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Announcement No. 160 [2019] of the General Administration of Customs—Announcement on Conducting Access Supervision by Stages and Accelerating the Inspection and Release at Ports [Effective]
海关总署公告2019年第160号――关于分段实施准入监管 加快口岸验放的公告 [现行有效]

Announcement of the General Administration of Customs 


(No. 160 [2019]) (2019年第160号)

Announcement on Conducting Access Supervision by Stages and Accelerating the Inspection and Release at Ports 关于分段实施准入监管 加快口岸验放的公告
For purposes of further optimizing the business environment at ports, promoting cross-border trade facilitation and enhancing the overall efficiency of customs clearance, the General Administration of Customs (“GACC”) has decided to conduct access supervision of imported goods by stages and accelerating the inspection and release at ports. The relevant matters are hereby announced as follows: 为进一步优化营商环境,促进贸易便利化,提升通关整体效能,海关总署决定对进口货物分段实施准入监管,加快口岸验放。现就有关事项公告如下:
I. Granting permission for the pickup and release of goods   一、货物准予提离
Under any of the following circumstances, the imported goods are permitted to be picked up and released from the areas under customs supervision at the port of entry on the strength of a notice of the customs office: 进口货物属于下列情形之一的,凭海关通知准予提离进境地口岸海关监管区:
(1) They have no customs inspection requirements. (一)无海关检查要求的。
(2) They only have customs port inspection requirements and the port inspection has been completed; particularly, where areas under customs supervision at the port of entry fail to meet conditions for inspection, the consignees may apply to the customs office for inspection at any other specific place or site outside areas under customs supervision that meet conditions for inspection. (二)仅有海关口岸检查要求且已完成口岸检查的。其中,进境地口岸海关监管区内不具备检查条件的,收货人可向海关申请在监管区外具备检查条件的特定场所或场地实施转场检查。
(3) They only have customs destination inspection requirements. (三)仅有海关目的地检查要求的。
(4) They have requirements for both customs port inspection and destination inspection, and the port inspection has been completed, or at the request of the consignees of imported goods or their agents (hereinafter referred to as the “consignees”), the port inspection and the destination inspection have been jointly conducted and completed at the port of entry. (四)既有海关口岸检查又有目的地检查要求,已完成口岸检查,或经进口货物收货人或其代理人(简称“收货人”)申请在进境地口岸合并实施且已完成相关检查的。
II. Granting permission for the sale or use of goods   二、货物准予销售或使用
After imported goods are permitted to be picked up and released, the enterprise shall transport and store such goods on its own, and sell or use them on the strength of a release notice by the customs office. Particularly, under any of the following circumstances, the goods may be released only after the appropriate customs formalities are completed: 进口货物准予提离后,由企业自行运输和存放,凭海关放行通知准予销售或使用。其中,属于下列情形的,需办结海关相关手续方可放行:
(1) Where they have customs destination inspection requirements, the customs office have completed the inspection. (一)有海关目的地检查要求的,海关已完成检查。
(2) For those subject to management by regulatory certificates, the customs office has written off appropriate regulatory certificates. (二)属于监管证件管理的,海关已核销相关监管证件。
(3) Where it is necessary to conduct conformity assessment, the customs office has completed conformity assessment procedures. (三)需进行合格评定的,海关已完成合格评定程序。
III. Other relevant matters 聊五分钱的天吗  三、其他有关事项
Where a consignee shall undergo other formalities for sale or use of imported goods as legally required, such formalities shall be handled in accordance with appropriate provisions. 收货人销售或使用进口货物依法应当办理其他手续的,按照相关规定办理。
For the purpose of this Announcement, “inspection” means the quarantine, examination or commodity inspection conducted by the customs offices for imported goods during the entry as legally required. Particularly, port inspection shall be conducted by the competent customs offices at the place of entry, while destination inspection shall be conducted at the destination by the competent customs offices at the port of destination. 本公告所称检查,是指海关在进境环节对进口货物依法实施的检疫、查验或商品检验作业。其中,口岸检查由进境地主管海关在进境地口岸实施,目的地检查由目的地主管海关在目的地实施。
This Announcement shall come into force on November 15, 2019. 本公告自2019年11月15日起实施。
General Administration of Customs 海关总署
October 16, 2019爱法律,有未来 2019年10月16日
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