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Meeting of BRICS Ministers of Foreign Affairs/International Relations Media Statement (2018) [Effective]
金砖国家外长联大会晤新闻公报(2018) [现行有效]

Meeting of BRICS Ministers of Foreign Affairs/International Relations Media Statement



(27 September 2018, New York) (2018年9月27日,美国纽约)

1. The BRICS Ministers of Foreign Affairs/International Relations held their annual meeting on the margins of the 73rd session of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA73) on 27 September 2018, chaired by Brazil in the country's capacity as the incoming BRICS Chair for 2019. They exchanged views on current issues of global significance in political, security, economic, financial and sustainable development spheres, as well as three-pillar intra-BRICS strategic cooperation. The Ministers expressed their warm appreciation to South Africa for the success of the 10th BRICS Summit, Johannesburg, 25-27 July 2018, held under the theme: "BRICS in Africa: Collaboration for Inclusive Growth and Shared Prosperity in the 4th Industrial Revolution". They also welcomed the convening of BRICS Leaders Retreat in Johannesburg that marked the 10th anniversary of the BRICS Summits. The Ministers recommitted to implement the outcomes of the Johannesburg Summit, as well as of the past Summits. 1、2018年9月27日,金砖国家外长在第七十三届联合国大会期间举行例行会晤。2019年金砖国家候任主席国巴西主持会议。外长们就当前政治、安全、经济、金融和可持续发展等领域具有全球意义的重要议题以及金砖国家“三轮驱动”战略合作进行了深入交流。外长们对南非于2018年7月25日至27日在约翰内斯堡成功举办主题为“金砖国家在非洲:在第四次工业革命中共谋包容增长和共同繁荣”的金砖国家领导人第十次会晤深表感谢。外长们欢迎在约翰内斯堡举行纪念金砖国家领导人会晤10周年非正式会议。外长们重申致力于全面落实约翰内斯堡会晤及往届金砖国家领导人会晤成果。
2. The Ministers also welcomed the hosting of the BRICS-Africa Outreach and second BRICS Plus Cooperation with Emerging Markets and Developing Countries (EMDCs) during the Johannesburg Summit. 2、外长们欢迎在约堡会晤期间举行金砖国家领导人同非洲国家以及新兴市场和发展中国家领导人的第二次“金砖+”对话会。
3. The Ministers underlined the progress achieved by BRICS throughout more than one decade of multi-dimensional, inclusive cooperation fostered by the Leaders' Summits. They expressed satisfaction with the many fruitful results of intra-BRICS cooperation in the areas of economy, finance, peace, stability and people-to-people exchanges, in particular the establishment of the New Development Bank (NDB), including its Africa Regional Centre in Johannesburg, South Africa, the Contingent Reserve Arrangement (CRA), the formulation of the Strategy for BRICS Economic Partnership, BRICS Action Agenda on Economic and Trade Cooperation and the BRICS Agricultural Research Platform (ARP). They welcomed the constitution of the BRICS Energy Research Cooperation Platform, the upcoming establishment of the Americas Regional Office of the NDB in S?o Paulo, the BRICS Partnership on New Industrial Revolution (PartNIR), and the BRICS Vaccine Research and Development Centre. The Ministers looked forward to the early and full operationalization of all BRICS initiatives. 3、外长们强调金砖国家合作在过去十余年中取得积极进展,特别是领导人会晤促进了金砖国家全方位、包容性的合作。外长们对金砖国家在经济、金融、和平、稳定和人文交流领域卓有成效的合作表示满意,特别是成立新开发银行及其在南非约翰内斯堡的非洲区域中心,建立应急储备机制,制定《金砖国家经济伙伴战略》、《金砖国家经贸合作行动纲领》,建立金砖国家农业研究平台。外长们欢迎建立金砖国家能源研究平台,即将在圣保罗成立新开发银行美洲区域办公室,建立金砖国家新工业革命伙伴关系和金砖国家疫苗研发中心等。外长们期待早日全面启动上述所有金砖国家合作倡议。
4. The Ministers recalled the importance of the political and security cooperation, including through Meetings of Foreign Ministers, Meetings of BRICS High Representatives for Security Issues and National Security Advisors. 4、外长们重申通过包括金砖国家外长会晤和安全事务高级别代表会议等进行政治安全合作的重要性。
5. The Ministers recommitted themselves to a world of peace and stability, and supported the central role of the United Nations, the purposes and principles enshrined in the UN Charter and respect for international law, promoting democracy and the rule of law. They recalled in this regard the 1970 Declaration on Principles of International Law concerning Friendly Relations and Cooperation among States. The Ministers reinforced their commitment to upholding multilateralism and to working together on the implementation of the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals as they foster a more representative, democratic, equitable, fair and just international political and economic order. Faced with international challenges requiring their cooperative efforts, they reiterated their commitment to shaping a more fair, just and representative multipolar international order to the shared benefit of humanity, in which the general prohibition of the use of force is fully upheld and which excludes the imposition of unilateral coercive measures outside the framework of the UN Charter爱法律,有未来. They emphasised the indivisible nature of peace and security and reiterated that no country should enhance its security at the expense of the security of others. They noted the long overdue outstanding task of ensuring the adequate representation of African States in the UN, especially in peace and security matters. 5、外长们重申致力于世界和平与稳定,支持联合国的核心作用和《联合国宪章快醒醒开学了》宗旨和原则,尊重国际法,促进民主和法治。外长们为此回顾1970年《关于各国依联合国宪章建立友好关系及合作之国际法原则之宣言》。外长们重申支持多边主义,共同落实2030年可持续发展议程,推动国际政治经济秩序朝着更具代表性、民主、平等、公平和公正的方向发展。解决国际挑战需要外长们的携手合作,为促进全人类的共同福祉,外长们重申致力于推动国际秩序朝着更加公平、公正、更具代表性的多极化方向发展,坚持全面禁止使用武力,反对任何在《联合国宪章》框架之外采取单边主义措施的行为。外长们强调和平与安全不可分割,并重申任何国家都不应以牺牲别国安全为代价促进自身安全。外长们注意到确保非洲国家在联合国特别是和平与安全事务中的充分代表性,是一项尚未完成的重要任务。
6. The Ministers welcomed the Nelson Mandela Peace Summit, held in the UN General Assembly on 24 September 2018, to commemorate the birth centenary and the life of Nelson Mandela. They welcomed the Political Declaration adopted by Leaders, which reaffirms the values Nelson Mandela stood for and commits Member States to redouble their efforts to build a just, peaceful, prosperous, inclusive and fair world. They noted that Nelson Mandela embodied the very values enshrined in the Charter of the United Nations and supported by all BRICS members. 6、外长们欢迎联大于2018年9月24日召开曼德拉和平峰会,纪念纳尔逊·曼德拉百年诞辰和他的一生。外长们欢迎与会领导人通过政治宣言,重申纳尔逊?曼德拉代表的价值观,承诺会员国将加倍努力建立一个公正、和平、繁荣、包容和公平的世界。外长们注意到纳尔逊?曼德拉代表的正是《联合国宪章
7. They recalled the 2005 World Summit Outcome document and reaffirmed the need for a comprehensive reform of the UN, including its Security Council, with a view to making it more representative, effective and efficient, and to increase the representation of the developing countries so that it can adequately respond to global challenges. China and Russia reiterated the importance they attach to the status and role of Brazil, India and South Africa in international affairs and supported their aspiration to play a greater role in the UN. 7、外长们回顾2005年世界首脑会议成果文件,重申需要对联合国包括其安理会进行全面改革,使之更具代表性、效力和效率,增强发展中国家代表性,以应对全球挑战。中国和俄罗斯重申重视巴西、印度和南非在国际事务中的地位和作用,支持其希望在联合国发挥更大作用的愿望。
8. The Ministers underscored the importance of sustained efforts aimed at making the United Nations more effective and efficient in implementing the mandates conferred upon it. In this regard, they committed to intensifying dialogue amongst the BRICS countries on the administration and budget of the United Nations, with a view to strengthening the Organization and preserving its Member State-driven character. The Ministers expressed their support for continued cooperation of BRICS members in areas of mutual interest including through regular exchanges amongst their Permanent Missions to multilateral organisations. 8、外长们强调应当持续作出努力,增强联合国履行授权的效率和效力,承诺金砖国家将就联合国行政和预算问题加强对话,以加强联合国作用,并保持会员国主导。外长们支持金砖国家在共同关心的领域继续合作,包括开展常驻多边组织代表团定期会晤等。
9. The Ministers underscored that the elements of the current methodology for the preparation of the scale of assessments of the United Nations are not negotiable, except the current maximum assessment rate, which is contrary to the principle of the capacity to pay and is a fundamental source of distortion in the scale of assessments. 9、外长们强调联合国会费比额现行计算办法包含的要素不容谈判,但这并不包括会费比额上限,因为这违背支付能力原则,是造成会费比额出现严重扭曲的根本原因。
10. The Ministers reiterated BRICS commitment to multilateralism and a rules-based international order and in this regard reaffirmed the centrality of UN, WTO and international law. The Ministers pledged their support to efforts towards making global governance more representative with greater participation of emerging markets and developing countries in global decision making. 10、外长们重申金砖国家坚持多边主义,维护基于规则的国际秩序,为此重申联合国、世界贸易组织和国际法的核心作用。外长们承诺支持增强全球治理代表性,加大新兴市场和发展中国家参与全球决策。
11. The Ministers emphasized the importance of an open and inclusive world economy enabling all countries and peoples to share the benefits of globalization. They underlined their firm commitment to free trade, and the centrality of a rules-based, transparent, non-discriminatory, multilateral trading system as embodied in the WTO. They opposed the new wave of protectionism and the systematic impact of unilateral measures that are incompatible with WTO rules, and undermine global trade, and economic growth. In this regard, they reiterated that the WTO Dispute Settlement System is a cornerstone of the MTS as it is designed to enhance security and predictability in international trade. 11、外长们强调建设开放包容的世界经济对于让所有国家和人民分享经济全球化的益处具有重要作用。外长们强调将坚定致力于自由贸易,将以世界贸易组织为代表、基于规则、透明、非歧视的多边贸易体制置于核心地位,反对违背世贸组织规则、损害全球贸易和经济增长的保护主义和单边措施新浪潮。外长们重申世贸组织争端解决机制意在增强国际贸易的安全性和可预见性,是多边贸易体制基石。
12. Reaffirming their support for the realisation of the African Union's Agenda 2063, the Ministers commended African countries and the African Union on the signing of the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA). The massive adhesion of African nations to the AfCFTA, as well as the adoption of the African Union Protocol on the Free Movement of Persons and the launching of the Single African Air Transport Market, represent major steps towards the effective economic integration of the continent, as they contribute to reducing external dependency and to increasing Africa's political and economic leverage. 12、外长们重申支持落实非盟《2063年议程》,赞赏非洲国家和非盟签署非洲大陆自由贸易协定。非洲国家对大陆自由贸易协定的巨大支持,非盟通过非洲人员自由流动协议以及非洲单一航空运输市场启动,都代表着非洲经济一体化迈出重要步伐。这有利于减少非洲对外部的依赖,提高非洲政治和经济影响力。
13. The Ministers emphasized the need to continue to work together in the areas of disarmament, nonproliferation, prevention of an arms race in outer space and countering challenges to the international security and stability through political and diplomatic means. 13、外长们强调有必要继续在裁军、防扩散、防止外空军备竞赛及通过政治和外交手段应对全球和平稳定面临的挑战等领域开展合作。
14. The Ministers deplored the continued terrorist attacks, including in some BRICS countries. They condemned terrorism in all its forms and manifestations wherever committed and by whomsoever. They urged concerted efforts to counter terrorism under the UN auspices on a firm international legal basis, and expressed their conviction that a comprehensive approach was necessary to ensure effective fight against terrorism. They recalled the responsibility of all States to prevent financing of terrorist networks and terrorist actions from their territories. The Ministers highly valued the 3rd BRICS Counter-Terrorism Working Group Meeting held in Nelspruit on 19 and 20 April 2018. They called upon for an expedited adoption of the Comprehensive Convention on International Terrorism in the UN General Assembly. To address the threat of chemical and biological terrorism, they supported and emphasised the need for launching multilateral negotiations on an international convention for the suppression of acts of chemical and biological terrorism, including at the Conference on Disarmament. 14、外长们强烈谴责持续发生的恐怖袭击,包括在部分金砖国家发生的恐怖袭击。外长们谴责一切形式和表现的恐怖主义,无论在何地点,由何人实施。外长们敦促在联合国主导下,在坚实的国际法基础上,共同努力打击恐怖主义,坚信有效反恐必须坚持综合施策。外长们忆及所有国家都有在本国领土内防止恐怖主义网络融资及恐怖行为的责任。外长们高度评价2018年4月18日至19日在内尔斯普雷特举行的金砖国家反恐工作组第三次会议。外长们呼吁加快在联合国大会上通过《全面反恐公约》。为应对化学和生物恐怖主义的威胁,外长们支持并强调需要启动包括裁军谈判会议在内的国际反化学和生物恐怖主义公约多边谈判。
15. The Ministers reaffirmed their commitment to support international cooperation in combating illicit financial flows, including cooperation within Financial Actions Task Force (FATF) and World Customs Organisation. In this regard, they underscored the importance of increasing mutual exchanges and data sharing. They emphasised the importance of upholding and supporting the objectives of FATF and to intensify their cooperation to implement and improve its Standards on Combating Money Laundering and the Financing of Terrorism and Proliferation in FATF. 15、外长们重申支持国际合作打击非法资金流动,包括在金融行动特别工作组和世界海关组织框架下的合作。为此,外长们强调加强相互交流和数据共享的重要性。外长们强调,维护和支持金融行动特别工作组的宗旨十分重要,将加强合作落实并完善金融行动特别工作组关于反洗钱、反恐怖融资和反扩散融资的国际标准。
16. The Ministers reaffirmed the importance of the elaboration under the UN auspices of rules, norms and principles of responsible behaviour of States on ensuring security in the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs). 16、外长们重申在联合国主导下制定负责任国家行为规则、准则和原则对确保信息和通信技术的安全使用的重要性。
17. The Ministers expressed their concern over the growth of criminal misuse of ICTs and in this regard reiterated the need to develop an international universal legally binding instrument on combatting criminal use of ICTs within the UN. The Ministers acknowledged the work to promote cooperation according to the BRICS Roadmap of Practical Cooperation on Ensuring Security in the Use of ICTs or any other mutually agreed mechanism. The Ministers also acknowledged the importance to establish a framework of cooperation among BRICS Member States on ensuring security in the use of ICTs and, in this regard, BRICS Member States will work towards consideration and elaboration of a BRICS intergovernmental agreement on cooperation on this matter. 17、外长们对滥用信息通信技术犯罪增长表示关切,重申在联合国主导下制定打击使用信息通信技术犯罪的国际法律文书。外长们赞赏根据《金砖国家网络安全务实合作路线图》或其他共同同意的机制加强合作取得的进展。外长们同时认为应建立金砖国家网络安全合作框架,为此金砖国家将继续考虑制定相关政府间合作协定。
18. The Ministers agreed that the conflicts elsewhere in the Middle East and North Africa should not be used to delay resolution of long-standing conflicts, in particular the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. They reiterated the need for renewed diplomatic efforts to achieve a just, lasting and comprehensive settlement of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in order to achieve peace and stability in the Middle East on the basis of relevant United Nations resolutions, the Madrid Principles, the Arab Peace Initiative and previous agreements between the parties, through negotiations with a view to creating an independent, viable, territorially contiguous Palestinian State living side by side in peace and security with Israel. They reiterated that the status of Jerusalem is one of the final status issues to be defined in the context of negotiations between Israel and Palestine. With regard to the situation in Gaza, they reiterated their support to the UN General Assembly Resolution (A/RES/ES-10/20) on the protection of the Palestinian population and called for its full implementation. 18.外长们同意,中东北非其他地区冲突不应成为长期冲突,特别是巴以冲突解决的障碍。外长们重申应在联合国相关决议、马德里原则、“阿拉伯和平倡议”以及此前双方达成的协议基础上,通过谈判实现巴以冲突的公正、持久和全面解决,建立一个与以色列和平共处,独立自主、经济自立、领土完整的巴勒斯坦国,以实现中东地区和平稳定。外长们重申耶路撒冷地位属于应由巴以谈判决定的最终地位问题之一。考虑到当前加沙形势,外长们重申支持并呼吁全面执行联合国大会关于保护巴勒斯坦平民的决议(A/RES/ES-10/20)。
19. The Ministers reiterated their support for the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA). They commended its vital role in providing health, education and other basic services for almost 5.3 million Palestinian refugees and underscore its relevance to bringing stability to the region and the need for ensuring a more adequate, sufficient, predictable and sustained funding for the Agency. 19.外长们重申金砖国家对联合国近东巴勒斯坦难民救济和工程处(UNRWA)的支持,赞赏工程处为530万巴勒斯坦难民提供卫生、教育和其他基础服务方面发挥的重要作用,强调工程处为地区带来稳定,需要确保为其提供更为充足、可预期和可持续的资金。
20. The Ministers reaffirmed their commitment for a political resolution of the conflict in Syria, through an inclusive "Syrian-led, Syrian-owned" political process that safeguards the state sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of Syria, in pursuance of United Nations Security Council Resolution 2254 (2015) and taking into account the result of the Congress of the Syrian National Dialogue in Sochi. They reiterated their support for the Geneva process and the mediation offered by the UN, as well as the Astana process which has been showing signs of positive developments on the ground, and stress the complementarity between the two initiatives. They reaffirmed their commitment to a peaceful resolution in Syria and their opposition to measures that run contrary to the UN Charter and the authority of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) and that do not contribute to advancing the political process. They also highlighted the importance of unity in the fight against terrorist organisations in Syria in full observance of the relevant UNSC Resolutions. They reiterated their strong condemnation of the use of chemical weapons by any party, for any purpose and under any circumstances and renewed calls for comprehensive, objective, independent, and transparent investigations of all alleged incidents. They called for enhanced efforts to provide necessary humanitarian assistance to the Syrian people, bearing in mind urgent reconstruction needs. 20、外长们重申致力于根据联合国安理会第2254号决议,并考虑在索契召开的叙利亚全国对话大会结果,通过“叙人主导、叙人所有”的包容性政治进程,推动政治解决叙冲突,确保叙主权、独立和领土完整。外长们重申支持日内瓦进程及联合国斡旋,以及取得积极进展的阿斯塔纳进程,强调上述两倡议相互补充。外长们重申致力于叙问题和平解决,反对违背《联合国宪章》及安理会权威、无助于推进政治进程的做法。外长们强调在全面遵守安理会相关决议基础上,团结一致打击叙恐怖组织的重要性。外长们再次强烈谴责任何人、出于任何目的、在任何情况下使用化学武器,再次呼吁对所有指称事件进行全面、客观、独立、透明调查。外长们呼吁加大对叙人民提供必要人道救援的努力,注意到叙紧迫的重建需求。
21. The Ministers reaffirmed their support for the process of an "Afghan-led, Afghan-owned'' national peace and reconciliation process. They expressed their concern over the deteriorating situation in Afghanistan particularly the increase in the number and intensity of terrorist-related attacks on the Afghan National Security Forces, the Government and civilians. They called on the international community to assist the government and the people of Afghanistan with the objective of working towards the realisation of peace. They also welcomed the Parliamentary elections that are scheduled to be held in October 2018 and the Presidential elections in 2019. 21、外长们重申支持“阿人主导、阿人所有”的阿富汗全国和平与和解进程,对阿境内形势恶化特别是针对阿国家安全部队、阿政府和平民的恐怖袭击数量和密度增加表示关切。外长们呼吁国际社会协助阿政府和人民实现和平的目标。外长们欢迎将于2018年10月举行的阿议会选举和将于2019年举行的总统大选。
22. The Ministers expressed their concern over the humanitarian situation in the Republic of Yemen, which has become a major humanitarian crisis. They called upon all parties to cease hostilities with a view to the resumption of the negotiations supported by the United Nations, led by the Special Envoy of the Secretary-General, with full respect for international law. 22、外长们对也门人道局势已发展为重大人道危机表示关切,呼吁各方全面遵守国际法,停止敌对行动,以期重启联合国支持的、由秘书长特使主持的谈判。
23. Recalling the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) on the Iranian nuclear programme the Ministers called upon all parties to fully comply with their obligations and ensure full and effective implementation of the JCPOA to promote international and regional peace and security. 23、外长们回顾伊朗核问题《联合全面行动计划》(下称《全面协议》),呼吁所有各方全面履行义务,确保全面、有效落实的《全面协议》,以促进国际和地区和平与安全。
24. The Ministers welcomed recent developments to achieve the complete denuclearisation of the Korean Peninsula and maintain peace and stability in North East Asia. They reaffirmed the commitment for a peaceful, diplomatic and political solution to the situation. 24、外长们欢迎近期为实现朝鲜半岛完全无核化及维护东北亚和平与稳定所取得的进展,重申致力于通过和平、外交和政治手段解决半岛问题。
25. The Ministers reaffirmed their commitment to fully implementing the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), to provide equitable, inclusive, open, all-round innovation-driven and sustainable development, in its three dimensions – economic, social and environmental - in a balanced and integrated manner, towards the ultimate goal of eradicating poverty by 2030. They pledged their support for the important role of the United Nations, including the High Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development (HLPF), in coordinating and reviewing global implementation of the 2030 Agenda, to reform the UN Development System with a view to enhancing its capability in supporting member States in implementing the 2030 Agenda. They urged developed countries to honour their Official Development Assistance (ODA) commitments fully in time and to provide additional development resources to developing countries. 25、外长们重申致力于全面落实2030年可持续发展议程,平衡协调推进经济、社会和环境三大领域的公平、包容、开放、全面、创新和可持续发展。外长们支持联合国包括其可持续发展高级别政治论坛,在协调评估全球落实2030年可持续发展议程方面发挥重要作用,认为有必要通过改革联合国发展系统增强支持会员国落实2030年议程的能力。外长们敦促发达国家按时足额履行官方发展援助承诺,为发展中国家提供更多发展资源。
26. Regarding Climate Change, the Ministers welcomed the progress towards finalizing the Work Programme under the Paris Agreement and expressed their willingness to continue working constructively with other Parties to conclude its related negotiations at the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate爬数据可耻 Change (UNFCCC) towards the 24th Conference of the Parties (UNFCCC COP24) to be held in Katowice, Poland, in December 2018. They called upon all countries to fully implement the Paris Agreement adopted under the principles of the UNFCCC including the principles of common but differentiated responsibilities and respective capabilities, and urged developed countries to provide financial, technological and capacity-building support to developing countries to enhance their capability in mitigation and adaptation. 26、关于气候变化,外长们欢迎制定《巴黎协定》工作计划所取得的进展,将同《巴黎协定》缔约方继续建设性开展工作,争取于2018年12月在波兰卡托维兹举行的《联合国气候变化框架公约》第二十四次缔约方大会上完成相关磋商。外长们呼吁所有国家基于《联合国气候变化框架公约》确定的“共同但有区别的责任”原则和各自能力原则,充分落实《巴黎协定》,并敦促发达国家向发展中国家提供资金、技术和能力建设支持,增强发展中国家减缓和适应气候变化的能力。
27. The Ministers welcomed the conclusion of the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration and the formal consultation process of the Global Compact on Refugees, according to the 2016 New York Declaration for Refugees and Migrants. 27、外长们欢迎各方根据2016年《难民和移民问题纽约宣言》达成《移民问题全球契约》,并推进《难民问题全球契约》正式磋商进程。
28. The Ministers reaffirmed their commitment to strengthen the role of BRICS countries in global health governance, especially at the World Health Organisation and the United Nations. They welcomed the UN General Assembly High-Level Meeting on Ending TB, as well as the Third UN High-Level meeting on the Prevention and Control of Noncommunicable diseases (NCDs), held in New York on 26 and 27 September 2018. They underlined the importance of the creation of the BRICS Research Network on Tuberculosis (TB), which will contribute to the development of new vaccines, safe and affordable diagnostics and treatment regimes, especially for multidrug-resistant TB detection and treatment, In this regard, they welcomed the World Health Organization First Global Ministerial Conference on Ending TB in the Sustainable Development Era: A Multisectoral Response, held in Moscow on 16 and 17 November 2017. These initiatives demonstrate that there is great potential for advancing joint cooperation projects on other health issues, such as HIV/AIDS, among BRICS countries. 28、外长们重申致力于加强金砖国家在全球卫生治理领域特别是在世界卫生组织和联合国中的作用。欢迎联大于2018年9月26日和27日举行终止结核病问题高级别会议和预防和控制非传染性疾病问题第三次高级别会议。外长们强调创建金砖国家结核病防治研究网络的重要性,这有助于研发新疫苗,提供安全、可承付的诊断和治疗制度,尤其是有助于多重耐药结核病的发现和治疗。为此,外长们欢迎世卫组织第一届终止结核病全球部长级会议“在可持续发展时代终止结核病:多部门合作”于2017年11月17日在莫斯科举行。这些倡议表明金砖国家在诸如艾滋病等其他卫生问题上有很大潜力推进合作项目。
29. The Ministers recognized the critical importance of affordable medicines, including generics, in scaling up access to affordable multidrug-resistant and extensively drug-resistant tuberculosis treatment. The Ministers also reaffirmed the right to use, to the fullest extent, the provisions contained in the World Trade Organisation Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS Agreement) as amended, and the Doha Declaration on the TRIPS Agreement and Public Health which recognises that intellectual property rights should be interpreted and implemented in a manner supportive of the right of Member States to protect public health and, in particular, to promote access to medicines for all. 29、外长们认识到可承付药物(包括仿制药)对于让更多人获得可承付的多重耐药和泛耐药肺结核病的治疗极其重要。外长们重申最大程度使用经修订的世界贸易组织《与贸易有关的知识产权协议》(《TRIPS协定》)和《TRIPS协定与公共健康多哈宣言》有关条款的权利,后者承认解读和实施知识产权的方式应有助于支持会员国保护公共健康特别是推动所有人都能获得药物。
30. The Ministers reaffirmed the importance of BRICS people-to-people exchanges in promoting common development and enhancing mutual understanding, friendship and cooperation amongst its peoples. They commended the ongoing exchanges and the steady progress in BRICS, including in the fields of sports, youth, films, culture, education, tourism and governance. They supported further BRICS people-to-people exchanges and cooperation in fostering a meaningful resonance of the BRICS partnership amongst its peoples. 30、外长们重申金砖国家人文交流对于促进共同发展、加强人民之间相互了解、友谊与合作的重要性。外长们赞赏金砖国家在体育、青年、电影、文化、教育、旅游、治国理政等领域交流与合作取得稳步进展。外长们支持金砖国家进一步加强人文交流与合作,使金砖伙伴关系在金砖国家人民中产生有意义的共鸣。
31. The Ministers discussed the possibilities for the mutual support of their initiatives at the 73rd session of the UN General Assembly. 31、外长们讨论了在第73届联大期间相互支持彼此所提倡议的可能性。
32. The Ministers were also briefed on approaches for Brazil's incoming BRICS Chairpersonship in 2019. South Africa, Russia, India and China extended full support for Brazil in hosting the Eleventh BRICS Summit in 2019. 32、外长们听取了巴西担任2019年金砖国家主席国的办会设想。南非,俄罗斯,印度和中国全力支持巴西2019年主办金砖国家领导人第十一次会晤。

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