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Implementation of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action: Joint Ministerial Statement [Effective]
伊朗核问题外长会联合声明(2018年9月24日) [现行有效]

Implementation of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action: Joint Ministerial Statement



(New York, 24 September 2018) (纽约,2018年9月24日)

1.A Ministerial Meeting of the E3/EU+2 (China, France, Germany, the Russian Federation and the United Kingdom, with the High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy) and the Islamic Republic of Iran, the participants of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, was held on 24 September 2018 in New York. The participants considered ways forward to ensure the full and effective implementation of the JCPOA in all its aspects. They also took stock of the process of finding and operationalising practical solutions for issues arising from the unilateral withdrawal of the United States from the agreement and the re-imposition of sanctions lifted under the JCPOA and its Annex II, which they deeply regret. 一、伊朗核问题全面协议参与方(中国、法国、德国、俄罗斯、英国、伊朗外长以及欧盟外交与安全政策高级代表)于2018年9月24日在纽约举行部长级会议。与会各方讨论了确保全面有效执行全面协议所有规定的途径。他们对美国单方面退出全面协议、恢复根据全面协议及其附件二解除的制裁深表遗憾,评估了寻找及落实务实解决方案的进展。
2.The meeting was chaired by the EU High Representative Federica Mogherini and was attended by the E3+2 and Iran at the level of foreign ministers. 二、会议由欧盟外交与安全政策高级代表莫盖里尼主持,中国、法国、德国、俄罗斯、英国及伊朗外长出席。
3.The JCPOA participants reconfirmed their commitment to its full and effective implementation in good faith and in a constructive atmosphere. They recalled that the JCPOA is a key element of the global non-proliferation architecture and a significant achievement of multilateral diplomacy endorsed unanimously by the UN Security Council through Resolution 2231. 三、全面协议现有参与方重申忠实致力于在建设性气氛中全面、有效执行协议。他们忆及协议是国际核不扩散体系的关键要素,也是联合国安理会第2231号决议一致核可的多边外交重要成果。
4.The participants recognised that Iran has continued to fully and effectively implement its nuclear-related commitments, as confirmed by twelve consecutive reports by the International Atomic Energy Agency, and reiterated the need to continue to do so. Participants will continue to support the modernisation of the Arak research reactor as part of the JCPOA and the conversion of the Fordow facility in a nuclear, physics and technology centre. Participants also reaffirmed their support for projects in the area of civil nuclear co-operation on the basis of Annex III of the JCPOA. 四、与会各方认可伊朗已全面有效履行核领域承诺,国际原子能机构已连续发布12份报告予以确认。各方并重申伊朗应继续履行承诺。各方将继续支持根据全面协议改造阿拉克重水堆,以及将福尔多核设施改造为核物理技术研究中心。各方还重申支持在全面协议附件三基础上开展民用核合作项目。
5.The participants recognised that, alongside implementation by Iran of its nuclear-related commitments, the lifting of sanctions, including the economic dividends arising from it, constitutes an essential part of the JCPOA. 五、与会各方认识到,在伊朗履行核领域承诺的同时,对伊朗解除制裁,包括保障伊朗从中获得经济红利,是全面协议重要组成部分。
6.Participants underlined their determination to protect the freedom of their economic operators to pursue legitimate business with Iran, in full accordance with UN Security Council Resolution 2231. 六、与会各方强调保护其经济实体与伊朗自由开展合法贸易的决心,这完全符合联合国安理会第2231号决议。
7.The participants equally highlighted the extensive work and substantial progress undertaken to date, the intensi?cation of technical dialogues, efforts to maintain and improve bilateral economic relations, and the mobilisation of considerable resources by all, including with third countries interested in supporting the JCPOA and in pursuing, in a timely and effective manner, the normalisation of trade and economic relations with Iran. 七、与会各方同样强调迄今为支持全面协议、及时有效实现与伊朗经贸关系正常化所做的大量工作及取得的实质进展,包括加紧技术对话,努力维持和改善双边经济关系,调动所有各方包括感兴趣的第三方投入大量资源。
8.In this context, the participants welcomed the fact that updates to the EU's “Blocking Statute” and the European Investment Bank's external lending mandate to make Iran eligible entered into force on 7 August. 八、在上述背景下,与会各方欢迎欧盟于8月7日更新“阻断法案”,并延长欧洲投资银行对伊朗信贷授权。
9.The participants re-affirmed their continued commitment to the objectives mentioned in the statement of the Ministerial Session of the Joint Commission of the JCPOA on 6 July 2018, in particular to pursue concrete and effective measures to secure payment channels with Iran, and the continuation of Iran's export of oil and gas condensate, petroleum products and petrochemicals. 九、与会各方重申继续致力于实现2018年7月6日全面协议联合委员会外长级会议联合声明各项目标,特别是采取切实有效措施保护对伊朗结算渠道,以及使伊朗继续出口石油、凝析油、石油和石化产品。
10.Mindful of the urgency and the need for tangible results, the participants welcomed practical proposals to maintain and develop payment channels, notably the initiative to establish a Special Purpose Vehicle, to facilitate payments related to Iran's exports (including oil) and imports, which will assist and reassure economic operators pursuing legitimate business with Iran. The participants reaffirmed their strong will to support further work aimed at the operationalisation of such a Special Purpose Vehicle as well as continued engagement with regional and international partners. 十、与会各方认识到取得实质成果的紧迫性和必要性,欢迎保持和建立结算渠道的务实建议,特别是建立促进伊朗进出口(包括石油)结算的“专门机制”,这将帮助并确保经济实体与伊开展合法贸易。各方重申支持旨在推动上述“专门机制”开始运行的工作,以及继续就此与地区和国际伙伴保持接触。
11.The participants stressed their determination to support practical solutions concerning the above and agreed to keep progress under close review and to convene the Joint Commission, including at Ministerial level, as appropriate in order to advance common efforts. 十一、与会各方强调决心支持上述务实解决方案,同意密切跟踪进展,并为此举行联委会会议,包括视情举行部长级会议。
12. The participants recalled that these initiatives are aimed at preserving the JCPOA which is in the international interest. 十二、与会各方忆及上述倡议旨在保留全面协议,这符合国际社会共同利益。

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