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二十国集团领导人大阪峰会防范网络恐怖主义和暴力极端主义声明 [现行有效]



(2019/07/01) (2019年7月1日)
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As leaders, one of our greatest responsibilities is to ensure the security of our citizens. It is the state's role, first and foremost, to prevent and combat terrorism. Here in Osaka, we reaffirm our commitment to act to protect our people from terrorist and VECT exploitation of the internet. We issue this statement to raise the bar of expectation for online platforms to do their part. 作为国家领导人,确保公民安全是我们最重要职责之一。各国应在防止和打击恐怖主义方面发挥主导作用。我们在大阪重申将采取行动,保护我们的人民免受恐怖主义和暴力极端主义利用网络产生的危害。我们发表此声明,要求网络平台进一步增强履行其职责的意识。
We, the leaders of the G20, reaffirm our strongest condemnation of terrorism in all its forms and manifestations. The livestreamed Christchurch terrorist attacks, and other recent atrocities, demonstrate the urgency with which we must fully implement relevant UN resolutions, the UN Global Counter Terrorism Strategy and other instruments, including the 2017 Hamburg G20 Leaders' Statement on Countering Terrorism. 我们二十国集团领导人重申,最强烈谴责一切形式和表现的恐怖主义。通过网络进行直播的克赖斯特彻奇恐怖袭击及近期其他暴行凸显了全面落实联合国有关决议、《联合国全球反恐战略》以及2017年《二十国集团领导人汉堡峰会反恐声明》等文件的急迫性。
For us all to reap the rewards of digitalization, we are committed to realizing an open, free and secure internet. The internet must not be a safe haven for terrorists to recruit, incite or prepare terrorist acts. To this end, we urge online platforms to adhere to the core principle, as affirmed in Hamburg, that the rule of law applies online as it does offline. This must be achieved in a way that is consistent with national and international law, including human rights and fundamental freedoms such as freedom of expression and access to information - we hold these in high regard. We commit to collaborate with states, international organizations, industry, and civil society in this endeavor. 为使所有人从数字化中获益,我们致力于构建开放、自由、安全的网络。网络不能成为恐怖分子招募成员、煽动或筹备恐怖活动的庇护所。为此,我们敦促网络平台遵循汉堡峰会强调的核心原则,即法治在线上线下同等适用。这一目标必须通过符合国内法和国际法的方式实现,包括尊重人权及言论自由、信息获取等基本自由,我们对此高度重视。我们承诺就此同各国、国际组织、业界和民间社会合作。
We urge online platforms to meet our citizens' expectations that they must not allow use of their platforms to facilitate terrorism and VECT. Platforms have an important responsibility to protect their users. The complexity of the challenge - and increasing sophistication of the criminals who would misuse the internet - does not lessen the importance of platforms mitigating the proliferation of terrorist and VECT content, which harms society, via their platforms. 我们敦促网络平台满足公民的期待,不能允许网络平台被用于支持恐怖主义和暴力极端主义。网络平台对保护其用户负有重要责任。我们面临复杂的挑战,犯罪分子滥用网络的水平日益提升,网络平台不能忽视阻止伤害社会的恐怖主义和暴力极端主义内容扩散。
We urge online platforms to step up the ambition and pace of their efforts to prevent terrorist and VECT content from being streamed, uploaded, or re-uploaded. We strongly encourage a concerted effort to set out, implement and enforce terms of service to detect and prevent terrorist and VECT content from appearing on their platforms. Amongst other measures, this may be achieved by developing technologies. Where terrorist content is uploaded or livestreamed, we underline the importance of online platforms addressing it, in a timely manner, to prevent proliferation, while ensuring that documentary evidence is preserved. We welcome online platforms' commitment to provide regular and transparent public reporting, as set out in their policies and procedures. 我们敦促网络平台提升雄心水平,作出更大努力,阻止恐怖主义和暴力极端主义内容被播放、上传或重新上传。我们强烈鼓励各方共同努力,制定、执行、落实好相关服务条款,以便发现和阻止网络平台出现恐怖主义和暴力极端主义内容。这一目标可以通过技术发展等手段实现。我们强调,当恐怖主义内容被上传或直播时,有关网络平台应及时采取措施防止其扩散,同时保存证据记录。我们欢迎网络平台作出承诺,根据其政策和程序,提供定期、透明的公开报告。
We note the ongoing work of the Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism (GIFCT) to drive this important cross-industry agenda, including to respond to crises. However, further urgent action is needed. We encourage collaboration with industry, media outlets, researchers and civil society to strengthen GIFCT and expand its membership to be more inclusive. A strengthened GIFCT would enhance cross industry understanding, collaboration and the capability of big and small companies to prevent terrorist and VECT exploitation of their platforms. 我们注意到全球反恐互联网论坛在这一重要跨行业问题上正在开展的工作,包括在危机应对等方面,同时认为论坛需要进一步采取紧急行动。我们鼓励论坛同业界、媒体、研究人员和民间社会加强协作,加强论坛作用,并扩充其成员,使之更具包容性。这有助于提升行业间的理解和协作,并提升大小企业防范恐怖和暴力极端分子利用其网络平台的能力。
We commit to continue working together to tackle this challenge - including by sharing our domestic experiences - in our countries and through international fora and initiatives. Positive narratives to counter terrorist propaganda will continue to be an important element of this effort. We will remain engaged with industry progress and urge civil society, consumers and investors to do the same. 我们将继续在本国并通过国际论坛和倡议合作应对这一挑战,包括分享国内经验。加强反恐正面宣传是上述努力的重要方面。我们将关注业界进展,并敦促民间社会、消费者和投资者作出同样的努力。
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