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Several Opinions of the Higher People's Court of Shanghai on Strengthening Judicial Protection of Intellectual Property Rights [Effective]
上海市高级人民法院关于加强知识产权司法保护的若干意见 [现行有效]

Several Opinions of the Higher People's Court of Shanghai on Strengthening Judicial Protection of Intellectual Property Rights 


(July 27, 2018) (2018年7月27日)

These Opinions are developed for the purposes of thoroughly implementing the spirit of a series of important speeches delivered by General Secretary Xi Jinping regarding strengthening the protection of intellectual property rights, the Opinions of the General Office of the CPC Central Committee and the General Office of the State Council on Several Issues concerning Heightening Reform and Innovation in the Field of Intellectual Property Adjudication, and the Opinions of the CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee on Enhancing Shanghai's Urban Capacity and Core Competitiveness Oriented to the World and the Future, carrying out the Supreme People's Court's policy for judicial protection of intellectual property rights: "judicial leadership, strict protection, classified implementation of the policy, and proportional coordination," improving the intellectual property adjudication mechanism, and intensifying the protection of intellectual property rights, based on the actual intellectual property adjudication of Shanghai courts. 为深入贯彻习近平总书记加强知识产权保护的系列重要讲话精神、中办国办《关于加强知识产权审判领域改革创新若干问题的意见》以及上海市委《关于面向全球面向未来提升上海城市能级和核心竞争力的意见》,贯彻落实最高人民法院“司法主导、严格保护、分类施策、比例协调”的知识产权司法保护政策,完善知识产权审判机制,加大知识产权保护力度,结合上海法院知识产权审判工作实际,制定本意见。
I. Heightening the sense of responsibility and mission and building a new mechanism for judicial protection of intellectual property rights that is conducive to right protection 一、增强责任感和使命感,构建有利于权利保护的知识产权司法保护新机制
1. Fully recognizing the importance of strengthening protection of intellectual property rights and further heightening the sense of responsibility and mission. Protection of intellectual property rights is a basic means to stimulate innovation, a basic guarantee for motivation for innovation, and an essential element of international competitiveness. Strengthening the protection of intellectual property rights is the most important content of improving the property right protection system and the biggest incentive for enhancing China's economic competitiveness. Entering the new era, Shanghai shoulders the historical mission of accelerating the construction of the "five centers" and the building of a great global city and a globally influential modern socialist metropolis and should play a significant role as a bellwether and pioneer in strengthening the creation, protection and use of intellectual property. Shanghai courts shall effectively enhance their sense of responsibility and mission, focus on improving the credibility and international influence of judicial protection of intellectual property rights, and provide powerful judicial guarantee for Shanghai to advance the building of the planning capabilities of the international scientific and technological innovation center, promote the four brands including "Shanghai services, Shanghai manufacturing, Shanghai shopping, and Shanghai culture" with all-out efforts, and create a system innovation highland in line with the accepted international rules and for China to build an intellectual property power and a science and technology world power.  1、充分认识加强知识产权保护的重要意义,进一步增强责任感和使命感。知识产权保护是激励创新的基本手段,是创新原动力的基本保障,是国际竞争力的核心要素。加强知识产权保护是完善产权保护制度最重要的内容,也是提高中国经济竞争力最大的激励。进入新时代,上海肩负加快建设“五个中心”,建设卓越全球城市和具有世界影响力的社会主义现代化国际大都市的历史使命,在强化知识产权的创造、保护和运用方面应当发挥排头兵和先行者的重要作用。上海法院要切实增强责任感和使命感,着力提升知识产权司法保护的公信力和国际影响力,为上海推进国际科技创新中心策源能力建设,全力打响“上海服务、上海制造、上海购物、上海文化”四大品牌,打造衔接国际通行规则的制度创新高地,为我国建设知识产权强国、世界科技强国提供有力的司法保障。
2. Adhering to principles conducive to protecting rights and actively developing a new mechanism for judicial protection of intellectual property rights. As intellectual property adjudication is related to the implementation of the innovation-driven development strategy, the mind shall be further liberated, truth shall be sought from facts, the law of adjudication shall be followed, innovation shall be stimulated by an innovative method, and innovation shall be protected in an innovative manner. Principles conducive to protecting rights shall be adhered to, and the focus shall be on building a new mechanism for judicial protection of intellectual property rights in aspects, such as ascertaining the facts of infringement, realization of the value of intellectual property, and timely and effective remedy for infringement.  2、坚持有利于权利保护的原则,积极构建知识产权司法保护新机制。知识产权审判工作事关创新驱动发展战略实施,要进一步解放思想,实事求是,遵循审判规律,以创新的方法激励创新,以创新的方式保护创新。要坚持有利于权利保护的原则,着力在侵权事实查明、知识产权价值实现、侵权救济及时有效等方面构建知识产权司法保护新机制。
—Focusing on developing an evidence examination mechanism conducive to ascertaining the facts of infringement: Obligees' capability to collect evidence shall be enhanced according to the law, the burden of proof of the obligees shall be eased, and the punishment for obstruction of ascertaining facts shall be intensified. --着力构建有利于侵权事实查明的证据审查机制。要依法加强权利人取证能力,减轻权利人举证负担,加大妨碍事实查明行为的惩治力度。
—Focusing on developing a compensation mechanism for damages conducive to the realization of the value of intellectual property: Various methods to calculate damages shall be effectively used, and the dual functions of damages as compensation and punishment shall be exploited, so as to effectively change the situation of high cost of right enforcement but low cost of infringement. --着力构建有利于知识产权价值实现的损害赔偿机制。要善用各种损害赔偿计算方式,发挥损害赔偿补偿和惩罚的双重功能,切实改变维权成本高、侵权代价低状况。
—Focusing on developing a case adjudication mechanism conducive to the timely and effective settlement of disputes: The case adjudication mechanism shall be further improved, and policies shall be comprehensively implemented in application of injunctions, "three-in-one" adjudication, adjudicative mode, adjudicative instruments, and other aspects, so as to effectively improve the effect of judicial protection of intellectual property rights. --着力构建有利于纠纷及时有效解决的案件裁判机制。要进一步完善案件裁判机制,在禁令适用、“三合一”审判、庭审方式、裁判文书等方面综合施策,切实提高知识产权司法保护成效。
II. Strengthening the use of the rules of evidence and accurately ascertaining the facts of cases 二、强化诉讼证据规则运用,准确查明案件事实
3. Strengthening guidance of litigation and guiding parties in sufficiently presenting evidence. The explanation of the burden of proof and legal consequences of impossibility of presentation of evidence, among others, shall be strengthened, and parties shall be directed to try their best to present evidence. Parties shall be encouraged to capitalize on notarization, electronic data platform, and other third-party manners for evidence preservation to collect and fix evidence; and for new types of evidence such as time stamps and blockchains, research shall be voluntarily strengthened, and proper responses shall be made.  3、加强诉讼指引,引导当事人充分举证。加强对举证责任分配、举证不能法律后果等释明,引导当事人尽力举证。鼓励当事人充分利用公证、电子数据平台等第三方保全证据方式收集、固定证据;对于时间戳、区块链等新类型证据,要主动加强研究,妥善应对。
4. Enriching means for evidence collection and strengthening the procedural guarantee of evidence collection. The application for preservation of evidence before or during litigation from parties shall be actively accepted, quickly examined, ruled according to the law, and executed immediately. The procedures and mechanisms for technical personnel such as technical investigators to participate in evidence preservation shall be improved, so as to heighten the pertinence and accuracy of evidence preservation. If a party authorizes a lawyer to apply for an investigation order, which is, upon examination, determined within the scope of the court investigating and collecting evidence, it shall issue an investigation order to the lawyer; and if it is necessary, the people's court may conduct investigation and collection in a timely manner according to its authority.  4、丰富取证手段,强化取证的程序保障。对当事人的诉前或者诉中证据保全申请,应当积极受理、快速审查、依法裁定、立即执行。完善技术调查官等技术人员参与证据保全的程序和机制,提高证据保全执行的针对性和准确性。当事人委托律师申请调查令,经审查认定属于法院调查收集证据范围的,应当向律师签发调查令;确有必要的,人民法院可依职权及时调查收集。
5. Accurately understanding the standards of proof and reducing the burden of proof of the obligees. According to logical reasoning, customary business practices, and rules of thumb from daily life, the correlation, authenticity, legality, existence of probative force, and degree of probative force of the relevant evidence shall be comprehensively examined and judged, and the facts of a case shall be determined according to the standard of high probability. If the evidence submitted by the obligee can initially establish the facts he/she claims, the party that denies the facts shall provide rebuttal evidence in respect of his/her defense or rebuttal. According to the characteristics of lawsuits over infringement such as infringement of trade secrets, the rules of presumption, including access plus substantial similarity, shall be duly applied to determine the facts of cases.  5、准确把握证明标准,减轻权利人举证负担。根据逻辑推理、商业交易习惯和日常生活经验法则,对有关证据的关联性、真实性、合法性以及证明力的有无和证明力的大小进行综合审查判断,根据高度可能性标准,认定案件事实。权利人提交的证据能够证明其主张的事实初步成立的,否认该事实的当事人应就其抗辩或者反驳主张提供反证。根据侵害商业秘密等侵权诉讼特点,妥善适用接触加实质相似等推定规则对案件事实作出认定。
6. Exploring an evidence presentation order system and sanctioning acts of spoliation of evidence according to the law. If, as examined, the evidence is controlled by a party and has important relevance to adjudication on the case, an evidence presentation order may be issued to the party on application, ordering the party to present evidence. If the party refuses to do so without good reason, or intentionally destroys the relevant evidence, presents false evidence, or makes a false statement, in a way to obstruct the litigation activities, the facts claimed by the applicant may be admitted according to the law, and the obstructor shall take fine, detention, or other sanction measures. If the party conceals, destroys, or replaces evidence subject to preservation measures, the people's court shall impose a civil sanction according to the law, and if the circumstances are serious, the offender shall be held criminally liable in accordance with the law.  6、探索证据出示令制度,依法制裁举证妨碍行为。经审查,证据确为一方当事人控制且与案件审理具有重要关联,可以根据申请向当事人出具证据出示令,责令一方当事人提交证据。当事人无正当理由拒不提交,或者故意毁灭有关证据、提交虚假证据、作出虚假陈述妨碍诉讼活动的,可以依法采信申请人所主张的事实,并对妨碍人处以罚款、拘留等制裁措施。当事人擅自隐匿、毁损、更换已采取保全措施证据的,人民法院依法予以民事制裁,情节严重的,依法追究刑事责任。
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