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Measures for the Administration of China (Hebei) Pilot Free Trade Zone [Effective]
中国(河北)自由贸易试验区管理办法 [现行有效]

Order of the People's Government of Hebei province 


(No. 9 [2019]) ([2019]第9号)

The Measures for the Administration of China (Hebei) Pilot Free Trade Zone as adopted by the 65th executive meeting of the Provincial Government on October 10, 2019, are hereby issued and shall come into force on the date of issuance. 《中国(河北)自由贸易试验区管理办法》已经2019年10月10日省政府第65次常务会议通过,现予公布,自印发之日起施行。
Governor: Xu Qin 省长:许勤
October 28, 2019 2019年10月28日
Measures for the Administration of China (Hebei) Pilot Free Trade Zone 中国(河北)自由贸易试验区管理办法
Chapter I General Provisions 

第一章 总 则

Article 1 For the purposes of advancing the construction of China (Hebei) Pilot Free Trade Zone and building up the pilot free trade zone into a new highland for opening in the new era, these Measures are developed according to the Framework Plan for China (Hebei) Pilot Free Trade Zone (hereinafter referred to as the “Framework Plan”) approved by the State Council and relevant laws and regulations, in light of the actual circumstances of the province.   第一条 为了推进中国(河北)自由贸易试验区建设,将自由贸易试验区建设成为新时代对外开放的新高地,根据国务院批准的《中国(河北)自由贸易试验区总体方案》(以下简称《总体方案》)和有关法律、法规,结合本省实际,制定本办法。
Article 2 These Measures shall apply to China (Hebei) Pilot Free Trade Zone (hereinafter referred to as the “PFTZ”) established with the approval of the State Council. The PFTZ shall include the Xiongan Part, the Zhengding Part, the Caofeidian Part, and the Daxing Airport Part (hereinafter referred to as the “Parts”).   第二条 本办法适用于经国务院批准设立的中国(河北)自由贸易试验区(以下简称自贸试验区)。自贸试验区涵盖雄安片区、正定片区、曹妃甸片区和大兴机场片区(以下通称各片区)。
Article 3 The PFTZ shall, with system innovation as its core, with the capabilities of replication and promotion as the basic requirements, fully implement the requirements of the central authorities for the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei coordinated development strategy and the high-standard and high-quality construction of Xiongan New Area, vigorously undertake the non-capital functions of which Beijing is relieved and the commercialization of scientific and technological results in Beijing and Tianjin, and focus on building important international trade logistics hubs, new industrialization bases, global innovation highlands, and open development pioneering zones. Benchmarked against international advanced rules, more internationally competitive institutional innovations shall be gained, quality changes, efficiency changes, and dynamic changes in economic development shall be promoted, and an endeavor shall be made to build high-standard high-quality free trade parks of free and facilitative trade and investment, clustering high-end and high-tech industries, open and innovative financial services, tolerant and prudential government governance, and highly coordinated regional development.   第三条 自贸试验区以制度创新为核心,以可复制可推广为基本要求,全面落实中央关于京津冀协同发展战略和高标准高质量建设雄安新区要求,积极承接北京非首都功能疏解和京津科技成果转化,着力建设国际商贸物流重要枢纽、新型工业化基地、全球创新高地和开放发展先行区。对标国际先进规则,形成更多有国际竞争力的制度创新成果,推动经济发展质量变革、效率变革、动力变革,努力建成贸易投资自由便利、高端高新产业集聚、金融服务开放创新、政府治理包容审慎、区域发展高度协同的高标准高质量自由贸易园区。
Article 4 The PFTZ shall promote the existing experience of free trade pilot zones in reform pilot programs capable of replication, enshrine the results of reform and innovation in norms and systems, and ensure that the experience in reform pilot programs produces actual effects.   第四条 自贸试验区应当推广已有的自贸试验区可复制改革试点经验,将改革创新成果规范化、制度化,确保改革试点经验产生实效。
Article 5 The PFTZ shall establish an innovation-oriented evaluation and assessment mechanism, encourage innovation, tolerate failure, and fully stimulate vitality for innovation.   第五条 自贸试验区应当建立以创新为导向的考核评价机制,鼓励创新、宽容失败,充分激发创新活力。
Chapter II Management System 

第二章 管理体制

Article 6 The Leading Group for the China (Hebei) Pilot Free Trade Zone Advancement Work (hereinafter referred to as the “Leading Group”) shall implement the guidelines, policies, decisions, and resolutions of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council for establishing pilot free trade zones, the Framework Plan, and related laws and regulations and be responsible for coordinating research on the rule of law construction, policy measures, and development plans of the PFTZ, decide major issues on PFTZ development, guiding the tasks of reform pilot programs, coordinating PFTZ matters with relevant state agencies, relevant cities of the province, and Xiongan New Area, and organize, lead, manage, and guide the work to advance PFTZ construction.   第六条 中国(河北)自由贸易试验区推进工作领导小组(以下简称领导小组)贯彻执行党中央、国务院建立自贸试验区的方针政策、决定决议、《总体方案》以及相关法律、法规规定,负责统筹研究自贸试验区法治建设、政策措施、发展规划,决定自贸试验区发展重大问题,指导改革试点任务,协调与国家有关部门及省内有关市、雄安新区自贸试验区事务,组织、领导、管理、指导自贸试验区建设推进工作。
Article 7 The Provincial People's Government, guided and supported by the State Council and relevant state agencies, shall develop rules, systems, and policy measures related to the construction and management of the PFTZ in accordance with the Framework Plan and the law.   第七条 省人民政府在国务院和国家有关部门指导支持下,根据《总体方案》,依法制定与自贸试验区建设和管理相关的规章制度和政策措施。
Article 8 The Office of the Leading Group for the China (Hebei) Pilot Free Trade Zone Advancement Work (China (Hebei) Pilot Free Trade Zone Work Office) shall be established under the Provincial Department of Commerce and undertake the day-to-day work of the Leading Group. Management committees shall be respectively established for the PFTZ Parts. The Xiongan Part Management Committee shall be the working institution under the management of the Xiongan New Area Management Committee, and the Zhengding Part Management Committee, the Caofeidian Part Management Committee, and the Daxing Airport Part (Langfang) Management Committee shall be respectively the local offices of the Shijiazhuang Municipal Government, the Tangshan Municipal Government, and the Langfang Municipal Government. Xiongan New Area, Shijiazhuang City, Tangshan City, and Langfang City shall be respectively responsible for the work of the Parts. The China (Hebei) Pilot Free Trade Zone Work Office shall provide business guidance for the management committees of the Parts.   第八条 中国(河北)自由贸易试验区推进工作领导小组办公室(中国(河北)自由贸易试验区工作办公室)设在省商务厅,承担领导小组的日常工作。自贸试验区各片区分别设立管理委员会。雄安片区管理委员会为雄安新区管理委员会管理的工作机构,正定片区管理委员会、曹妃甸片区管理委员会、大兴机场片区(廊坊)管理委员会,分别为石家庄市政府、唐山市政府、廊坊市政府的派出机构。雄安新区和石家庄市、唐山市、廊坊市分别是各片区工作的责任主体。中国(河北)自由贸易试验区工作办公室对各片区管理委员会实行业务指导。
Article 9 The Office of the Leading Group shall perform the following functions:   第九条 领导小组办公室应当履行下列职责:
(1) Implementing the guidelines, policies, decisions, and arrangements of the CPC Central Committee, the State Council, the CPC Provincial Committee, and the Provincial Government in relation to the PFTZ work, complying with the relevant requirements of the state laws, regulations, and normative documents for the construction of pilot free trade zones, and drafting and organizing the implementation of local PFTZ regulations and rules. (一)贯彻落实党中央、国务院和省委、省政府关于自贸试验区工作的方针政策和决策部署,贯彻执行国家关于自贸试验区建设的法律、法规和规范性文件有关要求,起草自贸试验区地方性法规、规章草案并组织实施;
(2) Researching the drawing and promoting the implementation of PFTZ development plans and policy measures and guiding the Parts in implementing PFTZ-related government administration systems. (二)研究拟订自贸试验区发展规划、政策措施并推动落实,指导各片区落实自贸试验区有关行政管理制度;
(3) Organizing research on major issues related to PFTZ development, organizing the implementation of various reform and innovative measures for the PFTZ, and researching policy proposals for deepening all the reform and innovation of the PFTZ. (三)组织研究自贸试验区发展有关重大问题,组织实施自贸试验区各项改革创新措施,研究提出深化自贸试验区各项改革创新的政策建议;
(4) Coordinating investment, trade, financial services, industry development, statistics, and other related work in the PFTZ and coordinating the related work of financial, customs, maritime, border inspection, and other authorities in the PFTZ. (四)协调自贸试验区投资、贸易、金融服务、产业发展、统计等有关工作,协调自贸试验区内金融、海关、海事、边检等部门的相关工作;
(5) Organizing the implementation of the national security review, anti-monopoly review, and other related work of the PFTZ, deepening the reform of “simplifying procedures, decentralizing powers, combining decentralization with appropriate control, and optimizing services,” promoting the construction of the PFTZ business environment, and advancing the establishment and improvement of the interim and ex-post regulation system by the Parts. (五)组织落实自贸试验区国家安全审查、反垄断审查等有关工作,深化“放管服”改革,推动自贸试验区营商环境建设,推进各片区建立健全事中事后监管体系;
(6) Effectively communicating and coordinating with the relevant departments of the central authorities and relevant ministries and commissions of the state and vigorously seeking policy support; effectively communicating and coordinating with the relevant departments of Beijing City; and responsible for guiding and coordinating the management committees of the Parts and promoting the cooperation with other regions in reform and development. (六)做好与中央有关部门和国家有关部委的沟通协调工作,积极争取政策支持;做好与北京市有关部门的沟通协调工作;负责对各片区管理委员会指导协调工作,推动与其他区域的改革联动、发展联动;
(7) Promoting the implementation of the tasks for PFTZ pilot programs and responsible for the comprehensive assessment, supervisory guidance, and evaluation of the construction and operation of the PFTZ Parts. (七)推动自贸试验区试点任务落实,负责对自贸试验区片区建设运行情况进行综合评估、督导、考核;
(8) Collecting and releasing public information on the PFTZ and organizing the external publicity and exchange work of the PFTZ. (八)统计发布自贸试验区相关公共信息,组织自贸试验区对外宣传、交流工作;
(9) Undertaking the work assigned by the CPC Provincial Committee and the Provincial People's Government and the day-to-day work of the Leading Group. (九)承担省委、省人民政府交办的工作和领导小组日常工作。
Article 10 The management committee of each Part shall perform the following functions:   第十条 各片区管理委员会,应当履行以下职责:
(1) Responsible for implementing the Framework Plan, implementation plans, and various reform and innovative measures for the PFTZ. (一)负责落实自贸试验区总体方案、实施方案和各项改革创新措施;
(2) Organizing the implementation of the industry layout and development and construction activities in the Part and coordinating the advancement of construction of major investment projects. (二)组织落实片区内产业布局和开发建设活动,协调推进重大投资项目建设;
(3) Researching and solving the difficulties and problems in the reform and innovation of the Part, summarizing the experience of the Part in deepening reform and innovation, and making innovation recommendations capable of replication and promotion. (三)研究和解决片区改革创新中的难点和问题,总结片区深化改革创新经验,提出可复制可推广的创新成果建议;
(4) Undertaking the management of the received matters according to the law and effectively conducting work such as government services, statistical analysis, and release of important information. (四)依法承担承接事项的管理,做好政务服务、统计分析和重要信息发布等工作;
(5) Coordinating and managing work related to all functional areas. (五)协调和管理与各功能区有关的工作;
(6) Coordinating the relevant work of financial, customs, maritime, border inspection, civil aviation, and other authorities in the Part. (六)协调金融、海关、海事、边检、民航等部门在片区内的相关工作;
(7) Performing functions related to national security review and anti-monopoly review in accordance with law. (七)依法履行国家安全审查、反垄断审查有关职责;
(8) Responsible for providing guidance, consulting, and services for enterprises and related institutions. (八)负责为企业和相关机构提供指导、咨询和服务;
(9) Completing other tasks assigned by the CPC committee and people's government of the districted city where the Part is located, the Party Working Committee and the Management Committee of Xiongan New Area, and the China (Hebei) Pilot Free Trade Zone Work Office. (九)完成片区所在地设区的市党委、人民政府和雄安新区党工委、管委会以及中国(河北)自贸试验区工作办公室交办的其他工作。
Article 11 The Daxing Airport Part, which is located within the administrative area of Beijing, shall be managed in accordance with the relevant regulations of the Beijing Municipal People's Government.   第十一条 大兴机场片区位于北京市行政区域内的范围,按照北京市人民政府有关规定进行管理。
Article 12 The Provincial People's Government and its related departments shall decentralize economic and social management authority to the management committees of the Parts according to the law, as needed for the reform and development of the PFTZ.   第十二条 省人民政府及其有关部门根据自贸试验区改革发展需要,依法向各片区管理委员会下放经济社会管理权限。
Chapter III Investment Reform 

第三章 投资改革

Article 13 The PFTZ shall profoundly advance the reform of the foreign investment management system. The PFTZ shall fully implement the pre-access national treatment plus negative list administration system for foreign investment, boost the effective connection between pre-access and post-access management measures, and achieve the lawful and equal access of various market participants to relevant industries, fields, and business. The PFTZ shall explore the establishment of a foreign investment information reporting system.   第十三条 自贸试验区深入推进外资管理体制改革。全面落实外商投资准入前国民待遇加负面清单管理制度,推动准入前和准入后管理措施的有效衔接,实现各类市场主体依法平等准入相关行业、领域和业务。探索建立外商投资信息报告制度。
Article 14 The PFTZ shall relax market access for foreign investment. The PFTZ shall allow foreign professionals qualified as China's first-class registered architects or first-class registered structural engineers to establish construction engineering design firms as partners in accordance with the requirements of corresponding qualification standards. The PFTZ shall support the establishment of wholly foreign-owned commercial education, training, and vocational skills training institutions. The PFTZ shall support foreign investors in establishing air transport sales agency enterprises. The PFTZ shall harmonize the investor qualification requirements for Chinese-funded and foreign-funded human resources service institutions, and the management committees of the Parts shall be responsible for approval and make a filing to the human resources and social security authority at provincial level.   第十四条 自贸试验区放宽外资市场准入。允许取得我国一级注册建筑师或者一级注册结构工程师资格的境外专业人士作为合伙人,按照相应资质标准要求设立建筑工程设计事务所。支持外商独资设立经营性教育培训和职业技能培训机构。支持外商投资设立航空运输销售代理企业。统一内外资人力资源服务机构投资者资质要求,由片区管理委员会负责审批,报省级人力资源社会保障部门备案。
Article 15 The PFTZ shall establish a foreign investment service system. The PFTZ shall improve working mechanisms for foreign investment promotion, project tracking services, and complaints, solve complaint problems in a timely manner, and protect the lawful rights and interests of foreign investors.   第十五条 自贸试验区建立外商投资服务体系。完善外商投资促进、项目跟踪服务和投诉工作机制,及时处理投诉反映的问题,保护外商投资合法权益。
Article 16 The PFTZ shall be encouraged to develop foreign investment promotion policies in accordance with the law and reward foreign-funded enterprises and high-level talents who have made outstanding contributions to PFTZ development.   第十六条 鼓励自贸试验区依法制定外商投资促进政策,对在自贸试验区发展中作出突出贡献的外商投资企业及高层次人才给予奖励。
Chapter IV Trade Facilitation 

第四章 贸易便利人丑就要多读书

Article 17 The PFTZ shall vigorously improve trade facilitation. The PFTZ shall profoundly implement goods status-classified supervision in areas under special customs supervision. The PFTZ shall explore a duty bond system on an enterprise-by-enterprise basis. The PFTZ shall allow exhibits to be filed in advance, clear exhibits by means of bond, and grant write-off by carrying over the exhibits to areas under special customs supervision after their exhibition. The PFTZ shall research the launch of a pilot program of trade adjustment assistance. The PFTZ shall support the establishment of a comprehensive bonded zone in the Xiongan Part and the construction of an international marine express cargo supervision center and the launch of a pilot program of parallel imported automobiles in the Caofeidian Part.   第十七条 自贸试验区积极提升贸易便利化水平。在海关特殊监管区域深入实施货物状态分类监管。探索以企业为单元的税收担保制度。允许展会展品提前备案,以担保方式放行展品,展品展后结转进入海关特殊监管区域予以核销。研究开展贸易调整援助试点。支持在雄安片区设立综合保税区,在曹妃甸片区建设国际海运快件监管中心、开展平行进口汽车试点。
Article 18 The PFTZ shall vigorously conduct international trade in bulk commodities. The PFTZ shall conduct spot trading in commodities such as ore, steel, coal, timber, natural gas, grain, and sugar according to the laws and regulations, in reliance on existing exchanges. The PFTZ shall support the establishment of bonded delivery warehouses and cross-border trading platforms for commodity futures. The PFTZ shall support ore blending business and improve the warehousing, marketing, processing, and distribution system. The PFTZ shall develop international energy warehousing and distribution trade, allow commercial warehousing service providers to lease commercial oil tanks of state-owned enterprises, support the delivery and warehousing of refined oil and bonded fuel oil, and allow enterprises in the PFTZ to blend and mix bonded oil products under different HS codes. The PFTZ shall support the construction of liquefied natural gas (“LNG”) storage and transport facilities and improve the distribution system.   第十八条 自贸试验区积极开展国际大宗商品贸易。依托现有交易场所依法依规开展矿石、钢铁、煤炭、木材、天然气、粮食、食糖等大宗商品现货交易。支持建立大宗商品期货保税交割仓库、跨境交易平台。支持开展矿石混配业务,完善仓储、分销、加工及配送体系。发展国际能源储配贸易,允许商储租赁国有企业商业油罐,支持开展成品油和保税燃料油交割、仓储,允许自贸试验区内企业开展不同税号下保税油品混兑调和。支持建设液化天然气(LNG)储运设施,完善配送体系。
Article 19 The PFTZ shall vigorously promote the development of the marine transport industry. The PFTZ shall support the establishment of multimodal transport centers, cultivate and develop shipping enterprises, and support the establishment of shipping insurance institutions. The PFTZ shall support the Caofeidian Part in establishing an international ship spare parts supply public platform, equipment renovation center, and ship accessories market.   第十九条 自贸试验区积极促进航海运输业发展。支持设立多式联运中心,培育发展航运企业,支持设立航运保险机构。支持曹妃甸片区设立国际船舶备件供船公共平台、设备翻新中心和船舶配件市场。
Article 20 The PFTZ shall vigorously promote the development of the air transport industry. The PFTZ shall vigorously seek the fifth freedom and other international freedoms of the air necessary for the construction of the Shijiazhuang Zhengding International Airport Aviation Hub, research the advancement of application for the establishment of a Class A low-altitude flight service station in the Zhengding Part in accordance with relevant provisions, and support the Zhengding Part in establishing a designated port for diamond imports. The PFTZ shall support Beijing Daxing International Airport in applying for the establishment of designated supervisory operation sites for the import and export of fruits, seeds and seedlings, edible aquatic animals, meat, frozen aquatic products, and other special goods and strengthen reform and development in coordination with the economic zone adjacent to Beijing Daxing International Airport.   第二十条 自贸试验区积极促进航空运输业发展。积极争取石家庄正定国际机场航空枢纽建设所需的包括第五航权在内的国际航权,研究推进在正定片区按照相关规定申请设立A类低空飞行服务站,支持正定片区设立进口钻石指定口岸。支持北京大兴国际机场申请设立水果、种子种苗、食用水生动物、肉类、冰鲜水产品等其他特殊商品进出口指定监管作业场地,加强北京大兴国际机场临空经济区与自贸试验区的改革联动、发展联动。
Chapter V Financial Innovation 

第五章 金融创新

Article 21 The PFTZ shall expand the opening of the financial industry. The PFTZ shall support qualified commercial banks in incorporating financial asset investment subsidiaries. The PFTZ shall support the establishment of direct banks and credit reporting institutions, among others. The PFTZ shall support the establishment of health insurance and other foreign-funded specialized insurance institutions on a pilot basis. The PFTZ shall research the launch of a pilot program of qualified foreign limited partner (“QFLP”) and qualified domestic investment enterprise (“QDIE”) business, relax project investment restrictions, and increase the percentages of shares held by funds.   第二十一条 自贸试验区扩大金融业对外开放。支持符合条件的商业银行注册设立金融资产投资子公司。支持设立直销银行、征信机构等。支持试点设立健康保险等外资专业保险机构。研究开展合格境外有限合伙人(QFLP)和合格境内投资企业(QDIE)业务试点,放宽项目投资限制,提高基金持股比例。
Article 22 The PFTZ shall deepen the reform of the foreign exchange management system. The PFTZ shall relax access conditions for the centralized operation and management of foreign exchange funds of multinational companies. The PFTZ shall explore and research the entry of qualified financial leasing companies and commercial factoring companies into the interbank foreign exchange market. The PFTZ shall allow goods trade foreign exchange management class-A enterprises not to open goods trade revenue inspection accounts.   第二十二条 自贸试验区深化外汇管理体制改革。放宽跨国公司外汇资金集中运营管理准入条件。探索研究符合条件的融资租赁公司和商业保理公司进入银行间外汇市场。允许货物贸易外汇管理分类等级为A类的企业货物贸易收入无需开立待核查账户。
Article 23 The PFTZ shall boost innovation in cross-border RMB business. The PFTZ shall support banks in the PFTZ to make overseas RMB loans as required, explore the launch of the business of cross-border transfer of domestic RMB trade financing assets, put the business under the comprehensive cross-border financing macro-prudential management, and support the overseas parent companies of enterprises in the PFTZ in issuing RMB bonds in China in accordance with relevant provisions.   第二十三条 自贸试验区推动跨境人民币业务创新。支持自贸试验区内银行按照规定发放境外人民币贷款,探索开展境内人民币贸易融资资产跨境转让业务并纳入全口径跨境融资宏观审慎管理,支持自贸试验区内企业的境外母公司按照有关规定在境内发行人民币债券。
Article 24 A Xiongan Part Financial Innovation Pioneering Zone shall be constructed. A regulatory sandbox mechanism shall be explored. The third-party certification plan for green finance shall be advanced, the launch of a pilot program of mandatory disclosure of environmental information shall be explored, and international standards for green finance shall be established. The cultivation of emission rights, energy conservation rights, water rights, and other environmental rights exchanges shall be accelerated, and spot trading in carbon emission rights, water rights, and new energy shall be conducted in reliance on existing exchanges. The pioneering launch of a pilot program of equity crowdfunding in the Xiongan Equity Exchange shall be supported.   第二十四条 建设雄安片区金融创新先行区。探索监管“沙盒机制”。推进绿色金融第三方认证计划,探索开展环境信息强制披露试点,建立绿色金融国际标准。加快培育排污权、节能量、水权等环境权益交易市场,依托现有交易场所开展碳排放权、水权、新能源现货交易。支持股权众筹试点在雄安股权交易所先行先试。
Chapter VI Industry Opening 

第六章 产业开放

Article 25 The PFTZ shall optimize the quarantine and inspection process for special items for testing use in global coordinated research and development of biomedicine. The PFTZ shall establish a green channel for the import of materials, reagents, and equipment for the research and development of new drugs, exempt enterprises' one-off import of drugs from customs clearance forms, and implement one-time approval and multi-time write-off. The PFTZ shall moderately relax the management of small-dose special chemical agents for pharmaceutical research and development and support the establishment of stockpiling warehouses in the PFTZ. The PFTZ shall simplify the procedures for outbound air transport of drug samples and intermediates of less than one kilogram.   第二十五条 自贸试验区优化生物医药全球协同研发的试验用特殊物品的检疫查验流程。建立新药研发用材料、试剂和设备进口绿色通道,免除企业一次性进口药品通关单,实行一次审批、分次核销。适度放宽医药研发用小剂量特殊化学制剂的管理,支持在自贸试验区内建立备货仓库。简化一公斤以内的药物样品、中间体出境空运手续。
Article 26 The PFTZ shall establish a biomedical platform. The PFTZ shall support Shijiazhuang in building a drug import port in accordance with the laws and regulations and establishing a port for the first-time import of drugs and biological products. The PFTZ shall establish a gene testing technology application demonstration center and a public technology platform, support the clinical application of gene sequencing technology, and support the launch of pilot programs of the mass spectrum for infectious microorganisms and rare diseases.   第二十六条 自贸试验区搭建生物医药平台。支持石家庄依法依规建设进口药品口岸,设立首次进口药品和生物制品口岸。建立基因检测技术应用示范中心和公共技术平台,支持开展基因测序技术临床应用,支持开展感染微生物、罕见病等基因质谱试点。
Article 27 The PFTZ shall intensify efforts to innovate the research and development of biomedicine. The PFTZ shall support qualified medical and health institutions in the PFTZ in carrying out research projects on cutting-edge clinical medical technology for stem cells and establish green channels for project filing.   第二十七条 自贸试验区加强生物医药研发创新力度。支持自贸试验区内符合条件的医疗卫生机构开展干细胞临床前沿医疗技术研究项目,建立项目备案绿色通道。
Article 28 The innovative development of life science and biotechnology shall be advanced in the Xiongan Part. Enterprises shall be encouraged to conduct research on new technologies such as immune cell therapy, monoclonal antibody drugs, gene therapy, and tissue engineering and allow enterprises to conduct new bio-therapeutic business in accordance with the laws and regulations. A clinical trial filing system for human genetic resources shall be established. The Xiongan Part shall be supported in constructing a genetic data center.   第二十八条 在雄安片区推进生命科学与生物技术创新发展。鼓励企业进行免疫细胞治疗、单抗药物、基因治疗、组织工程等新技术研究,允许企业依法依规开展新型生物治疗业务。建立人类遗传资源临床试验备案制度。支持雄安片区建设基因数据中心。
Article 29 The PFTZ shall promote the development of the medical device industry. The PFTZ shall launch a pilot program of the medical device registrant system, optimize the approval process for Class-II medical devices, and support the launch of a pilot program of cross-regional production of medical devices.   第二十九条 自贸试验区促进医疗器械产业发展。开展医疗器械注册人制度试点,优化二类医疗器械审批流程,支持开展医疗器械跨区域生产试点。
Article 30 The PFTZ shall boost the innovative development of re-manufacturing of imported high-end equipment. The PFTZ shall support the construction of a national demonstration park for the imported high-end equipment re-manufacturing industry and launch a pilot program of the import and re-manufacturing of high value-added and large equipment and key components such as numerically-controlled machine tools and petroleum drilling products.   第三十条 自贸试验区推动进口高端装备再制造创新发展。支持建设国家进口高端装备再制造产业示范园区,试点数控机床、石油钻采产品等高附加值大型成套设备及关键零部件进口再制造。
Article 31 The PFTZ shall optimize the import and export process for equipment manufacturing products. The PFTZ shall relax the management of import and export of high-end equipment manufacturing products for after-sale repair and appropriately extend the period for returning equipment and spare parts to factory for after-sale repair. The PFTZ shall exempt qualified re-exportation upon inbound repair from pre-shipment inspection. The PFTZ shall improve the return and replacement system for equipment manufacturing product exports and allow export enterprises to handle return and replacement business for overseas users in the manner of “export before receipt.” The PFTZ shall allow the import of second-hand key equipment exclusively intended for research and development which is to stay for not more than one year. The PFTZ shall simplify the procedures for exemption of non-civilian imported electromechanical equipment from the China Compulsory Certification.   第三十一条 自贸试验区优化装备制造产品进出口流程。放宽高端装备制造产品售后维修进出口管理,适当延长售后维修设备和备件返厂期限。对符合条件的入境维修复出口免于实施装运前检验。完善装备制造出口产品退换货制度,允许出口企业按照“先出口后回收”方式办理境外用户退换货业务。允许进口入境期限不超过一年的二手研发专用关键设备。简化对非民用进口机电设备免3C认证手续。
Article 32 The development of digital commerce in the Xiongan Part shall be supported. The development of high-end digital trade forms such as big data transactions, data centers, and digital content shall be developed. The establishment of a comprehensive service platform for digital trade shall be supported. Rules for digital trade development in line with national conditions shall be explored, and the development of international trade rules and agreements in relation to data assets shall be participated in. A regulatory mode for digital trade that takes security and efficiency into account shall be explored.   第三十二条 支持雄安片区数字商务发展。发展大数据交易、数据中心和数字内容等高端数字化贸易业态。支持建立数字化贸易综合服务平台。探索符合国情的数字化贸易发展规则,参与数据资产国际贸易规则和协议制定。探索兼顾安全和效率的数字化贸易监管模式。
Article 33 Data asset transactions in the Xiongan Part shall be supported. The pilot program of reforming the use of public data shall be advanced, a system of policies on the appraisal and pricing, trading rules, and standard contracts of big data assets shall be established, data assets shall be traded in reliance on existing exchanges, trusted big data trading based on blockchain, electronic identification authentication, and other technologies shall be advanced, and data asset management, security, data trading, settlement, delivery, financing, and other business shall be supported.   第三十三条 支持雄安片区数据资产交易。推进公共数据利用改革试点,建立大数据资产评估定价、交易规则、标准合约等政策体系,依托现有交易场所开展数据资产交易,推进基于区块链、电子身份(eID)确权认证等技术的大数据可信交易,支持开展数据资产管理、安全保障、数据交易、结算、交付和融资等业务。
Article 34 The Xiongan Part shall be supported in processing and distributing digital content. A direct data link from the Xiongan Part to international gateway exchanges shall be established. The development of data service outsourcing business shall be supported. The establishment of motion pictures, television shows, video games, music, and other digital content processing and distribution centers shall be explored in digital commerce development demonstration zones, and digital content processing and distribution services shall be provided in accordance with the laws and regulations.   第三十四条北大法宝,版权所有 支持雄安片区开展数字内容加工运营。建设从雄安片区到国际通信业务出入口局的直达数据链路。支持发展数据服务外包业务。在数字商务发展示范区内探索建立影视、游戏和音乐等数字内容加工与运营中心,依法依规开展数字内容加工与运营服务。
Chapter VII Coordinated Development 

第七章 协同发展

Article 35 The coordinated innovation in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei industries shall be boosted. Zhongguancun of Beijing, Binhai New Area of Tianjin, and the like shall be supported in in-depth cooperation with the PFTZ in innovative development. The establishment of international scientific communities or science and technology organizations headquartered in the Xiongan Part shall be supported.   第三十五条 推动京津冀产业协同创新。支持北京中关村、天津滨海新区等与自贸试验区深度合作创新发展。支持建立总部设在雄安片区的国际科学共同体或者科技组织。
Article 36 The cross-regional movement of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei factors shall be promoted. Giving priority to transferring the non-capital functions of which Beijing is relieved to the PFTZ shall be supported. Enterprises that have obtained production and operation qualifications and certifications in Beijing and Tianjin shall, upon relocation to the PFTZ, continue to enjoy the original qualifications and certifications after review. Qualified enterprises in Beijing and Tianjin which have changed their places of registration to the PFTZ shall be allowed to continue to use their original enterprise names.   第三十六条 促进京津冀要素跨区域流动。支持北京非首都功能优先向自贸试验区疏解转移。已在北京市、天津市取得生产经营资质、认证的企业搬迁到自贸试验区后,经审核继续享有原有资质、认证。允许符合条件的北京市、天津市企业将注册地变更到自贸试验区后,继续使用原企业名称。
Chapter VIII Risk Prevention 

第八章 风险防范

Article 37 The PFTZ shall, with risk prevention and control as the bottom line, based on classification regulation, coordinated regulation, and intelligent regulation, comprehensively improve the level of risk prevention and security regulation. The PFTZ shall innovate government administration methods in the PFTZ and shape a comprehensive governance system of self-regulation of market participants, industry autonomy, social supervision, and government supervision.   第三十七条 自贸试验区以风险防控为底线,以分类监管、协同监管、智能监管为基础,全面提升风险防范水平和安全监管水平。在自贸试验区创新行政管理方式,形成市场主体自律、业界自治、社会监督、政府监管的综合治理体系。
Article 38 The PFTZ shall cooperate in effectively conducting the security review of foreign investment. The PFTZ shall improve the comprehensive service and risk prevention and control system for “heading overseas” and support enterprises “heading overseas” in obtaining loans by mortgaging overseas assets and shares, mining rights, and other interests.   第三十八条 自贸试验区应配合做好外商投资安全审查工作。完善“走出去”综合服务和风险防控体系,支持“走出去”企业以境外资产和股权、采矿权等权益为抵押获得贷款。
Article 39 The PFTZ shall be supported in strengthening the identification of material financial risks and the prevention of systemic financial risks, cracking down on various illegal financial activities in accordance with law, and enhancing anti-money laundering, anti-terrorist financing, anti-tax evasion, and other work.   第三十九条 支持自贸试验区加强对重大金融风险的识别和系统性金融风险的防范,依法打击各类非法金融活动,强化反洗钱、反恐怖融资、反逃税等工作。
Article 40 For enterprises in digital content-related industries in the Xiongan Part Digital Commerce Development Demonstration Zone, an interim and ex-post regulation mechanism shall be established and improved, and full regulatory coverage shall be achieved by content review, industry self-regulation, incentives for honesty, black and white lists, and other means. Enterprises shall be guided in strengthening the protection of personal privacy and promptly releasing and updating their policies on collecting and using personal information, among others. A data divulgence incident reporting system shall be established.   第四十条 针对雄安片区数字商务发展示范区内数字内容相关行业企业,建立健全事中事后监管机制,通过内容审查、行业自律、守信激励、黑白名单等方式实现监管全覆盖。引导企业加强个人隐私信息保护,及时公布、更新企业收集使用个人信息的策略等。建立数据泄露事件报告制度。
Chapter IX Business Environment 

第九章 营商环境

Article 41 The PFTZ shall deepen the reform of simplifying procedures, decentralizing powers, combining decentralization with appropriate control, and optimizing services, improve administrative efficiency, increase efforts to innovate systems and transform government functions, strengthen the foundational status of the competition policy, and create a world-class business environment.   第四十一条 自贸试验区应当深化简政放权、放管结合、优化服务改革,提高行政效能,加大制度创新和政府职能转变力度,强化竞争政策的基础性地位,打造国际一流营商环境。
Article 42 The PFTZ shall implement a blanket reform of “separating permits from business license” and promote the reduction of permits upon receipt of a business license and the simplification of approval with respect to enterprise-related operating licensing items.   第四十二条 自贸试验区实行“证照分离”改革全覆盖,推动涉企经营许可事项照后减证、简化审批。
Article 43 The PFTZ shall comprehensively reform the approval system for engineering construction projects, implement “one-window acceptance” and “two-phased final inspection,” and promote reforms such as “combination of letters and certificates” and “tolerance of incompleteness and ex-post supplements.” The PFTZ shall explore the implementation of a new management model for the construction of investment projects before inspection. The PFTZ shall explore the implementation of an environmental impact assessment commitment and filing system for construction projects with a little environmental impact and low environmental risk and implement same-kind exemption or simplified modes for the environmental licensing and site survey of construction projects.   第四十三条 自贸试验区应当全面开展工程建设项目审批制度改革,实现“一口受理”“两验终验”,推行“函证结合”“容缺后补”等改革。探索实施投资项目先建后验管理新模式。对环境影响小、环境风险不高的建设项目探索推行环境影响评价承诺备案制,对建设项目环境许可、现场勘察实施同类豁免或者简化模式。
Article 44 The PFTZ shall strengthen intellectual property protection, establish intellectual property service stations, and build and improve an intellectual property appraisal mechanism, pledge registration system, pledge financing risk sharing mechanism, and convenient and efficient pledge disposition mechanism. The PFTZ shall establish a pharmaceutical intellectual property enforcement assistance sub-center.   第四十四条 自贸试验区应当加强知识产权保护,搭建知识产权服务工作站,建立完善知识产权评估机制、质押登记制度、质押融资风险分担机制以及方便快捷的质物处置机制。设立医药知识产权维权援助分中心。
Article 45 The PFTZ shall establish cross-regional mutual recognition of qualifications, two-way employment, and other systems for Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei talents and retain or adjust such aspects as remuneration and evaluation of professional titles according to individual wishes.   第四十五条 自贸试验区应当建立京津冀人才跨区域资质互认、双向聘任等制度,在待遇、职称评定等方面根据个人意愿予以保留或者调整。
Article 46 The development and use of land in the PFTZ shall comply with the laws and regulations on land use, ecological and environmental protection, and urban and rural planning, the land use master plan and urban and rural plans, and requirements related to economical and intensive land use; and if the sea is related, the relevant provisions of the laws and regulations such as the Law of the People's Republic of China on the Administration of Use of Sea Areas and the Marine Environment Protection Law of the People's Republic of China.   第四十六条 自贸试验区土地开发利用应当遵守土地利用、生态环境保护、城乡规划法律法规,符合土地利用总体规划和城乡规划,并符合节约集约用地的有关要求;涉及海洋的,还应当符合《中华人民共和国海域使用管理法》《中华人民共和国海洋环境保护法》等法律、法规有关规定。
Article 47 The PFTZ shall establish an information release mechanism to release information on the PFTZ in a timely manner in forms such as press conferences, regular briefings, and written releases.   第四十七条 自贸试验区应当建立信息发布机制,通过新闻发布会、信息通报例会或者书面发布等形式,及时发布自贸试验区相关信息。
Article 48 The China (Hebei) Pilot Free Trade Zone Work Office shall establish a statistical information reporting system, and the management committees of all Parts and relevant administrative agencies shall submit relevant statistical information as required.   第四十八条 中国(河北)自由贸易试验区工作办公室应当建立统计信息报送制度,各片区管理委员会和有关行政主管部门应当按照规定报送有关统计信息。
Article 49 The environmental protection work in the PFTZ shall be strengthened. Enterprises in PFTZ shall be encouraged to apply for certification by the internationally accepted standards for the environment and energy management system, adopt advanced production techniques and technologies, save energies, and reduce the emission of pollutants and greenhouse gas.   第四十九条 加强自贸试验区环境保护工作。鼓励区内企业申请国际通行的环境和能源管理体系标准认证,采用先进生产工艺和技术,节约能源,减少污染物和温室气体排放。
Article 50 The PFTZ shall implement existing relevant tax policies and carry out tax policies related to the promotion of investment and trade according to the provisions issued by the state.   第五十条 自贸试验区应当落实现有相关税收政策,按照国家规定实施促进投资和贸易的有关税收政策。
Article 51 The PFTZ shall establish an assessment mechanism, conduct comprehensive and special assessment of the implementation of policies on pilot programs in accordance with the provisions issued by the state, and commission a third-party assessment institution to conduct independent assessment when necessary.   第五十一条 自贸试验区应当建立评估机制,按照国家规定对试点政策执行情况进行综合和专项评估,必要时委托第三方评估机构进行独立评估。
Article 52 The PFTZ shall establish an anti-monopoly working mechanism to conduct investigations into and take enforcement action against monopolistic conduct related to enterprises in the zone.   第五十二条 自贸试验区应当建立反垄断工作机制,对涉及区内企业的垄断行为依法开展调查和执法。
Article 53 The PFTZ shall establish an international arbitration and commercial mediation system and improve working mechanisms for mediation in disputes, legal aid, and arbitration. A fair, open, efficient, and convenient labor security supervision and labor dispute settlement mechanism shall be established to protect the lawful rights and interests of workers and employers in accordance with the law.   第五十三条 自贸试验区应当建立国际仲裁、商事调解制度,完善纠纷调解、法律援助、仲裁工作机制。建立公正、公开、高效、便民的劳动保障监察和劳动争议处理机制,依法保护劳动者和用人单位合法权益。
Chapter X Supplemental Provisions 

第十章 附 则

Article 54 The PFTZ may directly apply relevant policies and measures issued by the province after the implementation of these Measures which are conducive to the development of the PFTZ.   第五十四条 本办法施行后,本省出台的相关政策措施,有利于促进自贸试验区发展的,自贸试验区可以直接适用。
The people's government of the districted city where each Part is located and the Xiongan New Area Administrative Committee shall develop relevant supporting policy measures in accordance with the Framework Plan and these Measures, in view with local actual circumstances. 各片区所在地设区的市人民政府和雄安新区管委会应当根据《总体方案》和本办法,结合本地实际,制定有关配套政策措施。
Article 55 Where the measures for investment, trade, finance, tax, and other pilot programs and reforms in pilot free trade zones specified by the state are adjusted, or the state specifies that the measures for reforms and pilot programs in other regions may apply to pilot free trade zones, the provisions issued by the state shall apply.   第五十五条 国家规定的自贸试验区投资、贸易、金融、税收等改革试点措施发生调整,或者国家规定其他区域改革试点措施可适用于自贸试验区的,按照国家规定执行。
Article 56 These Measures shall come into force as of the date of issuance.你怀了我的猴子   第五十六条 本办法自印发之日起施行。
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