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Opinions of the Supreme People's Court on Building One-stop Diversified Dispute Resolution Mechanisms and One-stop Litigant Service Centers [Effective]
最高人民法院关于建设一站式多元解纷机制 一站式诉讼服务中心的意见 [现行有效]

Opinions of the Supreme People's Court on Building One-stop Diversified Dispute Resolution Mechanisms and One-stop Litigant Service Centers 

最高人民法院关于建设一站式多元解纷机制 一站式诉讼服务中心的意见

(No. 19 [2019] of the Supreme People's Court) (法发〔2019〕19号)北大法宝

For the purposes of deepening the comprehensive supporting reform of the judicial system, fully building a modern litigation service system, and further enhancing the capability of people's courts to resolve disputes and serve the public, the following opinions are hereby offered on building one-stop diversified mechanisms and one-stop litigation service centers. 为深化司法体制综合配套改革,全面建设现代化诉讼服务体系,进一步增强人民法院解决纠纷和服务群众的能力水平,现就建设一站式多元解纷机制、一站式诉讼服务中心,提出如下意见。
I. General requirements 一、总体要求
1. Adhering to Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics in a New Era as the guidance, thoroughly implementing General Secretary Xi Jinping's new concepts, ideas, and strategy respecting comprehensive law-based governance of the country, adhering to the Party's absolute leadership over the work of people's courts, adhering to justice for the people and impartial justice, fully building a modern litigation service system that is intensive and efficient, resolves disputes in a diversified manner, and is facilitative to and in favor of the public, intelligent, precise, open, interactive, integrated, and shared, promoting the updating of concepts of and changes in mechanisms for dispute resolution and litigation services, achieving one-stop diversified dispute resolution and one-stop litigation services, and striving to enable the public to see in every judicial case that justice is served. 1.坚持以习近平新时代中国特色社会主义思想为指导,深入贯彻落实习近平总书记全面依法治国新理念新思想新战略,坚持党对人民法院工作的绝对领导,坚持司法为民、公正司法,全面建设集约高效、多元解纷、便民利民、智慧精准、开放互动、交融共享的现代化诉讼服务体系,推动纠纷解决和诉讼服务理念更新、机制变革,实现一站式多元解纷、一站式诉讼服务,努力让人民群众在每一个司法案件中感受到公平正义。
2. Adhering to a people-centered approach. The efforts of the justice to facilitate, favor, and benefit the public shall be increased, and the public shall be provided with diverse and fast-track dispute resolution channels and one-stop and high-quality litigation services, so as to heighten the public sense of fulfillment, happiness and security in all aspects. 2.坚持以人民为中心。加大司法便民利民惠民工作力度,为人民群众提供丰富快捷的纠纷解决渠道和一站式高品质的诉讼服务,全方位提升人民群众的获得感、幸福感、安全感。
3. Adhering to the rule of law as the guarantee. All aspects of resources and forces shall be arranged holistically under the rule of law for to participate in social governance activities, conflicts and disputes shall be resolved, and the role of the justice in guaranteeing the diversified dispute resolution mechanism shall be strengthened, so as to create good environment under the rule of law in the whole society, in which matters are handled by law, the law is the first resort, problems are solved by law, and conflicts are resolved in reliance on the law. 3.坚持法治保障。在法治轨道上统筹各方面资源力量参与社会治理活动,化解矛盾纠纷,强化司法对多元化纠纷解决机制的保障作用,促进全社会形成办事依法、遇事找法、解决问题用法、化解矛盾靠法的良好法治环境。
4. Adhering to a problem-oriented approach and demand-oriented approach. With a focus on prominent conflicts and problems, in order to meet the diversified needs for justice, the formation of a one-stop diversified dispute resolution mechanism that is based on a hierarchical structure, combines complexity and simplicity, and is connected and supported shall be promoted, and the construction of three-dimensional, intensive, and information technology-enabled one-stop litigation service centers shall be accelerated, so as to enhance the precision, synergy and effectiveness of diversified dispute resolution and litigation services. 4.坚持问题导向和需求导向。聚焦突出矛盾问题,满足多元司法需求,推动形成分层递进、繁简结合、衔接配套的一站式多元解纷机制,加快建设立体化集约化信息化的一站式诉讼服务中心,增强多元解纷和诉讼服务的精准性、协同性、实效性。
5. Adhering to reform and innovation. The decision and arrangements of the CPC Central Committee respecting the comprehensive supporting reform of the judicial system shall be implemented, interaction and integration shall be strengthened, and the litigation pattern shall be reshaped, so as to improve the efficacy of procedures and develop a new mode for dispute resolution and litigation services with Chinese characteristics that conforms to China's national conditions, reflects the laws of justice, and leads the trend of the times. 5.坚持改革创新。落实党中央关于司法体制综合配套改革的决策部署,加强联动融合,重塑诉讼格局,提升程序效能,形成符合中国国情、体现司法规律、引领时代潮流的中国特色纠纷解决和诉讼服务新模式。
6. By the end of 2020, the one-stop diversified dispute resolution mechanisms of nationwide courts will have been basically sound, and one-stop litigation service centers will have been fully built. The function of online case docketing will have been widely opened, and cross-regional case docketing services will have been fully implemented. Intermediate and basic people's courts will have established a working pattern in which the majority of judges handle a few difficult and complicated cases, and a few judges solve most simple cases. 6.到2020年底,全国法院一站式多元解纷机制基本健全,一站式诉讼服务中心全面建成。普遍开通网上立案功能,全面推行跨域立案服务。中级、基层人民法院建立由多数法官办理少数疑难复杂案件,少数法官解决多数简单案件的工作格局。
II. Working measures 二、工作措施
7. Voluntarily integrating into the building of a governance mechanism of sources of litigation under the leadership of CPC committees and the government. The role of people's courts in participating, promoting, regulating, and guaranteeing the governance of sources of litigation shall be effectively underscored, and work shall be promoted in extending to prevention and control from the source of disputes. The efforts of CPC committees and the government to build "litigation-free" rural communities, integrated conflict and dispute resolution centers, and administrative dispute mediation centers shall be voluntarily connected, and the integration of governance of sources of litigation into the local evaluation system for public security construction shall be supported. The support for, guidance and regulation of dispute resolution by extrajudicial means shall be strengthened. The functions of people's courts to prevent and resolve conflicts and disputes on the spot shall be enhanced, the integration into the building of primary-level dispute resolution network shall be voluntarily conducted, and the connection with primary-level party organizations, political and legal affairs entities, and self-governing organizations shall be effectively conducted. Litigation service stations and points of contact for judges shall be generally established, and circuit services and home visits shall be strengthened, so as to provide training and guidance for basic self-governing organizations in jurisdictions to resolve disputes and reduce conflicts and disputes from the source. The role of judicial big data in assessing, forecasting, and predicting the development of conflict risks shall be strengthened to prevent and control major conflict risks in advance. 7.主动融入党委和政府领导的诉源治理机制建设。切实发挥人民法院在诉源治理中的参与、推动、规范和保障作用,推动工作向纠纷源头防控延伸。主动做好与党委政府创建“无讼”乡村社区、一体化矛盾纠纷解决中心、行政争议调解中心工作对接,支持将诉源治理纳入地方平安建设考评体系。加强对非诉讼方式解决纠纷的支持、指导和规范。强化人民法庭就地预防化解矛盾纠纷功能,主动融入基层解纷网络建设,做好与基层党组织、政法单位、自治组织的对接。普遍建立诉讼服务站、法官联络点,加强巡回服务、上门服务,为辖区内基层自治组织解决纠纷提供培训指导,从源头上减少矛盾纠纷。强化司法大数据对矛盾风险态势发展的评估和预测预警作用,提前防控化解重大矛盾风险。
8. Improving the interaction and connection mechanism for pre-litigation diversified dispute resolution. The relevant authorities shall be united in issuing documents on advancing diversified dispute resolution, the connection with procedures for mediation, arbitration, notarization, and administrative reconsideration shall be strengthened, and the mechanism for connection with relief procedures of administrative adjudication shall be improved. The channels to connect with trade unions, Communist Youth League, women's federations, law societies, administrative agencies, arbitral institutions, notary offices, industry associations, industry organizations, chambers of commerce, and the like shall remain unimpeded, coordinated data sharing shall be strengthened, and special persons shall be assigned to conduct liaison work. The establishment of an advance mediation mechanism shall be promoted, and the role of people's mediation, administrative mediation, lawyer mediation, industry mediation, specialist mediation, mediation by chambers of commerce, and the like in resolving disputes before litigation shall be underscored. The judicial confirmation of mediation agreements shall be strengthened, the judicial confirmation procedures shall be further improved, the establishment of a liaison officer mechanism for judicial confirmation shall be explored, and judicial confirmation shall be promoted in comprehensively being connecting with people's mediation and other online platforms, so as to achieve the fast-track registering and handling of judicial confirmation of people's mediation. 8.完善诉前多元解纷联动衔接机制。联合有关部门出台推进多元解纷文件,加强与调解、仲裁、公证、行政复议的程序衔接,健全完善行政裁决救济程序衔接机制。畅通与工会、共青团、妇联、法学会、行政机关、仲裁机构、公证机构、行业协会、行业组织、商会等对接渠道,加强数据协同共享,指派专人开展联络工作。促进建立调解前置机制,发挥人民调解、行政调解、律师调解、行业调解、专业调解、商会调解等诉前解纷作用。加强调解协议司法确认工作,进一步完善司法确认程序,探索建立司法确认联络员机制,推动司法确认全面对接人民调解等线上平台,实现人民调解司法确认的快立快办。
9. Constructing type-based and specialized mediation platforms. According to the types and characteristics of regional disputes, marriage and family, road traffic, property disputes, industrial disputes, medical disputes, banking and insurance, securities and futures, intellectual property, Chinese expatriates-related and foreign-related, and other specialized mediation studios shall be established in litigation service centers as needed. Federations of industry and commerce and chambers of commerce shall be supported in organizing mediation in enterprise-related disputes. The establishment of mediation studios named after mediators and judges shall be encouraged. The establishment of lawyer mediation studios shall be promoted. The roster of specially invited mediators and specially invited mediation organizations shall be improved, and the training, guidance and management of mediators shall be strengthened. 9.建设类型化专业化调解平台。根据地区纠纷类型和特点,在诉讼服务中心按需建立婚姻家庭、道路交通、物业纠纷、劳动争议、医疗纠纷、银行保险、证券期货、知识产权、涉侨涉外等专业化调解工作室。支持工商联和商会组织调解涉企纠纷。鼓励建立以调解员、法官个人命名的调解工作室。推广建立律师调解工作室。健全特邀调解员和特邀调解组织名册,加强对调解人员培训、指导和管理。
10. Improving mechanisms for integrated connection between litigation and mediation. The substantial connection between litigation and mediation shall be promoted. A mediation and expedited trial team composed of judges, assistant judges, clerks, and mediators shall be established, mediation shall be promptly and effectively guided, and the holistic connection between litigation and mediation shall be enhanced, so as to apply mediation or trial as appropriate. For disputes for which a suit has been filed with the court, the advantages and characteristics of various methods for dispute resolution shall be explained, intelligent risk assessment services shall be provided, policies on cost waiver shall be publicized, and according to the principles of voluntariness and lawfulness, the parties shall be directed and encouraged to choose extrajudicial methods to resolve disputes. For disputes capable of being resolved through administrative adjudication, the parties shall be directed to effect resolution through administrative adjudication in accordance with the law; and if mediation is appropriate and consented to by the parties, mediation shall be conducted before case docketing. If the mediation is successful, and a legal document needs to be issued, the judge of the mediation and expedited trial team shall proceed according to the law; if the mediation fails, the mediator shall fix facts not in dispute and assist in confirmation of service address and other work. The time limit for pre-litigation mediation shall be specified, and procedures for case docketing and separation of simple cases from complicated ones after failed mediation shall be regulated. A management system for pre-litigation mediation cases shall be established to achieve case-by-case registration, full-process traceability, dynamic management, and pre-litigation mediation workload shall be included in the scope of statistical survey for evaluation. 10.完善诉调一体对接机制。促进诉调对接实质化。建立由法官、法官助理、书记员及调解员组成的调解速裁团队,及时做好调解指导,强化诉调统筹衔接,做到能调则调,当判则判。对起诉到法院的纠纷,释明各类解纷方式优势特点,提供智能化风险评估服务,宣传诉讼费减免政策,按照自愿、合法原则,引导鼓励当事人选择非诉讼方式解决纠纷。对能够通过行政裁决解决的,引导当事人依法通过行政裁决解决;对适宜调解且当事人同意的,开展立案前先行调解。调解成功、需要出具法律文书的,由调解速裁团队法官依法办理;调解不成的,调解员应当固定无争议事实,协助做好送达地址确认等工作。明确诉前调解时限,规范调解不成后的立案和繁简分流程序。建立诉前调解案件管理系统,做到逐案登记、全程留痕、动态管理,并将诉前调解工作量纳入考核统计范围。
11. Improving "separation, mediation, and trial" mechanisms. The work to separate simple cases from complicated ones in the first instance shall be conducted generally, and the separation of simple cases from complicated ones in the second instance shall be explored. Procedural separators shall be appointed and responsible for separating mediation from trial and simple cases from complicated ones. The standards for separating complicated civil and administrative cases from simple ones shall be improved, and the scope of simple cases shall be determined based on factors such as cause of action, parties to lawsuits, claims, legal relationship, and litigation procedure. System algorithms plus manual recognition shall be applied generally to achieve precision separation. Litigation service centers shall be equipped with judges or teams for expedited trial, and supervisory procedures, judicial confirmation procedures, small claims procedure, summary procedures, ordinary procedures, and the like shall be used comprehensively to try simple cases in a summary and fast-track manner. A supporting mechanism for expedited trial of simple cases shall be established. The simplification of litigation procedures shall be advanced, the centralized handling of cases of an alike kind shall be implemented, a model litigation mode shall be developed, model documents for cases of an alike kind shall be developed, and the efficiency of trials shall be improved by comprehensively using intelligent voice, online trials, and other means. A procedural conversion mechanism shall be established and improved, and a special team shall be designated to undertake the handling of simple case-converted complicated cases, so as to keep case circulation channels unimpeded. 11.完善“分调裁审”机制。普遍开展一审案件繁简分流工作,探索二审案件的繁简分流。设立程序分流员负责调裁分流和繁简分流。完善民商事、行政案件繁简分流标准,根据案由、诉讼主体、诉讼请求、法律关系、诉讼程序等要素,确定简案范围。普遍应用系统算法加人工识别,实现精准分流。在诉讼服务中心配备速裁法官或团队,综合运用督促程序、司法确认程序、小额诉讼程序、简易程序、普通程序等,从简从快审理简单案件。建立简案速裁快审配套机制。推进诉讼程序简捷化,实行类案集中办理,建立示范诉讼模式,制作类案文书模板,全面运用智能语音、网上审理等方式,提升审理效率。建立健全程序转换机制,指定专门团队承接简转繁案件办理工作,畅通案件流转渠道。
12. Promoting the construction and application of online mediation platforms. Online mediation work shall be fully launched, and the connection between the adjudicative process management systems or self-built mediation platforms of courts in all regions with the online mediation platform of the Supreme People's Court shall be accelerated, so as to gather all local dispute resolution resources online, achieve online circulation of mediation data, and provide parties with one-stop dispute resolution services such as online consulting and assessment, mediation, confirmation, separation, and expedited trial. 12.推动建设应用在线调解平台。全面开展在线调解工作,加快各地法院审判流程管理系统或者自建调解平台与最高人民法院在线调解平台对接,实现本地区解纷资源全部汇聚在网上,做到调解数据网上流转,为当事人提供在线咨询评估、调解、确认、分流、速裁快审等一站式解纷服务。
13. Improving three-dimensional litigation service channels. Litigation service centers integrating "service halls, websites, hotlines, and circuits" shall be built, and through litigation service halls, litigation service websites, mobile terminals, 12368 litigation service hotline, circuits, and other channels, one-stop, all-in website, all-in hotline, and one-time completion litigation services shall be provided for parties. 13.健全立体化诉讼服务渠道。打造“厅网线巡”为一体的诉讼服务中心,通过诉讼服务大厅、诉讼服务网、移动终端、12368诉讼服务热线、巡回办理等多种渠道,为当事人提供一站通办、一网通办、一号通办、一次通办的诉讼服务。
14. Strengthening the regulation and standardization of litigation services. With "completion at one time" as the goal, a list of service items shall be comprehensively organized, standardized work procedures and one-time completion service guidelines shall be developed one by one and disclosed to the public, service process shall be regulated, service quality shall be improved, power-responsibility relationship shall be specified, the inclusiveness and facilitation of litigation services shall be promoted by standardization, and the achievement of indiscriminate acceptance and handling by the same standards of the same litigation service items shall be promoted. 14.加强诉讼服务规范化、标准化建设。以“一次办好”为目标,全面梳理服务项目清单,逐项制定标准化工作规程和一次性办理服务指南,并向社会公开,规范服务流程,提升服务质量,明确权责关系,以标准化促进诉讼服务普惠化、便捷化,推动实现同一诉讼服务事项的无差别受理、同标准办理。
15. Expanding all-around functions of litigation services. Litigation services such as litigation guidance, facilitative services, litigation assistance, dispute resolution, efficiency improvement, and adjudicative affairs shall be provided for parties. Litigation guidance and counseling areas shall be established, guides shall be assigned, flow diagrams for handling litigation matters or QR codes for service guidelines shall be posted, and model complaints shall be provided with respect to cases of alike kinds shall be provided. Special channels for prosecutors, lawyers, people's mediators, notaries, judicial appraisers, volunteers, and the like shall be established, waiting areas for parties and offices and lounges for prosecutors and lawyers shall be assigned, and accessible passages and facilities shall be built for disabled persons. Establishments for publicity and education intended to disseminate the law oriented to the community shall be built, and cultural and litigation service centers shall be constructed. 15.拓展全方位诉讼服务功能。为当事人提供诉讼指引类、便民服务类、诉讼辅助类、纠纷解决类、提高效率类、审判事务类等诉讼服务。设立诉讼引导和辅导区,配备引导员,张贴诉讼事项办理流程图或服务指南二维码,提供类案诉状模板。为检察官、律师、人民调解员、公证员、司法鉴定人员、志愿者等开辟专门通道,设立当事人休息等候区以及检察官、律师办公休息场所,为残疾人士设立无障碍通道和无障碍设施。建设面向社会的普法宣传教育阵地,打造文化诉讼服务中心。
16. Deepening the reform of "immediate, self-service, online, and vicinity case docketing." The requirements for reforming the case docketing and registration system shall be strictly implemented, and cases shall be docketed immediately in principle if suits meet acceptance conditions. A list of case docketing materials for publication shall be established, and all materials necessary for case docketing shall be separately published in accordance with causes of action, and "one-time completion" shall be promoted. Self-service case docketing services shall be generally promoted, special persons for counseling shall be arranged, and a fast-track processing passage shall be established, so as to reduce the time for parties to wait in a line. Online case docketing shall be fully implemented, so that any case shall be docketed online if applicable. If a party chooses online case docketing, the processing shall be conducted online, unless it is necessary to physically submit materials. If a party chooses to physically apply for case docketing, online case docketing shall not be forced. Cross-regional case docketing services shall be generally promoted, special service windows shall be established, and an interactive processing mechanism for accepting applications in the vicinity, keeping jurisdiction unchanged, and transmitting data online shall be established, so as to achieve case docketing in the vicinity, at various places, and in an easy and fast-track manner. 法宝  16.深化案件“当场立、自助立、网上立、就近立”改革。严格落实立案登记制改革要求,对符合受理条件的起诉原则上当场立案。建立立案材料公示清单,按照案由分别公示立案需要的全部材料,推动“一次办结”。普遍推行自助立案服务,安排专人辅导,建立快速办理通道,减少当事人排队等候时间。全面实行网上立案,做到凡是能网上立案的案件,应上尽上。对当事人选择网上立案的,除确有必要现场提交材料外,一律网上办理。对当事人选择现场提交立案申请的,不得强制网上立案。普遍推行跨域立案服务,设立专门服务窗口,建立就近受理申请、管辖权属不变、数据网上流转的联动办理机制,实现就近能立、多点可立、少跑快立。
17. Improving intensive litigation service mechanisms. The concentration of auxiliary and transactional work such as scanning, binding, and file circulation at litigation service centers shall be promoted to implement intensive management. An intensive service mechanism shall be established, and the unified service platform of people's courts shall be fully applied. Special service teams shall be assigned to be responsible for appointment for service, direct service, service by leaving documents in a place, service by mail, entrusted service, service care of any person, service on an agent, service by announcement, and other service matters. Modes of intensive preservation and commissioned appraisal services shall be innovated. Unified service windows for preservation and commissioned appraisal shall be established, business standards shall be improved, online preservation shall be promoted, and the interactive mechanism for preservation shall be optimized. The connection with the work of authorities having jurisdiction over judicial appraisal shall be strengthened, and the information systems of appraisal institutions shall be effectively connected, so as to achieve the supervision of the appraisal work in the whole process. 17.完善集约化诉讼服务机制。推动将扫描装订、卷宗流转等辅助性、事务性工作集中到诉讼服务中心,实行集约管理。建立集约送达机制,全面应用人民法院统一送达平台。配备专门送达团队,负责预约送达、直接送达、留置送达、邮寄送达、委托送达、转交送达、代收送达、公告送达等送达实施事务。创新保全、委托鉴定集约服务模式。设立保全、委托鉴定统一服务窗口,完善业务标准,推动开展网上保全,优化保全联动机制。加强与司法鉴定管理部门工作衔接,做好与鉴定机构信息系统对接,实现对鉴定工作全程监督。
18. Strengthening litigation-related public complaint work. Public complaint channels shall remain unimpeded, procedures for processing petitions online shall be regulated, and the mechanism for interactive video reception of visitors by four-level courts shall be improved, so as to facilitate the substantial resolution of appeals in public complaints. The multi-departmental consultation mechanism under the leadership of CPC committees shall be established and improved, the role of lawyers and other social third parties in participating in resolving and representing others in petitions shall be underscored, and data sharing and business coordination shall be strengthened, so as to make a concerted effort to resolve public complaints. The application of the litigation-related public complaint information system shall be deepened, and the interconnection with enforcement petition and public complaint systems shall be achieved, so as to effect the one-by-one entry, unified management, and whole-process traceability of data on visits and incoming letters. 18.加强涉诉信访工作。畅通信访渠道,规范网上申诉办理程序,完善四级法院联动视频接访机制,推动实质性解决信访诉求。建立健全党委领导下多部门会商机制,发挥律师等社会第三方参与化解和代理申诉作用,加强数据共享和业务协同,形成信访化解合力。深化涉诉信访信息系统应用,实现与执行申诉信访系统互联互通,对来访来信数据逐件逐次录入、统一管理、全程留痕。
19. Improving internally and externally interactive cooperation mechanisms for litigation services. The information channels between the litigation service centers of people's courts on one side and the public security authorities, procuratorial authorities, administrative agencies, people's organizations, industry associations, enterprise organizations, and residents' (villagers') committees on the other side shall be unblocked, and the participation of notaries in the auxiliary judicial matters of people's courts shall be expanded, so as to make a concerted efforts in service, mediation, appraisal, enforcement and other aspects. A cooperation mechanism for litigation services among courts in all regions shall be established to share information resources in submission of applications, receipt and transfer of materials, service of documents, and other aspects, and the scope of cross-regional litigation services shall continue to be expanded. 19.完善内外联动的诉讼服务协作机制。打通人民法院诉讼服务中心与公安检察机关、行政机关、人民团体、行业协会、企业组织、居(村)委会之间的信息渠道,拓展公证参与人民法院司法辅助事务,在送达、调解、鉴定、执行等方面形成工作合力。建立各地法院之间的诉讼服务协作机制,在提交申请、材料收转、文书送达等方面共享信息资源,不断扩大跨域诉讼服务范围。
20. Improving socialized service mechanisms. Service work that can be completed by social third parties in an ancillary manner or outsourced shall be completely divested and conducted by socialized specialist teams through procurement of services. The types, nature and contents of procurement of social services shall be further regulated. The mechanism for social forces to participate in litigation services shall be improved, and experts, scholars, lawyers, psychologists, notaries, appraisers, volunteers, and other third parties shall be introduced to provide diverse services for the public. Connection with higher education establishments shall be strengthened to provide a broad platform for students to participate in practical judicial activities. 20.完善社会化服务机制。将能够由社会第三方辅助完成以及能够外包的服务性工作全部剥离出来,通过购买服务,由社会化专业化团队开展。进一步规范购买社会服务的种类、性质和内容。完善社会力量参与诉讼服务机制,引入专家学者、律师、心理学家、公证员、鉴定员、志愿者等第三方,为人民群众提供多元服务。加强与高校对接,为在校学生参与司法实践活动提供广阔平台。
21. Promoting the building of smart litigation services. A new mode of "smart litigation services" relying on big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and other information technology, integrating service halls, hotlines, websites, and mobile terminals, permitting litigation business in the whole process to be transacted, shall be shaped. Online service functions shall be expanded, the China Mobile Micro Court shall be fully applied, the channel for authentication of parties shall be unblocked, and one-stop services such as online guidance, case docketing, payment and refunding of fees, check, consulting, file consultation, preservation, trial, and petition shall be provided. The construction of lawyer service platforms shall be strengthened to provide services such as online case docketing, check, file consultation, submission of materials, contacting judges, evidence exchange, mediation, court in session, representing petitioners, and application for enforcement. Intelligent equipment such as all-in-one computers for facilitative services shall be assigned to litigation service halls. The 12368 litigation service hotline intelligent answering system shall be improved. The integration of service platforms including "service halls, websites, hotlines, and circuits" shall be promoted to achieve the mutual accessibility and automated linking of information resources and provide the public with litigation services by harmonized standards, based on data from the same source. Information resources relating to case docketing, mediation, expedited trial, and public complaints shall be mined in depth, a whole data analysis shall be made, and the developments in various conflicts and disputes and the quality and efficiency of enforcement of adjudication shall be scientifically judged, so as to provide reference for national governance, social governance, and decision-making of CPC committees and the government. The construction of an information security protection system for litigation service networks shall be strengthened to achieve reliable exchange and secure sharing of information on the Intranet and Extranet. 21.推动智慧诉讼服务建设。打造依托大数据、云计算、人工智能、物联网等信息技术,贯通大厅、热线、网络、移动端,通办诉讼全程业务的“智慧诉讼服务”新模式。扩展网上服务功能,全面应用中国移动微法院,打通当事人身份认证通道,提供网上引导、立案、交退费、查询、咨询、阅卷、保全、庭审、申诉等一站式服务。加强律师服务平台建设,提供网上立案、查询、阅卷、材料提交、联系法官、证据交换、调解、开庭、代理申诉、申请执行等服务。在诉讼服务大厅配备便民服务一体机等智能化设备。完善12368诉讼服务热线智能问答系统。推动“厅网线巡”服务平台一体化建设,实现信息资源的互联互通、自动关联,为人民群众提供标准一致、数据同源的诉讼服务。深度挖掘立案、调解、速裁、信访等信息资源,开展全数据分析,科学研判各类矛盾纠纷发展态势和审判执行质效情况,为国家治理、社会治理和党委政府决策提供参考。加强诉讼服务网络信息安全防护体系建设,实现内外网信息可靠交换与安全共享。
22. Increasing efforts to construct and apply the information platforms of litigation service guidance centers. The big data integration function of the information platforms of litigation service guidance centers shall be enhanced. With a focus on five aspects including diversified dispute resolution, registration and case docketing, "separation, mediation, and trial," assistance in trial, and litigation-related public complaints, centering on four links including building mechanisms, developing rules, establishing platforms, and promoting application, the automated collection of information resources respecting litigation services from courts at four levels and management of big data shall be achieved. Separate and independent litigation service application systems shall be integrated and interfaced with information platforms in a unified manner. Trial, enforcement, public complaint, and other systems shall be effectively connected, the connection with mediation organizations and arbitral institutions, among others, shall be strengthened, and the sharing of data such as case information and mediator information shall be achieved. It shall be accelerated to promote higher people's courts in establishing local information platforms. A quality and efficiency assessment system shall be established to achieve visual display and quantifiable assessment of litigation services of courts in all regions. 22.加大诉讼服务指导中心信息平台建设应用力度。强化诉讼服务指导中心信息平台大数据集成功能。聚焦多元解纷、登记立案、“分调裁审”、审判辅助、涉诉信访五项内容,围绕建机制、定规则、搭平台、推应用四个环节,实现四级法院诉讼服务信息资源自动化汇聚和大数据管理。整合分散、独立的诉讼服务应用系统,统一接入信息平台。做好与审判、执行、信访等系统对接,加强与调解组织、仲裁机构等互联互通,实现案件信息、调解员信息等数据共享。加快推动高级人民法院建立本地区信息平台。建立质效评估体系,实现对各地法院诉讼服务的可视化展示和可量化评估。
III. Organizing implementation 三、组织实施
23. Adhering to CPC leadership. Under the leadership of CPC committees and their political and legal affairs commissions, communication and coordination with relevant government departments shall be strengthened, difficulties in institutions, personnel and other aspects shall be solved, and a stable financial input mechanism shall be created, so as to provide financial support for procurement of socialized services. Relevant legislation shall be vigorously promoted to provide effective system support. 23.坚持党的领导。在党委及其政法委的领导下,加强与政府等有关部门沟通协调,解决在机构、人员方面的困难,形成稳定的财政投入机制,为购买社会化服务提供经费保障。积极推动相关立法,提供有力制度支持。
24. Strengthening organizational guarantees. The top leader responsibility system shall be implemented. A leading group for local work shall be established to effectively and holistically coordinate major matters. Efforts to financially guarantee the upgrading and information technology building of litigation service sites shall be intensified. The functional orientation of case docketing courts (litigation service centers) as litigation service matter management institutions shall be specified to achieve centralized management. A work pattern in which all relevant authorities voluntarily provide support, coordination and cooperation shall be developed. A classification evaluation system shall be established according to the level of trial and the characteristics of posts, and case handling, case docketing and public complaints, management coordination, and other transactional work shall be included in the scope of evaluation. 24.加强组织保障。落实一把手负责制。成立本地区工作领导小组,做好重大事项统筹协调工作。加大对诉讼服务场所升级、信息化建设的经费保障力度。明确立案庭(诉讼服务中心)作为诉讼服务事项管理机构的职能定位,实现归口管理。建立各相关部门主动支持、协同配合的工作格局。根据审级、岗位特点建立分类考核制度,将案件办理、立案信访、管理协调及其他事务性工作纳入考核范围。
25. Strengthening the guarantee of the talent team. Necessary quota judges and sufficient assistant judges shall be assigned to conduct case docketing, mediation, and expedited trial. Judicial auxiliaries and non-permanent personnel shall be complemented, and auxiliary and transactional work such as litigation guidance, consulting and check, and receipt and transfer of materials shall be conducted. A certain number of judicial police, policing auxiliaries, and security personnel shall be assigned and responsible for security protection and other work. Judicial capacity building shall be comprehensively strengthened, type-based training shall be provided, and professionalism shall be improved. 25.加强人才队伍保障。配备必要的员额法官和充足的法官助理,开展立案、调解、速裁快审等工作。充实司法辅助人员和聘用制人员,开展诉讼引导、咨询查询、材料收转等辅助性、事务性工作。配备一定数量的司法警察、警务辅助人员和安保人员,负责安全保卫等工作。全面加强司法能力建设,开展类型化培训,提升专业水平。
26. Effectively ensuring the implementation of objectives. Courts in all regions shall, in accordance with the objectives and tasks of these Opinions, accelerate the formulation of local rules for implementation and specify the timetable, roadmap and chain of responsibility for completion. People's courts at a higher level shall, by using the big data management function of information platforms, carry out supervisory inspection and satisfaction surveys, among others, and strengthen the inspection and guidance of their subordinates. A public statement involving commendation shall be issued for effective implementation and vigorous acts. The taking of corrective action shall be supervised in respect of lagging work, passiveness and slackness, and slow progress. 26.抓好目标落实。各地法院要根据本意见的目标任务,加快制定本地区落实细则,明确完成时间表、路线图和责任链。上级人民法院要通过运用信息平台大数据管理功能,开展督导检查、满意度调查等,强化对下检查指导。对落实到位、积极作为的,通报表扬。对工作落后、消极懈怠、进展缓慢的,督促整改。
27. Strengthening publicity and promotion. Through newspapers, magazines, televisions, websites, Weibo, WeChat, news apps, and other media, model experience and practices in diversified dispute resolution and litigation services shall be comprehensively publicized, social concerns shall be responded to in a timely manner, social supervision shall be voluntarily accepted, and social consensus shall be extensively built, so as to create a good atmosphere. 27.加大宣传推广。通过报纸杂志、电视网站、微博微信、新闻客户端等各类媒体,全面宣传多元解纷和诉讼服务的典型经验和做法,及时回应社会关切,自觉接受社会监督,广泛凝聚社会共识,营造良好氛围。
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