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Several Measures of the General Office of the Beijing Municipal People's Government for Responding to the COVID-19 Outbreak and Promoting the Sustained and Sound Development of Micro, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises [Effective]
北京市人民政府办公厅关于应对新型冠状病毒感染的肺炎疫情影响促进中小微企业持续健康发展的若干措施 [现行有效]

Several Measures of the General Office of the Beijing Municipal People's Government for Responding to the COVID-19 Outbreak and Promoting the Sustained and Sound Development of Micro, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises 



The people's governments of all districts; all the commissions, offices and bureaus of the municipal government; and all institutions subordinate to the municipal government: 各区人民政府,市政府各委、办、局,各市属机构:
For the purposes of thoroughly implementing the arrangements of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council for the prevention and control of the outbreak of coronavirus disease (COVID-19), effectively reducing the impact of the epidemic on the production and operation of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, and helping enterprises overcome difficulties and develop stably, the following working measures have been formulated. 为深入贯彻落实党中央、国务院关于新型冠状病毒感染的肺炎疫情防控工作部署,切实减轻疫情对中小微企业生产经营影响,帮助企业共渡难关和稳定发展,制定以下工作措施。
I. Easing the burden on micro, small and medium-sized enterprises 一、减轻中小微企业负担
1. Stop levying some administrative charges. During the epidemic, micro, small and medium-sized enterprises greatly affected shall be exempt from special equipment inspection charges, sewage treatment charges, and road occupation charges. (Responsible entities: the Municipal Finance Bureau, the Municipal Development and Reform Commission, the Municipal Administration for Market Regulation, the Municipal Water Authority, the Municipal Commission of Transport, and all district governments) 1.停征部分行政事业性收费。疫情期间,对受影响较大的中小微企业停征特种设备检验费、污水处理费、占道费。(责任单位:市财政局、市发展改革委、市市场监管局、市水务局、市交通委、各区政府)
2. Remitting or reducing rent for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises. If a micro, small or medium-sized enterprise leases any property of a state-owned enterprise affiliated with the municipality or any district to engage in production and operation activities and remains open as required by the government, or suspends business in accordance with the provisions on epidemic prevention without layoffs or with few layoffs, the rent for February shall be remitted; and if it leases the property as office accommodation, 50% of the rent for February shall be remitted. If any other property is leased for business use, the owner (landlord) is encouraged to remit or reduce the rent payable by the lessee, and the two parties shall negotiate a solution. An enterprise that remits or reduces the rent payable by any micro, small and medium-sized enterprise which leases its property during the epidemic shall be given certain subsidies by the municipal and district governments. Priority shall be given to providing policy support for characteristic parks, technology enterprise incubators, university science parks, maker spaces, entrepreneurship bases, cultural industry parks, audiovisual campus, and other vehicles that remit or reduce rent payable by micro, small and medium-sized enterprises that lease properties during the epidemic. Central enterprises in Beijing are encouraged to implement these measures. (Responsible entities: the Municipal State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, the Municipal Finance Bureau, the Municipal Commission of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, the Municipal Bureau of Economy and Information Technology, the Municipal Commission of Science and Technology, the Publicity Department of the CPC Municipal Committee, the Municipal Culture and Tourism Administration, the Municipal Radio and Television Administration, the Municipal Sports Administration, Zhongguancun Administration Commission, the Municipal State-owned Cultural Assets Management Center, the Beijing Economic and Technological Development Area Administration Commission, and all district governments) 2.减免中小微企业房租。中小微企业承租京内市及区属国有企业房产从事生产经营活动,按照政府要求坚持营业或依照防疫规定关闭停业且不裁员、少裁员的,免收2月份房租;承租用于办公用房的,给予2月份租金50%的减免。对承租其他经营用房的,鼓励业主(房东)为租户减免租金,具体由双方协商解决。对在疫情期间为承租房屋的中小微企业减免租金的企业,由市区政府给予一定资金补贴。对在疫情期间为承租房屋的中小微企业减免租金的特色园、科技企业孵化器、大学科技园、众创空间、创业基地、文化产业园、视听园区等各类载体,优先予以政策扶持。鼓励在京中央企业参照执行。(责任单位:市国资委、市财政局、市住房城乡建设委、市经济和信息化局、市科委、市委宣传部、市文化和旅游局、市广播电视局、市体育局、中关村管委会、市文资中心、北京经济技术开发区管委会、各区政府)
3. Allowing enterprises experiencing operating difficulties to defer tax payment. Micro, small and medium-sized enterprises that experience difficulty in filing tax returns due to the epidemic may apply for deferring tax payment according to the law, for a maximum period of three months. For businesses paying tax periodically at a fixed amount affected by the epidemic, the fixed amount shall be adjusted in accordance with the actual circumstances, or the procedures for suspending business shall be simplified. (Responsible entities: Beijing Municipal Tax Service and all district governments) 3.为经营困难企业办理延期纳税。受疫情影响纳税申报困难的中小微企业,可依法办理延期缴纳税款,最长不超过3个月。对受疫情影响的“定期定额”户,结合实际情况合理调整定额,或简化停业手续。(责任单位:北京市税务局、各区政府)
4. Subsidizing the research and development of micro and small-sized enterprises. Technology-oriented micro and small-sized enterprises in Zhongguancun Science Park shall each be granted research and development subsidies of not more than 200,000 yuan based on their actual investment in research and development. (Responsible entities: Zhongguancun Administration Commission and the Municipal Finance Bureau) 4.补贴小微企业研发成本。对中关村国家自主创新示范区内的科技型小微企业,根据研发投入实际情况,给予每家最高不超过20万元的研发费用补助。(责任单位:中关村管委会、市财政局)
5. Alleviating the outstanding impact of the epidemic. For the financing of eligible small and medium-sized cultural enterprises, incentives such as interest subsidies and rent subsidies shall be granted through the "investment, loan, and incentive" policy. For the rent payable by eligible micro and small-sized and start-up cultural enterprises, rent subsidies shall be given through the “easy rent” policy. Skating and skiing sites affected by the epidemic shall be granted an appropriate amount of water and electricity subsidies. In accordance with relevant provisions, travel agency quality deposits shall be fully refunded to travel agencies in well-regulated operation, of good reputation, and repaid in due course after the epidemic ends. Key chain restaurants (breakfast), vegetable stores (fresh food supermarkets), convenience stores, and other outlet establishment projects severely affected by the epidemic or guaranteeing the basic needs of the residents during epidemic prevention and control shall be provided with property rent and other support, with the support ceiling raised from 50% to 70%. If an exhibition project suspended due to the epidemic is to be held in Beijing this year, and the number of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises participating in the exhibition account for 50% of the total participating enterprises, certain site rent subsidies shall be granted. Taxi operating costs shall be reduced, and taxi enterprises are encouraged to moderately remit or reduce contracting fees payable by taxi drivers who continue to provide taxi services normally during the epidemic; and the municipality and districts may, according to their management powers, provide operating subsidies to taxi enterprises that encourage taxi services through measures such as remitting or reducing contracting fees. (Responsible entities: the Publicity Department of the CPC Municipal Committee, the Municipal Sports Administration, the Municipal Culture and Tourism Administration, the Municipal Commerce Bureau, the Municipal Commission of Transport, the Municipal Finance Bureau, and all district governments)

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