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Notice of the People's Bank of China on Issues Concerning More Effectively Conducting Identification of Beneficial Owners [Effective]
中国人民银行关于进一步做好受益所有人身份识别工作有关问题的通知 [现行有效]

Notice of the People's Bank of China on Issues Concerning More Effectively Conducting Identification of Beneficial Owners 


(No. 164 [2018] of the People's Bank of China) (银发〔2018〕164号)

The Shanghai Head Office of the People's Bank of China ("PBC"); all branches and business management departments of the PBC; all central sub-branches of the PBC in capital cities of provinces (autonomous regions) and sub-provincial cities; China Development Bank; all policy banks, state-owned commercial banks, and joint-stock commercial banks; Postal Savings Bank of China; and China UnionPay, Rural Credit Banks Funds Clearing Center, and Clearing Center for City Commercial Banks: 中国人民银行上海总部,各分行、营业管理部,各省会(首府)城市中心支行,各副省级城市中心支行;国家开发银行、各政策性银行、国有商业银行、股份制商业银行,中国邮政储蓄银行,中国银联,农信银资金清算中心,城市商业银行资金清算中心:
For the purposes of implementing the opinions of the State Council on improving the regulatory systems and mechanisms of combating money laundering, financing of terrorism and tax evasion, preventing lawbreakers from using complex equity and control power to disguise or conceal their real identity, the nature of funds, or the purpose and nature of transactions, making the information on beneficial owners more transparent, and regulating the institutions that have an obligation to fight against money laundering (hereinafter referred to as "obligated institutions") in identifying beneficial owners of non-natural person customers, you are hereby notified of the relevant matters on obligated institutions' implementation of Notice of the People's Bank of China on Strengthening the Client Identification for Anti-money Laundering (No. 235 [2017] of the People's Bank of China) as follows: 为落实国务院关于完善反洗钱、反恐怖融资、反逃税监管体制机制的意见,防范违法犯罪分子利用复杂的股权、控制权等关系掩饰、隐瞒真实身份、资金性质或者交易目的、性质,提高受益所有人信息透明度,规范反洗钱义务机构(以下简称义务机构)开展非自然人客户的受益所有人身份识别工作,现就义务机构执行《中国人民银行关于加强反洗钱客户身份识别有关工作的通知》(银发〔2017〕235号)有关事项通知如下:
I. The identification of beneficial owners should follow the following main principles   一、受益所有人身份识别工作应当遵循以下主要原则
(1) Diligent and accountable: An obligated institution and its personnel shall have the requisite compliance capability, risk awareness and professional ethics for effective implementation of anti-money laundering, effectively conduct the identification and verification of beneficial owners and the collection, registration, and preservation of the relevant information, data or materials according to provisions, and keep complete records of the work done by institutions and their staff diligently and accountably as well as the relevant information, data or materials. (一)勤勉尽责。义务机构及其工作人员应当具备反洗钱有效履职所必需的合规能力、风险意识和职业操守,按照规定做好受益所有人身份的识别、核实以及相关信息、数据或者资料的收集、登记、保存等工作,完整保存能够证明义务机构及其工作人员勤勉尽责的工作记录以及有关信息、数据或者资料。
(2) Risk-based: An obligated institution and its personnel shall, by using the risk-based method, comprehensively analyze and reasonably determine the money laundering of non-natural person customers and their business. In the case of the risk of terrorist financing, non-natural person customers with different risks shall adopt differentiated risk control measures, and those with higher risks shall adopt stricter measures to carry out the identification of beneficial owners (二)风险为本。义务机构及其工作人员应当落实风险为本方法,综合分析、合理判断非自然人客户及其业务存在的洗钱。恐怖融资风险,对不同风险的非自然人客户采取差别化的风险控制措施,对风险较高的非自然人客户采取更为严格的强化措施开展受益所有人身份识别工作。
(3) Substance over form: An obligated institution and its personnel shall regard the knowing and determination of the natural person who exercises ultimate control over a non-natural person customer and the transaction process or who ultimately benefits from the transaction as the objective of their beneficial owner identification. They shall adopt both quantitative and qualitative methods to make a comprehensive judgment of the equity and control power structure of non-natural person customers as well as financial decision-making, personnel appointment and removal, and operation and management. (三)实质重于形式。义务机构及其工作人员应当将了解并确定最终控制非自然人客户及交易过程或者最终享有交易利益的自然人作为受益所有人身份识别工作的目标,采取定量和定性相结合的方法,对非自然人客户的股权、控制权结构以及财务决策、人事任免、经营管理等情况进行综合判断。
II. Obligated institutions shall establish and improve and effectively implement the beneficial owner identification system.   二、义务机构应当建立健全并有效实施受益所有人身份识别制度。
(1) The internal management system and operating procedures for the beneficial owner identification shall be regarded as an important part of the complete and effective customer identification system, and be continuously improved during the implementation. According to the risk status of non-natural person customers and the compliance management needs of obligated institutions, a beneficial owner identification standard stricter than the regulations may be implemented. (一)将受益所有人身份识别的内部管理制度和操作规程,作为完整有效的客户身份识别制度一项重要内容,并在实施过程中不断完善。根据非自然人客户风险状况和本机构合规管理需要,可以执行比监管规定更为严格的受益所有人身份识别标准。
(2) Where it is required to carry out customer identification in accordance with regulations at the time of establishing business relations with non-natural person customers and during the existence of such business relations, an obligated institution shall simultaneously carry out the beneficial owner identification. (二)在与非自然人客户建立业务关系时以及业务关系存续期间,按照规定应当开展客户身份识别的,义务机构应当同时开展受益所有人身份识别工作。
During the existence of the business relations with the non-natural person customer, the obligated institution that adopts continuous customer identification measures or re-identifies the customer shall simultaneously carry out the identification of beneficiary owners to ensure the integrity, accuracy and timeliness of the information on the beneficiary owners. 在与非自然人客户业务关系存续期问,义务机构采取持续的客户身份识别措施或者重新识别客户身份的,应当同时开展受益所有人身份识别工作,确保受益所有人信息完整性、准确性和时效性。
(3) The effective connection between beneficial owner identification and customer classification management, transaction monitoring and analysis, and anti-money laundering list monitoring shall be enhanced. Where high-risk circumstances such as complex equity or control power are found when carrying out the identification of beneficial owners, the risk level of the customer's money laundering shall be adjusted in a timely and active manner to improve the frequency and intensity of transaction monitoring and analysis; where it is discovered that or there are reasonable grounds to suspect that a beneficial owner is related to the list of terrorist organizations and personnel, a suspicious transaction report shall be submitted as required. (三)加强受益所有人身份识别工作与客户分类管理、交易监测分析、反洗钱名单监控等工作的有效衔接。开展受益所有人身份识别工作发现股权或者控制权复杂等高风险情形的,应当及时主动调整客户洗钱风险等级,提高交易监测分析的频率和强度;发现或者有合理理由怀疑受益所有人与恐怖活动组织及恐怖活动人员名单相关的,应当按规定提交可疑交易报告。
III. An obligated institution shall go deeper and determine the beneficial owners according to the legal form and actual situation of the non-natural person customer. Where the identification of beneficiary owners is conducted as required, each non-natural person customer shall have at least one beneficiary owner.   三、义务机构应当根据非自然人客户的法律形态和实际情况,逐层深入并判定受益所有人。按照规定开展受益所有人身份识别工作的,每个非自然人客户至少有一名受益所有人。
(1) Company: The ultimate control over a company shall not only be limited to direct or indirect ownership of 25% or more of its equity or voting rights, but also include any form of effective control over or actual influence on the company's decision-making, operation and management. (一)公司:对公司实施最终控制不限于直接或间接拥有超过25%(含,下同)公司版权或者表决权,还包括其他可以对公司的决策、经营、管理形成有效控制或者实际影响的任何形式。
(a) A natural person who directly or indirectly owns 25% or more of a company's equity or voting rights is the basic method for determining the company's beneficial owners. Where it is required to calculate the indirect ownership of equity or voting rights, the calculation shall, in accordance with the higher of equity and voting rights, be conducted by the addition of the multiplication of the company's equity levels by the equity or voting rights held by all levels. 1.直接或者间接拥有超过25%公司股权或者表决权的自然人是判定公司受益所有人的基本方法,需要计算间接拥有股权或者表决权的,按照股权和表决权孰高原则,将公司股权层级及各层级实际占有的股权或者表决权比例相乘求和计算。
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