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Ten Policies and Measures of the State Administration for Market Regulation, the National Medical Products Administration, and the State Intellectual Property Administration to Support the Resumption of Work and Production [Effective]
市场监管总局、国家药监局、国家知识产权局支持复工复产十条 [现行有效]

Ten Policies and Measures of the State Administration for Market Regulation, the National Medical Products Administration, and the State Intellectual Property Administration to Support the Resumption of Work and Production 


(No. 30 [2020] of the State Administration for Market Regulation) (国市监综〔2020〕30号)

The market regulation bureaus (departments and commissions), medical products administrations, and intellectual property administrations of all provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the Central Government, cities under separate state planning, sub-provincial cities, and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps: 各省、自治区、直辖市及计划单列市、副省级城市、新疆生产建设兵团市场监管局(厅、委)、药监局、知识产权局:
For the purpose of implementing the principles of the important speeches and instructions made by General Secretary Xi Jinping, ten policies and measures are announced to maximize the functional role of the relevant authorities and solve the actual problems encountered by enterprises during the resumption of work and production in accordance with the arrangements of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on effectively strengthening the science-based epidemic prevention and control and ensuring orderly work resumption of enterprises. 为贯彻落实习近平总书记重要讲话和指示批示精神,按照党中央、国务院关于切实加强疫情科学防控、有序做好企业复工复产工作的部署,现就充分发挥职能作用,解决企业复工复产中面临的实际问题,提出十条政策措施。
I. Online handling of registration   一、登记网上办理
Registration procedures, time and costs shall be further reduced by making full use of such effective means as “Internet, mobile phones, mail and delivery, and appointment”. Special arrangements shall be made for the registration of enterprises producing anti-epidemic supplies. For new industries and new business modes emerging during the epidemic, the standards for scope of business shall be adjusted in time. 充分依托“网上办、掌上办、寄递办、预约办”等有效手段,进一步压减登记注册环节、时间和成本,对生产防疫用品的企业登记注册实行特事特办。对于疫情期间出现的新产业新业态,及时调整经营范围标准。
II. Notification and commitment   二、实行告知承诺
For enterprises resuming or switching production and their products, the time to issue production permits and approve compulsory certificates shall be reduced. For enterprises that are qualified for production but unable to submit required materials for the time being, production permits shall be issued on the spot if they pledge to submit the relevant materials within a given time. 对凡涉及生产许可证、强制性认证的复产转产企业产品,快捷办理,压缩审批时限。对具备生产条件但因办理耗时长、暂不能提交相应材料的企业实行告知承诺制,由企业承诺在相应时限内补充提交相关材料后当场给予办结。
With food safety guaranteed, the procedures to obtain food production and operation permits shall be streamlined, online handling shall be encouraged, and the issuance of electronic permits for food operation shall be promoted. If, for new enterprises that apply for permits or enterprises that apply for altering their permits, on-site inspection is required, the provincial market supervision departments shall, according to their respective food safety risk levels, conduct a pilot program of approval through notification and commitment for low-risk foods. For some qualified enterprises, business licenses can be issued first and on-site inspection can be conducted later. 在保障食品安全的前提下,简化食品生产、经营许可流程,推进网上办理,推广食品经营许可电子证书的发放。对于申请许可的新办企业、申请许可变更的企业,需要现场核查的,由省级市场监管部门依据本地区食品安全风险分级情况,对低风险食品试点开展告知承诺,对符合条件的实施“先证后查”。
The qualification of inspection and testing institutions shall be fully determined online or by mail in the form of postponed assessment, notification and commitment, remotely monitored assessment, and expert's written assessment. 检验检测机构资质认定,全面实行网上办理、邮寄办理,采取延期评审、告知承诺、远程监控评审、专家文审等方式进行。
Mergers and acquisitions of enterprises shall be facilitated, anti-trust review on concentrations of undertakings shall be conducted online, and efficiency in review of simple cases shall be enhanced, so as to ensure that mergers and acquisitions can proceed smoothly. The working mechanism for anti-trust review on concentrations of undertakings shall be optimized, and competition compliance guidance and services for enterprises shall be strengthened. 便利企业并购交易,经营者集中反垄断审查实行网上申报,提高简易案件审查效率,保障企业并购交易顺利进行。优化经营者集中反垄断审查工作机制,加强企业竞争合规指导和服务。
III. Emergency green channels for administrative licensing   三、建立行政许可应急绿色通道
For producers that switch to the production of emergency supplies such as face masks and protective suits, the procedures of qualification examination and approval shall be simplified, the processes of product registration and production permit inspection shall be combined, and urgent inspection and testing procedures shall be initiated, while enterprises' self-testing reports shall be partially accepted. After the on-site determination of enterprises that meet the conditions, product registration shall be handled and production permits shall be granted immediately. For enterprises that switch to the production of medical appliances, emergency examination and approval shall be conducted, and registration certificates and production permits of medical appliances shall be granted according to the law.

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