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Opinions of the State Council on Strengthening the Building of the Quality Certification System and Promoting Comprehensive Quality Management [Effective]
Ժڼǿ֤ϵٽȫ [Ч]

Opinions of the State Council on Strengthening the Building of the Quality Certification System and Promoting Comprehensive Quality Management 


(No. 3 [2018] of the State Council) 20183ţ

The people's governments of all provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities directly under the Central Government; all ministries and commissions of the State Council; and all institutions directly under the State Council: ʡֱϽԺίֱ
Quality certification is a basic regime to intensify quality management and raise market efficiency against the background of the market economy. Over recent years, China's quality certification rules have continued to be improved, industry institutions have thrived, and international exchange and cooperation have continued to be deepened. Nevertheless, there are some problems such as insufficient supply of certification services, urgently needed standardization of certification assessment activities, and low-level social recognition and application. For the purposes of profoundly advancing the supply-side structural reform and the reform of simplification of administrative procedures, delegation of powers, combination of decentralization and control, and optimization of services, fully implementing the quality power strategy, and carrying out the Guiding Opinions of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on Launching the Quality Improvement Action, the following opinions on strengthening the building of the quality certification system and promoting comprehensive quality management are hereby offered. ֤г¼ǿгЧʵĻƶȡҹ֤ƶȲƣҵչʽͬʱ֤񹩸㡢֤ۻؽ淶֪Ӧó̶Ȳߵ⡣ΪƽṹԸĸ͡Źܷĸȫʵʩǿսԣ᳹ʵй롡Ժڿչжָ־ͼǿ֤ϵ衢ٽȫ
I. General requirements һҪ
1. Guiding ideology. һָ˼롣
The spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress shall be thoroughly, the Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era shall be used as the guidance, the requirements for quality development shall be followed, the decisions and arrangements of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council shall be conscientiously executed, the overall layout for "economic, political, cultural, social, and ecological progress" shall be boosted in an overall manner, the Four-Pronged Comprehensive Strategy shall be advanced in a synergistic manner, the development concept oriented to the people shall be adhered to, and the new concept of innovative, coordinated, green, open and shared development shall be firmly developed and implemented, the top priority of quality and benefits shall be adhered to, advancing the supply-side structural reform shall be set as the main theme, and, according to the overall arrangements for implementing the quality power strategy and the quality improvement action, by adopting international advanced quality management standards and methodologies, a quality certification system featuring unified management, joint implementation, authority and creditability, and universality and mutual recognition shall be shaped, so as to prompt industry development, reform and innovation, enhance comprehensive quality management, improve the quality of products, projects and services in all aspects, significantly augment the quality advantages of the Chinese economy, and drive economic development to enter a quality era. ȫ᳹ʮŴϰƽʱйɫ˼ΪָոչҪʵ롢Ժ߲ͳƽλһ塱岼ֺЭƽĸȫ桱սԲ֣Ϊĵķչ˼룬ι͹᳹ʵ·չһЧȣƽṹԸĸΪߣʵʩǿսԺж岿ùȽ׼ͷͳһͬʵʩȨšͨûϵ֤ϵٽҵչ͸ĸﴴ£ǿȫȫ߲Ʒ̺ͷǿҹƣƶ÷չʱ
2. Basic principles. ԭ
Unifying management by top design: According to the requirements of "unified management and joint implementation," the overall planning and top design of the building of the quality certification system shall be upgraded, so as to remove industry monopoly and market barriers, avoid multi-department management and repeated assessments, and maintain the unity and authority of the quality certification work. --ͳһơաͳһͬʵʩҪǿ֤ϵͳ滮Ͷƣҵ¢Ϻгݣͷظۣά֤ͳһԺȨԡ
Market domination and government guidance: The decisive role of the market in resource allocation shall be used, market demand shall be oriented to, the positions of market participants shall be highlighted, and the quality signal transmission and feedback mechanisms shall be improved, so as to promote the connection between supply and demand and the optimization of the structure. The role of the government in plan direction, policy support, and regulatory services, among others, shall be reinforced, the public service system shall be bettered, and comprehensive quality regulation shall be beefed up, to create a good development environment. --ггԴеľãгΪͻгλźŴƣٽԽӺͽṹŻǿ滮߷ܷ֡ãƹϵǿȫܣӪ÷չ
Deepening the reform and achieving innovative development: The market-oriented and international characteristics of the certification and accreditation system shall be maximized, and quality certification shall be used as an important foothold to advance the supply-side structural reform and the reform of simplification of administrative procedures, delegation of powers, combination of decentralization and control, and optimization of services, so as to promote the transformation of governmental functions, innovate on the quality development mechanisms, and trigger quality improvement momentum. Driven by reform and innovation, the quality certification system shall be improved, and system and mechanism barriers shall be eliminated, and the supply level of and innovative capability for quality certification shall be raised or improved. --ĸ·չַ֤Ͽƶȵгʻԣ֤ΪƽṹԸĸ͡ŹܷĸҪץ֣ٽְת䣬չƣܡԸĸﴴΪ֤ϵƽƻϰ֤ˮƽʹ
Incentives, restrictions and diversified joint governance. The combination of guidance with compulsion shall be adhered to, voluntariness shall be oriented to, with compulsion as accessory, products involving safety, health, environmental protection, and other aspects shall be subject to compulsory certification in accordance with the law, enterprises shall be encouraged to participate in voluntary certification, the incentive and restraint mechanisms shall be bettered, and all social sectors shall be directed to conduct joint quality governance, so as to intensify comprehensive quality management and share quality development achievements. --ԼԪΡǿϣԸչΪǿʵʩΪ漰ȫȷIJƷʵʩǿ֤ҵԸ֤ƼԼƣչΣǿȫչɹ
3. Main objectives. ҪĿꡣ
Through three to five years' endeavors, China will have increasingly complete quality certification rules and basically sound system of laws and regulations, system of standards, organizational system, regulatory system, public service system, and international cooperation and mutual recognition system, the quality management capability of various enterprises and organizations, especially micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, will be dramatically enhanced, the quality level of major products, projects and services, especially consumer goods and edible agricultural products, will be lifted conspicuously, and a group of international competitive quality brands will take shape. ͨ3-5Ŭҹ֤ƶ걸ɷϵ׼ϵ֯ϵϵϵ͹ʺϵƣҵ֯С΢ҵǿҪƷ̡ƷʳƷũƷˮƽγһйʾƷơ
II. Vigorously promoting advanced quality management standards and methodologies ƹȽ׼ͷ
4. Innovating on quality management tools. International advanced quality management standards shall be energetically adopted, comprehensive quality management, Six Sigma, lean management, and other international advanced quality management methodologies shall be altered and improved based on China's conditions, traceability management, supply chain management, business continuity management, and other quality management tools meeting the need of new business types shall be actively developed, so as to build a Chinese quality management "tool kit." The role of authorities in charge of industries shall be maximized, and all industries shall be encouraged, based on industry characteristics, to prompt the combination of common requirements and particular industry requirements for quality management, vigorously develop new types of quality management tools, and promote the successful experience of industries and enterprises advanced in quality management. ģߡùȽ׼ȫꡢȹȽйʵʼԸ׷ݹӦҵԹӦҵ̬ߣй䡱ַҵܲãҵҵص㣬ƶͨҪҵҪϣߣƹȽҵҵijɹ顣
5. Promoting the application of advanced quality management standards and methodologies. The campaign of million enterprises studying and applying the latest version of quality management system standards shall be launched, and enterprises shall be encouraged to strengthen quality management in the manner of quality certification, so as to stimulate the full extension of advanced quality management standards and methodologies to the primary, secondary, and tertiary industries, social governance and other fields. State-owned enterprises, especially central enterprises, shall play a role as "major forces," and the action of "pacemaker" central enterprises in quality management shall be launched, in order to drive the rising of the quality management level in all industries. Based on the different characteristics of micro and small-sized enterprises, medium and large-sized enterprises, and consumers, quality management knowledge shall be disseminated through training. Industry associations, professional institutions and other social organizations shall fulfill their service functions and conduct society-based, public-oriented quality service action. 壩ƹӦȽ׼ͷչҵѧϰӦ°ϵ׼ҵ֤ʽǿƶȽ׼һҵȫ졣ӹҵرҵġãչҵߡжҵˮƽԾԴҵС΢ҵԼߵIJͬص㣬ѵռ֪ʶҵЭᡢרҵ֯ķְܣչữȺж
6. Changing the manner of quality governance by the government. The governments at all levels shall raise their quality awareness, strengthen the building of quality foundations, promote quality management standards and quality certification means, and enhance quality governance capability. The government agencies at all levels, especially those in charge of industries, shall develop and promote quality management systems, use performance excellence and other advanced quality management methodologies, bring in third-party quality governance mechanisms, transform government functions and management manners, boost administrative efficiency and government credibility, and prompt quality improvement one industry by one industry until achievements are made. תʽǿʶǿ裬ƹ׼ֶ֤ΣرҵܲŽϵ׿ԽЧȽƣתְܺ͹ʽЧܺƶһһҵץֱץЧ
III. Broadly conduct the quality management system improvement action 㷺չϵж

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