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Notice by the General Office of the State Council of Effectively Replicating, Promoting, and Borrowing Reform Measures for Optimizing the Business Environment [Effective]
国务院办公厅关于做好优化营商环境改革举措复制推广借鉴工作的通知 [现行有效]

Notice by the General Office of the State Council of Effectively Replicating, Promoting, and Borrowing Reform Measures for Optimizing the Business Environment 


(Letter No. 89 [2019] of the General Office of the State Council) (国办函〔2019〕89号)

The people's governments of all provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities directly under the Central Government; all ministries and commissions of the State Council; and all institutions directly under the State Council: 各省、自治区、直辖市人民政府,国务院各部委、各直属机构:
Optimizing the business environment is a major decision and arrangement made by the CPC Central Committee and the State Council under new conditions and an important measure to promote high-quality development. In recent years, all regions and departments have conscientiously implemented the decisions and arrangements of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, advanced the reform of "simplifying procedures, decentralizing powers, combining decentralization with appropriate control, and optimizing services" in depth, profoundly transformed government functions, continued to optimize the business environment, and achieved positive results. In particular, Beijing and Shanghai have focused on the prominent problems market participants complaint about, been benchmarked against the internationally advanced, launched a large number of reform measures, and gained a group of typical experience. With the approval of the State Council, matters concerning the nationwide replication, promotion, and borrowing of reform measures for optimizing the business environment in Beijing and Shanghai are hereby announced as follows. 优化营商环境是党中央、国务院在新形势下作出的重大决策部署,是促进高质量发展的重要举措。近年来,各地区、各部门认真贯彻落实党中央、国务院决策部署,深入推进“放管服”改革,深刻转变政府职能,持续优化营商环境,取得积极成效。其中,北京市、上海市聚焦市场主体反映的突出问题,对标国际先进,推出大量改革举措,形成了一批典型经验做法。经国务院同意,现就在全国复制推广借鉴京沪两地优化营商环境改革举措有关事项通知如下。
I. Main contents of the reform measures to be replicated, promoted, and borrowed nationwide   一、在全国复制推广借鉴改革举措的主要内容
1. Reform measures to be replicated and promoted nationwide. (一)在全国复制推广的改革举措。
Thirteen reform measures include implementing the online processing of the establishment of an enterprise in the whole process, reducing time for the registration of establishment of an enterprise, comprehensively promoting electronic business licenses, optimizing seal engraving services, and implementing the integration of social security registration and employment registration; implementing online customer application for an electricity connection; providing services of "one window acceptance and multi-track processing" of realty registration, trading, and tax payment and providing online search and physical self-service search of realty registration information services; "one-off tax payment in person"; promoting the application of the Single Window for International Trade, publicly disclosing port fee schedules, and making advance declaration for port customs clearance; and establishing a joint-action mechanism for "basically solving difficulty of enforcement." 主要包括:实行开办企业全程网上办,压缩企业设立登记时间,全面推广电子营业执照,优化印章刻制服务,实行社保用工登记“二合一”;实行客户用电线上报装;提供不动产登记、交易和缴税“一窗受理、并行办理”服务,提供不动产登记信息网上查询和现场自助查询服务;纳税“最多跑一次”;推广应用国际贸易“单一窗口”,公开口岸收费目录清单,口岸通关提前申报;建立“基本解决执行难”联动机制等13项改革举措。
2. Reform measures to be borrowed nationwide. (二)供全国借鉴的改革举措。
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