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Notice by the State Taxation Administration of Issuing the 2020B Version of Export Tax Refund Rates Library [Effective]
国家税务总局关于发布出口退税率文库2020B版的通知 [现行有效]

Notice by the State Taxation Administration of Issuing the 2020B Version of Export Tax Refund Rates Library 


(Letter No. 44 [2020] of the State Taxation Administration) (税总函〔2020〕44号)

The offices of the State Taxation Administration (“STA”) in all provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the Central Government, and cities under separate state planning; and all local special commissioner's offices of the STA: 国家税务总局各省、自治区、直辖市和计划单列市税务局,国家税务总局驻各地特派员办事处:
In accordance with the provisions on changes in export tax refund rates in the Announcement of the Ministry of Finance and the State Taxation Administration on Increasing the Export Tax Refund Rates for Certain Products (No. 15 [2020]), the STA has developed the 2020B version of export tax refund rates library (hereinafter referred to as the “library”). You are hereby notified of relevant matters as follows: 根据《财政部税务总局关于提高部分产品出口退税率的公告》(2020年第15号)有关出口退税率调整的规定,国家税务总局编制了2020B版出口退税率文库(以下简称“文库”)。现将有关事项通知如下:
I. All local STA offices shall download in a timely manner the library, which is available in the directory of “program release” in controllable FTP system of the STA, and upgrade the library in the export tax refund examination system. All local STA offices shall release the library to export enterprises without delay. 


II. All local STA offices shall strictly implement the export tax refund rates, and are strictly prohibited from changing export tax refund rates without permission. Once any change of an export tax refund rate without permission is found, the relevant persons shall be subject to liability. 小词儿都挺能整  二、各地要严格执行出口退税率。严禁擅自改变出口退税率,一经发现,要追究相关人员责任。
III. All problems encountered in the implementation shall be reported to the STA (Goods and Services Tax Department) in a timely manner.   三、对执行中发现的问题,请及时报告国家税务总局(货物和劳务税司)。
State Taxation Administration 国家税务总局
March 17, 2020爱法律,有未来 2020年3月17日
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