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Measures for the Bidding Tendering (Bid Negotiation) for the Contracting of Foreign Projects (2017 Amendment) [Expired] [Expired]
对外承包工程项目投标(议标)管理办法(2017修正) [失效]

Measures for the Bidding Tendering (Bid Negotiation) for the Contracting of Foreign Projects 


(Issued by Order No.3 [2011] of the Ministry of Commerce, China Banking Regulatory Commission and China Insurance Regulatory Commission on December 7, 2011, and amended in accordance with the Decision of the Ministry of Commerce on Repealing and Amending Some Rules by Order No.3 [2017] on September 14, 2017) 2011年12月7日商务部、银监会、保监会令2011年第3号公布 根据2017年9月14日商务部令2017年第3号《商务部关于废止和修改部分规章的决定》修正

Chapter I General Provisions 

第一章 总 则

Article 1 To strengthen the bid approval management (bid negotiation) for the contracting of foreign projects, regulate the bidding (bid negotiation) activities in the contracting of foreign projects, guarantee the economic and social benefits of foreign contracted projects, and enhance the healthy development thereof, these Measures are made pursuant to the Administrative Regulation on Contracting Foreign Projects and the Decision of the State Council on Establishing Administrative Licenses for the Administrative Examination and Approval Items Really Necessary to Be Retained.   第一条 为加强对外承包工程项目投标(议标)核准管理,规范对外承包工程项目投标(议标)活动,保障对外承包工程项目经济效益与社会效益,促进对外承包工程健康发展,根据《对外承包工程管理条例》和《国务院对确需保留的行政审批项目设定行政许可的决定》,制定本办法。
Article 2 To contract a foreign project whose contract price is not less than USD 5 million by bid tendering or bid negotiations, an enterprise or any other entity (hereinafter referred to as “entity”) shall handle in advance the approval formalities on bid tendering (bid negotiation) for the contracting of foreign projects (hereinafter referred to as “approval for the contracting of foreign projects”).   第二条 企业或其他单位(以下统称单位)以投标或议标方式承包合同报价金额不低于500万美元的境外建设工程项目,应当在对外投标或议标前按照本办法规定办理对外承包工程项目投标(议标)核准(以下简称对外承包工程项目核准)。
Article 3 For the purpose of these Measures, the term “contracting of foreign projects” refers to the contracting of overseas construction projects by Chinese entities, including consultation, prospecting, design, supervision, invitation for bids, construction cost, procurement, construction, installation, debugging, operation, and management.   第三条 本办法所称对外承包工程项目是指中国的单位承包境外建设工程项目,包括咨询、勘察、设计、监理、招标、造价、采购、施工、安装、调试、运营、管理等活动。
Article 4 The Ministry of Commerce is responsible for the approval of the contracting of foreign projects.   第四条 商务部负责对外承包工程项目核准工作。
The Ministry of Commerce shall build a database system for foreign contracted projects so as to manage the approval of the contracting of foreign projects. 商务部建立对外承包工程项目数据库系统管理对外承包工程项目核准。
Article 5 The state encourages foreign project contractors to use RMB for evaluation, settlement, financing and letter of guarantee. When handling the aforesaid affairs, foreign project contractors shall conform to the Measures for the Administration of Pilot RMB Settlement in Cross-border Trade好饿但是不想动.   第五条 国家鼓励对外承包工程使用人民币进行计价结算、申请融资、办理保函等业务。开展上述业务应当符合《跨境贸易人民币结算试点管理办法》等有关规定。
Chapter II Approval for the Contracting of Foreign Projects 

第二章 对外承包工程项目核准

Article 6 A foreign project contractor shall apply for approval for the contracting of a foreign project through the database system for foreign contracted projects.   第六条 对外承包工程的单位应当通过对外承包工程项目数据库系统申请对外承包工程项目核准。
The following materials shall be provided for an application for confirmation: 申请核准应当提供以下材料:
(1) Basic information on the applicant. (一)申请单位基本信息;
(2) An introduction to the project. (二)项目情况说明;
(3) An opinion given by the economic and trade institution of the Chinese embassy (consulate) in the country where the project is located. (三)中国驻项目所在国使馆(领馆)经商机构出具的意见;
(4) For a project on which the domestic financial institution provides credit or credit insurance, the loan or insurance underwriting interest letter issued by the domestic financial institution shall be submitted. (四)需境内金融机构提供信贷或信用保险的项目,需提交境内金融机构出具的承贷或承保兴趣函。
Article 7 The economic and trade institution of the Chinese embassy (consulate) in the country where a project is located shall, after a foreign project contractor submits an application under Paragraph 1, Article 6 of these Measures, give a specific opinion through the database system for foreign contracted projects by taking into account foreign trade and economic policies, the safety risk of the country where it is stationed, environmental protection, the interests of the countries involved, the business development of the project contractor, the filing of unexpected events, and the personnel sent abroad for the project.   第七条 中国驻项目所在国使馆(领馆)经商机构应当在对外承包工程的单位根据本办法第六条第一款提出申请后通过对外承包工程项目数据库系统提出明确意见。中国驻项目所在国使馆(领馆)经商机构在提出意见时应当综合考虑外经贸政策、驻在国安全风险、项目环保与可能涉及的多国利益以及企业业务开展情况、突发事件报送和项目外派劳务人员等问题。
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