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Guiding Case No. 49:Shi Honglin v. Taizhou Huaren Electronic Information Co., Ltd. (Dispute over computer software copyright infringement)
  • Type of Dispute: IPR-->IPR Ownership & Infringement
  • Legal document: Judgment
  • Judgment date: 12-17-2007
  • Procedural status: Trial at Second Instance

Guiding Case No. 49:Shi Honglin v. Taizhou Huaren Electronic Information Co., Ltd.(Dispute over computer software copyright infringement) 指导案例49号:石鸿林诉泰州华仁电子资讯有限公司侵害计算机软件著作权纠纷案
 (最高人民法院审判委员会讨论通过 2015年4月15日发布)
Guiding Case No. 49 指导案例49号
Keywords 关键词
Civil; computer software copyright infringement; burden of proof; infringement comparison; flaw characteristics 民事 侵害计算机软件著作权 举证责任 侵权对比 缺陷性特征
Key Points of 裁判要点


Where the defendant refuses to provide the source program or object program of the alleged infringing software, and the object program cannot be directly read from the alleged infringing product due to technical restrictions, if the software of the defendant is basically the same as the software of the plaintiff in terms of flaws in design but the defendant refuses to provide the source program or object program of its software for direct comparison without any good reason, the court may, considering the plaintiff's practical difficulty in adducing evidence, enter a  that the computer software of the defendant is substantially identical with that of the plaintiff and the defendant is liable for infringement. 在被告拒绝提供被控侵权软件的源程序或者目标程序,且由于技术上的限制,无法从被控侵权产品中直接读出目标程序的情形下,如果原、被告软件在设计缺陷方面基本相同,而被告又无正当理由拒绝提供其软件源程序或者目标程序以供直接比对,则考虑到原告的客观举证难度,可以判定原、被告计算机软件构成实质性相同,由被告承担侵权责任。
Legal Provisions 相关法条
Paragraph 1 of Article 3谁敢欺负我的人 of the Regulation on the Protection of Computer Software我我我什么都没做 计算机软件保护条例》第三条法小宝第一款
Basic Facts 基本案情
Plaintiff Shi Honglin alleged that: Without authorization, defendant Taizhou Huaren Electronic Information Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Huaren Company”) had, for a long time, replicated, released, and sold a large amount of software that was identical with his computer software “Type-S Linear Cutting Machine Single-Chip Microcomputer (SCM) Controller System V1.0,” causing serious damage to his lawful rights and interests. He requested the court to order that Huaren Company should immediately stop its infringement, make a public apology, compensate him for economic losses in the amount of 100,000 yuan, and pay the evidence preservation notarization fees and attorney's fees of 9,200 yuan incurred for stopping the defendant's infringement and forensic identification fees. 原告石鸿林诉称:被告泰州华仁电子资讯有限公司(以下简称华仁公司)未经许可,长期大量复制、发行、销售与石鸿林计算机软件“S型线切割机床单片机控制器系统软件V1.0”相同的软件,严重损害其合法权益。故诉请判令华仁公司停止侵权,公开赔礼道歉,并赔偿原告经济损失10万元、为制止侵权行为所支付的证据保全公证费、诉讼代理费9200元以及鉴定费用。
Defendant Huaren Company contended that: The system software applied to its HR-Z linear cutting machine controllers was independently developed by it, and it was impossible that such system software was identical with Shi Honglin's Type-S linear cutting machine SCM controller system. Its products completely differed from the SCM controllers of the Type-B linear cutting machines produced by Shi Honglin in terms of hardware and keyboard layout. Huaren Company requested the court to dismiss the claims of Shi Honglin. 被告华仁公司辩称:其公司HR-Z型线切割机床控制器所采用的系统软件系其独立开发完成,与石鸿林S型线切割机床单片机控制系统应无相同可能,且其公司产品与石鸿林生产的S型线切割机床单片机控制器的硬件及键盘布局也完全不同,请求驳回石鸿林的诉讼请求。
Upon trial, the court found that: On August 1, 2000, Shi Honglin completed the development of Type-S linear cutting machine SCM controller system software. 法院经审理查明:2000年8月1日,石鸿林开发完成S型线切割机床单片机控制器系统软件。
On April 18, 2005, Shi Honglin was granted the No. 035260 Computer Software Copyright Registration Certificate by the National Copyright Administration, stating that: The software was entitled “Type-S Linear Cutting Machine SCM Controller System Software V1.0” (hereinafter referred to as the “Type-S software”), with Shi Honglin as the original copyright owner. On December 20, 2005, the Notary Office of Hailing District, Taizhou City issued a notarization certificate (No. 1146 [2005], Domestic, Civil, Notary Office, Hailing, Taizhou), including an evidence preservation record of the process of Shi Honglin's purchase of a set of digital controller of the HR-Z linear cutting machine (hereinafter referred to as the “HR-Z controller”) at the price of 660 yuan and obtainment of a sales invoice (No. 00550751), eight photos of the purchased controller, User's Manual and external package, and sealing and deposit of the controller. 2005年4月18日获得国家版权局软著登字第035260号计算机软件著作权登记证书,证书载明软件名称为S型线切割机床单片机控制器系统软件V1.0(以下简称S系列软件),著作权人为石鸿林,权利取得方式为原始取得。2005年12月20日,泰州市海陵区公证处出具(2005)泰海证民内字第1146号公证书一份,对石鸿林以660元价格向华仁公司购买HR-Z线切割机床数控控制器(以下简称HR-Z型控制器)一台和取得销售发票(No:00550751)的购买过程,制作了保全公证工作记录、拍摄了所购控制器及其使用说明书、外包装的照片8张,并对该控制器进行了封存。
In the original trial, the court of first instance authorized the Center for Science and Technology Consultation of Jiangsu Province to carry out comparison and identification in the following matters: (1) whether the source program of software provided by Shi Honglin in this case was identical with that registered by him with the National Copyright Administration; and (2) whether the codes of the source program of Huaren Company's HR-Z controller system software as notarized for evidence preservation were identical with or similar to those of Shi Honglin's software granted copyright registration. The Center for Science and Technology Consultation of Jiangsu Province issued an Identification Report, stating that: The software of Huaren Company was solidified primarily on the AT89F51 chip from ATMEL Corporation, an American corporation, and the P89C58 chip from Philips, and the chip numbered AT89F51 was an encrypted micro controller which must be deciphered before the solidified software could be read. According to existing technical conditions, it was unable to decrypt the chip, and it was difficult to arrive at an objective and scientific identification conclusion based on existing identification materials.

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