XV Legal Liabilities 第十五章 法律责任
Chapter XVI Supplementary Provisions 第十六章 附  则
Chapter I General Principles 

第一章 总  则

Article 1 This law has been formulated to safeguard the national sovereign right over the territorial sky and the right of civil aviation, ensure the safe and orderly operation of civil aviation, protect the legitimate rights and interests of the parties involved in civil aviation, and promote the development of civil aviation.   第一条 为了维护国家的领空主权和民用航空权利,保障民用航空活动安全和有秩序地进行,保护民用航空活动当事人各方的合法权益,促进民用航空事业的发展,制定本法。
Article 2 The air space above the territorial land and waters of the People's Republic of China (PRC) is the territorial sky of PRC, which enjoys complete and exclusive sovereignty over its airspace.   第二条 中华人民共和国的领陆和领水之上的空域为中华人民共和国领空。中华人民共和国对领空享有完全的、排他的主权。
Article 3 The department in charge of civil aviation under the State Council (hereinafter referred to as civil aviation administration, or CAA in short) exercises overall surveillance and administration over civil aviation activities throughout the country. Acting by law and by decisions of the State Council and within the limits of its authority, CAA promulgates regulations and decisions concerning civil aviation activities.   第三条 国务院民用航空主管部门对全国民用航空活动实施统一监督管理;根据法律和国务院的决定,在本部门的权限内,发布有关民用航空活动的规定、决定。
Regional civil aviation administration offices set up by CAA, acting on the authorization of CAA, exercise surveillance and administration over the civil aviation activities in their own regions. 国务院民用航空主管部门设立的地区民用航空管理机构依照国务院民用航空主管部门的授权,监督管理各该地区的民用航空活动。
Article 4 The State supports the development of civil aviation and encourages and supports the scientific research and education in civil aviation to raise its scientific and technical level.   第四条 国家扶持民用航空事业的发展,鼓励和支持发展民用航空的科学研究和教育事业,提高民用航空科学技术水平。
The State supports the development of the civil aircraft manufacturing industry to supply safe, technically advanced, economical and suitable flying apparatus. 国家扶持民用航空器制造业的发展,为民用航空活动提供安全、先进、经济、适用的民用航空器。
Chapter II Nationality of Civil Aircraft 

第二章 民用航空器国籍

Article 5 Civil aircraft mentioned in this law refer to aircraft other than those used for flying mission of military, customs and police operations.   第五条 本法所称民用航空器,是指除用于执行军事、海关、警察飞行任务外的航空器。
Article 6 Civil aircraft registered with CAA for nationality according to law attain PRC nationality to acquire nationality registration certificates from CAA.   第六条 经中华人民共和国国务院民用航空主管部门依法进行国籍登记的民用航空器,具有中华人民共和国国籍,由国务院民用航空主管部门发给国籍登记证书。
CAA institutes a PRC civil aircraft nationality register book in which all the items concerning the nationality registration of civil aircraft are being recorded. 国务院民用航空主管部门设立中华人民共和国民用航空器国籍登记簿,统一记载民用航空器的国籍登记事项。
Article 7 The following civil aircraft should register for PRC nationality:   第七条 下列民用航空器应当进行中华人民共和国国籍登记:
(1) Civil aircraft of PRC State organs. (一)中华人民共和国国家机构的民用航空器;
(2) Civil aircraft of corporations set up according to laws of PRC. With regard to corporations whose registered capital contains foreign investment, their institutional arrangement, personnel composition and the ratio of capital input should conform to the stipulations of administrative regulations. (二)依照中华人民共和国法律设立的企业法人的民用航空器;企业法人的注册资本中有外商出资的,其机构设置、人员组成和中方投资人的出资比例,应当符合行政法规的规定;
(3) Other civil aircraft to be registered with permission of CAA. (三)国务院民用航空主管部门准予登记的其他民用航空器。
With regard to civil aircraft leased from abroad, should be lessees conform to the stipulations of the above paragraphs and the flight crew of the leased aircraft are provided by the lessees, the lessees can apply for PRC nationality registration for the aircraft with their previous nationality registration to be cancelled as the precondition. 自境外租赁的民用航空器,承租人符合前款规定,该民用航空器的机组人员由承租人配备的,可以申请登记中华人民共和国国籍,但是必须先予注销该民用航空器原国籍登记。
Article 8 Having obtained the PRC nationality according to law, the civil aircraft should be marked with the nationality and registration signs.   第八条 依法取得中华人民共和国国籍的民用航空器,应当标明规定的国籍标志和登记标志。
Article 9 Civil aircraft should not have dual nationality. Civil aircraft shall not apply for PRC nationality before their cancellation of their original nationality of other countries.   第九条 民用航空器不得具有双重国籍。未注销外国国籍的民用航空器不得在中华人民共和国申请国籍登记。
Chapter III Rights over Civil Aircraft 

第三章 民用航空器权利

Section 1 General Provisions 

第一节 一般规定

Article 10 The rights over civil aircraft stipulated in this chapter refer to rights over their airframes, engines, propellers, radio equipment and all other articles to be used on the aircraft whether they are installed on the aircrafts or being dismounted temporarily.   第十条 本章规定的对民用航空器的权利,包括对民用航空器构架、发动机、螺旋桨、无线电设备和其他一切为了在民用航空器上使用的,无论安装于其上或者暂时拆离的物品的权利。
Article 11 Owners of civil aircraft rights should perform rights registration with CAA for the following rights separately:   第十一条 民用航空器权利人应当就下列权利分别向国务院民用航空主管部门办理权利登记:
(1) Ownership of aircraft. (一)民用航空器所有权;
(2) Acquisition of aircraft by purchase. (二)通过购买行为取得并占有民用航空器的权利;
(3) Possession of aircraft by lease contract for a term of more than six months. (三)根据租赁期限为六个月以上的租赁合同占有民用航空器的权利;
(4) Aircraft on mortgage. (四)民用航空器抵押权。
Article 12 CAA institutes civil aircraft rights register books. The same category of registration items should be entered in a same register book.   第十二条 国务院民用航空主管部门设立民用航空器权利登记簿。同一民用航空器的权利登记事项应当记载于同一权利登记簿中。
The civil aircraft rights registration items are open to the public for consultation, duplication or extraction. 民用航空器权利登记事项,可以供公众查询、复制或者摘录。
Article 13 Except that the civil aircraft are put to auction by force of law, their nationality and rights registrations shall not be transferred abroad before the registered rights are compensated or a special rights owner gives consent.   第十三条 除民用航空器经依法强制拍卖外,在已经登记的民用航空器权利得到补偿或者民用航空器权利人同意之前,民用航空器的国籍登记或者权利登记不得转移至国外。
Section 2 Ownership and Mortgage Rights over Civil Aircraft 

第二节 民用航空器所有权和抵押权

Article 14 The acquisition, transference and disappearance of ownership of civil aircraft should be registered with CAA. The unregistered ownership may not counter the third party.   第十四条 民用航空器所有权的取得、转让和消灭,应当向国务院民用航空主管部门登记;未经登记的,不得对抗第三人。
A transference of ownership of civil aircraft should be effected by signing a contracts, 民用航空器所有权的转让,应当签订书面合同。
Article 15 Provisions of this law concerning the owners of civil aircraft are applicable to the legal person to whom the State consigns State-owned civil aircraft for business management or use.   第十五条 国家所有的民用航空器,由国家授予法人经营管理或者使用的,本法有关民用航空器所有人的规定适用于该法人。
Article 16 Formally instituted mortgage rights over civil aircraft should be registered together by the pledgee and pledgor concerned with CAA. The unregistered mortgage may not counter the third party.   第十六条 设定民用航空器抵押权,由抵押权人和抵押人共同向国务院民用航空主管部门办理抵押权登记;未经登记的,不得对抗第三人。
Article 17 After a mortgage on civil aircraft is established, the mortgaged aircraft must not be transferred to others by the pledgor without the consent of the pledgee.   第十七条 民用航空器抵押权设定后,未经抵押权人同意,抵押人不得将被抵押民用航空器转让他人。
Section 3 Right of Preemption over Civil Aircraft 

第三节 民用航空器优先权

Article 18 Preemptive right over civil aircraft refers to the right of a creditor to preempt claims for compensation against the owner or lessee of civil aircraft in accordance with the provisions of Article 19 of this law and preempt the civil aircraft or related parts which cause the raising of the claims for compensation.   第十八条 民用航空器优先权,是指债权人依照本法第十九条规定,向民用航空器所有人、承租人提出赔偿请求,对产生该赔偿请求的民用航空器具有优先受偿的权利。
Article 19 Preemptive right over civil aircraft applies to claims for the following obligatory payments:   第十九条 下列各项债权具有民用航空器优先权:
(1) Recompense for the rescue and salvage of the aircraft. (一)援救该民用航空器的报酬;
(2) Costs for the preservation and maintenance of aircraft. (二)保管维护该民用航空器的必需费用。
The above-mentioned payments are to be made in the reversed order of the incidence of events. 前款规定的各项债权,后发生的先受偿。
Article 20 The claimant to the preemptive right over civil aircraft stipulated in Article 19 of this law should register the claims concerned with CAA within three months of the day when rescue or preservation work is ended.   第二十条 本法第十九条规定的民用航空器优先权,其债权人应当自援救或者保管维护工作终了之日起三个月内,就其债权向国务院民用航空主管部门登记。
Article 21 For the common benefit of creditors, the expenses arising from the realization of court decisions and auction operations should be covered first by the proceeds from the auction sale of the aircraft.   第二十一条 为了债权人的共同利益,在执行人民法院判决以及拍卖过程中产生的费用,应当从民用航空器拍卖所得价款中先行拨付。
Article 22 Preemptive right takes precedence over mortgage right over civil aircraft in getting compensation.   第二十二条 民用航空器优先权先于民用航空器抵押权受偿。
Article 23 The preemptive right over the civil aircraft is transferred with the transference of the claims for the obligatory payments listed in Article 19.   第二十三条 本法第十九条规定的债权转移的,其民用航空器优先权随之转移。
Article 24 The preemptive right over civil aircraft should be exercised through the detention by the people's court of the aircraft from which the Preemptive right arises.   第二十四条 民用航空器优先权应当通过人民法院扣押产生优先权的民用航空器行使。
Article 25 The preemptive right over civil aircraft is valid for a period of three months beginning from the day rescue and preservation work is ended, except that after the claimant registered claims as stipulated in Article 20:   第二十五条 民用航空器优先权自援救或者保管维护工作终了之日起满三个月时终止;但是,债权人就其债权已经依照本法第二十条规定登记,并具有下列情形之一的除外:
(1) The claimant and obligor have reached agreement on the claims, or (一)债权人、债务人已经就此项债权的金额达成协议;
(2) A law suit has started over the claims. (二)有关此项债权的诉讼已经开始。
Preemptive right over civil aircraft does not vanish with transference of ownership of the aircraft, except that the aircraft are auctioned by force of law. 民用航空器优先权不因民用航空器所有权的转让而消灭;但是,民用航空器经依法强制拍卖的除外。
Section 4 Lease of Civil Aircraft 

第四节 民用航空器租赁

Article 26 Civil aircraft lease contracts, including financial leasing and other lease contracts, should be concluded in written form.   第二十六条 民用航空器租赁合同,包括融资租赁合同和其他租赁合同,应当以书面形式订立。
Article 27 Financial leasing of civil aircraft refers to the purchase by the lessor of the aircraft in kind or from the supplier designated by lessee and the lease of the round aircraft from the lessor to the lessee for use with payment of rentals at regular intervals.   第二十七条 民用航空器的融资租赁,是指出租人按照承租人对供货方和民用航空器的选择,购得民用航空器,出租给承租人使用,由承租人定期交纳租金。
Article 28 During the term of financial lease, the lessor has the ownership over the civil aircraft according to law and the lessee has the right to hold, use and derive income from the aircraft according to law.   第二十八条 融资租赁期间,出租人依法享有民用航空器所有权,承租人依法享有民用航空器的占有、使用、收益权。
Article 29 During the term of financial leasing, the lessor shall not interfere with the lessee's holding and use of the aircraft according to law. The lessee should take due care of the aircraft so as to keep it in the original condition at the time of delivery, excepting reasonable wear and tear and modifications of the aircraft with the lessor's consent.   第二十九条 融资租赁期间,出租人不得干扰承租人依法占有、使用民用航空器;承租人应当适当地保管民用航空器,使之处于原交付时的状态,但是合理损耗和经出租人同意的对民用航空器的改变除外。
Article 30 At the expiry of a financial lease, the lessee should return to the lessor the aircraft in the condition specified in Article 29, except that the lessee should exercise the right of purchasing the aircraft according to contract, or intends to continue to lease the same aircraft.   第三十条 融资租赁期满,承租人应当将符合本法第二十九条规定状态的民用航空器退还出租人;但是,承租人依照合同行使购买民用航空器的权利或者为继续租赁而占有民用航空器的除外。
Article 31 In a financial leasing the supplier of the civil aircraft will not be liable repeatedly to the lessor and lessee for same damages of the air aircraft supplied.   第三十一条 民用航空器融资租赁中的供货方,不就同一损害同时对出租人和承租人承担责任。
Article 32 During the term of a financial leasing, with the consent of the lessor, the lessee can transfer to others the right for the holding of the aircraft or other rights as agreed upon in the lease contract on the condition that the transference would not damage the interest of a third party.   第三十二条 融资租赁期间,经出租人同意,在不损害第三人利益的情况下,承租人可以转让其对民用航空器的占有权或者租赁合同约定的其他权利。
Article 33 The lessee of a financial leasing or other leases of civil aircraft for a term of over six months should register the right for holding the aircraft with CAA. Without the registration, the lease may not dispel the right of a third party.   第三十三条 民用航空器的融资租赁和租赁期限为六个月以上的其他租赁,承租人应当就其对民用航空器的占有权向国务院民用航空主管部门办理登记;未经登记的,不得对抗第三人。
Chapter IV Control over Airworthiness of Civil Aircraft 

第四章 民用航空器适航管理

Article 34 Designers of civil aircraft and installations used on civil aircraft such as engines, propellers should apply to CAA for certificates certifying the quality of the model concerned and the certificates will be issued by CAA after examination and approval.   第三十四条 设计民用航空器及其发动机、螺旋桨和民用航空器上设备,应当向国务院民用航空主管部门申请领取型号合格证书。经审查合格的,发给型号合格证书。
Article 35 Manufactures and maintenance operators of civil aircraft and the installations on civil aircraft including engines and propellers should apply to CAA for production and maintenance licenses related to the model concerned. Due licenses will be issued after qualification examination and approval.   第三十五条 生产、维修民用航空器及其发动机、螺旋桨和民用航空器上设备,应当向国务院民用航空主管部门申请领取生产许可证书、维修许可证书。经审查合格的,发给相应的证书。
Article 36 Foreign manufacturers of civil aircraft of any model and installations on such aircraft including engines and propellers which are to be exported to China for the first time should apply to CAA for certificates of model approval, which will be issued after qualification examination and approval.   第三十六条 外国制造人生产的任何型号的民用航空器及其发动机、螺旋桨和民用航空器上设备,首次进口中国的,该外国制造人应当向国务院民用航空主管部门申请领取型号认可证书。经审查合格的,发给型号认可证书。
Holder of the certificates of model approval issued by foreign countries for civil aircraft and aircraft installations including engines, propellers which are to be produced in China for the first time should apply to CAA for certificates of model approval which will be issued after qualification examination and approval. 已取得外国颁发的型号合格证书的民用航空器及其发动机、螺旋桨和民用航空器上设备,首次在中国境内生产的,该型号合格证书的持有人应当向国务院民用航空主管部门申请领取型号认可证书。经审查合格的,发给型号认可证书。
Article 37 Civil aircraft of PRC nationality should have the certificate of airworthiness issued by CAA before they can be put on flight.   第三十七条 具有中华人民共和国国籍的民用航空器,应当持有国务院民用航空主管部门颁发的适航证书,方可飞行。
Manufacturers of civil aircraft and aircraft installations including engines, propellers which are to be exported should apply to CAA for the certificate of airworthiness for export which will be issued after qualification examination and approval. 出口民用航空器及其发动机、螺旋桨和民用航空器上设备,制造人应当向国务院民用航空主管部门申请领取出口适航证书。经审查合格的,发给出口适航证书。
Civil aircraft leased from overseas should have their airworthiness certificates issued by the country of their registration examined and approved by CAA or get a new certificate before they can be put on flight. 租用的外国民用航空器,应当经国务院民用航空主管部门对其原国籍登记国发给的适航证书审查认可或者另发适航证书,方可飞行。
Regulations on the control of civil aircraft airworthiness are to be formulated by the State Council. 民用航空器适航管理规定,由国务院制定。
Article 38 Owners or lessees of civil aircraft should use the aircraft within the scope specified in the airworthiness certificates and make best efforts to maintain the aircraft and ensure their airworthiness.   第三十八条 民用航空器的所有人或者承租人应当按照适航证书规定的使用范围使用民用航空器,做好民用航空器的维修保养工作,保证民用航空器处于适航状态。
Chapter V Aviation Personnel 

第五章 航空人员

Section 1 General Provisions 

第一节 一般规定

Article 39 Aviation personnel mentioned in this law refer to the flight and ground crew in the service of civil aviation as listed below:   第三十九条 本法所称航空人员,是指下列从事民用航空活动的空勤人员和地面人员:
(1) Flight crew, including flight mechanics, flight communication operations and flight attendants. (一)空勤人员,包括驾驶员、飞行机械人员、乘务员;
(2) Ground crew, including maintenance personnel, air traffic controllers, flight dispatchers and aviation radio operators. (二)地面人员,包括民用航空器维修人员、空中交通管制员、飞行签派员、航空电台通信员。
Article 40 Aviation personnel should pass examinations of special training and obtain licenses issued by CAA before they can do the work specified in their licenses.   第四十条 航空人员应当接受专门训练,经考核合格,取得国务院民用航空主管部门颁发的执照,方可担任其执照载明的工作。
The flight crew and air traffic controllers, before being issued their licenses, should have a suitable body check made by the medical unit qualified by CAA to acquire a certificate for physical fitness issued by CAA. 空勤人员和空中交通管制员在取得执照前,还应当接受国务院民用航空主管部门认可的体格检查单位的检查,并取得国务院民用航空主管部门颁发的体格检查合格证书。
Article 41 Aircrew on flight duty should keep their licenses and certificates for physical fitness in body to be inspected by CAA when required.   第四十一条 空勤人员在执行飞行任务时,应当随身携带执照和体格检查合格证书,并接受国务院民用航空主管部门的查验。
Article 42 Aviation personnel should accept regular or irregular checks and examination by CAA and can continue their work as specified in their licenses only after passing the checks and examination.   第四十二条 航空人员应当接受国务院民用航空主管部门定期或者不定期的检查和考核;经检查、考核合格的,方可继续担任其执照载明的工作。
Flight crew members should take regular training on emergency operation. 空勤人员还应当参加定期的紧急程序训练。
Flight crew members whose intermittent flight time surpasses the time limit prescribed by CAA should be checked and examined. Flight crew members other than flight attendants should go through apprenticeship flying, and can continue their work as specified in their licenses only after passing the check, examination and apprenticeship flying. 空勤人员间断飞行的时间超过国务院民用航空主管部门规定时限的,应当经过检查和考核;乘务员以外的空勤人员还应当经过带飞。经检查、考核、带飞合格的,方可继续担任其执照载明的工作。
Section 2 The Flight Crew 

第二节 机  组

Article 43 The flight crew of a civil aircraft is composed of its captain and captain's mates. The captain should be a pilot with the skill and experience in independently flying the civil aircraft of the specified model.   第四十三条 民用航空器机组由机长和其他空勤人员组成。机长应当由具有独立驾驶该型号民用航空器的技术和经验的驾驶员担任。
Composition and number of member of the flight crew should conform to the regulations of CAA. 机组的组成和人员数额,应当符合国务院民用航空主管部门的规定。
Article 44 Duties of operation of the civil aircraft shall be liable to the flight captains who should do their work conscientiously to ensure the safety of the aircraft and the people and property on board.   第四十四条 民用航空器的操作由机长负责,机长应当严格履行职责,保护民用航空器及其所载人员和财产的安全。
All people on in-flight aircraft should obey the orders given by the flight captain within the limits of his authority. 机长在其职权范围内发布的命令,民用航空器所载人员都应当执行。
Article 45 The flight captain should perform necessary inspection of the aircraft before its taking off. Without such due inspection, the aircraft is not allowed to take off.   第四十五条 飞行前,机长应当对民用航空器实施必要的检查;未经检查,不得起飞。
The captain has the right to refuse to take off when the aircraft, the airport or meteorological conditions are found not up to standards for flight safety. 机长发现民用航空器、机场、气象条件等不符合规定,不能保证飞行安全的,有权拒绝起飞。
Article 46 On the premise of ensuring flight safety, the captain of the aircraft in flight has the right to take necessary and appropriate steps against any acts which would damage the aircraft, disturb the order in the aircraft or endanger the safety of the people and property on board and other conditions detrimental to flight safety.   第四十六条 飞行中,对于任何破坏民用航空器、扰乱民用航空器内秩序、危害民用航空器所载人员或者财产安全以及其他危及飞行安全的行为,在保证安全的前提下,机长有权采取必要的适当措施。
For the safety of the aircraft and the people on board, the captain has the right to make special arrangements in related to the aircraft in special cases eventualities. 飞行中,遇到特殊情况时,为保证民用航空器及其所载人员的安全,机长有权对民用航空器作出处置。
Article 47 The captain has the right to make personnel changes for the sake of flight safety when finds any of them unfit for such a duty.   第四十七条 机长发现机组人员不适宜执行飞行任务的,为保证飞行安全,有权提出调整。
Article 48 When a civil aircraft is in distress, the captain has the right to take all necessary measures and command the crew members and other people on board to take rescue actions. In the emergency that the aircraft in distress has to be evacuated, the captain must take steps first to organize the safe evacuation of the passengers. Without the captain's permission, crew members shall not leave the aircraft on their own. The captain should be the last to leave.   第四十八条 民用航空器遇险时,机长有权采取一切必要措施,并指挥机组人员和航空器上其他人员采取抢救措施。在必须撤离遇险民用航空器的紧急情况下,机长必须采取措施,首先组织旅客安全离开民用航空器;未经机长允许,机组人员不得擅自离开民用航空器;机长应当最后离开民用航空器。
Article 49 When the aircraft meets with an accident, the captain should directly, or through air traffic control, and promptly report the accident accurately to CAA.   第四十九条 民用航空器发生事故,机长应当直接或者通过空中交通管制单位,如实将事故情况及时报告国务院民用航空主管部门。
Article 50 On receiving distress signals from ships or other aircraft, or discovering ships and other aircraft and their people in distress, the captain should promptly report the distress to the nearby unit of air traffic control and extend possible and reasonable aid to the distressed.   第五十条 机长收到船舶或者其他航空器的遇险信号,或者发现遇险的船舶、航空器及其人员,应当将遇险情况及时报告就近的空中交通管制单位并给予可能的合理的援助。
Article 51 When the captain in the air cannot perform the required duties for some reason, the pilot next to the captain in position should act as the captain. A new captain should be appointed by the owner or lessee of the aircraft as successor before the take-off at the next stopover.   第五十一条 飞行中,机长因故不能履行职务的,由仅次于机长职务的驾驶员代理机长;在下一个经停地起飞前,民用航空器所有人或者承租人应当指派新机长接任。
Article 52 The stipulations in this section concerning the flight captain apply to the lone pilot of an aircraft who needs no appointment of other crew members.   第五十二条 只有一名驾驶员,不需配备其他空勤人员的民用航空器,本节对机长的规定,适用于该驾驶员。
Chapter VI Civil Airports 

第六章 民用机场

Article 53 A civil airport mentioned in this law refers to a designated area specially used for civil aircraft to take off, land, taxi and park, ached buildings, structures and installations.   第五十三条 本法所称民用机场,是指专供民用航空器起飞、降落、滑行、停放以及进行其他活动使用的划定区域,包括附属的建筑物、装置和设施。
Civil airport mentioned in this law does not include opportunity airfields. 本法所称民用机场不包括临时机场。
The State Council and Central Military Commission will make special control measures for the management of military-civilian common-use airports. 军民合用机场由国务院、中央军事委员会另行制定管理办法。
Article 54 The construction and use of civil airports should be arranged under an overall plan with rational geographical disposition to achieve the optimum rate of utilization.   第五十四条 民用机场的建设和使用应当统筹安排、合理布局,提高机场的使用效率。
The planning of the distribution and construction of civil airports throughout the country is to be formulated by CAA in cooperation with other departments of the State Council which will organize its implementation after seeking approval in accordance with the State specified procedures. 全国民用机场的布局和建设规划,由国务院民用航空主管部门会同国务院其他有关部门制定,并按照国家规定的程序,经批准后组织实施。
The people's governments of the provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the State Council should, in line with the national planning for civil airport distribution and construction, formulate the civil airport construction plans in their own administrative areas and, after seeking approval in accordance with the State specified procedures, incorporate their airport construction plans into their respective local economic and social development plans. 省、自治区、直辖市人民政府应当根据全国民用机场的布局和建设规划,制定本行政区域内的民用机场建设规划,并按照国家规定的程序报经批准后,将其纳入本级国民经济和社会发展规划。
Article 55 Civil airport construction plans should fit in with city construction plans.   第五十五条 民用机场建设规划应当与城市建设规划相协调。
Article 56 New construction, reconstruction and expansion projects on civil airports should conform to the civil airport distribution and construction plan adopted according to legal procedure and the standards for civil airports, and should be reported to the department in charge for approval in accordance with State regulations before their implementation.   第五十六条 新建、改建和扩建民用机场,应当符合依法制定的民用机场布局和建设规划,符合民用机场标准,并按照国家规定报经有关主管机关批准并实施。
Civil airport construction projects which do not conform to the civil airport distribution and construction plan adopted according to legal procedure should not be approved. 不符合依法制定的民用机场布局和建设规划的民用机场建设项目,不得批准。
Article 57 Construction of new airports or airport expansion projects should be announced to the public by the people's government at the county level or higher of the locality where the airport is located.   第五十七条 新建、扩建民用机场,应当由民用机场所在地县级以上地方人民政府发布公告。
The public notice mentioned in the above paragraph should be published in the main local newspapers and posted up in the vicinities of the airports to be built or expanded. 前款规定的公告应当在当地主要报纸上刊登,并在拟新建、扩建机场周围地区张贴。
Article 58 The following activities are prohibited from taking place within the legally designated confines of the civil airports and airspace protection zones of the airports designated according to State regulations:   第五十八条 禁止在依法划定的民用机场范围内和按照国家规定划定的机场净空保护区域内从事下列活动:
(1) Construction of buildings and installations which may discharge large amounts of fumes, dust, flames and exhaust gas into the air which affect flight safety. (一)修建可能在空中排放大量烟雾、粉尘、火焰、废气而影响飞行安全的建筑物或者设施;
(2) Construction of shooting ranges, warehouses for the storage of high explosives and other buildings and installations which affect flight safety. (二)修建靶场、强烈爆炸物仓库等影响飞行安全的建筑物或者设施;
(3) Construction of buildings and installations inconsistent with the requirements for maintenance of airspace clearance over the airport. (三)修建不符合机场净空要求的建筑物或者设施;
(4) Installation of lights, signs or objects which affect the use of visual air navigation aids. (四)设置影响机场目视助航设施使用的灯光、标志或者物体;
(5) Plantation of plants which affect flight safety or the use of airport navigation installations. (五)种植影响飞行安全或者影响机场助航设施使用的植物;
(6) Breeding or flying of birds and other objects which affect flight safety. (六)饲养、放飞影响飞行安全的鸟类动物和其他物体;
(7) Construction of buildings and installations which affect the electromagnetic environment of the airport. (七)修建影响机场电磁环境的建筑物或者设施。
Animals are not allowed to be put out to pasture within the designated confines of the airport. 禁止在依法划定的民用机场范围内放养牲畜。
Article 59 Buildings, structures, trees, lights and other obstacles which may affect flight safety and are erected before the publication of the notice on airport construction and expansion within the designated airport confines and designated airport airspace protection zone should be eliminated within prescribed time limits. The losses therefrom should be compensated or remedied by other measures according to law.   第五十九条 民用机场新建、扩建的公告发布前,在依法划定的民用机场范围内和按照国家规定划定的机场净空保护区域内存在的可能影响飞行安全的建筑物、构筑物、树木、灯光和其他障碍物体,应当在规定的期限内清除;对由此造成的损失,应当给予补偿或者依法采取其他补救措施。
Article 60 Buildings, structures, trees, lights and other obstacles which affect flight safety and are erected within the designated airport confines and the designated airport airspace protection zones by whoever it maybe after the publication of the notice on airport construction and expansion in contravention of this law and relevant administrative regulations should be eliminated under the order of the local people's government of the county level or higher in the area where the airport is located.   第六十条 民用机场新建、扩建的公告发布后,任何单位和个人违反本法和有关行政法规的规定,在依法划定的民用机场范围内和按照国家规定划定的机场净空保护区域内修建、种植或者设置影响飞行安全的建筑物、构筑物、树木、灯光和其他障碍物体的,由机场所在地县级以上地方人民政府责令清除;由此造成的损失,由修建、种植或者设置该障碍物体的人承担。
Article 61 Flight obstruction lights and signs should be installed and kept in normal condition on high-rise buildings and structures which are outside the limits of the airport and its airspace but may affect flight safety in accordance with relevant State regulations.   第六十一条 在民用机场及其按照国家规定划定的净空保护区域以外,对可能影响飞行安全的高大建筑物或者设施,应当按照国家有关规定设置飞行障碍灯和标志,并使其保持正常状态。
Article 62 A civil airport should have a license for its normal use before being opened for operations.   第六十二条 民用机场应当持有机场使用许可证,方可开放使用。
A civil airport should be available with the following conditions and have gone through acceptance inspection according to State regulations before its application for the said license: 民用机场具备下列条件,并按照国家规定经验收合格后,方可申请机场使用许可证:
(1) It has the flight zone, air station zone, work zone and service outfits and the personnel suitable for its operations. (一)具备与其运营业务相适应的飞行区、航站区、工作区以及服务设施和人员;
(2) It has the air traffic control, navigational communication and meteorological installations and the personnel that can ensure flight safety. (二)具备能够保障飞行安全的空中交通管制、通信导航、气象等设施和人员;
(3) It possesses the State stipulated safety and security means. (三)具备符合国家规定的安全保卫条件;
(4) It has the emergency plans and the necessary equipment and personnel to cope with special eventualities. (四)具备处理特殊情况的应急计划以及相应的设施和人员;
(5) It meets the other conditions as required by CAA. (五)具备国务院民用航空主管部门规定的其他条件。
An international airport should also possess the conditions for international air traffic and set up customs and port inspection offices. 国际机场还应当具备国际通航条件,设立海关和其他口岸检查机关。
Article 63 The airport administration should apply to CAA for the license for its opening to use and CAA, after examination and approval, issues the license.   第六十三条土豪我们做朋友好不好 民用机场使用许可证由机场管理机构向国务院民用航空主管部门申请,经国务院民用航空主管部门审查批准后颁发。
Article 64 The establishment of an international airport should be reported by CAA to the State Council for examination and approval.   第六十四条 设立国际机场,由国务院民用航空主管部门报请国务院审查批准。
The opening of an international airport should be announced by CAA to the public. Data concerning an international airport are to be supplied to the public solely by CAA. 国际机场的开放使用,由国务院民用航空主管部门对外公告;国际机场资料由国务院民用航空主管部门统一对外提供。
Article 65 The airport should take measures in accordance with the regulations of CAA to ensure the safety of the personnel and property within its area.   第六十五条 民用机场应当按照国务院民用航空主管部门的规定,采取措施,保证机场内人员和财产的安全。
Article 66 A civil airport used by civil aircraft to fly passengers and cargoes should set up the necessary installations according to the standards prescribed by CAA for well serving passengers and cargo consignors and consignees.   第六十六条 供运输旅客或者货物的民用航空器使用的民用机场,应当按照国务院民用航空主管部门规定的标准,设置必要设施,为旅客和货物托运人、收货人提供良好服务。
Article 67 The airport administration should do conscientious work on environmental protection according to environmental protection law and administrative regulations.   第六十七条 民用机场管理机构应当依照环境保护法律、行政法规的规定,做好机场环境保护工作。
Article 68 The use of airport and its navigational aids is to be charged use fees and service fees. The rate of charges will be decided by CAA.   第六十八条 民用航空器使用民用机场及其助航设施的,应当缴纳使用费、服务费;使用费、服务费的收费标准,由国务院民用航空主管部门制定。
Article 69 The airport administration should report and obtain authorization for the proposed abandonment of the civil airport or a change of its use to other purposes.   第六十九条 民用机场废弃或者改作他用,民用机场管理机构应当依照国家规定办理报批手续。
Chapter VII Aerial Navigation 

第七章 空中航行

Section 1 Airspace Control 

第一节 空域管理

Article 70 The State exercises unified control over the airspace.   第七十条 国家对空域实行统一管理。
Article 71 The division of the airspace should take into consideration the needs of both civil aviation and national defense as well as public interests so as to put the airspace to a reasonable, full and effective use.   第七十一条 划分空域,应当兼顾民用航空和国防安全的需要以及公众的利益,使空域得到合理、充分、有效的利用。
Article 72 Procedures for airspace control will be formulated by the State Council and the Central Military Commission.   第七十二条 空域管理的具体办法,由国务院、中央军事委员会制定。
Section 2 Flight Control 

第二节 飞行管理

Article 73 An air traffic control unit of a specified airspace control zone is in charge of control of aircraft air traffic in the specified airspace.
   第七十三条 在一个划定的管制空域内,由一个空中交通管制单位负责该空域内的航空器的空中交通管制。

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