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Measures for the Administration of Shanghai Residence Cards (2017) [Effective]
上海市居住证管理办法(2017) [现行有效]

Order of the Shanghai Municipal People's Government 


(No. 58) (第58号)

The Measures for the Administration of Shanghai Residence Cards, as adopted at the 164th executive meeting of the Municipal People's Government on September 18, 2017, are hereby issued, and shall come into force on January 1, 2018. 上海市居住证管理办法》已经2017年9月18日市政府第164次常务会议通过,现予公布,自2018年1月1日起施行。
Mayor:Ying Yong 市长 应勇
November 27, 2017 2017年11月27日
Measures for the Administration of Shanghai Residence Cards 上海市居住证管理办法
(Issued by Order No. 58 of the Shanghai Municipal People's Government on November 27, 2017) (2017年11月27日上海市人民政府令第58号公布)
Article 1 (Legislation Purposes)   第一条 (立法目的)
For purposes of safeguarding the lawful rights and interests of domestic out-of-towners in Shanghai, regulating the population services and administration, improving the level of government services, and promoting the coordinated development of economy, society, resources and environment in this Municipality, in accordance with the Interim Regulation on Residence Permits, these Measures are developed in consideration of the actual circumstances of this Municipality. 为了保障境内来沪人员的合法权益,规范人口服务和管理,提高政府服务水平,促进本市经济、社会、资源、环境协调发展,根据《居住证暂行条例》,结合本市实际情况,制定本办法。
Article 2 (Scope of Application)   第二条 (适用范围)
These Measures shall apply to theapplication for and issuance and use of a Shanghai Residence Card (hereinafter referred to as an “SRC”), the point administration thereof and other relevant activities. 《上海市居住证》(以下简称《居住证》)的申办、发放、使用以及积分管理等相关活动,适用本办法。
Article 3 (Division of Functions)   第三条 (职责分工)
The municipal development and reform department shall take charge of the comprehensive coordination in the organization and implementation of these Measures. 市发展改革部门负责本办法组织实施的综合协调。
The public security department shall take charge of residence registration and the relevant administration of SRC certificates, among others. 公安部门负责居住登记及《居住证》证件等相关管理。
The department ofhuman resources and social securityshall take charge of the relevant administration of SRC points, among others. 人力资源社会保障部门负责《居住证》积分等相关管理。
The relevant departments of education, health and family planning, industry and commerce, taxation, housing and urban-rural development, civil affairs, economic information technology, justice, and science and technology, among others, shall, according to their respective functions, effectively provide services and conduct administration related to these Measures. 教育、卫生计生、工商、税务、住房城乡建设、民政、经济信息化、司法、科技等相关部门按照各自职责,做好与本办法相关的服务和管理工作。
All district people's governments shall take charge of the specific organization and implementation of these Measures within their respective administrative regions. 各区人民政府负责本办法在其行政区域内的具体组织实施工作。
The community affairs acceptance service centers established by sub-district offices and township (town) people's governments shall, upon authorization of the public security department, specifically undertake residence registration and handling of SRCs. The talent service center shall, upon authorization of the department ofhuman resources and social security, specially undertake the handling of SRC points. 街道办事处、镇(乡)人民政府设置的社区事务受理服务中心受公安部门的委托,具体承担居住登记、《居住证》办理工作。人才服务中心受人力资源社会保障部门的委托,具体承担《居住证》积分办理工作。
Article 4 (Information Sharing)   第四条 (信息共享)
This Municipality will establish and improve a unified actual population information management system. 本市建立和完善统一的实有人口信息管理系统。
The departments of public security, housing and urban-rural development, human resources and social security, education, health and family planning, industry and commerce, civil affairs, and economic information technology, among others, shall promote the interconnection and intercommunication and data exchange of information systems among departments, and achieve the sharing and application of relevant population service and administration information, such as information on residential houses, employment registration, social insurance, SRC points, school rolls andeducational background, industrial and commercial registration, and marriage registration, among others, of domestic out-of-towners in Shanghai. 公安、住房城乡建设、人力资源社会保障、教育、卫生计生、工商、民政、经济信息化等部门应当推进部门之间信息系统的互联互通和数据交换,实现境内来沪人员居住房屋、就业登记、社会保险、《居住证》积分、学籍和学历、工商登记、婚姻登记等人口服务和管理相关信息的共享应用。
Article 5 (Residence Registration)   第五条 (居住登记)
Domestic out-of-towners in Shanghai shall, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the state and this Municipality, undergo the residence registration formalities with the community affairs acceptance service centers at their current places of residence, and may apply for SRCs if they comply with the provisions of these Measures. 境内来沪人员应当按照国家和本市有关规定,到现居住地的社区事务受理服务中心办理居住登记;符合本办法规定的,可以申请办理《居住证》。
Article 6 (Main Functions)   第六条 (主要功能)
An SRC shall have the following main functions: 《居住证》具有下列主要功能:
(1) Acting as the certificate for the residence of the holder of the SRC (hereinafter referred to as “cardholder”) in this Municipality. (一)作为《居住证》持有人(以下简称持证人)在本市居住的证明;
(2) Recording the basic information and changes in the place of residence of the cardholder and other relevant information required by population administration. (二)记录持证人基本情况、居住地变动情况等人口管理所需的相关信息;
(3) Handling and inquiring about personal points, and handling relevant personal affairs in terms of health and family planning, social insurance, and education, among others. (三)办理和查询个人积分,办理卫生计生、社会保险、教育等方面的个人相关事务。
Article 7 (Specified Contents)   第七条 (载明内容)
The contents specified on an SRC shall include the cardholder's name, gender, ethnicity, date of birth, citizen identity number, recent photo, address of registered permanent residence, residence address, issuing authority, date of issuance, and valid period endorsed, among others. 《居住证》的载明内容包括姓名、性别、民族、出生日期、公民身份号码、近期照片、常住户口所在地住址、居住地住址、签发机关、签发日期和签注有效期限等。
Article 8 (Acceptance Authority)   第八条 (受理机构)
An applicant that needs to apply for an SRC may undergo the relevant formalities with the community affairs acceptance service center at his or her current place of residence. 需要申请办理《居住证》的,申请人可以到现居住地的社区事务受理服务中心办理。
For a minor under the age of 16 or a senior or a disabled person with mobility difficulties, his or her guardian or close relative may apply for residence registration and apply for an SRC on his or her behalf. 未满16周岁的未成年人和行动不便的老年人、残疾人等,可以由监护人、近亲属代为申报居住登记、申领《居住证》。
Where his or her guardian or close relative handles the said matters on his or her behalf, the legal and valid identity certificate of the guardian or close relative shall be provided. 监护人、近亲属代为办理的,应当提供合法有效身份证件。
Article 9 (Application Conditions)   第九条 (申办条件)
A domestic out-of-towner in Shanghai who leaves his or her place of registered permanent residence, has made residence registration for more than half a year in this Municipality, and satisfies one of the conditions of having a legal and stable job, having a legal and stable domicile, or continuously attending school may, in accordance with these Measures, apply for an SRC. 离开常住户口所在地,在本市办理居住登记满半年,符合有合法稳定就业、合法稳定住所、连续就读条件之一的境内来沪人员,可以依据本办法申领《居住证》。
An applicant shall provide corresponding certification materials according to the application conditions, and be responsible for the authenticity and legality of the application materials. 申请人应当根据申办条件提供相应的证明材料,并对申办材料的真实性、合法性负责。
Article 10 (Acceptance and Supplementation)   第十条 (受理与补齐)
A community affairs acceptance service center shall, upon receipt of the application materials, issue the acceptance certificate and transfer the materials to the public security department if the materials are complete, or inform the applicant of all materials that need to be supplemented at one time on the spot if the materials are incomplete. 社区事务受理服务中心收到申办材料后,对材料齐全的,应当出具受理凭证,同时将材料移送公安部门;对材料不齐全的,应当当场一次性告知申请人补齐材料。
Article 11 (Information Comparison)   第十一条 (信息比对)
The pubic security department shall, through the actual population information management system of this Municipality, compare the information on application materials; and, when necessary, may transfer the relevant materials to the relevant departments of human resources and social security, housing and urban-rural development, and education, among others for verification. 公安部门通过本市实有人口信息管理系统对申办材料进行信息比对;必要时,可以将有关材料移送人力资源社会保障、住房城乡建设、教育等相关部门核验。
Article 12 (Card Issuance, Production and Collection)   第十二条 (签发、制证、领证)
...... ......

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