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Notice of the General Office of the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission on Organizing and Launching the Special Verification and Review of the Personal Insurance Products [Effective]
中国银行保险监督管理委员会办公厅关于组织开展人身保险产品专项核查清理工作的通知 [现行有效]
  • Document Number: No. 19 [2018] of General Office of the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission
  • Date issued: 04-28-2018
  • Effective date: 04-28-2018
  • Level of Authority: Departmental Working Documents
  • Area of Law:Insurance

Notice of the General Office of the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission on Organizing and Launching the Special Verification and Review of the Personal Insurance Products 


(No. 19 [2018] of the General Office of the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission) (银保监办发〔2018〕19号)

All personal insurance companies: 各人身保险公司:
For the purposes of further implementing the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress, the Central Economic Work Conference and the National Financial Work Conference, continuously regulating the personal insurance companies' product development and management, and preventing the risks of personal insurance products, the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission (“CBIRC”) has decided to launch special verification and review of personal insurance products. You are hereby notified of the relevant requirements as follows: 为深入贯彻落实党的十九大、中央经济工作会议和全国金融工作会议精神,持续规范人身保险公司产品开发管理行为,防范人身保险产品风险,中国银行保险监督管理委员会决定开展人身保险产品专项核查清理工作。现将有关要求通知如下:
I. Work Objectives   一、工作目标
By comprehensively regulating the development and design of personal insurance products, the liability structure of personal insurance shall be continuously optimized, the supply quality of industry products shall be improved, and effective prevention and control of liability risks shall be deemed the overall objective; the base number shall be understood through comprehensively checking and verifying personal insurance companies' stock products on sale, a batch of defective product left over by history shall be reviewed in a collective manner, and violations of laws and regulations shall be severely crack down on. The primary responsibilities of personal insurance companies for product management shall be consolidated, the awareness of operation in compliance with laws and regulations as the basis shall be strengthened, the transformation of the industry development model shall be accelerated, consumers' diversified needs of insurance products shall be continuously met, and efforts shall be made to form a new pattern of personal insurance liability structure characterized by reasonable short-, medium- and long-term structure, function of risk guarantee, and coordinated high-quality development of permanent saving functions. 以全面规范人身保险产品开发设计行为,不断优化人身保险负债结构,提高行业产品供给质量,切实防控负债风险为总体目标,通过全面梳理核查各人身保险公司在售存量产品,摸清底数,集中清理整顿一批历史遗留问题产品,严厉打击严重违法违规行为。以夯实人身保险公司产品管理主体责任,强化合规经营意识为根本,加快转变行业发展方式,不断满足消费者多样化保险产品需求,努力形成长、中、短期限结构合理,风险保障功能、长期储蓄功能协同高质量发展的人身保险负债结构新局面。
II. Work Principles   二、工作原则
1. Compliance with the laws and regulations and specifying the standards. In strict accordance with the Insurance Law of the People's Republic of China and other laws, regulations and regulatory provisions, and with reference to the Negative List for the Development and Design of Industrial Products (see Annex 1 for details), the problems of stock products on sale in the industry shall be effectively verified. (一)依法合规、明确标准。严格依照《中华人民共和国保险法》等法律法规和监管规定要求,对照行业产品开发设计负面清单(详见附件1),切实查摆行业在售存量产品问题。
2. Completely and thoroughly, without leaving any blind angle. Comprehensive examination and review shall be conducted for the compliance of all stock products on sale in the industry with the laws and regulations, and the “reserve” products for which all companies have undergone the recordation formalities and that are not used and the products whose sale has been suspended and that are planned to be re-sold shall be included in the scope of verification and review so as to ensure that there is no omission in the verification and review. (二)全面彻底 、不留死角。对行业所有在售存量产品的合法合规情况进行全面核查清理,并将各公司已备案但不使用的“储备”产品和已停售但计划重新销售的产品列入核查清理范围   确保核查清理无遗漏。
3. Practical and efficient, and addressing both the symptoms and root causes. All companies shall take this special inspection and review of products as an important opportunity for comprehensive calibration of product operation concepts, comprehensive implementation of the various regulatory requirements, and comprehensive improvement of product supply quality, be practical and realistic and focus on actual effect, immediately examine and rectify the product problems that are found, rectify the product design problems that are found, and conduct in-depth rectification of the problems and deficiencies in the product operation concept, rules and mechanism, and other respects. (三)务实高效 、标本兼治。各公司要将本次产品专项核查清理工作作为全面校准产品经营理念、全面落实各项监管要求、全面提升产品供给质量的重要契机,实事求是、注重实效,对发现的产品问题立查立改,既要整改查找出来的产品设计问题,也要深入查改产品经营理念、制度机制等方面的问题不足。
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