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Yekaterinburg Declaration of the Heads of the Member States of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation [Effective]
上海合作组织成员国元首叶卡捷琳堡宣言 [现行有效]

Yekaterinburg Declaration of the Heads of the Member States of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation



In accordance with the outcome of the Heads of State Council meeting held on 15 and 16 June 2009 in Yekaterinburg the heads of the member states of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation state the following: 2009年6月15日至16日,上海合作组织(以下简称“本组织”)成员国元首在叶卡捷琳堡举行元首理事会会议,并发表声明如下:
1. Serious changes are taking place in the contemporary international environment. Aspiration to peace and sustainable development, promotion of equal cooperation became the spirit of the times. The tendency towards true multipolarity is irreversible. There is a growing significance of the regional aspect in settling global problems.   一、当前,国际局势正处于大变革之中。谋求和平、可持续发展和促进平等合作已成为时代的要求。世界多极化趋势不可逆转。地区因素对解决全球性问题的重要性正在提高。
The SCO member states, reaffirming their commitment to common development on the basis of the principles and provisions of the Charter of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation and the Treaty on Long-Term Good-Neighbourly Relations, Friendship and Cooperation among the SCO Member States, consider as a priority task maintaining constructive dialogue and deepening close interaction and partnership to jointly seek effective ways of resolving global and regional problems with the use of the growing potential and international prestige of the SCO. 本组织成员国重申,愿以《上海合作组织宪章》和《上海合作组织成员国长期睦邻友好合作条约》的原则和规定为基础,实现共同发展,并将保持建设性对话、深化合作和伙伴关系,利用本组织不断增长的潜力和国际威望,共同寻找解决全球和地区问题的有效途径作为首要任务。

2. The SCO member states believe that international cooperation is a basic and efficient instrument for countering new challenges and threats, coping with the global financial crisis, ensuring energy and food security and settling such a pressing issue as climate change.   二、本组织成员国认为,开展国际合作是应对新威胁和新挑战、克服国际金融危机、保障能源和粮食安全,以及解决气候变化等迫切问题的重要有效途径。
3. The current situation in the global economic and financial sector points to the need to increase cooperation of the international community in the field of controlling and managing international finances, making joint efforts to prevent the growth and spread of financial crisis risks, maintaining economic stability.   三、当前世界经济和金融形势要求国际社会加强国际金融监管合作,共同防范金融危机风险积聚和扩散,保持经济稳定。
The member states of the Organisation together with the international community intend to make efforts for the formation of a more just, equal, all-embracing and well-regulated international financial regime which takes into account a true balance of interests of all its participants and gives all States equal access to the advantages of globalisation. 本组织成员国将与国际社会共同努力,建立更加公平、公正、包容、有序、兼顾各方利益、使全球化惠及各国的国际金融秩序。
To that end interaction and sharing of information must be strengthened as regards the international financial sector and the issues of tackling the consequences of the global financial crisis in the SCO region. 为此,应在本组织区域内就国际金融问题和应对国际金融危机问题加强合作和信息交流。
4. In current circumstances the SCO member states underline the growing significance of bolstering trade, economic and investment cooperation in the framework of the Organisation, including involving the potential of the observer states and dialogue partners.   四、本组织成员国强调,在当前形势下,加强本组织框架内的经贸和投资合作日益迫切,包括利用观察员国和对话伙伴的潜力。
The parties noted the need to speed up the implementation of major projects which are designed to ensure the expansion of transport communication capabilities of the region and access to world markets, development of social infrastructure, formation of modern international centres for logistics, trade and tourism, construction of new factories, introduction of innovative and energy-saving technologies, including renewable sources of energy. 应加快落实大型项目,以扩大地区交通、通信能力,实现同国际市场的对接,加强基础设施建设,建立现代国际物流、贸易和旅游中心,成立新型企业,应用创新技术、节能技术和可再生能源技术。
The implementation of these projects, arrangement of international transport corridors, modernisation of railways and motorways will create preconditions for strengthening the potential of the region as a transcontinental bridge and giving a new impulse to the development of economic links between Europe and Asia. 上述项目的实施,以及完善国际交通运输走廊、对铁路和公路进行现代化改造,将加强本地区作为洲际桥梁的潜力,并为发展欧洲与亚洲之间的经济联系提供新的动力。
5. The SCO member states, noting the key significance of energy sector for successful economic development and creation of favourable preconditions for improving the living standards of their citizens, express determination to further advance mutually beneficial cooperation in this field on the basis of equality with the aim of ensuring effective, reliable and environmentally safe energy supplies.   五、来自北大法宝本组织成员国认为,能源对于经济发展和为提高人民生活质量创造良好条件具有重要意义,决心在平等的基础上继续推动该领域的互利合作,以保障经济、稳定、安全、清洁的能源供应。
6. The Shanghai Cooperation Organisation proceeds from the need to further cement the legal foundations of international relations determined by generally accepted principles and norms of the international law and international obligations of States.

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