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Measures for the Punishment of Regulatory Violations in State Education Examinations(2012 Amendment) [Effective]
国家教育考试违规处理办法(2012修正) [现行有效]

Measures for the Punishment of Regulatory Violations in State Education Examinations 


(Issued by the Order No. 18 of the Ministry of Education on May 19, 2004 and amended in accordance with the Decision of the Ministry of Education on Amending the Measures for the Punishment of Regulatory Violations in State Education Examinations on January 5, 2012) (2004年5月19日中华人民共和国教育部令第18号发布,根据2012年1月5日《教育部关于修改<国家教育考试违规处理办法>的决定》修正)

Chapter I General Principles 

第一章 总则

Article 1 For the purposes of standardizing the determination and punishment of violations of regulations in state education examinations, guaranteeing the fairness and justness of the state education examinations, and safeguarding the legal rights and interests of the examinees of the state education examinations (hereafter referred to as “examinees”) and of the working personnel participating in the state education examinations (hereafter referred to as “ examination working personnel”), the present Measures are formulated according to the Education Law of the People's Republic of China and relevant laws and administrative regulations.   第一条 为规范对国家教育考试违规行为的认定与处理,维护国家教育考试的公平、公正,保障参加国家教育考试的人员(以下简称考生)、从事和参与国家教育考试工作的人员(以下简称考试工作人员)的合法权益,根据《中华人民共和国教育法》及相关法律、行政法规,制定本办法。
Article 2 The term ‘state education examinations' as mentioned in these Measures means the testing activities that are determined by the education administrative department of the State Council, implemented by approved education examination institutions, held uniformly to the public, and the results of which are regarded as the basis for enrolling students to receive an academic education or to obtain diplomas and degree certificates that are recognized by the state, including entrance examinations for ordinary and adult colleges and universities, the state entrance examination for postgraduates, and self-taught higher education examinations.   第二条 本办法所称国家教育考试是指普通和成人高等学校招生考试、全国硕士研究生招生考试、高等教育自学考试等,由国务院教育行政部门确定实施,由经批准的实施教育考试的机构承办,面向社会公开、统一举行,其结果作为招收学历教育学生或者取得国家承认学历、学位证书依据的测试活动。
Article 3 The present Measures are applicable to the examinees participating in the state education examinations and examination working personnel and other relevant personnel; they are applicable to the determination and punishment of violations of the examination administration regulations and the disciplines of the examination rooms, and behaviors that impair the fairness and justness of the examinations.   第三条 对参加国家教育考试的考生以及考试工作人员、其他相关人员,违反考试管理规定和考场纪律,影响考试公平、公正行为的认定与处理,适用本办法。
The determination and punishment of violations of regulations in state education examinations should be open, fair, legal and appropriate. 对国家教育考试违规行为的认定与处理应当公开公平、合法适当。
Article 4 The State Council's education administration department and the local education administration departments at all levels are responsible for the management and supervision of the organization of the national or local state education examinations.   第四条 国务院教育行政部门及地方各级人民政府教育行政部门负责全国或者本地区国家教育考试组织工作的管理与监督。
The education examination organizations at all levels that undertake the state education examinations are responsible for the detailed implementation of the examinations; they are also responsible for the determination and punishment of the violations of examination regulations. 承办国家教育考试的各级教育考试机构负责有关考试的具体实施,依据本办法,负责对考试违规行为的认定与处理。
Chapter Two The Determination and Punishment of the Violations of Examination Regulations 

第二章 违规行为的认定与处理

Article 5 An examinee who does not comply with the disciplines in the examination room, and does not obey the arrangement and meet the requirements made by the examination working personnel, and who has conducted one of the following behaviors shall be deemed to have violated the examination disciplines:   第五条 考生不遵守考场纪律,不服从考试工作人员的安排与要求,有下列行为之一的,应当认定为考试违纪:
(1) Bringing into the examination room an object (or objects) that is not required for the examination, or failing to put such object(s) at designated areas; (一)携带规定以外的物品进入考场或者未放在指定位置的;
(2) Failing to attend the examination at the designated seat; (二)未在规定的座位参加考试的;
(3) Attempting to answer examination before the signal for the beginning of the examination or continuing with the examination after the signal has been given to end the examination; (三)考试开始信号发出前答题或者考试结束信号发出后继续答题的;
(4) Peeking at other examinee's examination paper, whispering to each other, or signaling to each other during the examination; (四)在考试过程中旁窥、交头接耳、互打暗号或者手势的;
(5) Making loud noises or smoking in areas where such behaviors are prohibited by the education examination organizations, or conducting other behaviors that interfere with the order of the examination rooms; (五)在考场或者教育考试机构禁止的范围内,喧哗、吸烟或者实施其他影响考场秩序的行为的;
(6) Leaving the examination room without authorization during the examination; (六)未经考试工作人员同意在考试过程中擅自离开考场的;
(7) Bringing examination papers, answer sheets (including answer cards, answer paper, etc.), and draft paper outside the examination room; (七)将试卷、答卷(含答题卡、答题纸等,下同)、草稿纸等考试用纸带出考场的;
(8) Using pens or paper other than the designated ones for the examination, writing names or examination numbers outside the designated areas, or marking answers with symbols other than the designated symbols; or (八)用规定以外的笔或者纸答题或者在试卷规定以外的地方书写姓名、考号或者以其他方式在答卷上标记信息的;
(9) Other violations of the examination room regulations which do not amount to cheating. (九)其他违反考场规则但尚未构成作弊的行为。
Article 6 An examinee who has committed any of the following conduct during an examination in violation of the principles of fairness and impartiality shall be deemed to have cheated in the examination:   第六条 考生违背考试公平、公正原则,在考试过程中有下列行为之一的,应当认定为考试作弊:
(1) When taking the examination, brings materials related to the content of the examination or electronic devices that store materials related to the content of the examination; (一)携带与考试内容相关的材料或者存储有与考试内容相关资料的电子设备参加考试的;
(2) Plagiarizing or assist others in plagiarizing examination answers or materials related to the content of the examination; (二)抄袭或者协助他人抄袭试题答案或者与考试内容相关的资料的;
(3) Grabbing or stealing other people's examination papers or answer sheets, or coerces any other person to facilitate his or her plagiarizing; (三)抢夺、窃取他人试卷、答卷或者胁迫他人为自己抄袭提供方便的;
(4) Carries devices having the function of sending or receiving information; (四)携带具有发送或者接收信息功能的设备的;
(5) Attending the examination in another person's name; (五)由他人冒名代替参加考试的;
(6) Intentionally destroying examination papers, answer sheets or other examination materials; (六)故意销毁试卷、答卷或者考试材料的;
(7) Writing other people's names or examination numbers on the examination papers; (七)在答卷上填写与本人身份不符的姓名、考号等信息的;
(8) Passing or accepting objects during the examination without authorization or exchanging examination papers, answer sheets, and draft papers; (八)传、接物品或者交换试卷、答卷、草稿纸的;
(9) Has obtained or attempted to obtain the examination answers or test scores by improper means. (九)其他以不正当手段获得或者试图获得试题答案、考试成绩的行为。
Article 7 If one of the following behaviors is found by the education examination organizations or examination working personnel during or after the examination, the involved examinee shall be deemed to have cheated in the examination:   第七条 教育考试机构、考试工作人员在考试过程中或者在考试结束后发现下列行为之一的,应当认定相关的考生实施了考试作弊行为:
(1) Qualification for taking the examination, qualification for earning extra marks, and obtaining test scores by using forged documents, proofs, archives, or other materials; (一)通过伪造证件、证明、档案及其他材料获得考试资格、加分资格和考试成绩的;
(2) It is determined in the grading process that the answers are similar; (二)评卷过程中被认定为答案雷同的;
(3) The order in the examination room is disturbed, and the control over the examination is lost, causing large amounts of cheating to occur; (三)考场纪律混乱、考试秩序失控,出现大面积考试作弊现象的;
(4) After the examination any of the examination working personnel has been found assisting with the cheating during the examination; or (四)考试工作人员协助实施作弊行为,事后查实的;
(5) Other behaviors that are deemed cheating. (五)其他应认定为作弊的行为。
Article 8 The examinees and other attendees shall voluntarily maintain examination order, submit to the management of examination staff, and shall not commit any of the following conduct which disturbs the examination order:   第八条 考生及其他人员应当自觉维护考试工作场所的秩序,服从考试工作人员的管理,不得有下列扰乱考试秩序的行为:
(1) Intentionally disturbing the order of the examination working areas such as the examination sites or the grading sites; (一)故意扰乱考点、考场、评卷场所等考试工作场所秩序;
(2) Refusing or interfering with the management of the examination working personnel; (二)拒绝、妨碍考试工作人员履行管理职责;
(3) Threatening, humiliating, slandering, or libeling any examination staff member or any other examinee, or infringing upon, in any other form, the legitimate rights and interests thereof; (三)威胁、侮辱、诽谤、诬陷或者以其他方式侵害考试工作人员、其他考生合法权益的行为;
(4) Intentionally destroying facilities and devices in an examination room; (四)故意损坏考场设施设备;
(5) Other behaviors that disturb the management and order of the examination. (五)其他扰乱考试管理秩序的行为。
Article 9 If an examinee has one of the violations listed in Article 5, the result of the subject examination he attended will be cancelled.   第九条 考生有第五条所列考试违纪行为之一的,取消该科目的考试成绩。
Where an examinee commits any of the conduct as listed in Article 6 or 7 to cheat in an examination, the examinee's test scores for all examination subjects and all stages he or she has signed up for and taken shall be nullified; and if the examinee takes the self-taught higher education examination, the examinee's test scores for all examination subjects for this season shall be nullified. 考生有第六条、第七条所列考试作弊行为之一的,其所报名参加考试的各阶段、各科成绩无效;参加高等教育自学考试的,当次考试成绩各科成绩无效。
Under any of the following circumstances, the examinee may be concurrently suspended from taking the related examination for one to three years in light of the seriousness of the circumstances; and if the circumstances are particularly serious, the examinee may be concurrently suspended from taking all forms of state education examinations for one to three years: 有下列情形之一的,可以视情节轻重,同时给予暂停参加该项考试1至3年的处理;情节特别严重的,可以同时给予暂停参加各种国家教育考试1至3年的处理:
1. organizes group cheating; (一)组织团伙作弊的;
2. sends or transmits test questions out of the examination room; (二)向考场外发送、传递试题信息的;
3. cheats by using relevant devices to receive information; or (三)使用相关设备接收信息实施作弊的;
4. forges or alters an identity card, admission card or any other certification materials, has another person take the examination on his or her behalf, or takes the examination on another examinee's behalf. (四)伪造、变造身份证、准考证及其他证明材料,由他人代替或者代替考生参加考试的。
Where an examinee who takes the self-taught higher education examination engages in serious cheating as mentioned in the preceding paragraph, the examinee's graduation may be postponed for one to three years, and the examinee's test scores during the postponement shall be nullified. 参加高等教育自学考试的考生有前款严重作弊行为的,也可以给予延迟毕业时间1至3年的处理,延迟期间考试成绩无效。
Article 10 If an examinee has one of the violations listed in Article 8, he/she shall be prevented from going on taking the examination of this subject, and the results of all the examinations he/she had applied to attend will be annulled; the examinees and other personnel who have violated the Public Security Administration Punishments Law of the People's Republic of China shall be punished by the public security organs; if a crime is constituted, the criminal liability shall be investigated for by judicial organizations according to law.   第十条 考生有第八条所列行为之一的,应当终止其继续参加本科目考试,其当次报名参加考试的各科成绩无效;考生及其他人员的行为违反《中华人民共和国治安管理处罚法》的,由公安机关进行处理;构成犯罪的,由司法机关依法追究刑事责任。
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