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中欧领导人气候变化和清洁能源联合声明 [现行有效]




Beijing, 16 July 2018 (二〇一八年七月十六日于中国北京)

1. China and the EU consider climate action and the clean energy transition an imperative more important than ever. They confirm their commitments under the historic 2015 Paris Agreement and step up their cooperation to enhance its implementation.   一、中国和欧盟认为,气候行动和清洁能源转型的紧迫性和重要性日益显现。双方确认其在2015年达成的历史性的《巴黎协定》下所作的承诺,并将进一步合作加强协定的实施。
2. Climate change is exerting increasing stress on ecosystems and infrastructure to the point of threatening hard-won developmental gains. Its detrimental impacts on water, food and national security have become a multiplying factor of social and political fragility, and constitute a root cause for instability, including the displacement of people. The increasing impacts of climate change require a decisive response, in view of striving for the common good of all humankind.   二、气候变化对生态系统和基础设施的压力持续增加,并正威胁来之不易的发展成果。气候变化对水、粮食和国家安全的负面影响已成为加剧社会和政治脆弱性的因素,并成为人群流离失所等不稳定性的根源之一。为了全人类共同福祉,日益加剧的气候变化影响需要我们下决心应对。
3. China and the EU are committed to show firm determination and work together with all stakeholders to combat climate change, implement the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and promote global low greenhouse gas emissions, climate resilient and sustainable development. They underline that fighting climate change and promoting the global clean and low-carbon energy transition, especially towards sustainable, affordable, reliable and modern energy services, are mutually reinforcing objectives to achieve sustainable, secure and competitive economies. They also underline that tackling climate change and reforming our energy systems are significant drivers of job creation, investment opportunities and economic growth.   三、中欧双方承诺展现坚定决心,并与所有利益相关方一道应对气候变化,落实2030年可持续发展议程,推动全球温室气体低排放、气候适应型和可持续发展。双方强调,为了发展可持续、安全和具有竞争力的经济,应对气候变化和推动全球清洁低碳能源转型,特别是向可持续、价格合理、稳定可靠和现代化能源服务转型,是相辅相成的目标。双方还强调,应对气候变化和改革能源体系可显著促进就业、增加投资机会并推动经济增长。
4. Through the China-EU Joint Statement on Climate Change in 2015, the China-EU Roadmap on Energy Cooperation in 2016, and the present Statement, China and the EU commit to significantly intensify their political, technical, economic and scientific cooperation on climate change and clean energy, in view of the necessary world-wide transformation to a resource efficient, sustainable, low greenhouse gas emission and climate resilient economy and society, in the context of sustainable development and poverty eradication.   四、通过发表2015年《中欧气候变化联合声明》、2016年《中欧能源合作路线图》和本声明,中欧双方决心在气候变化与清洁能源领域大力加强政治、技术、经济和科学合作,考虑到全球在可持续发展和消除贫困的背景下,向资源集约、可持续、温室气体低排放和气候适应型经济社会的必然转型。
5. China and the EU recognise the importance of developing global free trade and investment, and promoting the multilateral rule-based system to allow the full development of the low greenhouse gas emission economy with all its benefits.   五、中欧双方认识到,推动全球自由贸易、投资,和基于规则的多边体制,对于全面发展温室气体低排放经济及其福利至关重要。
Advancing the UNFCCC Process 推进《联合国气候变化框架公约》进程
6. China and the EU welcome the Paris Agreement, adopted under the Convention to enhance its implementation, with its ambitious goals, its inclusive nature, and its reflection of equity, and common but differentiated responsibilities and respective capabilities, in the light of different national circumstances. China and the EU consider the Paris Agreement as an historic achievement further accelerating the irreversible global low greenhouse gas emission and climate resilient development. The Paris Agreement is proof that with shared political will and mutual trust, multilateralism can succeed in building fair and effective solutions to the most critical global problems of our time. China and the EU underline their highest political commitment to the effective implementation of the Paris Agreement in all its aspects, including, inter alia, mitigation, adaptation, finance, technology development and transfer, capacity-building and transparency of actions and support. Stepping up action will provide both sides with significant opportunities for modernising their economies, enhancing competitiveness, and ensuring socio-economic benefits of increased clean energy access.   六、中欧双方欢迎在《联合国气候变化框架公约》(以下简称《公约》)下达成的、旨在加强《公约》实施的《巴黎协定》,欢迎《巴黎协定》有力度的目标及其包容性,欢迎其体现公平、共同但有区别的责任和各自能力原则,考虑不同国情。双方认为,《巴黎协定》是一项历史性成就,将进一步加速全球温室气体低排放和气候适应型发展这一不可逆转的进程。《巴黎协定》证明,基于共同政治意愿和互信,多边主义能够为应对当今最重大的全球性问题提供公平有效的解决方案。双方强调其全面、有效实施《巴黎协定》的最高政治承诺,包括在减缓、适应、资金、技术开发和转让、能力建设、行动和支持透明度等各方面。强化行动将为双方提供重要机遇以实现经济现代化、增强竞争力,并确保清洁能源获取渠道增多带来的社会经济效益。
7. China and the EU welcome the rapid signature and entry into force of the Paris Agreement, as a testimony of the international community's unwavering determination to confront this common challenge and as a clear signal to industry and investors, as confirmed by the Marrakech Action Proclamation for our Climate and Sustainable Development, adopted on the occasion of the UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP 22) in November 2016, and by the Fiji Momentum for Implementation, adopted at COP 23 in November 2017.   七、中欧双方欢迎《巴黎协定》迅速签署并生效,这表明了国际社会在应对气候变化这一共同挑战方面不可动摇的决心,也给业界和投资者传递了明确信号,这些内容已在2016年11月《公约》第22次缔约方会议达成的《马拉喀什气候与可持续发展行动宣言》和2017年11月《公约》第23次缔约方会议达成的《斐济实施动力》中得到确认。
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