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Notice by the General Office of the State Council of Forwarding the Guiding Opinions of the National Development and Reform Commission on Deepening the Integration and Sharing of Public Resource Trading Platforms [Effective]
国务院办公厅转发国家发展改革委关于深化公共资源交易平台整合共享指导意见的通知 [现行有效]

Notice by the General Office of the State Council of Forwarding the Guiding Opinions of the National Development and Reform Commission on Deepening the Integration and Sharing of Public Resource Trading Platforms 


(Letter No. 41 [2019] of the General Office of the State Council) (国办函〔2019〕41号)

The people's governments of all provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities directly under the Central Government; all ministries and commissions of the State Council; and all institutions directly under the State Council: 各省、自治区、直辖市人民政府,国务院各部委、各直属机构:
The Guiding Opinions of the National Development and Reform Commission on Deepening the Integration and Sharing of Public Resource Trading Platforms, as approved by the State Council, are hereby issued to you for your conscientious organization and implementation. 国家发展改革委《关于深化公共资源交易平台整合共享的指导意见》已经国务院同意,现转发给你们,请认真组织实施。
General Office of the State Council 国务院办公厅
May 19, 2019 2019年5月19日
Guiding Opinions on Deepening the Integration and Sharing of Public Resource Trading Platforms 关于深化公共资源交易平台整合共享的指导意见
(National Development and Reform Commission) (国家发展改革委)
In recent years, all regions and departments have conscientiously implemented the decisions and arrangements of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, and, in accordance with the requirements of the Notice of the General Office of the State Council on Issuing the Work Plan for the Consolidation and Establishment of a Unified Public Resource Trading Platform (No. 63 [2015] of the General Office of the State Council), actively promoted the integration of decentralized trading platforms for engineering construction projects tendering and bidding, transfer of land use rights and mining rights, state-owned property rights transactions, and government procurement so that a national platform system featuring uniform rules, openness and transparency and providing efficient services and standardized supervision has preliminarily taken shape. The rapid development in the public resource trading market and the drastic improvements in the efficiency and benefits of public resources allocation have helped promote the sustained and sound development of the economy and society. At the same time, there are still some prominent problems in public resource trading, such as insufficient market-oriented allocation of elements, insufficient supply of public services, and co-existence of multiple supervision and lack of supervision. It is urgent to further deepen reform, innovate mechanisms, optimize services, and strengthen supervision. For the purposes of deepening the integration and sharing of public resource trading platforms and promoting the sound and orderly development of the public resource trading market, the following opinions are hereby offered: 近年来,各地区、各部门认真贯彻落实党中央、国务院决策部署,按照《国务院办公厅关于印发整合建立统一的公共资源交易平台工作方案的通知》(国办发〔2015〕63号)要求,积极推动整合分散设立的工程建设项目招标投标、土地使用权和矿业权出让、国有产权交易、政府采购等交易平台,全国范围内规则统一、公开透明、服务高效、监督规范的平台体系初步构建,公共资源交易市场迅速发展,公共资源配置的效率和效益明显提高,促进了经济社会持续健康发展。同时,公共资源交易领域仍存在要素市场化配置程度不够高、公共服务供给不充分、多头监管与监管缺失并存等突出问题,亟待进一步深化改革、创新机制、优化服务、强化监管。为深化公共资源交易平台整合共享,促进公共资源交易市场健康有序发展,现提出以下意见。
I. General requirements   一、总体要求
1. Guiding ideology. (一)指导思想。
Guided by Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics in a New Era, all regions and departments shall thoroughly implement the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress and the Second and Third Plenary Sessions of the 19th CPC Central Committee. Furthermore, they shall promote the overall layout for "economic, political, cultural, social, and ecological progress" and coordinate the Four-Pronged Comprehensive Strategy. They shall, according to the decisions and arrangements of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, maximize the decisive role of the market in resource allocation by adhering to the new vision of development, high-quality development, and supply-side structural reform. Meanwhile. the role of the government shall be better used in order to continue to deepen the integration and sharing of public resource trading platforms, with the focus on the efforts to increase the efficiency and fairness of public resource allocation, improve the quality of public resource trading services and innovate regulatory systems and mechanisms for public resource trading, so that market vitality and social creativity can be stimulated. 以习近平新时代中国特色社会主义思想为指导,全面贯彻党的十九大和十九届二中、三中全会精神,统筹推进“五位一体”总体布局,协调推进“四个全面”战略布局,按照党中央、国务院决策部署,坚持稳中求进工作总基调,坚持新发展理念,坚持推动高质量发展,坚持以供给侧结构性改革为主线,充分发挥市场在资源配置中的决定性作用,更好发挥政府作用,持续深化公共资源交易平台整合共享,着力提高公共资源配置效率和公平性,着力提升公共资源交易服务质量,着力创新公共资源交易监管体制机制,激发市场活力和社会创造力。
2. Basic principles. (二)基本原则。
All kinds of public resources shall be traded on platforms. For public resources that shall or may be allocated in a market-oriented way, a trading list shall be established to accelerate the full coverage of public resource platform transactions in the list. The purposes of this effort are to achieve “no transactions outside the platform”. 坚持应进必进,推动各类公共资源交易进平台。对于应该或可以通过市场化方式配置的公共资源,建立交易目录清单,加快推进清单内公共资源平台交易全覆盖,做到“平台之外无交易”。
Efforts shall be made to promote the integration, connectivity, and sharing of platforms in a unified and standardized way. Under the guidance of the government, public resource trading platforms shall be further integrated and regulated to constantly improve classified and unified trading systems and rules, technical standards and data specifications and promote connectivity of platforms and full sharing of information. 坚持统一规范,推动平台整合和互联共享。在政府主导下,进一步整合规范公共资源交易平台,不断完善分类统一的交易制度规则、技术标准和数据规范,促进平台互联互通和信息充分共享。
The transparent trading of public resources shall be promoted in an open and transparent way. The whole-process information disclosure of public resource trading shall be implemented to ensure that all kinds of transactions are dynamic and traceable. Coordinated supervision across departments, credit supervision, and smart supervision shall be vigorously promoted to maximize the external supervision role of market players, industry organizations, the public, and external supervision to ensure that supervision is in place. 坚持公开透明,推动公共资源阳光交易。实行公共资源交易全过程信息公开,保证各类交易行为动态留痕、可追溯。大力推进部门协同监管、信用监管和智慧监管,充分发挥市场主体、行业组织、社会公众、新闻媒体外部监督作用,确保监督到位。
Efficient services shall be provided to allow the platforms to benefit enterprises and the public. The reform of “simplification of administrative procedures, delegation of powers, combination of delegation and control, and optimization of services” shall be deepened to highlight the functional positioning of public resource trading platforms in providing public services, further streamline administrative procedures, launch online handling and reduce institutional transaction costs, and promote a shift of focus in public resource trading from reliance on physical venues to emphasis on electronic platforms. 坚持服务高效,推动平台利企便民。深化“放管服”改革,突出公共资源交易平台的公共服务职能定位,进一步精简办事流程,推行网上办理,降低制度性交易成本,推动公共资源交易从依托有形场所向以电子化平台为主转变。
3. Main objective. (三)主要目标。
By 2020, public resources that are suitable to be allocated in a market-oriented manner will be basically integrated into the unified public resource trading platform system, subject to directory management. Public resource trading platforms at all levels will be fully connected vertically and horizontally, so as to unify systems and rules and technical standards and share information resources. Electronic transactions will be fully implemented, and the whole-process online supervision of public resource transactions will be conducted in real time. Furthermore, after a period of efforts, the trading process of public resources will become more scientific and efficient; trading activities will become more standardized and orderly; the efficiency and benefits will be further improved. A unified, open and orderly market for trading public resources will be in healthy operation, and market players will have a stronger sense of gain. 到2020年,适合以市场化方式配置的公共资源基本纳入统一的公共资源交易平台体系,实行目录管理;各级公共资源交易平台纵向全面贯通、横向互联互通,实现制度规则统一、技术标准统一、信息资源共享;电子化交易全面实施,公共资源交易实现全过程在线实时监管。在此基础上,再经过一段时间努力,公共资源交易流程更加科学高效,交易活动更加规范有序,效率和效益进一步提升,违法违规行为发现和查处力度明显加大;统一开放、竞争有序的公共资源交易市场健康运行,市场主体获得感进一步增强。
II. Improving the mechanism for market-based allocation of public resources   二、完善公共资源市场化配置机制
4. Expanding the coverage of the platform. Public resources trading platform coverage shall be expanded from the engineering construction project tendering and bidding, state-owned property rights transactions, land use rights and mining rights transfer, and government procurement to natural resources, asset equity, environmental rights and other public resources suitable for market allocation, and a national directory of public resource transactions shall be formulated and published. All regions shall, according to the national directory and in light of their own realities, systematically review the categories and scope of public resources, and develop and publish their own directories of public resources transactions. The integration of trading platforms for public resources shall be continued, and the existing platforms shall be relied on as far as possible to meet the needs of various trading services. (四)拓展平台覆盖范围。将公共资源交易平台覆盖范围由工程建设项目招标投标、土地使用权和矿业权出让、国有产权交易、政府采购等,逐步扩大到适合以市场化方式配置的自然资源、资产股权、环境权等各类公共资源,制定和发布全国统一的公共资源交易目录指引。各地区根据全国目录指引,结合本地区实际情况,系统梳理公共资源类别和范围,制定和发布本地区公共资源交易目录。持续推进公共资源交易平台整合,坚持能不新设就不新设,尽可能依托现有平台满足各类交易服务需要。
5. Innovating the way resources are allocated. For asset equity such as natural resources, franchise rights and rural collective property rights owned by the entire people and environmental rights including the rights of pollutant emission, carbon emission and energy use, the rules for transfer shall be improved, and competitive methods such as bidding and auction shall be introduced. The trading system and pricing mechanism shall be improved to promote the fair trading and efficient use of public resources. The eligible regions may conduct centralized procurement of medical drugs, equipment, and consumables. (五)创新资源配置方式。对于全民所有自然资源,特许经营权,农村集体产权等资产股权,排污权、碳排放权、用能权等环境权,要健全出让或转让规则,引入招标投标、拍卖等竞争性方式,完善交易制度和价格形成机制,促进公共资源公平交易、高效利用。有条件的地方可开展医疗药品、器械及耗材集中采购。
6. Promoting cross-regional trading of resources. Fair competition review system shall be strictly implemented to prevent local protection or industrial monopoly from being implemented through restrictive conditions that are not based on laws or regulations, such as setting up registration, setting up branches (offices), qualification verification, bidding permit, mandatory guarantee, compulsory requirement for local investment, personnel performance assessment. Market players within the same province shall be encouraged to independently choose platforms across prefecture-level municipalities to conduct public resource transactions and actively and steadily promote cross-provincial cooperation of public resource trading platforms. (六)促进资源跨区域交易。严格执行公平竞争审查制度,防止通过设置注册登记、设立分支机构(办事处)、资质验证、投标(竞买)许可、强制担保、强制要求在当地投资、人员业绩考核等没有法律法规依据的限制性条件实行地方保护或行业垄断。鼓励同一省域内市场主体跨地市自主选择平台进行公共资源交易,积极稳妥推进公共资源交易平台跨省域合作。
III. Optimizing public resource trading services   三、优化公共资源交易服务
7. Improving platform electronic system. The construction of electronic systems for public resource trading platforms shall be strengthened, and the functional positioning of trading, service, supervision and other sub-systems shall be defined to achieve connectivity and information resource sharing. At the same time, information infrastructure shall be planned, built and used, and relevant security and technical measures shall be improved to ensure system and data security. The trading system shall provide online trading services for market players, whereas the service system shall offer online services for the collection, sharing, and release of trading information. The supervision system shall provide a channel through which administrative supervision departments, disciplinary inspection and supervisory commissions and auditing departments may conduct online supervision. The problems existing in, among others, electronic files, technical specifications and information security of public resource trading platforms shall be promptly solved. The resources of experts on bid evaluation and review for public resource trading shall be coordinated to quality expert resources across regions and industries through remote bid evaluation and review. The role of the national public resource trading platform shall be further used to provide public access to, public channels and comprehensive technical support for, electronic trading of public resources at all levels. The data on the public resource trading nationwide shall be released in a centralized way by the national platform for public resource trading in accordance with the relevant provisions. The electronic tendering and procurement trading system for central enterprises shall be incorporated into the public resource trading platform in an orderly manner through the national public service system for electronic tendering and bidding, and be subject to supervision and administration in accordance with law. Efforts shall be made to promote mutual recognition of digital certificates across platforms, departments and regions, ending up with mutual recognition nationwide. The application of electronic business licenses and electronic letters of guarantee in public resource trading shall be advanced to reduce transaction costs of enterprises and improve transaction efficiency. (七)健全平台电子系统。加强公共资源交易平台电子系统建设,明确交易、服务、监管等各子系统的功能定位,实现互联互通和信息资源共享,并同步规划、建设、使用信息基础设施,完善相关安全技术措施,确保系统和数据安全。交易系统为市场主体提供在线交易服务,服务系统为交易信息汇集、共享和发布提供在线服务,监管系统为行政监督部门、纪委监委、审计部门提供在线监督通道。抓紧解决公共资源交易平台电子档案、技术规范、信息安全等问题,统筹公共资源交易评标、评审专家资源,通过远程异地评标、评审等方式加快推动优质专家资源跨地区、跨行业共享。进一步发挥全国公共资源交易平台作用,为各级各类公共资源电子化交易提供公共入口、公共通道和综合技术支撑。全国公共资源交易数据应当由全国公共资源交易平台按照有关规定统一发布。中央管理企业电子招标采购交易系统应当通过国家电子招标投标公共服务系统有序纳入公共资源交易平台,依法接受监督管理。促进数字证书(CA)跨平台、跨部门、跨区域互认,逐步实现全国互认,推动电子营业执照、电子担保保函在公共资源交易领域的应用,降低企业交易成本,提高交易效率。
8. Consolidating the positioning of public services. As a major operator and service provider of public resource trading platforms, the public resource trading center shall continue to optimize services such as witness, sites, information, archives, and expert extraction, actively analyze big data on transactions, and provide reference and support for macroeconomic decision-making, optimizing business environment and regulating trading market, but shall not disclose without authorization important and sensitive data to the public or use them for commercial purposes. Unless otherwise specifically provided by laws and regulations, the public resource trading center shall not perform administrative supervision functions on its behalf, restrict the autonomy of trading parties, or exclude or restrict the electronic trading systems built and operated by market players. (八)强化公共服务定位。公共资源交易中心作为公共资源交易平台主要运行服务机构,应不断优化见证、场所、信息、档案、专家抽取等服务,积极开展交易大数据分析,为宏观经济决策、优化营商环境、规范交易市场提供参考和支撑,不得将重要敏感数据擅自公开及用于商业用途。除法律法规明确规定外,公共资源交易中心不得代行行政监管职能,不得限制交易主体自主权,不得排斥和限制市场主体建设运营的电子交易系统。
9. Streamlining administrative matters and procedures. The trading process of public resources shall be systematically reviewed, and bidding registration, bidding document review, original document check and other matters without legal or regulatory basis as well as preliminary review and approval procedures that can be solved through the notification commitment system and interim and ex-post supervision shall be canceled. The combined application of multiple business shall be promoted. Through one application form, the basic information on market players can be collected at one time, and reused later and updated in a timely manner. Efforts shall be made to promote the handling of the trading services in one platform to continuously increase the proportion of public resource trading services handled online. (九)精简管理事项和环节。系统梳理公共资源交易流程,取消没有法律法规依据的投标报名、招标文件审查、原件核对等事项以及能够采用告知承诺制和事中事后监管解决的前置审批或审核环节。推广多业务合并申请,通过“一表申请”将市场主体基本信息材料一次收集、后续重复使用并及时更新。推行交易服务“一网通办”,不断提高公共资源交易服务事项网上办理比例。
IV. Innovating the supervisory system for public resource trading   四、创新公共资源交易监管体制
10. Implementing coordinated supervision. The reform of the system for administration of public resource trading shall be deepened; the separation between the services, administration and supervision of public resource trading shall be promoted; and the comprehensive supervision of public resource trading shall be explored. The departments of all regions leading the integration of public resource trading platforms shall, according to the requirements of their respective functions, coordination and close cooperation and in accordance with laws and regulations and the division of duties determined by the local people's governments at all levels, create a list of supervisory powers and responsibilities and disclose it to the public. A working mechanism for receiving, transferring and giving feedback on complaints and tip-offs shall be established and improved, and the relevant administrative supervision departments shall, in accordance with law, investigate and deal with violations of laws and regulations in the process of public resource trading, so as to achieve coordinated law enforcement across departments, time-limited closure of cases and active feedback on results. Information disclosure shall be stepped up to accelerate the legal disclosure of information about the whole process of public resource trading. Channels for social supervision shall be opened up. The supervision of market players, industry organizations, the public, and the news media over trading activities of public resources shall be strengthened to promote open markets and fair competition. (十)实施协同监管。深化公共资源交易管理体制改革,推进公共资源交易服务、管理与监督职能相互分离,探索推进公共资源交易综合监管。各地区公共资源交易平台整合工作牵头部门要会同有关行政监督部门按照各司其职、互相协调、密切配合的要求,根据法律法规和地方各级人民政府确定的职责分工,形成监管权力和责任清单并向社会公开。建立健全投诉举报接收、转办、反馈工作机制,由有关行政监督部门依法查处公共资源交易过程中的违法违规行为,实现部门协同执法、案件限时办结、结果主动反馈。加大信息公开力度,加快推进公共资源交易全过程信息依法公开。畅通社会监督渠道,加强市场主体、行业组织、社会公众、新闻媒体等对公共资源交易活动的监督,促进市场开放和公平竞争。
11. Strengthening credit supervision. The building of the credit system for public resource trading shall be accelerated. To this end, steps shall be taken to develop the national credit standards for public resource trading, improve the systems for management, sharing and use of credit information about public resource trading, strengthen the disclosure and use credit information about all kinds of market players, and collect the credit information about market players participating in the trading activities of public resources to the national credit information sharing platform. As an important basis for supervision, the credit information may help carry out joint incentives for keeping faith and joint punishment for breaking faith in accordance with laws and regulations. (十一)强化信用监管。加快公共资源交易领域信用体系建设,制定全国统一的公共资源交易信用标准,完善公共资源交易信用信息管理、共享、运用等制度,强化各类市场主体信用信息的公开和运用,把市场主体参与公共资源交易活动的信用信息归集到全国信用信息共享平台,作为实施监管的重要依据,依法依规开展守信联合激励和失信联合惩戒。
12. Conducting smart supervision. Through the electronic system of public resource trading platforms, instructions may be issued online in a timely manner to achieve comprehensive record and real-time interaction of information about market players, intermediaries and the trading process, thus ensuring that the source and whereabouts of trading records can be traced, that the supervision can be traceable, and that the accountability can be held. Big data, cloud computing, and other modern information technology means are used to monitor and analyze the trading activities of public resources and detect in a timely manner and automatically warn against illegal acts such as bid rigging, colluded bidding and falsification. Supervision and law enforcement shall be stepped up in key regions, fields and links to make supervision more targeted and accurate. The electronic system of public resource trading platforms shall be connected to the national supervisory platform for online approval of investment projects. (十二)开展智慧监管。依托公共资源交易平台电子系统及时在线下达指令,实现市场主体、中介机构和交易过程信息全面记录、实时交互,确保交易记录来源可溯、去向可查、监督留痕、责任可究。运用大数据、云计算等现代信息技术手段,对公共资源交易活动进行监测分析,及时发现并自动预警围标串标、弄虚作假等违法违规行为,加大对重点地区、重点领域、重点环节的监督执法力度,增强监管的针对性和精准性。推进公共资源交易平台电子系统与全国投资项目在线审批监管平台对接。
V. Strengthening organization and implementation guarantee   五、强化组织实施保障
13. Strengthening organization and leadership. The National Development and Reform Commission shall, in conjunction with the relevant departments, improve the mechanism of inter-ministerial joint meeting on the integration of public resource trading platforms, strengthen policy guidance, work coordination and business training, and urge the implementation of tasks. The local people's governments at all levels shall coordinate and promote the integration and sharing of public resource trading platforms in their respective administrative regions, strengthen the business guidance of public resource trading centers at all levels within their respective administrative areas, and ensure the expenses for the operation and maintenance of public resource trading platforms to improve work coordination mechanisms. Moreover, they shall develop, detail and implement the work plans and increase support for personnel and facilities, so as to strengthen training and capacity building in information technology. (十三)加强组织领导。国家发展改革委要会同有关部门完善公共资源交易平台整合工作部际联席会议机制,加强政策指导、工作协调和业务培训,督促任务落实。地方各级人民政府要统筹推进本行政区域公共资源交易平台整合共享工作,强化对本行政区域各级公共资源交易中心的业务指导,切实保障公共资源交易平台的运行维护经费,完善工作协调机制,制定细化落实工作方案,加大人员、设施等配套保障力度,加强信息技术方面培训和能力建设。
14. Accelerating institutional development. All regions shall lose no time in effectively carry out the enactment, revision, abolition, and interpretation of laws, regulations, and rules in public resource trading such as tendering and bidding, the transfer of natural resources and assets, and state-owned property rights trading and government procurement. The development of information security systems shall be strengthened. The establishment of the information security protection system for public resource trading shall be accelerated according to the national information security standards to ensure the operation and data security of public resource trading platforms. The measures for the administration of experts on bid evaluation and review shall be improved, and the mechanism for employing, training, evaluating and dismissing experts to accelerate the electronic bid evaluation and review. Efforts shall be made to improve the system for administration of intermediaries and regulate the acts of agents to promote self-regulation in the industry. The long-term mechanism for reviewing systems and rules shall be reviewed. The National Development and Reform Commission shall, together with the relevant departments, lose no time in reviewing the national systems for public resource trading that do not meet the requirements for integration and sharing, develop and implement a national standard for public resource trading, and issue according to procedures the guidelines for implementing the national directory of public resource trading. All people's governments at the provincial level shall regularly review the public resource trading systems and rules within their respective administrative regions and announce the reviewing process and results and accept social supervision. (十四)加快制度建设。抓紧做好招标投标、自然资源资产转让、国有产权交易、政府采购等公共资源交易领域法律法规规章的立改废释工作。加强信息安全制度建设,根据国家信息安全标准加快构建公共资源交易信息安全防护体系,保障公共资源交易平台运行安全和数据安全。完善评标、评审专家管理办法,健全专家征集、培训、考核和清退机制,加快推进电子评标评审。完善中介机构管理制度,规范代理行为,促进行业自律。完善制度规则清理长效机制,国家发展改革委要会同有关部门抓紧对不符合整合共享要求的全国性公共资源交易制度规则进行清理,制定实施全国统一的公共资源交易服务标准,按程序发布实施全国公共资源交易目录指引;各省级人民政府要定期对本行政区域公共资源交易制度规则进行清理并及时公告清理过程和结果,接受社会监督。
15. Effectively ensuring supervision and implementation. Local people's governments at all levels shall incorporate the deepening of the integration and sharing of public resource trading platforms into the administration of government target assessment, strengthen the supervision and inspection of public services, administrative supervision and market regulation in the field of public resource trading, establish a mechanism for evaluating market players and third parties, and disclose the relevant information to the public. They shall strengthen supervision of regulators, public resource trading centers and their staff and improve the risk prevention and control mechanism for clean government. The National Development and Reform Commission shall, along with the relevant departments, strengthen guidance and supervision, and summarize and popularize typical experience and innovative practices. Those that fail to make due efforts in the work and therefore lead to insufficient integration shall be criticized by circulating a notice to ensure that all tasks and measures are fully implemented. Any important situation shall be reported to the State Council in a timely manner. (十五)狠抓督促落实。地方各级人民政府要将深化公共资源交易平台整合共享工作纳入政府目标考核管理,加强对公共资源交易领域公共服务、行政监管和市场规范等工作情况的监督检查,建立市场主体和第三方评议机制,并向社会公开相关情况;加强对公共资源交易监管部门、公共资源交易中心及其工作人员的监督,健全廉政风险防控机制。国家发展改革委要会同有关部门加强指导督促,总结推广典型经验和创新做法;对推进工作不力、整合不到位的,要进行通报,确保各项任务措施落实到位,重要情况及时报告国务院。
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