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Announcement of Open Market Operations No.76 [2020] [Effective]
公开市场业务交易公告[2020]第76号――关于2020年4月22日不开展逆回购操作的公告 [现行有效]

Announcement of Open Market Operations



(No.76 [2020]) ([2020]第76号)北大法宝,版权所有快醒醒开学了

As the liquidity is adequate at a reasonable level in the current banking system, the People's Bank of China decides not to conduct reverse repo operations on April 22, 2020. 目前银行体系流动性总量处于合理充裕水平,2020年4月22日不开展逆回购操作。
Open Market Operations Office 中国人民银行公开市场业务操作室
April 22, 2020 二〇二〇年四月二十二日

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