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The CPC Central Committee and the State Council Issue the Program of Building National Strength in Transportation [Effective]
中共中央、国务院印发《交通强国建设纲要》 [现行有效]

The CPC Central Committee and the State Council Issue the Program of Building National Strength in Transportation 


Recently, the CPC Central Committee and the State Council issued the Program of Building National Strength in Transportation and gave notice requiring all regions and departments to conscientiously implement it based on the actual circumstances. 近日,中共中央、国务院印发了《交通强国建设纲要》,并发出通知,要求各地区各部门结合实际认真贯彻落实。
The full text of the Program of Building National Strength in Transportation is as follows. 《交通强国建设纲要》全文如下。
Building national strength in transportation is a major strategic decision made by the CPC Central Committee with comrade Xi Jinping as the core, based on national conditions, from a global perspective, embracing the future, the forerunner field of building a modern economic system, an important support for finishing building a great modern socialist country in every dimension, and a foothold to effectively conduct transportation work in the new era. This Program is developed in order to holistically advance the building of national strength in transportation. 建设交通强国是以习近平同志为核心的党中央立足国情、着眼全局、面向未来作出的重大战略决策,是建设现代化经济体系的先行领域,是全面建成社会主义现代化强国的重要支撑,是新时代做好交通工作的总抓手。为统筹推进交通强国建设,制定本纲要。
I. General requirements   一、总体要求
1. Guiding ideology. Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics in a New Era shall be the guidance, the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress shall be profoundly implemented, the focus shall be closely on the holistic coordination of the overall layout for "economic, political, cultural, social, and ecological progress" and coordinated advancement of the Four-Pronged Comprehensive Strategy, the general underpinning theme of stable progress shall be adhered to, the new development concept shall be adhered to, the promotion of high-quality development shall be adhered to, the supply-side structural reform shall be adhered to as the main line, the development thought centering on the people shall be adhered to, the positioning of transportation as the "vanguard" shall be firmly grasped, the idea moderately in advance of the age shall be upheld, the mind shall be further emancipated to forge ahead, the development of transportation shall be promoted in making a shift from the pursuit of speed and scale to more emphasis on quality and efficiency, from the relatively independent development of various modes of transportation to more emphasis on integrated development, and from reliance on driving forces generated by traditional factors to more emphasis on innovation-driven transformation, a secure, easy, efficient, green, and economy modern and comprehensive transportation system shall be built, first-class facilities, technology, management, and services shall be created, and national strength in transportation that satisfies the public, provides strong guarantees, and leads the world shall be built, so as to offer strong support for turning China into a great modern socialist country in every dimension and realize the Chinese Dream of national rejuvenation. (一)指导思想。以习近平新时代中国特色社会主义思想为指导,深入贯彻党的十九大精神,紧紧围绕统筹推进“五位一体”总体布局和协调推进“四个全面”战略布局,坚持稳中求进工作总基调,坚持新发展理念,坚持推动高质量发展,坚持以供给侧结构性改革为主线,坚持以人民为中心的发展思想,牢牢把握交通“先行官”定位,适度超前,进一步解放思想、开拓进取,推动交通发展由追求速度规模向更加注重质量效益转变,由各种交通方式相对独立发展向更加注重一体化融合发展转变,由依靠传统要素驱动向更加注重创新驱动转变,构建安全、便捷、高效、绿色、经济的现代化综合交通体系,打造一流设施、一流技术、一流管理、一流服务,建成人民满意、保障有力、世界前列的交通强国,为全面建成社会主义现代化强国、实现中华民族伟大复兴中国梦提供坚强支撑。
2. Development objectives (二)发展目标
By 2020, the tasks for building transportation for securing a decisive victory in building a moderately prosperous society in all respects and all the tasks of the development plan for a modern comprehensive transportation system during the "13th Five-Year Plan" period will have been accomplished to lay a solid foundation for building national strength in transportation. 到2020年,完成决胜全面建成小康社会交通建设任务和“十三五”现代综合交通运输体系发展规划各项任务,为交通强国建设奠定坚实基础。
From 2021 to the middle of this century, the building of national strength in transportation will be advanced in two phases. 从2021年到本世纪中叶,分两个阶段推进交通强国建设。
By 2035, the building of national strength in transportation will have been basically finished. A modern and comprehensive transportation system will have basically taken shape, the people's satisfaction will have been significantly improved, and the capability to support the country's modernization will have been significantly enhanced; there will has been a developed fast network, a sound trunk network, and an extensive basic network, and the coordinated development of transportation in urban and rural areas will have reached new heights; a "national 123 transportation circle" (one-hour commute in urban areas, two-hour travel between the cities of a conurbation, and three-hour reachability of major cities nationwide) and a "global 123 fast movement of goods circle" (one-day domestic delivery, two-day delivery from neighboring countries, and three-day delivery from global major cities) will have been basically established, the through transportation of passengers will have been easy and smooth, and the multi-modal transportation of goods is efficient and economy; the development level of intelligent, secure, green, and shared transportation will have been obviously improved, urban traffic congestion will have basically alleviated, and the barrier-free travel service system will have been basically sound; the transportation technology innovation system will have been basically built, key transportation equipment will have been advanced and safe, the workforce will have been well trained, and the market environment will have been excellent; the modernization of the transportation management system and governance capacity will have been basically realized; and the international competitiveness and influence of transportation will have been significantly improved. 到2035年,基本建成交通强国。现代化综合交通体系基本形成,人民满意度明显提高,支撑国家现代化建设能力显著增强;拥有发达的快速网、完善的干线网、广泛的基础网,城乡区域交通协调发展达到新高度;基本形成“全国123出行交通圈”(都市区1小时通勤、城市群2小时通达、全国主要城市3小时覆盖)和“全球123快货物流圈”(国内1天送达、周边国家2天送达、全球主要城市3天送达),旅客联程运输便捷顺畅,货物多式联运高效经济;智能、平安、绿色、共享交通发展水平明显提高,城市交通拥堵基本缓解,无障碍出行服务体系基本完善;交通科技创新体系基本建成,交通关键装备先进安全,人才队伍精良,市场环境优良;基本实现交通治理体系和治理能力现代化;交通国际竞争力和影响力显著提升。
By the middle of this century, national strength in transportation that satisfies the public, provides strong guarantees, and leads the world will have been comprehensively built. The scale and quality of infrastructure, technical equipment, capability for science and technology innovation, intelligence and greening level will have ranked high in the world, and transportation safety level, governance capacity, integrity level, and international competitiveness and influence will have reached the international advanced level, so as to comprehensively serve and guarantee the building of a great modern socialist country and enable the people to enjoy good transportation services. 到本世纪中叶,全面建成人民满意、保障有力、世界前列的交通强国。基础设施规模质量、技术装备、科技创新能力、智能化与绿色化水平位居世界前列,交通安全水平、治理能力、文明程度、国际竞争力及影响力达到国际先进水平,全面服务和保障社会主义现代化强国建设,人民享有美好交通服务。
II. Sound distribution and three-dimensional interconnection of infrastructure   二、基础设施布局完善、立体互联
1. Building a modern, high-quality, comprehensive, and three-dimensional transportation network. Based on the national development plan, the national spatial plan shall be caused to play its guidance and restraint role, the planning and construction of railway, highway, waterway, civil aviation, pipeline, postal service, and other infrastructure shall be coordinated, multi-centers and networking shall be the main form, multi-level and networked distribution shall be improved, the allocation of stock resources shall be optimized, fine and incremental supply shall be expanded, three-dimensional interconnection shall be achieved, and the flexibility of systems shall be enhanced. The addressing of weakness in western China shall be strengthened, the improvement of quality in northeast China shall be advanced, the construction of large corridors and pivots in central China shall be furthered, the optimization and upgrading in eastern China shall be accelerated, and a new pattern of coordinated development of regional transportation shall be created. (一)建设现代化高质量综合立体交通网络。以国家发展规划为依据,发挥国土空间规划的指导和约束作用,统筹铁路、公路、水运、民航、管道、邮政等基础设施规划建设,以多中心、网络化为主形态,完善多层次网络布局,优化存量资源配置,扩大优质增量供给,实现立体互联,增强系统弹性。强化西部地区补短板,推进东北地区提质改造,推动中部地区大通道大枢纽建设,加速东部地区优化升级,形成区域交通协调发展新格局。
2. Building an easy and smooth municipal (intra-conurbation) transportation network. An integrated intra-conurbation transportation network shall be built, the integrated development of trunk railways, intercity railways, urban (suburban) railways, and urban rail transit shall be advanced, the intra-conurbation expressway network shall be improved, and the connection between highways and urban roads shall be strengthened. The laws of urban development shall be respected, based on promoting the integrity, systematization, and growth of cities, overall arrangements for urban functions and land use shall be made, and plans for the comprehensive urban transportation system shall be scientifically formulated and implemented. The construction of urban public transportation facilities shall be advanced, the connection between urban rail transit and other modes of transportation shall be strengthened, the urban road network consisting of reasonably arranged and structured expressways, primary and secondary trunk roads, and turn-offs shall be improved to avoid micro-traffic congestion and enhance accessibility, and the urban walking and non-motor vehicle transportation systems shall be bettered, so as to raise the quality of travel by walk, bicycle, or otherwise and upgrade barrier-free facilities. Urban parking facilities shall be scientifically planned and constructed, and the construction of charging, hydrogen filling, gas filling, bus station, and other facilities shall be strengthened. The intelligence level of urban transportation infrastructure shall be comprehensively raised. (二)构建便捷顺畅的城市(群)交通网。建设城市群一体化交通网,推进干线铁路、城际铁路、市域(郊)铁路、城市轨道交通融合发展,完善城市群快速公路网络,加强公路与城市道路衔接。尊重城市发展规律,立足促进城市的整体性、系统性、生长性,统筹安排城市功能和用地布局,科学制定和实施城市综合交通体系规划。推进城市公共交通设施建设,强化城市轨道交通与其他交通方式衔接,完善快速路、主次干路、支路级配和结构合理的城市道路网,打通道路微循环,提高道路通达性,完善城市步行和非机动车交通系统,提升步行、自行车等出行品质,完善无障碍设施。科学规划建设城市停车设施,加强充电、加氢、加气和公交站点等设施建设。全面提升城市交通基础设施智能化水平。
3. Building a widespread rural transportation infrastructure network. The construction of "well built, managed, maintained, and operated rural roads" shall be comprehensively advanced, the construction of hardened road connecting villages and groups shall be accelerated, and a well-regulated and sustainable management and maintenance mechanism shall be established. The organic integration of transportation construction with resource development and industry development in rural areas shall be facilitated, and the construction of transportation infrastructure in areas advantageous in characteristic agricultural products and areas with rich tourism resources shall be strengthened. The development of transportation in former revolutionary base areas, ethnic areas, border areas, poverty-stricken areas, reclamation areas, and forest areas shall be vigorously advanced, the furtherance of poverty alleviation and reduction shall be achieved through transportation facilitation, and transportation infrastructure construction projects in areas in extreme poverty shall be weighted in favor of connecting villages and households. The construction of development-oriented railways in resource-rich and densely populated poverty-stricken areas shall be promoted, the construction of general airports with functions such as tourism, agricultural operations, and emergency rescue in areas where conditions permit shall be advanced, and the construction of postal service and other infrastructure in rural areas shall be strengthened. (三)形成广覆盖的农村交通基础设施网。全面推进“四好农村路”建设,加快实施通村组硬化路建设,建立规范化可持续管护机制。促进交通建设与农村地区资源开发、产业发展有机融合,加强特色农产品优势区与旅游资源富集区交通建设。大力推进革命老区、民族地区、边疆地区、贫困地区、垦区林区交通发展,实现以交通便利带动脱贫减贫,深度贫困地区交通建设项目尽量向进村入户倾斜。推动资源丰富和人口相对密集贫困地区开发性铁路建设,在有条件的地区推进具备旅游、农业作业、应急救援等功能的通用机场建设,加强农村邮政等基础设施建设。
4. Constructing a multi-level and integrated system of comprehensive transportation hubs. Relying on world-class conurbations such as Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, Yangtze River Delta, and the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, globally competitive international seaport hubs, aviation hubs, and postal express core hubs shall be built, a group of national and regional transportation hubs shall be constructed, and the integrated planning and construction of comprehensive transportation hubs shall be advanced, so as to raise the level of transfer and equipment replacement and improve the consolidation, distribution, and transportation system. The hub economy shall be vigorously developed. (四)构筑多层级、一体化的综合交通枢纽体系。依托京津冀、长三角、粤港澳大湾区等世界级城市群,打造具有全球竞争力的国际海港枢纽、航空枢纽和邮政快递核心枢纽,建设一批全国性、区域性交通枢纽,推进综合交通枢纽一体化规划建设,提高换乘换装水平,完善集疏运体系。大力发展枢纽经济。
III. Advanced, applicable, sound, and controllable transportation equipment   三、交通装备先进适用、完备可控
1. Strengthening the research and development of new types of conveyances. A major breakthrough in 30,000-ton heavy-duty trains, 250-kilometer high-speed wheel-rail freight trains, and other aspects shall be achieved. The research and development of intelligent networked vehicles (intelligent vehicles, automated driving, and vehicle to everything) shall be strengthened to create an independent, controllable, and complete industry chain. The capabilities for independent design and construction of medium and large-sized cruise ships, large LNG ships, ships operating in polar waters, smart ships, and new energy ships shall be enhanced. The lines of civil aircraft products shall be improved, and significant progress shall be made in large civil aircrafts, heavy helicopters, general aviation aircrafts, and other aspects. (一)加强新型载运工具研发。实现3万吨级重载列车、时速250公里级高速轮轨货运列车等方面的重大突破。加强智能网联汽车(智能汽车、自动驾驶、车路协同)研发,形成自主可控完整的产业链。强化大中型邮轮、大型液化天然气船、极地航行船舶、智能船舶、新能源船舶等自主设计建造能力。完善民用飞机产品谱系,在大型民用飞机、重型直升机、通用航空器等方面取得显著进展。
2. Strengthening the research and development of special equipment. The research and development of construction machinery and equipment such as tunnel engineering and whole-span lifting installation equipment shall be advanced. New types of equipment such as underwater robots, deep diving equipment, large oil spill recovery ships, and large deep-sea and high-sea multi-purpose rescue ships shall be researched and developed. (二)加强特种装备研发。推进隧道工程、整跨吊运安装设备等工程机械装备研发。研发水下机器人、深潜水装备、大型溢油回收船、大型深远海多功能救助船等新型装备。
3. Advancing the upgrading of equipment technology. New-energy, clean-energy, intelligent, digital, lightweight, and environment-friendly transportation equipment and complete sets of technical equipment shall be promoted. New types of equipment and facilities such as intelligent high-speed rail, intelligent road, intelligent shipping, automated terminals, digital pipe networks, and intelligent warehousing and sorting systems shall be widely applied, and a new generation of intelligent transportation management system shall be developed. The technical level of domestic aircrafts and engines shall be raised, and the building of a research and development, manufacturing, and airworthiness approval system for civil aircrafts and engines shall be strengthened. The application of intelligent testing, monitoring, and operation and maintenance technology for transportation equipment shall be promoted. Outdated technology and high energy-consuming and inefficient transportation equipment shall be phased out at a faster pace.

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