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Notice by the Shanghai Stock Exchange of Matters Concerning the Adjustment of the Trading on the Integrated Electronic Platform for Fixed-income Securities [Effective]
上海证券交易所关于调整固定收益证券综合电子平台交易相关事宜的通知 [现行有效]

Notice by the Shanghai Stock Exchange of Matters Concerning the Adjustment of the Trading on the Integrated Electronic Platform for Fixed-income Securities 


(No. 111 [2019] of the Shanghai Stock Exchange) (上证发〔2019〕111号)

All market participants: 各市场参与人:
For the purposes of meeting the demand for fixed-income securities trading, the Shanghai Stock Exchange (“SSE”) has made the following adjustments concerning the trading on the integrated electronic platform for fixed-income securities (hereinafter referred to as the fixed-income platform): 为满足固定收益证券交易需求,上海证券交易所(以下简称本所)就固定收益证券综合电子平台(以下简称固定收益平台)交易相关事宜进行如下调整:
I. The trading hours of various kinds of trading conducted through the fixed-income platform are changed to 9:30-11:30 and 13:00-15:30.   一、通过固定收益平台开展的各类交易,交易时间调整为9:30至11:30、13:00至15:30。
II. The spot bond trading on the fixed-income platform is no longer subject to price limit.   二、固定收益平台债券现券交易不再实行价格涨跌幅限制。
III. If the trading price (net price) of spot bonds of the fixed-income platform (other than specific bonds) deviates from the relevant benchmark at the end of the trading day by more than 2% or higher, the bond dealer shall report the transaction to the SSE no later than the next trading day after the close.   三、固定收益平台债券现券(特定债券除外)交易价格(净价)偏离交易当日日终相关比较基准超过2%(含)的,交易商应不晚于收盘后次一交易日向本所报告该笔交易。
If the dealer submits a report in accordance with the provisions of the preceding paragraph, the report shall include, but is not limited to, the basic information of the counterparty, trading elements, and trading conditions and reasons, among others. The dealer shall send a scanned version of the Form of Statements of Bond Transactions (For details, see Annex) containing related content to bondtrading@sse.com.cn. 交易商根据前款规定进行报告的,报告内容包括但不限于交易方的基本信息、交易要素、交易情况及原因等。交易商应当将包含相关内容的债券交易情况说明表(详见附件)扫描版发送至bondtrading@sse.com.cn。
IV. The dealer shall take the initiative to establish a multi-indicator, differentiated benchmark system for trading prices of spot bonds, which shall include, but is not limited to, ChinaBond Valuation, China Securities Valuation, and other fair indicators recognized by the SSE.   四、交易商应当主动建立多指标、差异化的债券现券交易价格比较基准体系,相关比较基准包括但不限于中债估值、中证估值及本所认可的其他公允指标。
V. This Notice shall come into force on November 18, 2019. In case of any discrepancy between the previously published relevant business rules and this Notice, this Notice shall prevail. 


Annex: Form of Statements of Bond Transactions (Sample) 附件:债券交易情况说明表(样张)
Shanghai Stock Exchange 上海证券交易所
November 15, 2019我我我什么都没做 二〇一九年十一月十五日
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