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Regulations of the Supreme People's Court on Several Questions Concerning the Application of Property-Oriented Penalty [Effective]
最高人民法院关于适用财产刑若干问题的规定 [现行有效]

Pronouncement of the Supreme People's Court 


Regulations of the Supreme People's Court on Several Questions Concerning the Application of Property-Oriented Penalty were adopted at the 1139th meeting of the Judicial Committee of the Supreme People's Court on Nov.15 2000. The regulations now promulgated shall come into effect as of Dec.19, 2000.

Dec.13, 2000

Regulations of the Supreme People's Court on Several Questions Concerning the Application of Property-Oriented Penalty

(Adopted at the 1139th meeting of the Judicial Committee of the Supreme People's Court on Nov.15 2000. Fa shi[2000] No.45 )
(2000年11月15日最高人民法院审判委员会第1139次会议通过 法释〔2000〕45号)

In order to correctly understand and implement the regulations on property-oriented penalty in Criminal Law of the People's Republic of China (hereinafter referred to as the criminal law), several questions on the application of property-oriented penalty are stipulated as follows:

Article 1 For the crime which shall be concurrently imposed confiscation of property or fine under the criminal law, the criminal shall be sentenced to property-oriented penalty correspondingly by the people's court while being sentenced to the principal penalty; for the crime which may be concurrently imposed confiscation of property or fine, the people's court shall decide whether to apply the property-oriented penalty according to the concrete conditions of the case and the accused 's property as well.   第一条 刑法规定“并处”没收财产或者罚金的犯罪,人民法院在对犯罪分子判处主刑的同时,必须依法判处相应的财产刑;刑法规定“可以并处”没收财产或者罚金的犯罪,人民法院应当根据案件具体情况及犯罪分子的财产状况,决定是否适用财产刑。

Article 2 The people's court shall, according to the circumstances of the case, such as the amount of illegal gains and the losses resulted, and according to the criminal's ability to pay the fine, give him a fine by the law. The minimum amount shall not be less than RMB1, 000, if the standard of the amount of the fine is not clearly provided in the criminal law.   第二条 人民法院应当根据犯罪情节,如违法所得数额、造成损失的大小等,并综合考虑犯罪分子缴纳罚金的能力,依法判处罚金。刑法没有明确规定罚金数额标准的,罚金的最低数额不能少于一千元。

The delinquent child shall be given a lighter or mitigated fine, however the minimum amount shall not be less than RMB500.

Article 3 A criminal shall be given a combined punishment and be executed the total amount of the fines imposed when he is given fines separately for plural crimes he committed.   第三条 依法对犯罪分子所犯数罪分别判处罚金的,应当实行并罚,将所判处的罚金数额相加,执行总和数额。

The fines and confiscation of property concurrently imposed on a criminal for his plural crimes committed shall be executed together. However, in case that confiscation of full property is concurrently imposed, only the property-oriented penalty shall be executed.

Article 4 If the circumstances of the crime are light and a fine imposed separately will not result in further harm to society; a fine may be imposed separately on the criminal by the law, provided that any of the following case exists:   第四条 犯罪情节较轻,适用单处罚金不致再危害社会并具有下列情形之一的,可以依法单处罚金:

1. Casual offender or first offender; (一)偶犯或者初犯;

2. Voluntarily surrendering after committing the crime or performing meritorious services; (二)自首或者有立功表现的;

3.Not reaching the age of 18 when commits a crime; (三)犯罪时不满十八周岁的;

4.Preparing for a crime or discontinuing a crime or attempting to commit a crime; (四)犯罪预备、中止或者未遂的;

5. Being coerced to participate in a crime; (五)被胁迫参加犯罪的;

6.Giving up all illegal gains and showing true repentance; (六)全部退赃并有悔罪表现的;

7. Other circumstances that may be imposed a fine separately by the law. (七)其他可以依法单处罚金的情形。

Article 5 "The time limit specified in the judgment" provided in article 53光宗耀祖支撑着我去教室 of the criminal law shall be determined in the judgment; and "the time limit " shall be within 3 months from the second day the judgment comes into effect.   第五条 刑法五十三条规定的“判决指定的期限”应当在判决书中予以确定;“判决指定的期限”应为从判决发生法律效力第二日起最长不超过三个月。

Article 6 The case that "the criminal has true difficulties in paying the fine due to an irresistible disaster" under article 53 of the criminal law mainly refers to the following circumstances which deprive him of his property to be executed: the criminal loses his property as a result of such disasters as fire, flood and earthquake; the criminal loses the ability to work because of serious illness or being wounded and disabled; or his near relatives, who need to be supported by the criminal, are seriously ill and need to pay a large amount of medical expenses,etc..   第六条 刑法五十三条规定的“由于遭遇不能抗拒的灾祸缴纳确实有困难的”,主要是指因遭受火灾、水灾、地震等灾祸而丧失财产;罪犯因重病、伤残等而丧失劳动能力,或者需要罪犯抚养的近亲属患有重病,需支付巨额医药费等,确实没有财产可供执行的情形。

If the cause of reduction or exemption under "the circumstances" provided in article 53我不休息我还能学 in the criminal law exists, the criminal, his near relatives or his work unit shall submit an application in written form to the people's court in charge of execution as well as testimonials. After the review, the court shall decide to reduce or exempt the amount of the fine according to the actual circumstances.



Article 7 "The legitimate debts that the criminal incurred before his property is confiscated", which are mentioned in article 60 in the criminal law, refers to the legitimate debts that the criminal incurred before the judgment comes into effect.   第七条 刑法六十条规定的“没收财产以前犯罪分子所负的正当债务”,是指犯罪分子在判决生效前所负他人的合法债务。

Article 8 The amount of the fine shall be calculated in RMB.   第八条 罚金刑的数额应当以人民币为计算单位。

Article 9 The people's court may, during the trial of the case, decide to distress or freeze up the criminal's property if the court finds that the accused shall be sentenced to property-oriented penalty by the law.   第九条 人民法院认为依法应当判处被告人财产刑的,可以在案件审理过程中,决定扣押或者冻结被告人的财产。

Article 10 Property-oriented penalties shall be executed by the peoples' court of first instance.   第十条 财产刑由第一审人民法院执行。

If the criminal's property is located at another place, the court of first instance may entrust the court where the property is located to execute such property.

Article 11 The people' court shall compel the criminal, who fails to deliver the fine without statutory cause of reduction or exemption, to deliver the fine from the day next to the date when the time limit specified in the judgment expires.   第十一条 自判决指定的期限届满第二日起,人民法院对于没有法定减免事由不缴纳罚金的,应当强制其缴纳。

Whoever conceals, transfers, sells or destroys or damages the property detained or frozen, if the circumstances are serious, shall be prosecuted for the criminal liability according to article 314 of the criminal law.
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