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Opinions of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Financial Work, the Business Management Department of the People's Bank of China and the Beijing Office of the China Banking Regulatory Commission on Further Optimizing the Financial Credit Business Environment [Effective]
北京市金融工作局、中国人民银行营业管理部、中国银行业监督管理委员会北京监管局关于进一步优化金融信贷营商环境的意见 [现行有效]

Opinions of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Financial Work, the Business Management Department of the People's Bank of China and the Beijing Office of the China Banking Regulatory Commission on Further Optimizing the Financial Credit Business Environment 


No. 52 [2018] of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Financial Work (京金融〔2018〕52号)

For the purposes of further optimizing the financial credit business environment of this municipality, improving the level of financial credit services, strengthening the innovation on financial credit products, and developing the modern financial industry matching the status of the capital of a big country, the following opinions are hereby put forward: 为进一步优化本市金融信贷营商环境,提升金融信贷服务水平,加强金融信贷产品创新,发展与大国首都地位相匹配的现代金融业,现提出以下意见:
I. Reducing the financial credit costs   一、降低金融信贷成本
The fees collection and credit acts of financial institutions shall be regulated, and incorporated banks in Beijing shall be urged to independently reduce one to two fees and to ensure that the overall fee level decreases year by year. The financing guarantee costs of enterprises shall be reduced, financing guarantee institutions in Beijing shall be encouraged not to collect margin from enterprise clients, and if it is really necessary to collect margin, they shall ensure timely refund upon repayment of loans. Finance leasing and commercial factoring shall be vigorously developed, and overseas low-cost funds shall be introduced. 规范金融机构收费和信贷行为,推动在京法人银行自主减免1-2项收费项目,保证总体收费水平逐年降低。降低企业融资担保成本,鼓励在京融资担保机构不收取企业客户保证金,确需收取的,确保还贷解保时及时退还。大力发展融资租赁和商业保理业务,引入海外低成本资金。
II. Shortening the time for the examination and approval of financial credit   二、压缩金融信贷审批时间
Banking financial institutions shall be encouraged to establish specialized financial credit classification, batch marketing, standardized credit examination and approval, and differentiated authorization mechanisms for a same type of micro and small enterprises. Industrial self-regulation organizations shall aperiodically invite industry experts and financial lawyers to form credit consultation groups to provide consulting and coaching on industry analysis, credit schemes, customer marketing difficulties and other issues for credit examination and approval personnel of financial institutions at least once every quarter, to improve the efficiency of credit examination and approval. 鼓励银行业金融机构建立针对同一类型小微企业客户的金融信贷专业化分类、批量化营销、标准化审贷、差异化授权机制。行业自律组织不定期邀请行业专家、金融律师组成信贷咨询小组,为金融机构信贷审批人员提供行业分析、授信方案、客户营销难点等问题咨询辅导,每季度至少开展一次,提高信贷审批效率。
III. Innovating on the mode of green financial credit   三、创新绿色金融信贷模式
The banking regulatory departments shall regularly disclose the green credit information of banks within their respective jurisdictions on their websites. Banking financial institutions shall be encouraged to launch fast channels for credit examination and approval for the credit for green, low carbon, circular economy and other projects. Financial institutions within their jurisdiction shall be directed to offer green financial bonds and green credit asset-backed securities. The integration of environmental information of enterprises within their respective jurisdictions into the basic financial credit information database shall be promoted. 银行业监管部门在其网站定期披露辖区内银行绿色信贷情况。鼓励银行业金融机构针对绿色、低碳、循环经济等项目信贷业务开辟授信审批的快速通道。引导辖区内金融机构发行绿色金融债券和绿色信贷资产支持证券。推动将辖区内企业环境信息纳入金融信用信息基础数据库。
IV. Expanding the scope of collateral (pledge) for loans   四、拓展贷款抵(质)押物范围
Banking financial institutions shall be supported in vigorously carrying out mortgage loans with environment-related income rights, emission rights, and pollutant discharge rights as collaterals, and other business. The development of pledge financing services, such as intellectual property rights and accounts receivable, shall be promoted. 支持银行业金融机构大力开展与环境相关的收益权、排放权、排污权抵押贷款等业务。推动银行业金融机构知识产权、应收账款等质押融资业务发展。
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