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Concept Paper on "Trilateral+X" Cooperation [Effective]
“中日韩+X”合作概念文件 [现行有效]

Concept Paper on "Trilateral+X" Cooperation 


(2019) (2019年)

I. Background   一、背景
China, the Republic of Korea and Japan, have advanced cooperation in a wide range of areas including political, economic, social affairs and sustainable development since the leaders of the three countries first gathered on the margin of ASEAN related Summit Meetings in Manila in 1999. At the 7th Trilateral Summit Meeting in May 2018, the three leaders renewed their commitment to making further efforts towards deepening and broadening cooperation in the region. In this regard, they shared the intention to explore "Trilateral+X" cooperation modality for sustainable regional development. 自1999年东亚合作领导人系列会议期间在马尼拉举行首次中日韩领导人会晤以来,三国在政治、经济、社会和可持续发展等领域推进合作。2018年5月第七次中日韩领导人会议上,三国领导人重申将进一步深化和拓展在本地区的合作,一致同意开展“中日韩+X”合作,带动本地区可持续发展。
Given the large number of developing countries in Asia and the acute problem of uneven and inadequate development Asia faces, it is imperative to explore new areas and models to improve trilateral cooperation, building upon the positive development so far achieved as confirmed at the 7th Trilateral Summit Meeting. The "Trilateral+X" modality is worth exploring particularly in those fields where the three countries possess many successful experiences and know-how to share with other countries. 亚洲地区发展中国家众多,发展不平衡不充分问题突出。三国合作亟待在现有进展的基础上开拓新领域、探索新模式,实现提质升级。三国可在拥有优势的领域开展“中日韩+X”合作,与其他国家分享成功经验。
II. Goal   二、目标
Building mutual understanding among the three countries, promoting trilateral cooperation, and harnessing mutual complementarity in a joint effort to promote sustainable common development in the region and beyond. 凝聚三国共识,提升合作水平;发挥互补优势,推动区域内外共同与可持续发展。
III. Principles   三、原则
i. Voluntary. Cooperation programs will be demand-based from recipient partner countries and implemented through full communication on a voluntary basis. (一)自愿。以需求为导向开展合作,在充分沟通基础上推进项目。
ii. Equal-footed. Models of cooperation will be jointly decided among the three countries and recipient countries for shared benefits. (二)平等。三国与对象国共商合作方式,共享合作成果。
iii. Open. Cooperation will be open to other countries and regions beyond the three countries and to new areas and models. (三)开放。对三国以外的地区和国家开放,合作领域、合作方式开放。
iv. Win-win. Cooperation will be conducted through joint participation for mutual benefit, common development, and win-win outcomes. (四)共赢。共同参与、共同受益、共同发展、互利共赢。
v. Transparent. Cooperation will be conducted in a transparent manner for the people in the three countries and beyond. (五)透明。对三国及其他公众保持透明。
vi. Sustainable. Cooperation programs will be sustainable with due considerations for the environment and economic efficiency. (六)可持续。开展可持续性合作项目,兼顾环境和经济效益。
IV. Major cooperation areas   四、重点合作领域
i. Sustainable Economy. Building on their respective economic advantages, the three countries may explore ways to promote common development in the region and beyond. (一)可持续经济。三国可发挥各自经济优势,探讨以适当方式促进域内外共同发展。
ii. Ecological and Environmental Conservation. The three countries have conducted close and effective cooperation in the field of environment, and will continue to play an important role in promoting regional and international cooperation on environment including marine plastic litter, biodiversity, air pollution and climate change. (二)生态环保。三国在环境领域开展了紧密有效的合作,并将继续积极推进在海洋塑料垃圾、生物多样性、空气污染、气候变化等环境领域的地区和国际合作。
iii. Disaster Risk Reduction. As disaster-prone countries, the three countries have rich experiences and advanced technologies in disaster risk reduction. They may explore ways to help regional countries to improve disaster prevention, reduction and relief capability as well as to increase public education and awareness about disaster risk reduction. (三)减灾。三国都是灾害多发国家,在应对自然灾害方面有丰富经验和先进技术,可探讨帮助地区国家提高防灾减灾救灾水平,提升减轻灾害风险的公众教育和意识。
iv. Health. Through extensive, practical exchanges, the three countries have laid a solid foundation for cooperation on infectious diseases and aging. Building on existing cooperation, they may explore cooperation with other countries in this field. (四)卫生。三国在传染病和老龄化领域开展了许多务实交流,合作基础扎实,可在现有合作基础上探讨与其他国家开展相关合作。
v. Poverty Alleviation. The three countries have been active in sharing their poverty alleviation experiences with regional countries as reflected in China's "East Asia Poverty Alleviation Initiative", Japan's poverty reduction cooperation through micro-finance and the ROK's "3P's (People, Peace and Prosperity) policy" based on actual needs of partner countries, and they may explore cooperation with other countries in this field. (五)减贫。三国在减贫领域经验丰富,并积极同地区国家分享。根据对象国实际需要,中国、日本和韩国分别实施了“东亚减贫合作倡议”、小微金融扶贫合作和“人民、和平和繁荣”(3P)政策,可探讨与其他国家开展相关合作。
vi. People-to-People Exchange. The governments of the three countries and the Trilateral Cooperation Secretariat have been hosting varieties of people-to-people, cultural and educational exchange programs in order to deepen mutual understanding and trust among the peoples. Building upon those experiences, they may explore cooperation with other countries. (六)人文交流。为深化民众间彼此了解和信任,三国政府和中日韩合作秘书处举办了许多人文和教育交流项目。三国可利用这些经验,与其他国家开展相关合作。
vii. Other Areas. The three countries share the intention to explore the "Trilateral+X" modality in other areas as appropriate. (七)其他。三国一致同意在其他领域探讨开展“中日韩+X”合作。
V. Implementation Approach   五、实施方式
Models and projects of cooperation will be explored and decided by the line agencies of the three countries in coordination with the Ministries of Foreign Affairs through dialogue and consultation. If necessary, joint workshops, personnel exchanges and training could be held. 三国主管部门可协同外交部门,通过对话磋商探讨确定合作方式和项目,根据需要举办联合研讨会、人员交流与培训等活动。
The Trilateral Cooperation Secretariat (TCS) will also play a role, as appropriate, in exploring and conducting "Trilateral+X" cooperation projects in the future. 中日韩合作秘书处可在未来探讨和实施“中日韩+X”合作项目中发挥适当作用。
VI. Timeline   六、推进步骤
i. Distributing the Concept Paper to interested countries at an appropriate timing. (一)适时向感兴趣的国家散发概念文件。
ii. Working towards identifying the early harvest projects at the 8th Trilateral Summit. (二)争取第八次中日韩领导人会议确定早期收获项目。
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