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Notice by the Shanghai Higher People's Court of Actively Promoting and Strictly Regulating Online Court Trials [Effective]
上海市高级人民法院关于积极推广并严格规范在线庭审的通知 [现行有效]

Notice by the Shanghai Higher People's Court of Actively Promoting and Strictly Regulating Online Court Trials 


The No. 1 and No. 2 Intermediate People's Courts of Shanghai Municipality; the No. 3 Intermediate People's Court of Shanghai Municipality (the Shanghai Intellectual Property Court, and the Shanghai Intermediate Court of Railway Transportation); the Shanghai Maritime Court; the Shanghai Financial Court; the people's courts of all districts and the Shanghai Railway Transportation Court; and all departments of the Shanghai Higher People's Court: 第一、第二中级人民法院,第三中级人民法院(知识产权法院、铁路运输中级法院),海事法院,金融法院,各区人民法院及上海铁路运输法院,高院各部门:
For the purposes of earnestly implementing the spirit of a series of important instructions made by General Secretary Xi Jinping on the epidemic prevention and control of COVID-19, and comprehensively fulfilling the requirements of the CPC Central Committee, the CPC Shanghai Committee and the Supreme People's Court for the arrangements of epidemic prevention and control, in accordance with the Guiding Opinions of the Shanghai Higher People's Court on Maximizing the Role of Adjudication Functions and Providing Judicial Services and Guarantees for the Epidemic Prevention and Control, the relevant matters are hereby notified as follows: 为了深入贯彻落实习近平总书记关于新型冠状病毒感染肺炎疫情防控工作的系列重要指示精神,全面落实中央、市委和最高法院关于疫情防控的部署要求,根据《上海市高级人民法院关于充分发挥审判职能作用为依法防控疫情提供司法服务和保障的指导意见》,通知如下:
I. During the epidemic prevention and control, the people's courts shall take active measures to try cases in court by means of Internet video; however, an online trial is not applicable if any of the following circumstances is met:   一、在疫情防控期间,人民法院开庭审理案件,应当积极采取在线视频方式。但是,符合下列情形之一的,不适用在线庭审:
1. The two parties expressly disagree, or a party disagrees with good reason; (一)双方当事人明确表示不同意,或者一方当事人表示不同意且有正当理由的;
2. Neither party has the technical conditions and capability to participate in an online trial; (二)双方当事人均不具备参与在线庭审的技术条件和能力的;
3. The ascertaining of identity, check on the original, and inspection of a physical thing on the spot are required; or (三)需要现场查明身份、核对原件、查验实物的;
4. Circumstances the people's court otherwise considers unsuitable for an online trial. (四)人民法院认为存在其他不宜适用在线庭审情形的。
If only one party chooses online trial, the people's court may try the case in such a manner that the party is present online, and the other party is present physically, based on the circumstances of the case. In a case tried online, if any of the above circumstances occurs during the trial, the people's court shall switch the case to offline trial. The online trial activities that have been completed shall have legal effect. 仅一方当事人选择在线庭审的,人民法院可以根据案件情况,采用一方当事人在线、另一方当事人线下的方式开庭。采用在线庭审方式审理的案件,审理过程中出现上述列举情形之一的,人民法院应当将案件转为线下开庭方式审理。已完成的在线庭审活动具有法律效力。
II. A people's court may decide whether or not to try a case online based on technical conditions, circumstances of the case, the wishes of the parties, and other factors. For a case that can be tried online, the people's court shall in advance solicit the opinions of all the parties concerned, and fulfill the relevant tasks such as legal interpretation, technical guidance and communication of ideas.   二、是否进行在线庭审,由人民法院根据技术条件、案件情况和当事人意愿等因素综合考虑决定。人民法院认为可以在线庭审的案件,应当提前征询各方当事人的意见,并做好法律释明、技术辅导和思想沟通等相关工作。
III. Online trial activities of a sole judge or members of a collegial panel and supporting members of the judiciary shall generally be carried out in a courtroom or another site agreed upon by the court president; and online trial activities of the parties, and their agents ad litem or defenders shall generally be carried out in an office, a meeting room or another site agreed upon by the judge, which should be safe, pleasant, quiet and clean.

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