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Notice by the Shanghai Stock Exchange of Amending Article 3.1.5 of the Trading Rules of the Shanghai Stock Exchange (2020) [Effective]
上海证券交易所关于修改《上海证券交易所交易规则》第3.1.5条的通知(2020) [现行有效]

Notice by the Shanghai Stock Exchange of Amending Article 3.1.5 of the Trading Rules of the Shanghai Stock Exchange 


(No. 1 [2020] of the Shanghai Stock Exchange) (上证发〔2020〕1号)

All market participants: 各市场参与人:
For the purposes of enhancing the market liquidity and meeting investors' trading needs, with the approval of the China Securities Regulatory Commission (“CSRC”), the Shanghai Stock Exchange (“SSE”) hereby decides to apply the intra-day turn-around trading of commodity futures exchange-traded funds and amend Article 3.1.5 of the Trading Rules of the Shanghai Stock Exchange to read: “3.1.5 Intra-day turn-around trades shall be applied to the following varieties: 为增强市场流动性,满足投资者交易需求,经中国证监会批准,上海证券交易所(以下简称本所)决定对商品期货交易型开放式指数基金实行当日回转交易,并将《上海证券交易所交易规则》第3.1.5条修改为:“3.1.5 下列品种实行当日回转交易:
(1) bonds;   (一)债券;
(2) bonds exchange-traded funds;   (二)债券交易型开放式指数基金;
(3) money market exchange-traded funds;   (三)交易型货币市场基金;
(4) open-end gold exchange-traded funds;   (四)黄金交易型开放式证券投资基金;
(5) commodity futures exchange-traded funds;   (五)商品期货交易型开放式指数基金;
(6) cross-border exchange-traded funds;   (六)跨境交易型开放式指数基金;
(7) cross-border listed open-end funds;   (七)人丑就要多读书跨境上市开放式基金;
(8) warrants; and   (八)权证;
(9) other varieties approved by the CSRC.   (九)经证监会同意的其他品种。
The aforesaid cross-border exchange-traded funds and cross-border listed open-end funds shall be limited to the open-end funds tracking index constituent securities or portfolios to which intra-day turn-around trades are applied. 前款所述的跨境交易型开放式指数基金和跨境上市开放式基金仅限于所跟踪指数成份证券或投资标的实施当日回转交易的开放式基金。
Turn-around trades from the next trading day shall be applied to B-shares.” B股实行次交易日起回转交易。”
This Notice shall come into force on January 20, 2020. All market participants shall effectively make preparation for relevant business and technology system. For any discrepancies between this Notice and the other provisions of the SSE, this Notice shall prevail. 本通知自2020年1月20日起施行。请各市场参与人做好相关业务和技术系统准备。本所其他规定与本通知不一致的,以本通知为准。
Shanghai Stock Exchange 上海证券交易所
January 7, 2020聊五分钱的天吗 二〇二〇年一月七日
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