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Measures for the Administration of the Use of Renminbi Designs (2019) [Effective]
人民币图样使用管理办法(2019) [现行有效]

Order of the People's Bank of China 


(No. 2 [2019]) ([2019]第2号)

The Measures for the Administration of the Use of Renminbi Designs, as deliberated and adopted at the 1st executive meeting of the People's Bank of China on September 18, 2019, are hereby issued, and shall come into force on November 15, 2019. 人民币图样使用管理办法》已经2019年9月18日中国人民银行第1次行务会议审议通过,现予发布,自2019年11月15日起施行。
Governor: Yi Gang 行长 易纲
October 15, 2019 2019年10月15日
Measures for the Administration of the Use of Renminbi Designs 人民币图样使用管理办法
Article 1 For the purposes of regulating the use of Renminbi (“RMB”) designs and maintaining the reputation and order of circulation of RMB, these Measures are developed in accordance with the Law of the People's Republic of China on the People's Bank of China法宝, the Regulation of the People's Republic of China on the Administration of Renminbi, and other laws and regulations.   第一条 为规范人民币图样使用行为,维护人民币信誉和流通秩序,根据《中华人民共和国中国人民银行法》和《中华人民共和国人民币管理条例》等法律法规,制定本办法。
Article 2 For the purposes of these Measures, “RMB designs” means the complete or partial designs of currency issued by the People's Bank of China (“PBC”).   第二条 本办法所称人民币图样是指中国人民银行发行的货币的完整图案或者局部图案。
Article 3 For the purposes of these Measures, “use of RMB designs” means the use of RMB designs in an enlarged, reduced or normal size on publicity materials, publications, or other commodities in various forms.   第三条 本办法所称使用人民币图样是指通过各种形式在宣传品、出版物或者其他商品上使用放大、缩小和同样大小人民币图样的行为。
Article 4 RMB designs shall not be used on sacrificial objects, articles for daily use, and coupons.   第四条 禁止在祭祀用品、生活用品、票券上使用人民币图样。
Article 5 Legal persons and other organizations legally formed and natural persons in the territory of the People's Republic of China may apply for the use of RMB designs for purposes such as carrying on the fine cultures of the nation and reflecting domestic and overseas scientific and cultural achievements, publicizing RMB protection and counterfeit-proof knowledge, displaying the art of RMB designing, and promoting the sound development of the numismatic culture.   第五条 在中华人民共和国境内依法设立的法人、其他组织及自然人以弘扬民族优秀文化和反映国内外科学文化成果、宣传爱护人民币和人民币防伪知识、展示人民币设计艺术、促进钱币文化健康发展为目的,可以申请使用人民币图样。
Article 6 The use of RMB designs shall be subject to territorial administration and approval on a case-by-case basis. The Shanghai Head Office, all regional branches and operations offices, all central sub-branches in capital cities of provinces (autonomous regions), and the central sub-branch in Shenzhen of the PBC are the authorities charged with approving the use of RMB designs. Applications for the use of RMB designs are accepted at the local branch offices of PBC.   第六条 使用人民币图样实行属地管理、一事一批。中国人民银行上海总部、各分行、营业管理部、省会(首府)城市中心支行、深圳市中心支行是使用人民币图样的审批机构。中国人民银行当地分支机构是使用人民币图样申请的受理机构。
The PBC shall conduct uniform supervision and administration of the approval work of its branch offices. 中国人民银行对其分支机构的审批工作进行统一监督管理。
Article 7 An applicant for the use of RMB designs shall submit the following materials to the local branch office of the PBC:   第七条 申请使用人民币图样的申请人,应当向中国人民银行当地分支机构提供以下材料:
(1) Application Form for Use of RMB Designs (See Annex). (一)《人民币图样使用申请表》(见附件)。
(2) Identification, business license, or legal person registration certificate of the applicant. (二)申请人身份证件、营业执照或者法人登记证书。
(3) Design drafts of the products to use RMB designs. (三)拟使用人民币图样产品的设计稿。
(4) Advertising documents for the products to use RMB designs. (四)拟使用人民币图样产品的广告宣传文案。
(5) Other relevant materials required by the PBC.

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