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Regulation on China (Zhejiang) Pilot Free Trade Zone [Effective]
中国(浙江)自由贸易试验区条例 [现行有效]

Regulation on China (Zhejiang) Pilot Free Trade Zone 


(Adopted at the 46th Session of the Standing Committee of the Twelfth People's Congress of Zhejiang Province on December 27, 2017) (2017年12月27日浙江省第十二届人民代表大会常务委员会第四十六次会议通过)

Contents 目 录
Chapter I General Provisions 第一章 总 则
Chapter II Administration System 第二章 管理体制
Chapter III Openness to Investment and Trade Freedom 第三章 投资开放与贸易自由
Chapter IV Bulk Commodity Trade and Promotion of High-End Industries 第四章 大宗商品贸易与高端产业促进
Chapter V Exchange, Cooperation and Shipping Services 第五章 交流合作与航运服务
Chapter VI Financial Services and Fiscal and Tax Administration 第六章 金融服务与财税管理
Chapter VII Comprehensive Regulation and Legal Environment 第七章 综合监管与法治环境
Chapter VIII Supplemental Provisions 第八章 附 则
Chapter I General Provisions 

第一章 总 则

Article 1 For purposes of promoting and guaranteeing the construction of China (Zhejiang) Pilot Free Trade Zone, this Regulation is developed in accordance with the relevant laws, administrative regulations and the Framework Plan for China (Zhejiang) Pilot Free Trade Zone approved by the State Council, in light of the actual circumstances of Zhejiang.   第一条 为了推进和保障中国(浙江)自由贸易试验区建设,根据有关法律、行政法规和国务院批准的《中国(浙江)自由贸易试验区总体方案》,结合本省实际,制定本条例。
Article 2 This Regulation shall apply to China (Zhejiang) Pilot Free Trade Zone (hereinafter referred to as the "FTZ") established with the approval of the State Council.   第二条 本条例适用于经国务院批准设立的中国(浙江)自由贸易试验区(以下简称自贸试验区)。
To satisfy the need for the construction and development of the FTZ, this Regulation shall apply to the expanded areas of FTZ approved by the State Council. 根据自贸试验区建设与发展的需要,报经国务院批准的自贸试验区扩展区域,适用本条例。
Article 3 The FTZ shall be driven to become an important demonstration area of maritime opening up gateway, a pioneering area of international commodity trade liberalization and investment facilitation and a resource allocation base with international influence in eastern China, improve the global commodity allocation capability centering on oil products, and explore the establishment of a free trade port.   第三条 推进自贸试验区建成中国东部地区重要海上开放门户示范区、国际大宗商品贸易自由化和投资便利化先导区以及具有国际影响力的资源配置基地,提升以油品为核心的大宗商品全球配置能力,探索建设自由贸易港。
Article 4 The FTZ shall be encouraged and supported in conducting pilot programs with regard to matters not banned by the laws and regulations and exploring reforms and innovation.   第四条 鼓励和支持自贸试验区就法律、法规未禁止的事项先行先试,探索改革创新。
If a mistake in the reform or innovation is made, but the reform direction determined by the province or the state is followed, the decision-making procedure conforms to the laws and regulations, and due diligence is exercised, no personal gains are sought, loss is voluntarily recovered, the negative impact is eliminated, or harmful consequences are effectively prevented, the relevant entity or individual shall be exonerated from relevant liability, instead of being negatively judged. 改革创新出现失误,但是符合国家和省确定的改革方向,决策程序符合法律、法规规定,且勤勉尽责、未牟取私利,主动挽回损失、消除不良影响或者有效阻止危害结果发生的,对有关单位和个人不作负面评价,免除相关责任。
Chapter II Administration System 

第二章 管理体制

Article 5 The FTZ shall advance the reform of simplification of administrative procedures, delegation of powers, combination of decentralization and control, and optimization of services and establish an administration system featuring determinate power and responsibilities, efficient administration, openness and transparency, and coordinated operation.   第五条 自贸试验区推进简政放权、放管结合、优化服务改革,建立权责明确、管理高效、公开透明、运转协调的行政管理体制。
If the application materials are complete and meet the statutory acceptance conditions, an item, the processing of which a natural person, a legal person or a non-legal person organization applies for, shall be processed and completed for once, unless otherwise provided by the law or any regulation. 自然人、法人和非法人组织在自贸试验区内申请办理的事项,申请材料齐全、符合法定受理条件的,应当一次办结,依照法律、法规规定无法一次办结的除外。
Article 6 The provincial people's government shall establish an FTZ advisory and coordinating body responsible for organization, leadership, and overall coordination of the building and development of the FTZ and for researching and deciding material matters of the reform and development of the FTZ.   第六条 省人民政府建立自贸试验区议事协调机构,负责组织领导、统筹协调自贸试验区建设发展工作,研究决定自贸试验区改革发展的重大事项。
The executive office of the FTZ advisory and coordinating body shall be established at the provincial commerce department to undertake the daily work of the body, coordinate the tasks for the reform and pilot programs in the FTZ, organize and implement the replication and promotion of the innovative experience and achievements of the FTZ, and discharge other duties conferred by the provincial people's government. 自贸试验区议事协调机构的办事机构设在省商务主管部门,承担自贸试验区议事协调机构日常工作,协调自贸试验区改革试点任务,组织实施自贸试验区创新经验和成果复制推广工作,履行省人民政府赋予的其他职责。
Article 7 The China (Zhejiang) Pilot Free Trade Zone Administration Commission (hereinafter referred to as the "Administration Commission") shall, as the dispatched office of the provincial people's government, be responsible for the building, administration and other work of the FTZ and discharge the following duties:   第七条 中国(浙江)自由贸易试验区管理委员会(以下简称管委会)作为省人民政府的派出机构,负责自贸试验区建设、管理等工作,履行下列职责:
(1) Responsible for executing the Framework Plan for China (Zhejiang) Pilot Free Trade Zone, carrying out all the policies and measures relating to the FTZ issued by the province and the state, and developing an administration system. (一)负责实施《中国(浙江)自由贸易试验区总体方案》,落实国家和省有关自贸试验区的各项政策措施,制定行政管理制度;
(2) Organizing and implementing all the development plans for the FTZ and advancing the tasks for the reform and pilot programs and the building of major investment projects in a coordinated manner. (二)组织实施自贸试验区各项发展规划,协调推进改革试点任务和重大投资项目建设;
(3) Responsible for the administrative work regarding investment and trade, financial services, attraction of businesses and investment, development and building, human resources, and statistics, among others, and improving the interim and ex-post regulation system. (三)负责自贸试验区内投资贸易、金融服务、招商引资、开发建设、人力资源、统计等有关行政管理工作,完善事中事后监管体系;
(4) Coordinating the administrative work of Customs, inspection and quarantine, maritime, border inspection, coastal guard, financial regulation, state taxation, and other departments in the FTZ. (四)协调海关、检验检疫、海事、边检、海警、金融监管、国家税务等部门在自贸试验区的行政管理工作;
(5) Discharging duties relating to protection of intellectual property rights in accordance with the law and effectively cooperating in anti-monopoly examination and national security review. (五)依法履行知识产权保护有关职责,配合做好反垄断审查、国家安全审查;
(6) Issuing all the public information of the FTZ in an overall manner and conducting liaison and exchange. (六)统筹发布自贸试验区各项公共信息,开展对外联络和交流;
(7) Discharging other duties conferred by the provincial people's government. (七)履行省人民政府赋予的其他职责。
The FTZ shall be encouraged to develop relatively centralized administrative licensing systems and mechanisms, and the Administration Commission shall exercise the power of administrative licensing of the municipal people's government and the relevant departments thereof in the place where the FTZ is located in a centralized manner. The specific items of relatively centralized administrative licensing shall be implemented with approval as required. 鼓励自贸试验区建立相对集中行政许可的体制和机制,由管委会集中行使自贸试验区所在地的市人民政府及其有关部门的行政许可权。相对集中行政许可的具体事项,按照规定报经批准后实施。
Article 8 The provincial people's government shall confer provincial administrative power on the Administration Commission in accordance with the law so as to satisfy the need of the FTZ for development, building, reform and innovation.   第八条 省人民政府根据自贸试验区开发建设和改革创新需要,依法向管委会授予相关的省级管理权限。
The provincial government and the relevant departments thereof may authorize the Administration Commission to exercise their administrative power, unless otherwise provided by the law or any administrative regulation. 对属于省人民政府及其有关部门的管理权限,除法律、行政法规明确规定不能委托行使的外,省人民政府及其有关部门可以委托管委会行使。
The Administration Commission may, as needed for development, raise a catalog of provincial administrative power to be exercised and disclose it to the public after having obtained the approval from the authority according to statutory procedures. 管委会可以根据发展需要,提出行使省级管理权限的目录,依照法定程序报有权机关批准后向社会公布。
Article 9 The offices of Customs, inspection and quarantine, maritime, border inspection, coastal guard, financial regulation, state taxation and other departments in the FTZ (hereinafter collectively referred to as the "offices in the FTZ") shall discharge relevant administrative duties in accordance with the law, implement the policies and measures relating to the FTZ, and support the reform and innovation of the FTZ.   第九条 海关、检验检疫、海事、边检、海警、金融监管、国家税务等部门驻自贸试验区的工作机构(以下统称驻区工作机构),依法履行相关行政管理职责,落实有关自贸试验区的政策措施,支持自贸试验区改革创新工作。
The relevant departments of the provincial people's government shall, according to the duties as provided, support all the work of the FTZ and undertake the administrative matters relating to the FTZ. 省人民政府有关部门应当按照规定职责,支持自贸试验区的各项工作,承担自贸试验区有关行政事务。
The Administration Commission shall establish and improve a mechanism of communication and coordination with the offices in the FTZ and the relevant departments. 管委会应当建立健全与驻区工作机构、有关部门的沟通协调机制。
Article 10 The FTZ may establish an administrative advisory mechanism to provide decision-making advice on FTZ development, introduction of major projects, and major reform and innovation measures.   第十条 自贸试验区可以建立行政咨询机制,为自贸试验区的发展规划、重大项目引进、重要改革措施等提供决策咨询。
The Administration Commission, the offices in the FTZ and the relevant departments may, according to international practice, authorize social organizations or hire professional teams to undertake specialized, technological public administration and service functions of the nature of extensive public participation. 管委会、驻区工作机构和有关部门可以借鉴国际惯例,委托社会组织或者聘请专业团队承担专业性、技术性或者社会参与性较强的公共管理和服务职能。
Article 11 The Administration Commission, the offices in the FTZ and the relevant departments shall disclose to the public the lists of administrative licensing, administrative punishment, administrative compulsion, and other administrative power and the responsibility lists containing their responsibility, interim and ex-post regulation rules, public service items and other content.   第十一条 管委会、驻区工作机构和有关部门应当公布依法行使的行政许可、行政处罚、行政强制等行政权力的清单,以及载明机构职责、事中事后监管制度、公共服务事项等内容的责任清单。
If the power or responsibility is changed, the Administration Commission, the offices in the FTZ and the relevant departments shall revise their lists in a timely manner and publish the revised lists. 权力和责任事项发生变更的,管委会、驻区工作机构和有关部门应当及时调整清单,并重新公布。
Chapter III Openness to Investment and Trade Freedom 

第三章 投资开放与贸易自由

Article 12 The FTZ shall subject foreign investment to the pre-access national treatment plus negative list administration system. Foreign investment shall be generally subject to the same access administration measures as Chinese investment; and the separate measures for the administration of access of foreign investment shall be governed by the negative lists issued by the State Council, or issued as approved by the State Council.   第十二条 自贸试验区对外商投资实行准入前国民待遇加负面清单管理制度。对外商投资,一般实行与内资相同的准入管理措施;外商投资准入的特别管理措施,按照国务院发布或者批准发布的负面清单执行。
In a field not on a negative list, foreign-funded projects shall be subject to the recordation system according to the principle of equal treatment to foreign and Chinese investment unless the confirmation of domestic investment projects is retained as provided by the State Council; the establishment and modification of foreign-funded enterprises shall be subject to recordation administration. 负面清单之外的领域,按照内外资一致的原则,外商投资项目实行备案制,国务院规定对国内投资项目保留核准的除外;外商投资企业设立和变更实行备案管理。
In a field on a negative list, foreign-funded projects shall be subject to the confirmation system unless the negative list explicitly bans foreign investment, or, as provided by the State Council, foreign-funded projects are subject to recordation; the establishment and modification of foreign-funded enterprises shall be subject to approval administration. 负面清单之内的领域,外商投资项目实行核准制,负面清单明确禁止外商投资或者国务院规定对外商投资项目实行备案的除外;外商投资企业设立和变更实行审批管理。
Article 13 The FTZ shall implement the commercial registration mode of integrating certificates into one and one code for one business license and promote electronic registration for the whole process.   第十三条 自贸试验区实行多证合一、一照一码的商事登记模式,推行全程电子化登记。
The FTZ shall implement an autonomous application system for enterprise names to simplify the enterprise name registration procedure. Enterprise names shall be no longer subject to advance confirmation unless ex-ante approval matters or enterprise name confirmation is not at the same authority as enterprise establishment registration. 自贸试验区实行企业名称自主申报制度,简化企业名称登记程序。除涉及前置审批事项或者企业名称核准与企业设立登记不在同一机关的外,企业名称不再实行预先核准。
The FTZ shall promote the domicile (place of business) application undertaking system. Except in the case that a domicile (place of business) under application is banned or restricted by the law or regulation from being used as a domicile (place of business), the applicant may, when applying for a business license, submit a domicile (place of business) application undertaking to prove the use of the domicile (place of business). The business license issuance department shall strengthen interim and ex-post regulation by publication, random inspection, and any other means. 自贸试验区推行住所(经营场所)申报承诺制。除申报的住所(经营场所)存在违反法律、法规有关禁止或者限制将其作为住所(经营场所)规定的情形外,申请人办理营业执照时可以提交住所(经营场所)的申报承诺书作为住所(经营场所)的使用证明。营业执照核发部门应当通过公示、随机抽查等方式加强事中事后监管。
Article 14 The FTZ shall promote the administrative licensing notification and undertaking system. The administrative licensing departments shall notify applicants in writing of statutory licensing conditions, and if an applicant signs an undertaking and guarantee that it meets the statutory licensing conditions, and the administrative licensing department deems that ex-post regulation suffices for correction of action not meeting the licensing conditions and that no serious consequences will take place, an administrative licensing decision may be made.   第十四条 自贸试验区推行行政许可告知承诺制。行政许可部门将法定许可条件书面告知申请人,申请人签字承诺和保证其符合法定许可条件,行政许可部门认为能够通过事后监管纠正不符合许可条件的行为且不会产生严重后果的,可以作出行政许可决定。
An administrative licensing department shall, within two months after making an administrative licensing decision, inspect whether the licensee meets the statutory licensing conditions; if the statutory licensing conditions are not met, order it to take corrective action within a given period; and if the conditions remain unsatisfied upon taking corrective action, revoke administrative licensing. 行政许可部门应当在许可决定作出后两个月内,对被许可人是否符合法定许可条件进行检查;经检查不符合法定许可条件的,责令限期整改;整改后仍不符合条件的,撤销行政许可。
The notification and undertaking system as described in this Article shall not apply to any administrative licensing item directly involving public security, financial security or environmental protection, or directly relating to the personal health and the safety of the person and property. The municipal people's government in the place where the FTZ is located shall, as provided by the state, determine and issue the specific scope and procedure of administrative licensing items subject to the notification and undertaking system. 直接涉及公共安全、金融安全、生态环境保护以及直接关系人身健康、生命财产安全的行政许可事项不采用本条规定的告知承诺制。实行告知承诺制的行政许可事项的具体范围和程序,由自贸试验区所在地的市人民政府按照国家规定确定,并向社会发布。
Article 15 The FTZ shall implement the international trade "single window" service mode. The provincial port authority shall be responsible for advancing the building of "single window," establish a cross-department, comprehensive administration service platform to realize the information exchange, mutual admission of regulation, and mutual assistance in law enforcement among Customs, inspection and quarantine, maritime, border inspection, taxation, foreign exchange administration, and other regulatory departments.   第十五条 自贸试验区实行国际贸易“单一窗口”服务模式。省口岸主管部门负责推进“单一窗口”建设,建立跨部门的综合管理服务平台,实现海关、检验检疫、海事、边检、税务、外汇管理等监管部门之间信息互换、监管互认、执法互助。
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