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Wang Jimei v. Yizheng Longxing Plastic Co., Ltd. (A case about dispute over right to life)
  • Type of Dispute: Civil-->Personality Rights
  • Legal document: Judgment
  • Judgment date: 07-20-2013
  • Procedural status: Trial at Second Instance
  • Source: SPC Gazette, Issue 6, 2017 (No. 248)

Wang Jimei v. Yizheng Longxing Plastic Co., Ltd. (A case about dispute over right to life)
Wang Jimei v. Yizheng Longxing Plastic Co., Ltd. (A case about dispute over right to life) 汪吉美诉仪征龙兴塑胶有限公司生命权纠纷案
[Judgment Abstract] [裁判摘要]
In accordance with the provisions of Article 22 of the Law of the People's Republic of China on Flood Control, Construction of buildings and structures blocking flood passage, activities adversely affecting the stability of river regime or threatening the safety of river banks or dikes, or other activities impeding flood passage within the range of management of river channels and lakes are prohibited. 根据《中华人民共和国防洪法》第二十二条规定,禁止在河道、湖泊管理范围内建设妨碍行洪的建筑物、构筑物,禁止从事影响河势稳定、危害河岸堤防安全和其他妨碍河道行洪的活动。
The right to life of a citizen should be protected by law. Where an actor infringes upon any other person's civil rights and interests due to his fault, the actor should assume the tort liability. Where the victim also has a fault in the occurrence of the injury, the civil liability of the tortfeasor may be mitigated. 公民的生命权受法律保护。行为人因过错侵害他人民事权益,应当承担侵权责任。受害人对于损害的发生也具有过错的,可以减轻侵权人的民事责任。
Plaintiff: Wang Jimei, female, 45 years old, domiciled in Yizheng City, Jiangsu Province. 原告:汪吉美。
Defendant: Yizheng Longxing Plastic Co., Ltd., domiciled in Yonghe Road, Zhenzhou Township, Yizheng City, Jiangsu Province. 被告:仪征龙兴塑胶有限公司。
Legal Representative: Ma Yaozhang, Chairman of the Board of Directors of this Company. 法定代表人:马瑶章,该公司董事长。
Plaintiff Wang Jimei filed a lawsuit with the People's Court of Yizheng City, Jiangsu Province against defendant Yizheng Longxing Plastic Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Longxing Company”) for dispute over right to life. 原告汪吉美因与被告仪征龙兴塑胶有限公司(以下简称龙兴公司)发生生命权纠纷,向仪征市人民法院提起诉讼。
Plaintiff Wang Jimei alleged that there was heavy rain in Yizheng City on the afternoon of July 12, 2011. Yang Ying, plaintiff's daughter, had a summer vacation job. In the section of the auxiliary lane of the Ningtong (Nanjing-Nantong) Freeway located in Xiayun Group, Yongqing Village, Zhenzhou Township, Yang Ying on an electric bicycle was drawn into the roadside culvert by the rough water bursting through the dam. Around 11:00 on the second day, Yang Ying who died by drowning was found in the river two kilometers away from the scene of the accident. Defendant Longxing Company wantonly built dams on the flow channel for fish-farming, neglected administration of the river channel within its factory, and built fences on the flow channel in violation of regulations, which was the principal factor for her daughter's drowning, and Longxing Company should assume the primary responsibility for the accident; as the highway administration department, the Transport Bureau of Yizheng City did not build guardrails in the section where the accident took place and it should jointly and severally assume the compensatory liability for the accident; and the Water Affairs Bureau of Yizheng City did not build guardrails along the culvert and neglected administration, and it should also jointly and severally assume the compensatory liability for the accident. Therefore, Wang Jimei required that defendant, the Transport Bureau of Yizheng City, and the Water Affairs Bureau of Yizheng City should jointly and severally pay the funeral expense of CNY20,252.5, the compensation for death of CNY526,820, and the compensation for mental distress of CNY50,000, CNY597,072.5 in total, and they should bear the litigation fees of this case. 原告汪吉美诉称:2011年7月12日下午,仪征市遭遇暴雨。原告女儿杨颖利用暑期打工,在骑车途径宁通公路辅道真州镇永庆村下云组路段时,被破坝而出的汹涌的河水卷入路旁的涵洞中,直至第二天中午11时左右,溺水死亡的杨颖才在距事发地两公里的河中被找到。被告龙兴公司肆意在流水渠筑坝养鱼,对自己厂区内的河道疏于管理,在流水渠上违章建围墙,是造成原告女儿溺水身亡的主要因素,应承担该事故的主要责任;仪征市交通运输局作为公路管理部门,在事发地段未建护栏,应对该事故承担连带赔偿责任;仪征市水务局对涵洞设施未建护栏,疏于管理,也应对该事故承担连带赔偿责任。现要求被告及仪征市交通运输局、仪征市水务局连带赔偿丧葬费20252.5元、死亡赔偿金526820元、精神损害抚慰金50000元,合计597072.5元,并承担本案的诉讼费用。
...... 被告龙兴公司辩称:1.原告汪吉美女儿的死亡,既不是我公司围墙倒塌所致,也不是我公司放水所致,是急降暴雨引发山洪意外溺水死亡,属不可抗力。2.原告女儿死亡的地点不在我公司的监管范围之内,与我公司没有任何关系;我公司在此急降暴雨山洪发生之时,也是受害者,上游的水流汹涌直下,将我公司的厂房、机器全部淹水,损失较大。3.我公司自建围墙,是为了企业的安全及防止发生溺水事故,并没有破坏水路,而是尽职保护水路畅通;留下两米多宽的出口,是为了避免与本地农民发生争执,并不是作为出水口。我公司在自己征用的土地上建造围墙与本次意外死亡事故没有任何因果关系。4.原告对女儿的死亡有监护不力的责任,原告女儿缺乏最基本的危险防范和自救常识,也应承担此次事故的责任。综上,我公司对此意外事故不负有任何责任,请求法院驳回原告对我公司的诉讼请求。
 原告汪吉美系杨颖的母亲。2011年7月12日下午,仪征市遭遇暴雨。当日15时 40分左右,杨颖骑电动自行车途径宁通公路北辅道真州镇永庆村下云组路段时,被汹涌而出的河水卷入路旁的水塘中后,又被卷入与水塘相连的位于宁通公路下方的涵洞中,因该涵洞与位于西园路西侧的地下沟渠相连,故直至第二天中午11时左右,已溺水死亡的杨颖才在距事发地段两公里的沿山河中被发现。
 在本案审理过程中,原告汪吉美分别于2013年1月29日、2月17日分别与仪征市交通运输局、仪征市水务局达成和解协议,二被告均赔偿原告人民币9万元,计18万元(相当于原告诉求赔偿标的总额的 30%)。原告申请撤回要求仪征市交通运输局、仪征市水务局承担赔偿责任的诉讼请求,法院裁定予以准许。

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