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Several Measures of Shanghai Municipality for a New Round of Expanding the Opening up of the Service Sector [Effective]
上海市新一轮服务业扩大开放若干措施 [现行有效]

Several Measures of Shanghai Municipality for a New Round of Expanding the Opening up of the Service Sector 


(CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee and Shanghai Municipal Government, August 13, 2019) (上海市委、上海市政府 2019年8月13日)

The following measures are hereby developed for the purposes of thoroughly implementing the Central Government's strategic arrangement for relaxing market access and expanding the outward opening up of the service sector, further promoting reform, development, and innovation with opening, removing system and mechanism constraints and policy bottlenecks that hinder the development of the service sector, establishing an open framework of systems linked to accepted international rules of investment in the service sector and service trade, creating a fair, transparent, and efficient market environment, comprehensively improving the capacity and international comprehensive competitiveness of the service sector, and driving Shanghai to accelerate the construction of "five centers" and a socialist modern international metropolis with global influence. 为深入贯彻落实中央关于大幅度放宽市场准入、扩大服务业对外开放的战略部署,进一步以开放促改革、促发展、促创新,破除阻碍服务业发展的体制机制约束和政策瓶颈,构建与服务业投资和服务贸易国际通行规则相衔接的开放型制度体系,形成公平、透明、高效的市场环境,全面提升服务业能级水平和国际综合竞争力,推动上海加快建设“五个中心”和具有世界影响力的社会主义现代化国际大都市,现制定如下措施。
I. General requirements 我反正不洗碗,我可以做饭  一、总体要求
Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics in a New Era shall be the guidance, the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress and the Second and Third Plenary Sessions of the 19th CPC Central Committee shall be comprehensively implemented, the development concept of innovation, coordination, green, openness, and sharing shall be adhered to, the national strategic arrangement for outward opening in a new era shall be served, and the promotion of the expansion of the opening up of Shanghai's service sector in a broader field and at a deeper level shall be accelerated. With a focus on the key fields and weak links of the service sector, by seizing the opportunity of the construction of the new area of the China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone (hereinafter referred to as the "PFTZ"), the reform and opening upof Shanghai's service sector shall be further deepened, the huge development potential of the service sector shall be released, and Shanghai's economic restructuring and transformation and upgrading of trade shall be promoted in a new round of expansion of opening up. 以习近平新时代中国特色社会主义思想为指导,全面贯彻落实党的十九大和十九届二中、三中全会精神,坚持创新、协调、绿色、开放、共享的发展理念,服务新时期国家对外开放战略布局,加快推动上海服务业更宽领域、更深层次扩大开放。聚焦服务业关键领域和薄弱环节,抓住中国(上海)自由贸易试验区(以下简称自贸试验区)新片区建设机遇,进一步深化上海服务业改革开放,释放服务业发展的巨大潜力,在新一轮扩大开放中推动上海经济结构调整和贸易转型升级。
II. Policies and Measures 下跌你应该笑还是哭  二、政策举措
1. Further relaxing restrictions on market access of foreign investment in the service sector and creating a world-class business environment (一)进一步放宽服务业外资市场准入限制,打造国际一流营商环境
(1) The access threshold for investment shall be lowered, the attractiveness for foreign investors to establish investment companies shall be enhanced, the application conditions for foreign investors to establish investment companies in Shanghai shall be further relaxed, the total assets of a foreign investor in the year before the application shall be reduced to not less than USD 200 million, and the requirement for the number of foreign-funded enterprises already established by a foreign investors in China shall be canceled. 1.降低投资准入门槛,增强对外商设立投资性公司的吸引力,进一步放宽外商在沪设立投资性公司的申请条件,申请前一年外国投资者资产总额降为不低于2亿美元,取消对外国投资者在中国境内已设立外商投资企业的数量要求。
(2) Market participants in the cultural performance industry shall be further increased, and specific areas where the cultural entertainment industry clusters shall be chosen to explore ways to allow the establishment of wholly foreign-funded performance brokerage institutions in Shanghai that provide services nationwide. 2.进一步丰富文化演出行业市场主体,选择文化娱乐业聚集的特定区域,探索允许在沪设立外商独资演出经纪机构,并在全国范围内提供服务。
(3) The outward opening of the tourism service industry shall be advanced, overseas destination resources for outbound travel shall be increased, and allowing wholly foreign-funded travel agencies established in Shanghai to conduct outbound travel business for Chinese citizens (except bound for Taiwan) on a pilot-program basis shall be explored. 3.推进旅游服务业对外开放,丰富出境游境外目的地资源,探索允许在沪设立的外商独资经营旅行社试点经营中国公民出境旅游业务(赴台湾地区除外)。
(4) The outward opening of the publishing industry shall be promoted, and allowing foreign investors to invest in the audiovisual recording production business (to the extent of Chinese-foreign contractual joint ventures and that the Chinese party has power to control operations and conduct final review of contents) in the China Music Industry Park in Shanghai, Zhangjiang National Digital Publishing Base, Jinshan National Demonstration Park of Green & Creative Printing, and PFTZ bonded areas shall be explored. 4.推动出版业对外开放,探索在上海国家音乐产业基地、张江国家数字出版基地、金山国家绿色创意印刷示范园区及自贸试验区保税区内允许外商投资音像制品制作业务(限中外合作,中方掌握经营主导权和内容终审权)。
(5) The sound and well-regulated development of the artwork auction market shall be promoted, allowing the establishment of Chinese-foreign equity joint venture, Chinese-foreign contractual joint venture, and wholly foreign-funded cultural relics auction enterprises in the PFTZ shall be explored, and the scope of auction shall be restricted to works of art created by non-Chinese artists who died after 1949 and solicited overseas. 5.推动艺术品拍卖市场健康规范发展,探索允许在自贸试验区内设立中外合资、中外合作和外商独资文物拍卖企业,拍卖范围限定为在境外征集到的、1949年以后去世的非中国籍艺术家创作的艺术品。
(6) Project cooperation in the field of medical science and technology and the cancellation of restrictions on access of foreign investment shall be advanced, and an endeavor shall be made to allow foreign investors to invest in the development and application of human stem cells, genetic diagnosis and treatment technologies. 6.推进医疗科技领域的项目合作和取消外资准入限制,争取允许外商投资人体干细胞、基因诊断与治疗技术开发和应用。
(7) The pilot program of citywide "one business license for multiple addresses" shall be implemented for the chain enterprises of regional headquarters of multinational corporations to better facilitate regional headquarters with outstanding trade functions in opening chain stores. 7.对跨国公司地区总部中的连锁企业试点实施全市“一照多址”,提升贸易功能突出的地区总部开设连锁店的便利化程度。
(8) Foreign-funded enterprises shall be effectively ensured to enjoy national treatment according to the law, and all relevant departments shall examine the applications for permits and related qualifications from foreign-funded enterprises in accordance with the conditions and procedures consistent with domestic investors. 8.切实保障外商投资企业依法享有国民待遇,各相关部门按照与内资一致的条件和程序,审核外商投资企业的许可证及相关资质申请。
2. Implementing a high-level outward opening of cross-border service trade and guiding the transformation and upgrading of service consumption (二)实施跨境服务贸易高水平对外开放,引领服务消费转型升级
(9) The advancement of the development of the medical tourism service industry shall be accelerated, the advantages of Shanghai's fine medical resources and sound medical system shall be exerted, a list management mechanism for seeking medical treatment in Shanghai shall be established and improved, and overseas personnel shall be facilitated in seeking medical treatment at medical institutions on the list. 9.加快推进医疗旅游服务业发展,发挥上海医疗资源优质和医疗体系完备的优势,建立完善来沪就医清单管理机制,为境外人员赴清单范围内医疗机构就医提供出入境便利。
(10) The development of cruise tourism economy shall be promoted, the construction of China Cruise Tourism Development Demonstration Zone in Shanghai shall be deepened, outbound and inbound duty-free shops in Shanghai's Cruise Port shall be supported in increasing types of commodities on sale and, according to business development, expanding the area of business premises and the scale of operations. 10.推动邮轮旅游经济发展,深化上海中国邮轮旅游发展实验区建设,支持上海邮轮口岸出境和进境免税店增加销售商品品类,按照经营发展情况,支持其增加经营场所面积、扩大经营规模。
(11) The tax refund policy for departing overseas tourists who have made purchases shall continue to be improved, the efforts to support tax refund for overseas tourists who have made purchases shall be increased, and the expansion of the scope of subject matter of tax refund shall be explored; and an endeavor shall be made to relax the qualifications of tax refund agencies, and the service level of tax refund agencies shall be raised. 11.不断完善境外旅客购物离境退税政策,加大对境外旅客购物离境退税支持力度,探索扩大离境退税标的物范围;争取放宽退税代理机构资质条件,提高退税代理服务水平。
(12) The construction of an international sports events capital shall be accelerated, the distribution of major events shall be improved, the work related to bidding for internationally influential sports events shall be researched and promoted, the influence and market value of major international sports events shall be comprehensively assessed, and an endeavor shall be made to hold world-class sports events every year in in Shanghai.

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