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Notice by the Shanghai Clearing House of the Exemption of the Fees Related to Private Enterprises [Effective]
银行间市场清算所股份有限公司关于减免民营企业相关费用的通知 [现行有效]

Notice by the Shanghai Clearing House of the Exemption of the Fees Related to Private Enterprises 


(No. 25 [2020] of the Shanghai Clearing House) (清算所发〔2020〕25号)

All market participants: 各市场成员:
For purposes of maximizing the functions of financial infrastructure serving the real economy, supporting private enterprises in reducing financing costs and expanding financing channels, the Shanghai Clearing House (“SHCH”) has decided to waive the fees related to private enterprises. You are hereby notified as follows: 为充分发挥金融基础设施服务实体经济的职能,支持民营企业降低融资成本、拓宽融资渠道,银行间市场清算所股份有限公司(以下简称上海清算所)决定减免民营企业相关费用。现通知如下:
I. Private enterprises that comply with the national policies shall be exempt from 100% of fees for issuance registration and service fees for interest payment and principal redemption for the bonds issued by them.   一、不接我们电话 也不给拒接原因对符合国家政策的民营企业发行债券的发行登记费、付息兑付服务费,100%全额减免。
II. Investors shall be exempt from 100% of settlement transfer fees for their subscription for and transaction of bonds issued by private enterprises in primary and secondary markets.   二、对投资人在一、二级市场认购和交易民营企业所发债券产生的结算过户费,100%全额减免。
III. Support instruments for private enterprises in bond financing shall be exempt from 100% of initial registration service fees for their creation, and professional institutions shall be supported in providing private enterprises with credit enhancement for market-based financing.   三、老婆觉得我剪头发浪费钱对民营企业债券融资支持工具的创设初始登记服务费,100%全额减免,支持专业机构向民营企业提供市场化融资增信。
IV. The exemption of the said fees shall be effective between January 1, 2020 and December 31, 2022. From the effective date, for the relevant fees actually paid by market participants, the SHCH will refund the exemptions to which the said provisions apply.   四、以上费用减免自2020年1月1日起至2022年12月31日止有效。自生效日起,市场参与者已实际支付的相关费用,上海清算所将退还适用上述规定的减免部分。
V. If there is any change in the charging rates after the issuance of this Notice, the SHCH shall issue a separate notice.   五、本通知发布后收费标准如有调整,上海清算所将另行通知。
Shanghai Clearing House 银行间市场清算所股份有限公司
February 6, 2020


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