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Regulation on Government Investment [Effective]
政府投资条例 [现行有效]
  • Issuing authority: State Council
  • Document Number: Order No. 712 of the State Council of the People's Republic of China
  • Date issued: 04-14-2019
  • Effective date: 07-01-2019
  • Level of Authority: Administrative Regulations
  • Area of Law:Finance

Order of the State Council of the People's Republic of China 


(No. 712) (第712号)

The Regulation on Government Investment, as adopted at the 33rd executive meeting of the State Council on December 5, 2018, is hereby issued, and shall come into force on July 1, 2019. 《政府投资条例》已经2018年12月5日国务院第33次常务会议通过,现予公布,自2019年7月1日起施行。
Premier: Li Keqiang 总 理  李克强
April 14, 2019 2019年4月14日
Regulation on Government Investment 政府投资条例
Chapter I General Provisions 

第一章 总  则

Article 1 This Regulation is developed to maximize the role of government investment, improve the efficiency of government investment, regulate government investment behavior, and stimulate the vitality of social investment.   第一条 为了充分发挥政府投资作用,提高政府投资效益,规范政府投资行为,激发社会投资活力,制定本条例。
Article 2 For the purpose of this Regulation, “government investment” means the fixed asset investment and construction activities conducted with the funds arranged by budgets within China, including new construction, expansion, reconstruction and technical transformation.   第二条 本条例所称政府投资,是指在中国境内使用预算安排的资金进行固定资产投资建设活动,包括新建、扩建、改建、技术改造等。
Article 3 Government investment funds shall be channeled to projects in public fields where resources cannot be effectively allocated by the market, such as social welfare services, public infrastructures, agriculture and rural affairs, ecological and environmental protection, significant scientific and technological progress, social management, and national security, and mainly target not-for-profit projects.   第三条 政府投资资金应当投向市场不能有效配置资源的社会公益服务、公共基础设施、农业农村、生态环境保护、重大科技进步、社会管理、国家安全等公共领域的项目,以非经营性项目为主。
The state shall improve relevant policies and measures, maximize the guiding and driving roles of government investment funds, and encourage the investment of social funds in the fields as prescribed in the preceding paragraph. 国家完善有关政策措施,发挥政府投资资金的引导和带动作用,鼓励社会资金投向前款规定的领域。
The state shall establish the regular assessment and adjustment mechanism for the scope of government investment, and keep optimizing the direction and structure of government investment. 国家建立政府投资范围定期评估调整机制,不断优化政府投资方向和结构。
Article 4 Government investment shall follow the principles of scientific decision-making, standardized management, performance-orientation, openness and transparency.   第四条 政府投资应当遵循科学决策、规范管理、注重绩效、公开透明的原则。
Article 5 Government investment shall be commensurate with the level of economic and social development and the situation of financial revenues and expenditures.   第五条 政府投资应当与经济社会发展水平和财政收支状况相适应。
The state shall strengthen the constraints on budgets of government investment funds. Governments and their relevant departments are prohibited from raising government investment funds through borrowing in violation of laws or regulations. 国家加强对政府投资资金的预算约束。政府及其有关部门不得违法违规举借债务筹措政府投资资金。
Article 6 Government investment funds shall be arranged according to projects and mainly used in the manner of direct investment. Where any for-profit project truly needs support, the relevant fund arrangement shall be made mainly through capital injection, or appropriately through investment subsidiary, or loan with discounted interest or other methods.   第六条 政府投资资金按项目安排,以直接投资方式为主;对确需支持的经营性项目,主要采取资本金注入方式,也可以适当采取投资补助、贷款贴息等方式。
The arrangement of government investment funds shall satisfy the relevant requirements of the reform of the division of fiscal powers and expenditure responsibilities between the Central Government and the local governments, and equally treat all kinds of investors, and shall not establish discriminatory conditions. 安排政府投资资金,应当符合推进中央与地方财政事权和支出责任划分改革的有关要求,并平等对待各类投资主体,不得设置歧视性条件。
The state shall, by establishing project library and other means, strengthen the reserve of projects using government investment funds. 国家通过建立项目库等方式,加强对使用政府投资资金项目的储备。
Article 7 The investment department of the State Council shall, in accordance with the provisions of this Regulation and the provisions issued by the State Council, perform the comprehensive government investment management function. Other relevant departments of the State Council shall perform the corresponding government investment management functions in accordance with this Regulation and the division of responsibilities as prescribed by the State Council.   第七条 国务院投资主管部门依照本条例和国务院的规定,履行政府投资综合管理职责。国务院其他有关部门依照本条例和国务院规定的职责分工,履行相应的政府投资管理职责。
The investment departments of the local people's governments at or above the county level and other relevant departments shall perform the corresponding government investment management functions in accordance with this Regulation and the division of responsibilities as prescribed by the people's governments at the same level. 县级以上地方人民政府投资主管部门和其他有关部门依照本条例和本级人民政府规定的职责分工,履行相应的政府投资管理职责。
Chapter II Government Investment Decision-Making 

第二章 政府投资决策

Article 8 The people's governments at or above the county level shall, in accordance with the national economic and social development planning, the medium-term fiscal planning and the national macro-control policies and in consideration of financial revenues and expenditures, make overall arrangements for projects using government investment funds, and use various government investment funds in a standardized manner.   第八条 县级以上人民政府应当根据国民经济和社会发展规划、中期财政规划和国家宏观调控政策,结合财政收支状况,统筹安排使用政府投资资金的项目,规范使用各类政府投资资金。
Article 9 For the projects invested by governments by means of direct investment or capital injection (hereinafter collectively referred to as “government investment projects”), project entities shall prepare project proposals, feasibility study reports and preliminary designs, and submit them to investment departments or other relevant departments for approval according to government investment management powers and specified procedures.   第九条 政府采取直接投资方式、资本金注入方式投资的项目(以下统称政府投资项目),项目单位应当编制项目建议书、可行性研究报告、初步设计,按照政府投资管理权限和规定的程序,报投资主管部门或者其他有关部门审批。
Project entities shall strengthen the preliminary work concerning government investment projects, ensure that the preliminary work meets the specified requirements in terms of depth, and be responsible for the authenticity of the project proposals, feasibility study reports, preliminary designs and other documents that shall be attached according to the law. 项目单位应当加强政府投资项目的前期工作,保证前期工作的深度达到规定的要求,并对项目建议书、可行性研究报告、初步设计以及依法应当附具的其他文件的真实性负责。
Article 10 Except for the projects involving state secrets, investment departments and other relevant departments shall, through online platforms for the approval and regulation of investment projects (hereinafter referred to as “online platforms”), handle the approval formalities for government investment projects by using the project codes generated by online platforms.   第十条 除涉及国家秘密的项目外,投资主管部门和其他有关部门应当通过投资项目在线审批监管平台(以下简称在线平台),使用在线平台生成的项目代码办理政府投资项目审批手续。
Investment departments and other relevant departments shall list the plans and industrial policies, among others, related to government investment through online platforms, make public the handling procedures and time limits, among others, for approval of government investment projects, and provide project entities with relevant consultation services. 投资主管部门和其他有关部门应当通过在线平台列明与政府投资有关的规划、产业政策等,公开政府投资项目审批的办理流程、办理时限等,并为项目单位提供相关咨询服务。
Article 11 Investment departments or other relevant departments shall, in accordance with the national economic and social development planning, special plans in relevant fields, and industrial policies, review government investment projects from the following aspects and make a decision of approval or disapproval:   第十一条 投资主管部门或者其他有关部门应当根据国民经济和社会发展规划、相关领域专项规划、产业政策等,从下列方面对政府投资项目进行审查,作出是否批准的决定:
(1) The necessity of project construction proposed in project proposals. (一)项目建议书提出的项目建设的必要性;
(2) The implementation of the technical and economic feasibility, social benefits, and funds of the projects and other major construction conditions analyzed in feasibility study reports. (二)可行性研究报告分析的项目的技术经济可行性、社会效益以及项目资金等主要建设条件的落实情况;
(3) Whether preliminary designs and the investment estimates proposed therein are in line with the requirements of the official replies for feasibility study reports and the relevant standards and norms issued by the state. (三)初步设计及其提出的投资概算是否符合可行性研究报告批复以及国家有关标准和规范的要求;
(4) Other matters that shall be examined in accordance with laws, administrative regulations and relevant provisions issued by the state. (四)依照法律、行政法规和国家有关规定应当审查的其他事项。
Where an investment department or any other relevant department does not grant approval to any government investment project, it shall notify the project entity in writing and give the reasons therefor. 投资主管部门或者其他有关部门对政府投资项目不予批准的,应当书面通知项目单位并说明理由。
For a government investment project that has major impacts on economic and social development or public interests or has a large investment scale, the investment department or any other relevant department shall make a decision of approval or disapproval on the basis of assessment by an intermediary agency, public participation, expert review, and risk assessment. 对经济社会发展、社会公众利益有重大影响或者投资规模较大的政府投资项目,投资主管部门或者其他有关部门应当在中介服务机构评估、公众参与、专家评议、风险评估的基础上作出是否批准的决定。
Article 12 The investment budget ratified by an investment department or any other relevant department is the basis for controlling the total investment of a government investment project.
   第十二条 经投资主管部门或者其他有关部门核定的投资概算是控制政府投资项目总投资的依据。

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