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Notice by the General Office of the Tianjin Municipal People's Government of Issuing the Action Plan for the Innovative Development of China (Tianjin) Pilot Free Trade Zone [Effective]
天津市人民政府办公厅关于印发中国(天津)自由贸易试验区创新发展行动方案的通知 [现行有效]

Notice by the General Office of the Tianjin Municipal People's Government of Issuing the Action Plan for the Innovative Development of China (Tianjin) Pilot Free Trade Zone 


(No. 37 [2019] of the General Office of the Tianjin Municipal People's Government) (津政办发〔2019〕37号)

The people's governments of all districts; all commissions and bureaus; and all subordinate entities: 各区人民政府,各委、局,各直属单位:
With consent of the Tianjin Municipal People's Government, the Action Plan for the Innovative Development of China (Tianjin) Pilot Free Trade Zone is hereby issued for your implementation. 经市人民政府同意,现将《中国(天津)自由贸易试验区创新发展行动方案》印发给你们,请照此执行。
This Plan is an “optional action” and “task list” of the CPC Tianjin Committee and the Tianjin Municipal People's Government for implementing the decision and deployment of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council and promoting the innovation and upgrading of China (Tianjin) Pilot Free Trade Zone (“TJFTZ”). The state affairs tasks involved shall be prioritized on the basis of the needs of enterprises. Reform research, plan design, reporting for support, and implementation and other work shall be launched as soon as possible. Several items shall be selected each year, major breakthroughs shall be made, and efforts shall be continuously made, to strive to complete the tasks or achieve breakthrough progress before the end of 2021. Efforts shall be made for implementing independent implementation tasks before the end of 2020. All entities supporting empowerment shall attach great importance, strengthen guidance and services, actively report to the ministries and commissions of the state to seek for support, boldly delegate powers, and develop methods and detailed rules on operation in a timely manner. Entities responsible for implementation shall effectively connect the policies and measures, and the needs of enterprise development and industrial cultivation and incubation, strengthen organization and advancement in conjunction with entities supporting empowerment, and effectively implement the functional policies. The Office of the Leading Group for Work Advancement of China (Tianjin) Pilot Free Trade Zone and the Administration of TJFTZ shall strengthen organizational coordination and service promotion, effectively summarize, copy, and promote experiences, collect and review the major problems and difficulties encountered during the implementation process in a timely manner, and report to the CPC Tianjin Committee and the Tianjin Municipal People's Government after summary. 本方案是市委、市政府贯彻落实党中央、国务院决策部署,推动自贸试验区创新升级的“自选动作”和“任务清单”。其中,涉及国家事权任务要按照企业需求分出轻重缓急,尽快启动改革研究、方案设计、汇报争取、落地实施等工作,每年选取若干项,重点突破、持续用力,力争2021年底前完成或取得突破性进展;自主实施任务力争2020年底前落地实施。各支持赋权单位要高度重视,加强指导和服务,主动向国家部委汇报争取支持,大胆放权赋能,及时制定操作办法和细则。落地责任单位要做好政策措施与企业发展和产业培育孵化需求的对接,会同支持赋权单位加强组织推动,做好功能政策的落地承载。中国(天津)自由贸易试验区推进工作领导小组办公室、自贸试验区管委会要加强组织协调和服务推动,做好经验总结和复制推广工作,并及时收集整理落实过程中遇到的重大问题和困难,汇总后报市委、市政府。
General Office of the Tianjin Municipal People's Government 天津市人民政府办公厅
September 30, 2019 2019年9月30日
Action Plan for the Innovative Development of China (Tianjin) Pilot Free Trade Zone 中国(天津)自由贸易试验区创新发展行动方案
For the purposes of thoroughly implementing the spirit of important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping for the construction of pilot free trade zones, continuously emancipating the mind and actively conducting exploration, insisting on making overall planning for reform and innovation with international vision and subversive thinking, promoting the innovative development of China (Tianjin) Free Trade Zone (“TJFTZ”) with greater efforts, and striving for creating a new highland for reform and opening up in the new era, the following Plan is developed: 为深入贯彻落实习近平总书记对自由贸易试验区建设作出的重要指示精神和党中央、国务院决策部署,继续解放思想、积极探索,坚持以国际化视野、颠覆式思维统筹谋划改革创新,以更大力度推动中国(天津)自由贸易试验区(以下简称自贸试验区)创新发展,努力打造新时代改革开放新高地,制定如下方案:
I. Establishing an advanced manufacturing research and development and modern service industry system characterized by opening up and cooperation   一、构筑开放合作的先进制造研发和现代服务产业体系
1. Taking the lead in promoting the opening up of aircraft, ships, automobiles and other advanced manufacturing industries. A new round of high-level opening up of the manufacturing industry shall be advanced, the guidelines for the market access of advanced manufacturing in TJFTZ shall be developed, close connection between business management measures before and after access of foreign investors shall be promoted, and the openness, transparency and operability of the “negative list” shall be improved. Cancellation of restrictions on foreign stakes in the automobile manufacturing industry and number of joint equity of original equipment manufacturers shall be accelerated, and construction research and development centers, high-end complete vehicles and supporting projects, and unmanned technologies of world-renowned foreign automobile enterprise shall be actively introduced. The restrictions on foreign investment in the aircraft industry, including aircraft for trunk lines, aircraft for branch lines, utility aircraft, helicopters, drone aircrafts, and aerostatics, among others, shall be canceled, foreign-funded projects such as final assembly of aero-engines, mobile systems and key components and parts shall be actively introduced, and foreign investors shall be encouraged to repair aircrafts and components. The restrictions on foreign stakes in repair, design and manufacturing of ships (including segments) shall be canceled, foreign investors shall be supported in developing manufacturing of cruises and other high-end ships, design, research and development of ships, and other high-end links in the industrial chain, and the implementation of high-end foreign-funded shipping equipment and key components and parts shall be supported. (一)率先推进飞机、船舶、汽车等先进制造业对外开放。推动制造业新一轮高水平对外开放,制定自贸试验区先进制造业市场准入工作指引,推动外资准入前和准入后业务管理措施的紧密衔接,提高“负面清单”开放度、透明度和操作性。加快取消汽车制造行业外资股比及整车厂合资数量等限制,积极引进世界知名外资汽车企业建设研发中心、高端整车及配套项目、无人驾驶技术。取消飞机行业外资限制,包括干线飞机、支线飞机、通用飞机、直升机、无人机、浮空器等,积极引进航空发动机总装、机载系统和关键零部件等外资项目,鼓励外资开展飞机整机维修和部附件维修业务。取消船舶(含分段)修理、设计与制造等环节外资股比限制,支持外资发展邮轮等高端船舶制造、船舶设计研发等产业链高端环节,支持外资高端船舶装备、关键零部件项目落地。
2. Building a high-end maintenance and manufacturing base for the whole world. On the basis of carrying out bonded maintenance business in areas under special customs supervision, qualified enterprises outside areas under special customs supervision shall be supported in carrying out bonded maintenance business of pollution-free products with high added value and high technical content, and exploration shall be actively made for conducting new mode of bonded maintenance supervision with enterprises as the unit. The maintenance and remanufacturing services of self-produced products of enterprises shall be expanded, and qualified enterprises shall be supported in carrying out “after-sales” bonded maintenance and remanufacturing business of self-produced products outside the areas under special customs supervision. The aircraft dismantling and maintenance business shall be supported, and a trading circulation platform for second-hand aircrafts, second-hand aviation materials and aircraft components and parts shall be established. Efforts shall be made for developing the measures for airworthiness evidence-acquisition facilitation. Efforts shall be actively made for allowing the use of maintenance tools of qualified maintenance enterprises for on-site customer support for “exiting the area in the second line” under the bonded status, and studying and developing standardized regulatory process. (二)建设面向全球的高端维修制造基地。在海关特殊监管区域内开展保税维修业务的基础上,进一步支持有条件的海关特殊监管区域外企业开展高附加值、高技术含量、无污染产品的保税维修业务,积极探索开展以企业为单元的保税维修监管新模式。扩大企业自产产品维修、再制造服务,支持符合条件的企业开展海关特殊监管区域外自产产品“售后”保税维修再制造业务。支持开展飞机拆解维修业务,搭建二手飞机、二手航材及飞机零部件交易流转平台。争取适航取证便利化措施。积极争取允许符合条件的维修企业的维修工具在保税状态下“二线出区”用于现场客户支援,研究制定规范化监管流程。
3. Accelerating and expanding the opening up of the modern service industry. Efforts shall be made for further expanding the implementation scope of foreign-funded value-added telecommunications policies and lifting the restrictions on foreign stakes of Internet virtual private network business. Foreign investors shall be encouraged to invest in setting up business entities of commercial performance places or entertainment venues. Efforts shall be made for implementing the pilot program of opening up of foreign capital in general aviation service (FBO) enterprises. Foreign investors shall be encouraged to invest in the establishment of international ship transportation and ship management enterprises. Foreign-funded enterprises shall be supported in investing and engaging in international marine cargo loading and unloading, and container stations and yards. The conditions for foreign investors' application for forming investment companies shall be relaxed, the total assets of a foreign investor in the previous year of the filing of an application shall not be lower than USD 200 million, and the requirements for the quantity of foreign-funded enterprises formed by foreign investors in the territory of China shall be canceled. Joint operation between mainland law firms and law firms in Hong Kong and Macao shall be conducted. The requirements for the proportion of foreign technicians in foreign-funded construction engineering design enterprises shall be canceled, and the requirements for the engineering design performance of investors when the foreign-funded engineering design enterprises apply for qualifications for the first time shall be canceled. Foreign well-known schools and educational institutions shall be supported in conducting Chinese-foreign cooperative education (non-compulsory education) in TJFTZ. Efforts shall be made for further relaxing or canceling the restrictions on the conditions of investors of foreign-funded talent intermediary institutions and certification institutions, and foreign investors shall be supported in directly investing in the existing domestic talent intermediary institutions. Foreign-funded enterprises such as foreign-funded asset management companies and foreign-funded leasing companies registered in TJFTZ shall be allowed to engage in the purchase and leasing of commercial real estate in TJFTZ with their own funds, and be supported in conducting settlement in foreign currency. (三)加快扩大现代服务业对外开放。争取进一步扩大外资增值电信政策实施范围,放开互联网虚拟专用网业务外资股比限制。鼓励外商投资设立演出场所经营单位或娱乐场所。争取开展通用航空服务(FBO)企业外资开放试点。鼓励外商投资设立国际船舶运输、船舶管理企业。支持外商独资企业投资并从事国际海运货物装卸、集装箱站场和堆场业务。放宽外商设立投资性公司申请条件,申请前一年外国投资者资产总额降为不低于两亿美元,取消对外国投资者在中国境内已设立外商投资企业的数量要求。开展内地律师事务所与港澳律师事务所联营。取消外商投资建设工程设计企业外籍技术人员的比例要求,取消外商投资工程设计企业首次申请资质时对投资者工程设计业绩的要求。支持外国知名学校、教育机构在自贸试验区开展中外合作办学(非义务教育类)。争取进一步放宽或取消外商投资人才中介机构、认证机构的投资方条件限制,支持外资直接入股既有内资人才中介机构。允许自贸试验区内注册的外资资产管理公司、外资租赁公司等外商投资企业以自有资金从事区内商业地产购置及租赁业务,支持使用外币结算。
4. Actively promoting the innovative development of the big health industry. Efforts shall be made for applying for special approval for application for import registration of drugs that have been approved to be sold in foreign countries according to the law, but that have not obtained approval for registration in China according to the requirements of the provisions on the administration of special approval for registration of new drugs. Efforts shall be made for making the Tianjin Municipal People's Government to grant approval for import of medical devices that are clinically urgently needed by medical institutions and that have no products of the same variety registered in China and to designate medical institutions to use such devices in TJFTZ. Hong Kong and Macao service providers and Taiwan investors shall be urged to form wholly-funded medical institutions in TJFTZ, efforts shall be made for opening the formation of wholly foreign-funded medical institutions by foreign investors in TJFTZ, and domestic and foreign insurance funds shall be encouraged to invest in pension entities and medical institutions. In the approval for non-public medical institutions and their diagnostic and treatment items in TJFTZ, large-scale medical equipment to be equipped within the scope of practice and meeting the requirements for the configuration standards can be jointly examined and approved; and the cancellation of the approval for allocation of Class B large-scale medical equipment for privately-run medical institutions shall be promoted and the recordation system shall be implemented on a trial basis. The formalities for the formation of medical institutions in TJFTZ by foreign investors shall be simplified, exploration shall be made for canceling approval for the formation of clinics by physicians in Hong Kong and Macao, registration shall be handled and Practicing License for a Medical Institution shall be granted upon application for recordation, and foreign-funded enterprises forming clinics shall freely select scale, area, and diagnostic and treatment items according to the international practices. Efforts shall be made for relaxing the validity period of a practicing certificate for a foreign physician in TJFTZ to three years on a pilot basis; and exploration shall be made for establishing a visa system for providing medical services in China. Efforts shall be made for making the Tianjin Municipal People's Government to approve the applications of medical institutions for the import of a small amount of drugs (excluding vaccines) due to urgent clinical needs; and drugs approved to be imported shall be used for specific medical purposes in medical institutions. The customs clearance procedures for drugs and medical devices, and special items researched and developed through global collaboration for experiment shall be optimized, the customs clearance time limit for the import of samples of drugs and medical devices for research and development by qualified biomedical service outsourcing enterprises shall be shortened to 15 days, and flexible entry management mode of “one-time approval and one-off writing-off” shall be implemented. The pilot program of import of pet foods by cross-border e-commerce model shall be supported, and exploration shall be made for innovating on the import supervision model of pet foods. The pilot program of import of anti-cancer drugs by cross-border e-commerce model shall be supported.

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