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Opinions of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on Keeping the Land Contracting Relationship Stable and Unchanged on a Long-term Basis [Effective]
中共中央、国务院关于保持土地承包关系稳定并长久不变的意见 [现行有效]

Opinions of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on Keeping the Land Contracting Relationship Stable and Unchanged on a Long-term Basis 


As set forth in the 19th CPC National Congress, the rural land contracting relationship will remain stable and unchanged on a long-term basis, and the current round of contracts will be extended for another 30 years upon expiration. For the purposes of protecting the farmers' rights and interests in land contracting, further improving the rural land contracting management system, and advancing the implementation of the rural vitalization strategy, the opinions on keeping the rural land (contracted arable land) stable and unchanged on a long-term basis (hereinafter referred to as “keeping unchanged on a long-term basis”) are hereby offered as follows: 党的十九大提出,保持土地承包关系稳定并长久不变,第二轮土地承包到期后再延长三十年。为充分保障农民土地承包权益,进一步完善农村土地承包经营制度,推进实施乡村振兴战略,现就保持农村土地(指承包耕地)承包关系稳定并长久不变(以下简称“长久不变”)提出如下意见。
I. Significance   一、法宝重要意义
Since the implementation of the household land contracting system, the CPC Central Committee and the State Council have been adhering to the guideline of stabilizing rural land contracting relationship by extending the contracting term twice and improving the relevant regulations and systems, thereby maintaining the farmers' various rights in contracted land according to law. At the critical time when the socialism with Chinese characteristics enters into a new era, the fact that the CPC Central Committee pledged to keep the land contracting relationship stable and unchanged on a long-term basis is of primary significance and profound influence, as it embodies the continuance and development of the rural land policies of the Party. 自实行家庭承包经营以来,党中央、国务院一直坚持稳定农村土地承包关系的方针政策,先后两次延长承包期限,不断健全相关制度体系,依法维护农民承包土地的各项权利。在中国特色社会主义进入新时代的关键时期,党中央提出保持土地承包关系稳定并长久不变,是对党的农村土地政策的继承和发展,意义重大、影响深远。
1. “Keeping unchanged on a long-term basis” will be conducive to consolidating and improving the rural land management system. The two-tier management system, which is based on the household contracting management system that combines centralized and decentralized approaches, constitutes a major success of the reform and opening up policy and serves as the basic management system in rural areas. The system accords with the actual conditions of China and the characteristics of agricultural production; and it is highly flexible with strong vitality. A stable land contracting relationship will help boost the confidence of farmers in agricultural production and ensure lasting stability in rural areas. In addition, “keeping unchanged on a long-term basis” will lay a more solid foundation for the basic rural land management system and bring strong dynamism to the system as it honors the wishes of farmers. (一)实行“长久不变”有利于巩固和完善农村基本经营制度。在农村实行以家庭承包经营为基础、统分结合的双层经营体制,是改革开放的重大成果,是农村基本经营制度。这一制度符合我国国情和农业生产特点,具有广泛适应性和强大生命力。承包关系稳定,有利于增强农民发展生产的信心、保障农村长治久安。实行“长久不变”,顺应了农民愿望,将为巩固农村基本经营制度奠定更为坚实基础,展现持久制度活力。
2. “Keeping unchanged on a long-term basis” will be conducive to promoting the development of modern agriculture with Chinese characteristics. Land contracting relationship is the embodiment of rural production relationship, and needs constant improvement to conform to the development of productive forces. The household responsibility system introduced at the early stage of the reform and opening up has successfully solved the problem of basic livelihood for millions of farmers. The development of industrialization and urbanization, the migration of numerous rural labors, as well as the significant improvement of farming equipment have made it possible to expand the scale of agricultural business management. “Keeping unchanged on a long-term basis” will also promote the establishment of a pattern of separating ownership rights, contract rights, and management rights for contracted land - contract rights will be stabilized, contract rights and interests of rural residents will be protected, management rights will be loosened, and the role of new entities in rural land management will be maximized, thus facilitating the connection between small farmers and modern agriculture, supporting the development of rural land management at an appropriate scale in diverse forms, and promoting agricultural modernization with Chinese characteristics. (二)实行“长久不变”有利于促进中国特色现代农业发展。土地承包关系是农村生产关系的集中体现,需要适应生产力发展的要求不断巩固完善。改革开放初期实行家庭联产承包制,成功解决了亿万农民的温饱问题。随着工业化、城镇化发展和农村劳动力大量转移,农业物质装备水平大幅提升,农业经营规模扩大成为可能。实行“长久不变”,促进形成农村土地“三权”分置格局,稳定承包权,维护广大农户的承包权益,放活经营权,发挥新型农业经营主体引领作用,有利于实现小农户和现代农业发展有机衔接,有利于发展多种形式适度规模经营,推进中国特色农业现代化。
3. “Keeping unchanged on a long-term basis” will be conducive to supporting the implementation of rural vitalization strategy. Currently, the issue of unbalanced and inadequate development is the most prominent in rural areas. The implementation of rural vitalization strategy plays a historically important role in securing a victory in building a moderately prosperous society in all aspects and embarking on a new journey of comprehensively building a modern socialist country. Reform is the key to revitalize rural areas in an all-round way. To this end, the focus shall be put on improving the property right system and the market-oriented distribution of resources, and institutional support to rural areas shall be strengthened. “Keeping unchanged on a long-term basis” while improving the land contracting management system will help protect the farmers' rights and interests in land contracting, push forward the optimal distribution of rural land resources, stimulate agricultural entities, production factors and the market, and provide a stronger system guarantee for rural vitalization. (三)实行“长久不变”有利于推动实施乡村振兴战略。当前,我国发展不平衡不充分问题在乡村最为突出。实施乡村振兴战略是决胜全面建成小康社会、全面建设社会主义现代化国家的重大历史任务。改革是乡村全面振兴的法宝。推动乡村全面振兴,必须以完善产权制度和要素市场化配置为重点,强化制度性供给。实行“长久不变”,完善承包经营制度,有利于强化农户土地承包权益保护,有利于推进农村土地资源优化配置,有利于激活主体、激活要素、激活市场,为实现乡村振兴提供更加有力的制度保障。
4. “Keeping unchanged on a long-term basis” will be conducive to maintaining social harmony and stability in rural areas. As the land issue runs through the entire process of rural reform and involves the substantial benefits of millions of farmers, how to balance the rights and interests of all parties concerned in land demonstrates the administration and governance capabilities of the Party. “Keeping unchanged on a long-term basis” while further clarifying the rights and obligations in contracted land between the village collective and farmers, between farmers and farmers, and between farmers and new rural land management entities will help make good advantage of the socialist collective economy, properly adjust the relations among parties concerned, remove the hidden disputes over land, promote social fairness and justice, and further consolidate the foundation of the Party's governance in rural areas by ensuring fairness at the starting point and equal opportunities. (四)实行“长久不变”有利于保持农村社会和谐稳定。土地问题贯穿农村改革全过程,涉及亿万农民切身利益,平衡好各方土地权益,是党的执政能力和国家治理水平的重要体现。实行“长久不变”,进一步明晰集体与农户、农户与农户、农户与新型农业经营主体之间在承包土地上的权利义务关系,有利于发挥社会主义集体经济的优越性,通过起点公平、机会公平,合理调节利益关系,消除土地纠纷隐患,促进社会公平正义,进一步巩固党在农村的执政基础。
II. General requirements   二、总体要求
1. Guiding ideology: With Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, efforts shall be made to comprehensively fulfill the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress and the Second and Third Plenary Sessions of the 19th CPC Central Committee, earnestly implement the decisions and arrangements of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, revolve around pursuing coordinated implementation of the five-sphere integrated plan and the four-pronged comprehensive strategy, firmly uphold and follow the new concept of development, focus on the primary task of handling the relationship between farmers and land, continue to support farmers in household contracting management, stay committed to keeping the land contracting relationship stable and long-lasting, provide farmers with long-term land right security, improve the basic management system of rural areas, and lay an institutional foundation for improving modernization in agriculture and rural areas, enhancing comprehensive rural vitalization, and maintaining social harmony and stability. (一)指导思想。以习近平新时代中国特色社会主义思想为指导,全面贯彻党的十九大和十九届二中、三中全会精神,认真落实党中央、国务院决策部署,紧紧围绕统筹推进“五位一体”总体布局和协调推进“四个全面”战略布局,牢固树立和贯彻落实新发展理念,紧扣处理好农民和土地关系这一主线,坚持农户家庭承包经营,坚持承包关系长久稳定,赋予农民更加充分而有保障的土地权利,巩固和完善农村基本经营制度,为提高农业农村现代化水平、推动乡村全面振兴、保持社会和谐稳定奠定制度基础。
2. Basic principles (二)基本原则
- Stabilizing the basic management system in rural areas: keeping to the system of collective ownership of rural land, ensuring that the members of collective economic organizations can equally enjoy land rights and interests, continuously exploring specific ways of attaining goals, refraining from land privatization; and adhering to the basic role of the household contracting management system, and not changing the position of farmers in household land contracting or infringing on farmers' rights and interests in land contracting regardless of how the land management rights are transferred or how the new agricultural management entities proceed. --稳定基本经营制度。坚持农村土地农民集体所有,确保集体经济组织成员平等享有土地权益,不断探索具体实现形式,不搞土地私有化;坚持家庭承包经营基础性地位,不论经营权如何流转,不论新型农业经营主体如何发展,都不能动摇农民家庭土地承包地位、侵害农民承包权益。
- Respecting the status of farmers as major participants: respecting the will of farmers, letting farmers to choose, relying on farmers for solving the issues that are most practical with immediate concern; respecting the farmers' innovation spirit, making full use of their initiative and creativity, taking the advantage of their wisdom and strengths in addressing the challenges in reform and innovation; and providing stronger guidance, and enabling farmers to adjust the relationship between parties concerned through consultation within the scope of laws and policies. --尊重农民主体地位。尊重农民意愿,把选择权交给农民,依靠农民解决好自己最关心最现实的利益问题;尊重农民首创精神,充分发挥其主动性和创造性,凝聚广大农民智慧和力量,破解改革创新中的难题;加强示范引导,允许农民集体在法律政策范围内通过民主协商自主调节利益关系。
- Promoting modernization in agriculture and rural areas: following new trends to the improvement of production relations, focusing on modernized agriculture and rural vitalization, guiding smooth transfer of land management rights, enhancing efficiency in the use of land resources, supporting rural land management at an appropriate scale in diverse forms, seeking solutions to both agricultural problems and challenges of farmers, laying equal emphasis on new agricultural management entities and ordinary farmers, and embarking on a path of rural vitalization with Chinese characteristics. --推进农业农村现代化。顺应新形势完善生产关系,立足建设现代农业、实现乡村振兴,引导土地经营权有序流转,提高土地资源利用效率,形成多种形式农业适度规模经营,既解决好农业问题也解决好农民问题,既重视新型农业经营主体也不忽视普通农户,走出一条中国特色社会主义乡村振兴道路。
- Maintaining social stability in rural areas: relying on social stability in rural areas, taking steady and prudent steps in an orderly manner, cherishing valuable traditions, paying attention to local realities, connecting the present with the past, and effecting a smooth transition without forcing or ordering farmers; starting from actual conditions, taking comprehensive considerations, following the overall balance, and applying different policies to farmers by categories; and showing patience to projects of historic importance, fulfilling tasks step by step, and solving current challenges while leaving room for future development. --维护农村社会稳定。以农村社会稳定为前提,稳慎有序实施,尊重历史、照顾现实、前后衔接、平稳过渡,不搞强迫命令;从各地实际出发,统筹考虑、综合平衡、因地制宜、分类施策,不搞一刀切;保持历史耐心,循序渐进、步步为营,既解决好当前矛盾又为未来留有空间。
III. Accurately grasping the policy of “keeping unchanged on a long-term basis”   三、来自北大法宝准确把握“长久不变”政策内涵
1. Keeping unchanged the basic system of collective land ownership and household contracting management: The basic system will help mobilize the village collective and the farmers, and will play an important role in maintaining national food security and effective supply of agricultural products. Therefore, it is essential to stay firm to the system so as to ensure that farmers can exercise collective land ownership and that rural community members can equally share land contracting rights. Specific ways of collective land ownership and household contracting management shall be actively explored to promote the improvement and development of the basic management system in rural areas according to the economic and social development of China and the unbalanced development in different regions. (一)保持土地集体所有、家庭承包经营的基本制度长久不变。农村土地集体所有、家庭承包经营的基本制度有利于调动集体和农民积极性,对保障国家粮食安全和农产品有效供给具有重要作用,必须毫不动摇地长久坚持,确保农民集体有效行使集体土地所有权、集体成员平等享有土地承包权。要从我国经济社会发展阶段和各地发展不平衡的实际出发,积极探索和不断丰富集体所有、家庭承包经营的具体实现形式,不断推进农村基本经营制度完善和发展。
2. Keeping unchanged the farmers' basic rights of collective land contracting: As household contracting management occupies a fundamental role in agricultural production management, it is crucial to protect and support the farmers' basic rights of collective land contracting on a long-term basis. The members of collective economic organizations in rural areas shall have the right to contract collective land according to law; and no organization or individual shall deprive the members of or illegally limit their rights. In the meanwhile, the protection of land contracting rights shall be constantly strengthened to meet the current development requirements, the farmers' rights of occupying, using, benefiting from, transferring contracted land as well as mortgage and guarantee of the management rights of contracted land shall be protected according to law, and farmers shall be continuously conferred with more rights. (二)保持农户依法承包集体土地的基本权利长久不变。家庭经营在农业生产经营中居于基础性地位,要长久保障和实现农户依法承包集体土地的基本权利。农村集体经济组织成员有权依法承包集体土地,任何组织和个人都不能剥夺和非法限制。同时,要根据时代发展需要,不断强化对土地承包权的物权保护,依法保障农民对承包地占有、使用、收益、流转及承包土地的经营权抵押、担保权利,不断赋予其更加完善的权能。
3. Keeping stable the farmers' contracted land: Farmer household is the statutory body of land contracting management, collective land in rural areas is contracted by farmer households in a collective economic organization, and household members enjoy various rights and interests of contracted land on an equal footing. The farmers' contracted land shall be kept stable, and landowners and other economic organizations and individuals shall not be adjusted according to law. Contracting farmers shall be encouraged to increase investment, protect and improve soil fertility. All local authorities may, under the condition of farmers' voluntariness, organize the exchange and transfer of land, and support the planting of contiguous land. New agricultural management entities shall be supported in consolidating farmland by transferring the farmers' contracted land and improving the comprehensive agricultural productivity. (三)保持农户承包地稳定。农民家庭是土地承包经营的法定主体,农村集体土地由集体经济组织内农民家庭承包,家庭成员依法平等享有承包土地的各项权益。农户承包地要保持稳定,发包方及其他经济组织和个人不得违法调整。鼓励承包农户增加投入,保护和提升地力。各地可在农民自愿前提下结合农田基本建设,组织开展互换并地,发展连片种植。支持新型农业经营主体通过流转农户承包地进行农田整理,提升农业综合生产能力。
IV. Steadily promoting the implementation of “keeping unchanged on a long-term basis”   四、稳妥推进“长久不变”实施
1. Stabilizing rural land contracting relationship: Upon expiration of the second-round land contracting, the previous contracting principles shall be upheld without re-distributing the contracted land to ensure that the original contracted land for most farmers can remain stable. For several villages in which contracted land is damaged by natural disasters and most villagers require land adjustments, moderate adjustments may be made among individual farmers according to laws and regulations under the principle of “long-term stability and minor adjustments” upon consultation with farmers in the village collective – upon the consent of over two thirds of the members of the village council held by the collective economic organization or two thirds of representatives of villagers before the approval of administrative departments of agriculture in township (town) governments and county governments. (一)稳定土地承包关系。第二轮土地承包到期后应坚持延包原则,不得将承包地打乱重分,确保绝大多数农户原有承包地继续保持稳定。对少数存在承包地因自然灾害毁损等特殊情形且群众普遍要求调地的村组,届时可按照大稳定、小调整的原则,由农民集体民主协商,经本集体经济组织成员的村民会议三分之二以上成员或者三分之二以上村民代表同意,并报乡(镇)政府和县级政府农业等行政主管部门批准,可在个别农户间作适当调整,但要依法依规从严掌握。
2. Extending the current round of land contracting for another 30 years upon expiration: The fact that the land contracting term will be extended for another 30 years to make the rural land contracting relationship last for a total of 75 years from the beginning of the first round is a major step to “keep unchanged on a long-term basis”. The current contracted land shall continue to be contracted by farmers upon the expiration of the current round, and the new term shall start from the point when the second round expires. Based on the confirmation, registration, and issuance of certificates on contracted land, the certificates issued shall continue to be effective and not be changed or replaced during the new contracting term, and the contracting term on the certificates shall be altered in an unified manner. For individual farmers who require land adjustments, the relevant information on contracts, registers and certificates shall be altered accordingly. (二)第二轮土地承包到期后再延长三十年。土地承包期再延长三十年,使农村土地承包关系从第一轮承包开始保持稳定长达七十五年,是实行“长久不变”的重大举措。现有承包地在第二轮土地承包到期后由农户继续承包,承包期再延长三十年,以各地第二轮土地承包到期为起点计算。以承包地确权登记颁证为基础,已颁发的土地承包权利证书,在新的承包期继续有效且不变不换,证书记载的承包期限届时作统一变更。对个别调地的,在合同、登记簿和证书上作相应变更处理。
3. Continuing to support the policy of “keeping contracted land unchanged regardless of any change in the number of farmers”: To avoid too many changes in contracted land and prevent the size of managed arable land from being subdivided too often, for contracting households that add new family members and live in difficulties due to land shortage in the new round of land contracting, support shall be provided to help them improve job skills, employment services shall be offered, and social security work shall be carried out. For a contracting household that vanishes due to the decease of all its family members, the landowner shall recover the contracted land and contract it out to a third party. The contracting proceeds that a contracting household should obtain through household land contracting shall be inherited in accordance with the Law of Succession. (三)继续提倡“增人不增地、减人不减地”。为避免承包地的频繁变动,防止耕地经营规模不断细分,进入新的承包期后,因承包方家庭人口增加、缺地少地导致生活困难的,要帮助其提高就业技能,提供就业服务,做好社会保障工作。因家庭成员全部死亡而导致承包方消亡的,发包方应当依法收回承包地,另行发包。通过家庭承包取得土地承包权的,承包方应得的承包收益,依照继承法的规定继承。
4. Establishing and improving the system of voluntarily transferring the land contracting right with compensation according to law: The land contracting rights and interests of farmers who relocate to cities shall be protected; and exit from land contracting rights shall not be used as a necessary condition for farmers to settle down in cities. Farmers who settle down in cities shall be guided and supported in transferring land contracting rights within their own collective economic organizations or returning contracted land to collective economic organizations, or they may be encouraged to transfer the management rights of contracted land in various forms. For contracted land that have long been abandoned, landowners may take measures to prevent and correct the abandoning activities according to law. (四)建立健全土地承包权依法自愿有偿转让机制。维护进城农户土地承包权益,现阶段不得以退出土地承包权作为农户进城落户的条件。对承包农户进城落户的,引导支持其按照自愿有偿原则依法在本集体经济组织内转让土地承包权或将承包地退还集体经济组织,也可鼓励其多种形式流转承包地经营权。对长期弃耕抛荒承包地的,发包方可以依法采取措施防止和纠正弃耕抛荒行为。
V. Completing the basic tasks of “keeping unchanged on a long-term basis”   五、切实做好“长久不变”基础工作
1. Fulfilling the task of confirmation, registration and issuance of certificates on contracted land: The task of confirmation, registration and issuance of certificates on contracted land is one of the major measures to stabilize rural land contracting relationship, and also provides important conditions and basic grounds for “keeping unchanged on a long-term basis”. The task was almost completed before the end of 2018. Based on that, efforts shall be made to continue the remaining part of the task, resolve the legacy problems, improve the system of confirmation and registration of such rights as right of reaching a contracting agreement, right of recording registration, and certification right, keep it compatible with the unified registration of real estate, provide farmers with more secure land contracting rights, and lay a solid foundation for “keeping unchanged on a long-term basis”. (一)做好承包地确权登记颁证工作。承包地确权登记颁证是稳定农村土地承包关系的重大举措,也是落实“长久不变”的重要前提和基本依据。在2018年年底前基本完成确权登记颁证工作的基础上,继续做好收尾工作、化解遗留问题,健全承包合同取得权利、登记记载权利、证书证明权利的确权登记制度,并做好与不动产统一登记工作的衔接,赋予农民更有保障的土地承包权益,为实行“长久不变”奠定坚实基础。
2. Improving the implementation of the policy of “separating rural land ownership, land contracting right and land management right”: Effective ways of supporting collective ownership of rural land shall be constantly explored, the functions and effects of land ownership, contracting rights and management rights shall be respectively maximized, and a pattern that is highly organized, reasonably structured and provides equal protection to farmers shall be established. Study shall be conducted on such issues as the boundary of rights and mutual relationship in rights between the village collective and contracting farmers on contracted land as well as between contracting farmers and management entities in transfer of land; and all rights of farmers in land contracting shall be properly protected. The market of transferring land management right shall be improved, the system of regulating and managing land transfer shall be enhanced, and more effective solutions shall be explored to authorize the right of land management. (二)完善落实农村土地所有权、承包权、经营权“三权”分置政策体系。不断探索农村土地集体所有制的有效实现形式,充分发挥所有权、承包权、经营权的各自功能和整体效用,形成层次分明、结构合理、平等保护的格局。深入研究农民集体和承包农户在承包地上、承包农户和经营主体在土地流转中的权利边界及相互权利关系等问题,充分维护农户承包地的各项权能。完善土地经营权流转市场,健全土地流转规范管理制度,探索更多放活土地经营权的有效途径。
3. Improving the laws and policies related to the contracting of rural land: The relevant laws shall be revised according to the policies specified by the CPC Central Committee, and the systems of “keeping unchanged on a long-term basis” and protecting the farmers' rights and interests in land contracting shall be established and improved. The Office of the Central Rural Work Leadership Group, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and other departments shall, before the expiration of the second-round land contracting, study the issuance of supporting policies, guide local authorities in determining the specific measures for extending the current round of contracts, and ensure policy connection and smooth transition. (三)健全农村土地承包相关法律政策。按照党中央确定的政策,抓紧修改相关法律,建立健全实行“长久不变”、维护农户土地承包权益等方面的制度体系。在第二轮土地承包到期前,中央农办、农业农村部等部门应研究出台配套政策,指导各地明确第二轮土地承包到期后延包的具体办法,确保政策衔接、平稳过渡。
4. Paying close attention to the publicity and guidance of policies: All regions and all the relevant departments shall strengthen the publicity work; and all news media shall play a positive role in explaining the policy of “keeping unchanged on a long-term basis” and providing necessary trainings, and release all specific information in a timely manner, so as to help farmers, basic-level cadres and the public to understand the Party's and the state's policies concerning rural land contracting in a comprehensive and accurate way. New situations and new problems arising from the implementation of policies shall be closely scrutinized, properly treated and handled; and all major issues shall be reported in a timely manner. (四)高度重视政策宣传引导工作。各地区各有关部门要加大宣传力度,各新闻媒体要积极发挥作用,做好“长久不变”政策解读和业务培训,及时、充分、有针对性地发布信息,使广大农民和基层干部群众全面准确了解党和国家的农村土地承包政策。密切关注政策落实中出现的新情况新问题,积极应对、妥善处理,重大问题要及时报告。
The party committees and governments of all provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government) shall be fully aware that “keeping unchanged on a long-term basis” is a systematic, important and long-term policy. They shall, according to the requirements of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, strengthen the leadership, fulfill the work responsibilities, study the way of how to solve the challenges and problems in implementing the policy, and ensure that the policy of “keeping unchanged on a long-term basis” and extending the current round of land contracting for another 30 years can be carried out successfully. The responsibility system of county-level party committees and governments shall be adopted – namely they shall make work plans for specific problems, press ahead with the plans according to local conditions, ensure the policy can be effectively implemented and the land contracting term can be smoothly extended, and maintain social harmony and stability in rural areas. All the relevant departments shall, according to the division of duties, support and cooperate with each other, join hands to improve the work mechanism, protect the various rights of farmers in land contracting, and ensure lasting stability in rural areas. 各省(自治区、直辖市)党委和政府要充分认识实行“长久不变”的重要性、系统性、长期性,按照党中央、国务院要求,切实加强领导,落实工作责任,研究解决实行“长久不变”的重点难点问题,保障“长久不变”和第二轮土地承包到期后再延长三十年政策在本地顺利实施。实行县级党委和政府负责制,县级要针对具体问题制定工作方案,结合本地实际周密组织实施,确保“长久不变”政策落实、承包延期平稳过渡,保持农村社会和谐稳定。各有关部门要按照职责分工,主动支持配合,形成工作合力,健全齐抓共管的工作机制,维护好、实现好农民承包土地的各项权利,保证农村长治久安。
(Xinhua News Agency, Beijing; November 26, 2019)


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