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Nanjing Xuezhong Caiying Co., Ltd. v. Shanghai Xuezhong Caiying Co., Ltd. and the Branch Thereof

Nanjing Xuezhong Caiying Co., Ltd. v. Shanghai Xuezhong Caiying Co., Ltd. and the Branch Thereof



(Case on Dispute over Infringement upon Trademark and Unfair Competition) 【裁判摘要】


BASIC FACTS 原告:南京雪中彩影婚纱摄影有限公司,住所地:江苏省南京市中山路。

Plaintiff: Nanjing Xuezhong Caiying Wedding Photography Co., Ltd., domiciled on Zhongshan Road, Nanjing Municipality, Jiangsu Province

Legal Representative: Yao Zimei, chairman of the board of directors of the Company 被告:上海雪中彩影婚纱摄影有限公司江宁分公司,住所地:江苏省南京市江宁区东山东新南路。
Defendant: Jiangning Branch of Shanghai Xuezhong Caiying Wedding Photography Co., Ltd., domiciled on Dongshan Dongxin South Road, Jiangning District, Nanjing Municipality, Jiangsu Province 负责人:王敏,该分公司经理。
Person-in-charge: Wang Min, general manager of the Branch Company 被告:上海雪中彩影婚纱摄影有限公司,住所地:上海市宝山区宝山十村。
Defendant: Shanghai Xuezhong Caiying Wedding Photography Co., Ltd., domiciled in Baoshan Shicun, Baoshan District, Shanghai Municipality 法定代表人:王成,该公司总经理。
Person-in-charge: Wang Cheng, general manager of the Company 原告南京雪中彩影婚纱摄影有限公司 (以下简称南京雪中彩影公司)因与被告上海雪中彩影婚纱摄影有限公司江宁分公司 (以下简称江宁雪中彩影分公司)、上海雪中彩影婚纱摄影有限公司(以下简称上海雪中彩影公司)发生商标侵权及不正当竞争纠纷,向江苏省南京市中级人民法院提起诉讼。
Nanjing Xuezhong Caiying Wedding Photography Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Nanjing Xuezhong) had a dispute over infringement upon trademark and unfair competition with Jiangning Branch of Shanghai Xuezhong Caiying Wedding Photography Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Jiangning Zhongxue) and Shanghai Xuezhong Caiying Wedding Photography Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Shanghai Xuezhong) and filed an action with the Intermediate People's Court of Nanjing Municipality, Jiangsu Province. 原告南京雪中彩影公司诉称:原告是 1993年9月在南京市登记成立的婚纱摄影公司,同时也是“雪中彩影”注册商标的合法所有人。2004年8月,原告发现有人持被告江宁雪中彩影分公司的订单来咨询并要求拍照,才知本市江宁区出现了一家同样叫“雪中彩影”的婚纱摄影公司。为澄清事实,原告于2004年8月26日在《金陵晚报》上作了公告声明,同时书面请求南京市工商行政管理局进行查处,注销被告的字号,但至今未得到对二被告的处理决定。二被告的行为严重侵害原告的合法权益和经济利益,也给原告的社会信誉带来负面影响。请求判令二被告:1.立即停止对“雪中彩影”注册商标的侵权行为;2.向原告赔礼道歉,登报消除使用“雪中彩影”名称给原告带来的恶劣影响;3.赔偿经济损失50万元;4.承担本案诉讼费用。
The plaintiff alleged that: It is a wedding photography Co., Ltd. established upon registration in September, 1993 as well as a legal owner of the trademark “Xuezhong Caiying” (meaning Snow-view Color Photo). In August, 2004, the plaintiff learned that there is a same “Xuezhong Caiying” in Jiangning District, Nanjing Municipality when someone came to it for inquiry and for photography, holding an order form of Jiangning Xuezhong in his hand. In order to clarify the relevant facts, the plaintiff made a public announcement on Jinling Evening on August 26, 2004 and requested the Administrative Bureau for Industry and Commerce of Nanjing Municipality in written form to make investigation, give punishment and write off the shop name of the defendants. Yet so far it hasn't received any decision thereon. The acts of both defendants have seriously injured the legitimate rights and interests as well as economic interest of the plaintiff and afflicted negative impact on the social credit thereof. Therefore, Nanjing Xuezhong pleaded the court to rule that: 1. The infringement upon the registered trademark of “Xuezhong Caiying” shall be immediately stopped. 2. The defendants shall make an apology to the plaintiff and make an announcement in newspaper so as to eradicate the negative impact as incurred from the use of “Xuezhong Caiying”; 3. The defendants shall compensate for 0.5 million yuan of economic losses; 4. The defendants shall bear the costs of action. 开庭审理前,原告南京雪中彩影公司以二被告的行为同时构成不正当竞争为由,申请增加诉讼请求为:判令二被告立即停止不正当竞争行为,停止对“雪中彩影”名称的使用,变更名称字号。法庭准予南京雪中彩影公司关于增加诉讼请求的申请,并根据二被告的要求,重新指定了举证和答辩期限。
Before the court hearing, Nanjing Zhongxue applied, on such ground that the act of both defendants have constituted unfair competition as well, for adding its litigation claims as follows: Both defendants shall be ordered to immediately stop their unfair competition, stop the use of “Xuezhong Caiying” and alter their shop name. The court approved the application of Nanjing Xuezhong for adding its litigation claims and re-designate the term for evidence presentation and defense according to the requests of both defendants concerned. 原告南京雪中彩影公司提交以下证据:
Nanjing Xuezhong presented the following evidences: 
1. Registered Trademark Certificate, proving that Nanjing Xuezhong is the owner of the registered trademark “Xuezhong Caiying”; 1.商标注册证,用以证明南京雪中彩影公司系“雪中彩影”注册商标的所有人;
2. Information Form of Industry and Commerce Registration, proving that Jiangning Xuezhong and Shanghai Xuezhong registered an enterprise name of “Xuezhong Caiying”; 2.工商登记信息表,用以证明江宁雪中彩影分公司、上海雪中彩影公司登记了以“雪中彩影”为字号的企业名称;
3. A Contract on House Lease, proving that the area of business place leased by Shanghai Xuezhong is insufficient to provide any service of wedding photography; 3.房屋租赁合同,用以证明上海雪中彩影公司租赁的经营场所面积不足以开展婚纱摄影服务;
4. A Letter of Complaint, proving that Nanjing Xuezhong filed a complaint with the administrative department for commerce and industry; 4.投诉信,用以证明南京雪中彩影公司向工商管理部门进行过举报;
5. The order form of photography as well as cash receipts, proving that the use of “Xuezhong Caiying” by Jiangning Xuezhong and Shanghai Xuezhong has confused the customers and injured the rights and interests of Nanjing Xuezhong; 5.摄影定单及门市收银单,用以证明江宁雪中彩影分公司、上海雪中彩影公司使用“雪中彩影”为企业名称,已经使消费者产生混淆,给南京雪中彩影公司的权益造成了损害;
6. Advertising leaflets, proving that Jiangning Xuezhong and Shanghai Xuezhong committed such infringement as making commercial publicity in the name of “Xuezhong Caiying.” 6.广告宣传单,用以证明江宁雪中彩影分公司、上海雪中彩影公司以“雪中彩影”企业名称进行商业宣传的侵权事实;
7. Jinling Evening, carrying the media report on the infringement committed by Jiangning Xuezhong and Shanghai Xuezhong; 7.《金陵晚报》,用以证明媒体对江宁雪中彩影分公司、上海雪中彩影公司侵权行为的报道;
8. Certificates of Honors, proving the fame of Nanjing Xuezhong. 8.获奖证书,用以证明南京雪中彩影公司的知名度。
Jiangning Xuezhong and Shanghai Xuezhong argued that: The plaintiff's adding its litigation claims upon expiration of the term for evidence presentation as prescribed by the court fails to comply with the Several Provisions of the Supreme People's Court on Civil Litigation Evidences and the principle of “no repeated hearing of a same matter”, thus the court shall not have approved it and the plaintiff shall make a separate action thereon. There is nothing remarkable in “Xuezhong Caiying” as either a trademark or an enterprise business name. The enterprise name of both defendants came into being upon legal registration. The defendants' use the enterprise name in their business operations according to the relevant provisions and have not ever injured the plaintiff's exclusive right to trademark. Why the customers accept the defendants' services remains with the good services as provided by the defendant rather than the fame of “Xuezhong Caiying”. There are several wedding photography companies throughout the country that are named “Xuezhong Caiying”. It is unfair for the plaintiff to file an action with both defendants only rather than against all the violators. Therefore, the plaintiff's litigation claims shall be rejected. 被告江宁雪中彩影分公司、上海雪中彩影公司辩称:原告在法院指定的举证期限届满后增加诉讼请求,不符合最高人民法院《关于民事诉讼证据的若干规定》和“一事不再理”原则,法院不应当准许,原告应另案起诉。原告的“雪中彩影”商标和企业字号不具有显著性。二被告的企业名称经合法登记产生,且被告在合法经营中按规范使用企业名称,不侵犯原告的商标专用权。顾客接受被告的服务,是因为被告提供的服务良好,不是受“雪中彩影”这一名称的影响。以“雪中彩影”命名的婚纱摄影公司,在全国有多家,原告对其他婚纱摄影公司均不加以制止,只起诉二被告,有失公平。原告的诉讼请求应当驳回。
Jiangning Xuezhong and Shanghai Xuezhong presented the following evidences: 被告江宁雪中彩影分公司、上海雪中彩影公司提交以下证据:
(1) Photos and order forms, proving that there is no sign of registered trademark in “Xuezhong Caiying” on the store shingle or order forms of Nanjing Xuezhong; 1.照片及订单,用以证明南京雪中彩影公司在店外名称以及订单中使用“雪中彩影”字样时,都没有注册商标标记;
(2) Photos and order forms, proving that the use of the enterprise name “Xuezhong Caiying” inside or outside stores and in order forms by Jiangning Xuezhong all comply with the relevant standards, without giving any prominence to “Xuezhong Caiying”; 2.照片及订单,用以证明江宁雪中彩影分公司在店内外以及订单上使用企业名称时,均符合规范,并未突出其中的“雪中彩影”字样;
(3) Roster and publicity materials, proving that there are several wedding photography companies named “Xuezhong Caiying” throughout the country, so there is nothing remarkable in “Xuezhong Caiying”; 3.名录及宣传材料,用以证明全国以“雪中彩影”命名的婚纱摄影机构很多,“雪中彩影”不具有显著性;
(4) Testimonies of Yang Lin and Li Zhifang, carrying such major contents as: They do not know Nanjing Xuezhong and taking into consideration nearby consumption and favorable price, accept the wedding photography services provided by Jiangning Xuezhong and are quite satisfied with the service quality. 4.证人杨林、李志芳的证言,主要内容是:以前不了解南京雪中彩影公司。本着就近消费和价格优惠的原则,到江宁雪中彩影分公司接受了婚纱摄影服务,并对该分公司的服务质量表示满意。
The Court organized a cross-examination and attestation. Upon cross-examination, Shanghai Xuezhong and Jiangning Xuezhong did not have any different opinion about the authenticity of the evidences submitted by Nanjing Xuezhong, yet they believed that these evidences are insufficient to substantiate that Jiangning Xuezhong and Shanghai Xuezhong had committed infringement or injured the rights and interests of Nanjiang Xuezhong. Nanjing Xuezhong had no different opinion on the authenticity of the documental evidences submitted by Shanghai Xuezhong and Jiangning Xuezhong yet argued that the testimonies of witnesses had nothing to do with the subject matter at issue in this case. 法庭组织了质证、认证。经质证,被告上海雪中彩影公司、江宁雪中彩影分公司对原告南京雪中彩影公司提交证据的真实性不持异议,但认为这些证据不能证明江宁雪中彩影分公司、上海雪中彩影公司侵权,或者损害了南京雪中彩影公司的利益。南京雪中彩影公司对上海雪中彩影公司、江宁雪中彩影分公司提交书证的真实性不持异议,但认为证人证言的内容与本案争议标的无关。
...... 南京市中级人民法院经审理查明:
 1993年9月22日,台商独资经营的原告南京雪中彩影公司在南京市工商行政管理局登记设立,经营范围是摄影、冲印、礼服、礼车出租以及美容、美发和相关配套服务。1996年11月,南京雪中彩影公司向国家商标局申请注册了“雪中彩影”文字商标,核定服务项目为第42类摄影,注册有效期限自1996年11月14日至2006年 11月13日止。经过10多年经营,南京雪中彩影公司在南京市婚纱摄影行业具有较高知名度。2004年,亚太华人专业人像摄影交流机构向南京雪中彩影公司颁发“世界华人专业婚纱摄影金像奖”,获奖证书记载:“南京雪中彩影婚纱影楼于2004年荣获世界华人婚纱摄影专业十大品牌奖,其杰出成就卓越非凡,经本会国际评委团一致通过,特颁此证。”

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