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Measures for the Administration of Assessment of Crop Seed Quality Laboratories (2019) [Effective]
农作物种子质量检验机构考核管理办法(2019) [现行有效]

Order of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs 


(No. 3 [2019]) (2019年第3号)

The Measures for the Administration of Assessment of Crop Seed Quality Laboratories as deliberated and adopted at the 8th executive meeting of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs in 2019, are hereby issued and shall come into force on October 1, 2019. 农作物种子质量检验机构考核管理办法》已经农业农村部2019年第8次常务会议审议通过,现予公布,自2019年10月1日起施行。
Minister: Han Changfu 部长 韩长赋
August 27, 2019 2019年8月27日
Measures for the Administration of Assessment of Crop Seed Quality Laboratories 农作物种子质量检验机构考核管理办法
Chapter I General Provisions 

第一章 总 则

Article 1 To strengthen the administration of crop seed quality laboratories (hereinafter referred to as the “seed laboratories”), regulate the assessment of laboratories, and guarantee the testing capacity, these Measures are developed in accordance with the Seed Law of the People's Republic of China.   第一条 为了加强农作物种子质量检验机构(以下简称“种子检验机构”)管理,规范种子检验机构考核工作,保证检验能力,根据《中华人民共和国种子法》,制定本办法。
Article 2 For the purpose of these Measures, “assessment” means activities that the agriculture and rural affairs departments of provincial people's governments (hereinafter referred to as the “assessment authorities”) assess and confirm seed laboratories' conditions, capabilities, and other qualifications for testing, in accordance with the provisions of the relevant laws, regulations, standards, and technical specifications.   第二条 本办法所称考核,是指省级人民政府农业农村主管部门(以下简称“考核机关”)依据有关法律、法规、标准和技术规范的规定,对种子检验机构的检测条件、能力等资质进行考评和核准的活动。
Article 3 A seed laboratory engaged in the following activities shall pass the assessment:   第三条 从事下列活动的种子检验机构,应当经过考核合格:
(1) Issuing evidential data or results for administrative decisions made by administrative agencies, decisions made by the judiciary, arbitral awards made by arbitral institutions, and the like. (一)为行政机关作出的行政决定、司法机关作出的裁判、仲裁机构作出的仲裁裁决等出具有证明作用的数据、结果的;
(2) Issuing evidential data or results for social and economic activities. (二)为社会经济活动出具有证明作用的数据、结果的;
(3) As otherwise required by law. (三)其他依法应当经过考核合格的。
Article 4 The agriculture and rural affairs departments of provincial people's governments shall be responsible for the assessment, regulation, technical guidance, and other work in relation to the seed laboratories within their respective administrative regions.   第四条 省级人民政府农业农村主管部门负责本行政区域内种子检验机构的考核、监管、技术指导等工作。
The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs shall be responsible for formulating standards in relation to the assessment of seed laboratories and supervising and guiding the assessment work. The specific work shall be undertaken by the National Agricultural Technology Extension and Service Center. 农业农村部负责制定种子检验机构考核相关标准,监督、指导考核工作。具体工作由全国农业技术推广服务中心承担。
Article 5 Seed laboratories shall be assessed by the principles of unity and compliance, objectivity and equity, scientificity and accuracy, and openness and transparency, by combined means of document review, on-site evaluation and proficiency testing, and subject to the system whereby assessment requirements, assessment procedures, certificate symbol, and supervision and administration are unified.   第五条 种子检验机构考核应当遵循统一规范、客观公正、科学准确、公开透明的原则,采取文件审查、现场评审和能力验证相结合的方式,实行考核要求、考核程序、证书标志、监督管理统一的制度。
Application, acceptance, publication, certificate printing, and the like related to the assessment of seed laboratories shall be processed through the China Seed Industry Big Data Platform. 种子检验机构考核的申请、受理、公示、证书打印等通过中国种业大数据平台办理。
Chapter II Application and Acceptance 

第二章 申请与受理

Article 6 A seed laboratory applying for assessment shall meet the following conditions:   第六条 申请考核的种子检验机构应当具备下列条件:
(1) Being a legal person or any other organization established in accordance with the law, capable of assuming corresponding legal liability. (一)依法成立并能够承担相应法律责任的法人或者其他组织;
(2) Having testing technicians and management commensurate with its engaging in testing activities. (二)具有与其从事检验活动相适应的检验技术人员和管理人员;
(3) Having a permanent workplace of not less than 100 square meters, with the working environment meeting the testing requirements. (三)具有不少于100平方米的固定工作场所,工作环境满足检验要求;
(4) Having testing equipment and facilities that fit the testing activities under application. (四)具备与申请检验活动相匹配的检验设备设施;
(5) Having a management system that functions effectively and ensures the independence, equity, scientificity, and integrity of its testing activities. (五)具有有效运行且保证其检验活动独立、公正、科学、诚信的管理体系;
(6) Meeting the special requirements of the relevant laws, regulations, standards, or technical specifications. (六)符合有关法律法规或者标准、技术规范规定的特殊要求。
Article 7 An applicant for seed laboratory assessment shall submit to the assessment authority the following materials and be responsible for the authenticity of the submitted materials:   第七条 申请种子检验机构考核的,应当向考核机关提交下列材料,并对所提交材料的真实性负责:
(1) A written application (in the format of Appendix A). (一)申请书(按附录A格式填写);
(2) Descriptive materials relating to the workplace, instruments, and equipment necessary for testing proficiency. (二)满足检验能力所需办公场所、仪器设备等说明材料;
(3) Descriptive materials relating to the number and basic information of its testing technicians and management. (三)检验技术人员和管理人员数量与基本情况说明材料;
(4) Quality management system documents, including quality manuals, procedural documents, work instructions, and other materials. (四)质量管理体系文件,包括质量手册、程序文件、作业指导书等材料;
(5) Two copies of testing reports (prepared as required by Appendix B). (五)检验报告2份(按附录B要求制作)。
Article 8 Descriptive materials relating to a workplace and instruments shall include the area and structure of the workplace and the name, quantity, model, functionality, and the like of instruments.   第八条 办公场所、仪器说明材料包括场所面积、结构,仪器名称、数量、型号、功能等。
The descriptive materials relating to personnel shall mainly include the number, names, education level, and work experience of the personnel. 人员说明材料主要包括人员数量、姓名及接受教育程度和工作经历。
Article 9 A quality manual shall include the following:   第九条 质量手册包括以下内容:
(1) The statement and signature of the person in charge of the seed laboratory in relation to the publication of the manual. (一)种子检验机构负责人对手册发布的声明及签名;
(2) A statement on equity and a statement on the quality policy. (二)公正性声明、质量方针声明;
(3) The overview, scope, definitions, and organizational structure of the seed laboratory. (三)种子检验机构概况、范围、术语定义、组织机构;
(4) Resource management, testing implementation, quality management, supporting procedures, and the like. (四)资源管理、检验实施和质量管理及其支持性程序等。
Article 10 A procedural document is the supporting document of a quality manual, including the following:   第十条 程序文件是质量手册的支持性文件,包括以下内容:
(1) Equity and confidentiality procedures. (一)公正性和保密程序;
(2) Personnel training and management procedures. (二)人员培训管理程序;
(3) Procedures for the management and maintenance of instruments and equipment. (三)仪器设备管理维护程序;
(4) Procedures for the certification, calibration, and confirmation of instruments, equipment, and reference materials. (四)仪器设备和标准物质检定校准确认程序;
(5) Procedures for contract review and the management of external services and supply. (五)合同评审、外部服务和供应管理程序;
(6) Sample management procedures. (六)样品管理程序;
(7) Data protection procedures and procedures for the management of testing reports and China Accredited Seed Laboratory (“CASL”) marks. (七)数据保护程序、检验报告和CASL(中国合格种子检验机构,China Accredited Seed Laboratory)标志使用管理程序;
(8) Document control procedures. (八)文件控制程序;
(9) Record control and quality control procedures. (九)记录控制和质量控制程序;
(10) Internal review, processing of appeals and complaints, the control of nonconforming work, control by corrective and preventive measures, management review, and other procedures. (十)内部审核、申诉投诉处理、不符合工作控制、纠正和预防措施控制、管理评审等程序。
Article 11 Work instructions shall include good work practice for taking and preparing samples, the operating procedures for using instruments and equipment, methods and particulars guiding testing process and data processing, and the like.   第十一条 作业指导书包括扦取和制备样品的工作规范、使用仪器设备的操作规程、指导检验过程及数据处理的方法细则等。
Article 12 An assessment authority shall act with respect to the application materials submitted by an applicant, according to the following circumstances:   第十二条 考核机关对申请人提出的申请材料,应当根据下列情况分别作出处理:
(1) If the application materials are incomplete or are not in the statutory form, the applicant shall be notified at one time, on the spot, or within five working days, of all necessary supplements and corrections; and if no notification is given within the period, the application materials shall be treated as being accepted upon their receipt and marked “accepted” automatically in the business processing system. (一)申请材料不齐全或者不符合法定形式的,当场或在5个工作日内一次告知申请人需要补正的全部内容,逾期不告知的,自收到申请材料之日起即为受理,业务办理系统中将自动显示为受理状态;
(2) If the application materials contain a correctable error, allowing the applicant to immediately make corrections.

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