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Notice of the State Administration for Market Regulation, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, the Ministry of Commerce and Other Ministries on Promoting the Convenience of Enterprise Deregistration [Effective]
市场监管总局、人力资源社会保障部、商务部等关于推进企业注销便利化工作的通知 [现行有效]

Notice of the State Administration for Market Regulation, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, the Ministry of Commerce, the General Administration of Customs, and the State Administration of Taxation on Promoting the Convenience of Enterprise Deregistration 


(No. 30 [2019] of the State Administration for Market Regulation) (国市监注〔2019〕30号)

The people's governments of all provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities directly under the Central Government: 各省、自治区、直辖市人民政府:
For the purposes of comprehensively implementing the decision and deployment of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council for deepening the reform of “simplifying procedures, decentralizing powers, combining decentralization with appropriate control, and optimizing services” and transforming government functions, further promoting the reform of the commercial affairs system, resolving the problem of “difficulty in deregistration,” and providing more convenient services for enterprises' exiting the market, with the consent of the State Council, you are hereby notified of the relevant issues as follows: 为全面贯彻落实党中央、国务院关于深化“放管服”改革、转变政府职能的决策部署,进一步推进商事制度改革,解决企业“注销难”问题,为企业退出市场提供更加便利化服务,经国务院同意,现就有关事项通知如下:
I. Overall requirements and work objectives   一、总体要求和工作目标
Overall requirements. By focusing on the “difficulties,” “suffering,” and “bottleneck,” and aiming at addressing problems, on the basis of guaranteeing the market transaction order and transaction security, convenient deregistration of enterprises shall be further promoted, the efficiency of administrative services shall be improved, the primary responsibilities for exit of enterprises shall be strengthened, the transparency and predictability of affairs handling by enterprises shall be improved, enterprises' experience of handling affairs shall be enhanced, and enterprises' “metabolism” and structural optimization shall be advanced. 总体要求。聚焦企业注销中的“难点”“痛点”“堵点”,以问题为导向,在保障市场交易秩序和交易安全的基础上,进一步推进企业注销便利化,提高行政服务效率,强化企业退出的主体责任,增强企业办事的透明度和可预期性,提升企业办事体验,促进企业“新陈代谢”、结构优化。
Work objectives. The enterprise deregistration system shall be reformed and improved, the instrument materials shall be further streamlined, the procedures shall be optimized, information sharing and business collaboration among departments shall be strengthened, special areas of online services for enterprise deregistration shall be established, “one-stop online services” for enterprise deregistration and “information sharing and synchronized guidance” for all relevant departments shall be realized, all procedures, progress and results shall be available through “one-stop online services,” more convenient and efficient administrative services shall be provided for law-abiding and trustworthy enterprises, disciplinary constraints on illegal and untrustworthy enterprises shall be improved, and a more open, transparent and convenient market environment shall be created. Before March 1, 2019, all relevant departments shall complete the work objectives of streamlining documents and optimizing procedures, and improve the efficiency of enterprise deregistration; and before September 1, 2019, all localities shall complete the work objective of establishing special areas of online services for enterprise deregistration and provide services for enterprise deregistration through “one network.” 工作目标。改革和完善企业注销制度,进一步精简文书材料、优化流程,强化部门信息共享和业务协同,建立企业注销网上服务专区,实现企业注销“一网”服务,各有关部门“信息共享、同步指引”,企业“一网”获知各环节流程、进度和结果,为守法守信企业提供更加便捷高效的行政服务,完善对违法失信企业的惩戒约束,营造更加公开、透明、便捷的市场环境。在2019年3月1日前,各有关部门完成精简文书和优化流程的工作目标,提高企业注销效率;在2019年9月1日前,各地完成搭建企业注销网上服务专区的工作目标,实现企业注销“一网”服务。
II. Main tasks and measures   二、主要任务和措施
1. Strengthening information sharing and business collaboration, and promoteing “one-stop online services” for enterprise deregistration. All localities shall rely on the integrated government affairs service platform, establish special areas of online services for enterprise deregistration, realize “information sharing and synchronized guidance” for deregistration businesses of all relevant departments, and provide “one-stop online services” for enterprise deregistration. After an enterprise publicizes creditor's announcement through the national enterprise credit information publication system, the market regulation department shall forward enterprises' liquidation information to the relevant departments, all relevant departments shall offer synchronized guidance for enterprise deregistration, and notify enterprises of the procedures, methods and results of their handling of the deregistration business through the platform, so that enterprises can have access to all procedures, progress, and results through “one-stop online services,” and enhance enterprises' affairs handling experience. All localities shall comprehensively disclose the deregistration procedures, conditions and time limit, standards on materials, affairs handling locations and other information on all departments through the special areas of online services for enterprise deregistration, and improve the transparency and predictability of the policies. (The State Administration for Market Regulation shall take the lead in this respect and all regions and all relevant departments shall be responsible in this respect according to their respective functions) (一)加强信息共享和业务协同,推行企业注销“一网”服务。各地要依托一体化政务服务平台,建立企业注销网上服务专区,实行各有关部门注销业务“信息共享、同步指引”,实现企业注销“一网”服务。企业通过国家企业信用信息公示系统对外发布债权人公告后,市场监管部门将企业开始清算的信息推送至相关部门,各有关部门对企业注销进行同步指引,将各自办理注销业务的流程、方式和结果通过平台告知企业,让企业能够“一网”获知各环节流程、进度和结果, 提升企业办事体验。各地要通过企业注销网上服务专区全面公开各部门的注销流程、条件时限、材料规范、办事地点等信息,提高政策的透明度和可预期性。(市场监管总局牵头,各地区、各有关部门按职责分工负责)
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