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Announcement of the Ministry of Public Security—Announcement on Matters concerning the Decision on Collecting Foreigners' Fingerprints and Other Human Biometric Identification Information in Entry Inspections [Effective]
公安部公告——关于决定在入境检查时留存外国人指纹等人体生物识别信息有关事项的公告 [现行有效]

Announcement of the Ministry of Public Security 


In accordance with the relevant provisions of the Exit-Entry Administration Law of the People's Republic of China


, with the approval of the State Council, the Ministry of Public Security has decided to collect foreigners' fingerprints and other humanbiometric identification information in entry inspections. The relevant matters are hereby announced as follows:
In 2017, China's border inspection authorities will collect the fingerprints of foreigners aged from 14 (including 14) to 70 (including 70) who enter China at ports opening to the outside world by stages and in groups across the country. Foreigners entering China who fall under any of the following circumstances may be exempted from leaving their fingerprints: (1) Holders of diplomatic passports or Chinese diplomatic or courtesy visas, excluding those from countries withreciprocal arrangements. (2) Persons who are mutually exempted from leaving their fingerprints according to bilateral agreements or reciprocal arrangements. (3) Foreign officials at and above the vice-ministerial level and the delegates led by them who may undergo entry procedures as a group according to the relevant provisions of the Ministry of Public Security. (4) Persons with incomplete fingerprints on all 10 fingers or with all of their ten fingerprints unable to be collected. (5) Persons who are exempted from leaving their fingerprints with the approval of the Ministry of Public Security under other exceptional circumstances. 2017年,中国边检机关将分期分批在全国对外开放口岸对入境我国的14(含)至70(含)周岁外国人留存指纹。对符合以下情形的入境外国人,可以免留指纹:(一)持外交护照或持中国外交、礼遇签证的人员,但有对等安排的国家人员除外;(二)根据双边协议或互惠安排,互相给予免留指纹安排的人员;(三)按照公安部有关规定,给予集中办理入境手续便利的外国副部级(含)以上官员及其所率领的代表团成员;(四)十指指纹均残缺或十枚指纹均无法留存的人员;(五)特殊情况下,经公安部同意免予留存指纹的人员。
Ministry of Public Security 公安部
January 29, 2017 2017年1月29日
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