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Regulation on the Civilian Staff of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (2017 Revision) [Effective]
中国人民解放军文职人员条例(2017修订) [现行有效]

Order of the State Council and the Central Military Commission 


(No. 689) (第689号)

The revised Regulation on the Civilian Staff of the Chinese People's Liberation Army is hereby issued, and shall come into force on the date of issuance. 现公布修订后的《中国人民解放军文职人员条例》,自公布之日起施行。
Chairman of the Central Military Commission Xi Jinping 中央军委主席 习近平
Premier of the State Council Li Keqiang 国务院总理 李克强
September 27, 2017 2017年9月27日
Regulation on the Civilian Staff of the Chinese People's Liberation Army 中国人民解放军文职人员条例
(Issued by Order No. 438 of the State Council of the People's Republic of China and the Central Military Commission of the People's Republic of China on June 23, 2005 and revised by Order No. 689 of the State Council of the People's Republic of China and the Central Military Commission of the People's Republic of China on September 27, 2017) (2005年6月23日中华人民共和国国务院、中华人民共和国中央军事委员会令第438号公布 2017年9月27日中华人民共和国国务院、中华人民共和国中央军事委员会令第689号修订)
Chapter I General Provisions 

第一章 总  则

Article 1 This Regulation is developed for the purposes of regulating the management of civilian staff, safeguarding the lawful rights and interests of civilian staff, implementing the military-civilian integrated development strategy in the military human resources field, building a quality civilian staff team, and promoting the building of a revolutionary, modern and regular army.   第一条 为了规范文职人员管理,保障文职人员合法权益,在军事人力资源领域贯彻军民融合发展战略,建设高素质文职人员队伍,促进军队革命化、现代化、正规化建设,制定本条例。
Article 2 For the purposes of this Regulation, "civilian staff" means staff not on active duty who, as an integral part of the military, engage in management and professional technical work by assuming the offices in the military which are common for the military and the civilian, do not directly involve combats, or are unsuitable to be assumed in the manner of social guarantee.   第二条 本条例所称文职人员,是指在军民通用、非直接参与作战且社会化保障不宜承担的军队编制岗位从事管理工作和专业技术工作的非现役人员,是军队人员的组成部分。
A member of civilian staff shall, in the military and society, enjoy the corresponding rights as employees of the state according to the law and perform corresponding obligations. 文职人员在军队和社会生活中,依法享有国家工作人员相应的权利,履行相应的义务。
Article 3 Civilian staff shall be managed by adhering to the principle of management of officials and talents by the Party, and implementing the policy of openness, equality, competition and selection of the best, according to statutory power, conditions, standards and procedures.   第三条 文职人员的管理,坚持党管干部、党管人才原则,贯彻公开、平等、竞争、择优方针,依照法定的权限、条件、标准和程序进行。
Article 4 The military shall manage civilian staff by rank and by category and improve or raise the efficiency and scientific level of management.   第四条 军队对文职人员实行分级分类管理,提高管理效能和科学化水平。
Article 5 The military shall develop civilian staff management and guarantee systems and mechanisms which are connected with the national public servant and public institution staff system and have comparative advantages.   第五条 军队建立与国家公务员和事业单位工作人员制度相衔接、具有比较优势的文职人员管理、保障制度和机制。
Article 6 The Political Affairs Department of the Central Military Commission shall be responsible for the management of civilian staff of the military, and the political affairs department of a unit at or above the regiment level shall be responsible for the management of its civilian staff.   第六条 中央军事委员会政治工作部负责全军的文职人员管理工作,团级以上单位的政治工作部门负责本单位的文职人员管理工作。
Article 7 The state and the military shall maintain the lawful rights and interests of civilian staff according to the law and encourage civilian staff to permanently and stably serve the building of the military.   第七条 国家和军队依法保障文职人员的合法权益,鼓励文职人员长期、稳定地为军队建设服务。
The people's governments at all levels, their relevant departments, and the relevant military departments shall, according to division of duties, cooperate with each other to effectively conduct the work on civilian staff including education and training, household registration, social security, human resources management, and allowance and preferential treatment, and provide civilian staff with public services and facilitation. 各级人民政府及其有关部门、有关军事机关应当按照职责分工,相互配合,做好文职人员的教育培训、户籍、社会保障、人力资源管理、抚恤优待等工作,为文职人员提供公共服务和便利。
Article 8 Any member of civilian staff who has made outstanding contributions shall be commended and rewarded according to the relevant provisions issued by the state or the military and granted a corresponding honor.   第八条 对作出突出贡献的文职人员,按照国家和军队有关规定给予表彰和奖励,授予相应荣誉。
Disciplinary action shall be taken according to the relevant provisions issued by the military against any member of civilian staff who has violated the military discipline. 对违反军队纪律的文职人员,按照军队有关规定给予处分。
Chapter II Basic Conditions, Obligations and Rights 

第二章 基本条件、义务和权利

Article 9 A member of civilian staff shall meet the following basic conditions:   第九条 文职人员应当具备下列基本条件:
(1) Having nationality of the People's Republic of China. (一)具有中华人民共和国国籍;
(2) 18 years of age or over. (二)年满18周岁;
(3) Meeting the political conditions for recruitment and employment of civilian staff by the military. (三)符合军队招录聘用文职人员的政治条件;
(4) Meeting the qualification conditions required by the office. (四)符合岗位要求的资格条件;
(5) Physically and mentally healthy. (五)身体和心理健康;
(6) Other conditions provided for in the laws and regulations. (六)法律、法规规定的其他条件。
Article 10 A member of civilian staff shall perform the following obligations:   第十条 文职人员应当履行下列义务:
(1) Remaining loyal to the country and to the Communist Party of China and endeavoring to serve the building of the military. (一)忠于祖国,忠于中国共产党,努力为军队建设服务;
(2) Observing the Constitution, the laws, regulations and the relevant rules and systems of the military. (二)遵守宪法、法律、法规和军队有关规章制度;
(3) Obeying orders, following command, abiding by the discipline, and keeping secrets. (三)服从命令,听从指挥,遵守纪律,保守秘密;
(4) Conscientiously performing duties and endeavoring to improve work quality and efficiency. (四)认真履行职责,努力提高工作质量和效率;
(5) Remaining solidary, cooperative, diligent and dedicated, abiding by professional ethics, and observing social ethics as a role model. (五)团结协作,勤奋敬业,恪守职业道德,模范遵守社会公德;
(6) Learning and acquiring scientific, cultural and professional knowledge necessary for performance of duties and improving professional proficiency. (六)学习和掌握履行职责所需要的科学文化和专业知识,提高职业能力;
(7) As needed, participating in military training and non-combat military operation, assuming corresponding tasks for combat support and guarantee, and serving on active duty according to the law. (七)根据需要,参加军事训练和非战争军事行动,承担相应的作战支援保障任务,依法服现役;
(8) Other obligations as prescribed by the laws and regulations. (八)法律、法规规定的其他义务。
Article 11 A member of civilian staff shall enjoy the following rights:   第十一条 文职人员享有下列权利:
(1) Acquiring political honors, commendations and rewards. (一)获得政治荣誉、表彰、奖励;
(2) Acquiring salaries and remunerations and enjoying corresponding welfare treatment, allowance and preferential treatment, and social guarantee. (二)获得工资报酬,享受相应的福利待遇、抚恤优待和社会保障;
(3) Acquiring work conditions and labor protection necessary for performance of duties. (三)获得履行职责应当具有的工作条件和劳动保护;
(4) Receiving training. (四)参加培训;
(5) Free from removal from office, demotion, dismissal, termination or rescission of employment contract, and disciplinary action, among others, except due to statutory cause or by meeting the statutory procedures. (五)非因法定事由、未经法定程序,不被免职、降低岗位等级、辞退、终止或者解除聘用合同、处分等;
(6) Applying for resignation or rescission of employment contract and disposition of labor disputes, filing an appeal, and bringing an action. (六)申请辞职或者解除聘用合同,申请人事争议处理,提出申诉和控告;
(7) Other rights prescribed in laws and regulations. (七)法律、法规规定的其他权利。
Chapter III Establishment of Offices 

第三章 岗位设置

Article 12 The staffing for civilian offices shall be fixed by the Central Military Commission.   第十二条 军队文职人员岗位的编制员额,由中央军事委员会确定。
The staffing for civilian offices and the adjustment thereof shall be handled according to the prescribed power. 文职人员岗位的编制及其调整,按照规定的权限办理。
Article 13 The military shall develop a civilian office management system and control the total number, structural ratios and highest rank of civilian offices.   第十三条 军队建立文职人员岗位管理制度,对文职人员岗位实行总量、结构比例和最高等级控制。
Article 14 Civilian offices shall be divided into management offices and professional technical offices.   第十四条 文职人员岗位,分为管理岗位和专业技术岗位两种类别。
"Management office" means an office assigned leading duties or tasked with management. 管理岗位是指担负领导职责或者管理任务的工作岗位。
"Professional technical office" means an office for the job of professional technology and professional skills, requiring corresponding level and capability of professional technology and professional skills. 专业技术岗位是指从事专业技术和专业技能工作,具有相应专业技术、专业技能水平和能力要求的工作岗位。
Article 15 The ranks of civilian offices are as follows:   第十五条 文职人员的岗位等级设置:
(1) Management offices rank among themselves on a scale of one to nine in a descending order, i.e. deputy minister, bureau director, deputy bureau director, division head, deputy division head, section head, deputy section head, section member, and ordinary staff. (一)管理岗位由高到低分为九个等级,即部级副职、局级正职、局级副职、处级正职、处级副职、科级正职、科级副职、科员、办事员;
(2) Professional technical offices are divided into junior, middle and high-level offices and rank among themselves on a scale of one to 13 in a descending order. (二)专业技术岗位分为高级、中级、初级岗位,由高到低设一级至十三级。
Chapter IV Recruitment and Employment 

第四章 招录聘用

Article 16 The military shall implement a recruitment and employment system combining public recruitment, direct introduction and shift of on-active-duty soldiers.   第十六条 军队实行面向社会公开招考、直接引进和现役军人转改相结合的文职人员招录聘用制度。
Public recruitment of civilian staff applies to recruitment and employment of civilian staff for management offices at or below the section-head rank and civilian staff for professional technical offices at or below the middle level. 面向社会公开招考文职人员,适用于新招录聘用科级正职以下管理岗位的文职人员,以及中级以下专业技术岗位的文职人员。
Direct introduction of civilian staff applies to the selection of high-level talents and special talents. 直接引进文职人员,适用于选拔高层次人才和特殊专业人才。
The shifting of on-active-duty soldiers to civilian staff applies to selection of on-active-duty soldiers who meet retirement conditions and are to be resettled after retirement. 现役军人转改文职人员,适用于选拔符合退役条件且拟作退役安置的现役军人。
Article 17 The maximum age for a person to be recruited or employed for the first time as a civilian staff member is:   第十七条 文职人员首次招录聘用的最高年龄分别为:
(1) 50 years of age for offices at and above the deputy-bureau-director rank or professional technical offices at and above Level seven; (一)局级副职以上或者专业技术七级以上岗位的,50周岁;
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