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Several Opinions of the State Council on Promoting the Stabilization and Upswing of Foreign Trade [Effective]
国务院关于促进外贸回稳向好的若干意见 [现行有效]

Several Opinions of the State Council on Promoting the Stabilization and Upswing of Foreign Trade 


(No. 27 [2016] of the State Council) (国发〔2016〕27号)

The people's governments of all provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities directly under the Central Government; all ministries and commissions of the State Council; and all institutions directly under the State Council: 各省、自治区、直辖市人民政府,国务院各部委、各直属机构:
Foreign trade is an important part of the national economy and a significant driving force. Currently, the situation of foreign trade is complicated and grave with increasing uncertain and unstable factors and increasing stress of downturn. The promotion of stabilization and upswing of foreign trade is significant to the steady operation, upgrade and development of the economy. Therefore, the following opinions are hereby offered: 外贸是国民经济重要组成部分和重要推动力量。当前,外贸形势复杂严峻,不确定不稳定因素增多,下行压力不断加大。促进外贸回稳向好,对经济平稳运行和升级发展具有重要意义。为此,提出以下意见:
I. Fully maximizing the role of export credit insurance   一、充分发挥出口信用保险作用
The short-term rates of export credit insurance premium shall be further decreased. The financing insurance for the export of large equipment in complete sets shall be provided as much as possible, and on the premise of controllable risks, a group of medium and long-term insurance projects shall be assessed and supported without delay. 进一步降低短期出口信用保险费率。对大型成套设备出口融资应保尽保,在风险可控的前提下,抓紧评估和支持一批中长期险项目。
II. Vigorously supporting the financing of foreign trade enterprises   二、大力支持外贸企业融资
Financial institutions shall be guided in enhancing support to micro and small-sized enterprises through differentiated reserve funds, interest rates, re-lending, re-discounts and other policies. Financial institutions shall be encouraged to grant and be supported in granting loans to foreign trade enterprises which make profits and have orders. The cooperation between banks and foreign trade enterprises shall be strengthened, and financial institutions shall be encouraged to further expand the size of export credit insurance policy financing and export tax refund account pledge loan. 通过差别准备金、利率、再贷款、再贴现等政策,引导金融机构加大对小微企业的支持力度。鼓励和支持金融机构对有订单、有效益的外贸企业贷款。加强银贸合作,鼓励和支持金融机构进一步扩大出口信用保险保单融资和出口退税账户质押融资规模。
III. Further enhancing trade facilitation   三、进一步提高贸易便利化水平
The technology conditions for facilitating clearance shall be vigorously improved, the ratio of machine inspection shall be raised, average export customs inspection rates shall be further decreased, and guidance to classification shall be strengthened to decrease inspection rates of export enterprises with good credit and enhance inspection on export enterprises with poor credit. The development of international trade "single window" shall be promoted from coastal areas to eligible central and western areas by the end of 2016, a standard system shall be established and the primary responsibility shall be implemented. Paper-less clearance operation shall be comprehensively promoted. 积极改善通关便利化的技术条件,提高机检比例,进一步降低海关出口平均查验率,加强分类指导,对信用好的出口企业降低查验率,对信用差的出口企业加大查验力度。2016年年底前将国际贸易“单一窗口”建设从沿海地区推广到有条件的中西部地区,建立标准体系,落实主体责任。全面推进通关作业无纸化。
IV. Adjusting and improving export tax refund policies   四、调整完善出口退税政策
The structure of export tax refund rates shall be optimized, and, in respect of cameras, internal combustion engine and some electromechanical products, tax shall be refunded according to the actual amount of tax levied, to ensure timely tax refund in full amount and strictly crack down upon tax refund obtained by fraud. The measures for the classification of export tax refund shall be improved to gradually raise the ratio of enterprises in export tax refund class A, and make full use of the motivation and exemplary role of class A enterprises. 优化出口退税率结构,对照相机、摄影机、内燃发动机等部分机电产品按征多少退多少的原则退税,确保及时足额退税,严厉打击骗取退税。完善出口退税分类管理办法,逐步提高出口退税一类企业比例,发挥好一类企业的示范带动作用。
V. Reducing, canceling and regulating some charges involving enterprises   五、减免规范部分涉企收费
Rules for the list of import and export-related charges and the Harbor Charges and Charging Measures光宗耀祖支撑着我去教室曾经瘦过你也是厉害 shall be implemented to accelerate the advancement of market-oriented reform, give priority to breaking the monopoly, strengthen and innovate on supervision of charges, and establish a mechanism to crack down on charges in violation of regulations. The investigation and handling of charges of electronic government platforms shall be strengthened, and thorough examination of electronic government platforms of customs, entry-exit inspection and quarantine, tax, commerce and other agencies shall be conducted. Harbor, insurance, transport, banking and other charges shall be reasonably regulated to support the development of real economy. The incorporation of harbor dues for cargos into harbor toll shall be accelerated. Where the export of electrical and electronic products conforms to policy conditions, it may be exempt from the funds for the disposal of waste electrical appliances and electronic products as provided. 落实收费目录清单制度和《港口收费计费办法》,加快推进市场化改革,着重打破垄断,加强和创新收费监管,建立打击违规收费机制。加大对电子政务平台收费查处力度,对海关、出入境检验检疫、税务、商务等部门电子政务平台开展全面检查。合理规范港口、保险、运输、银行等收费,支持实体经济发展。加快将货物港务费并入港口建设费。电器电子产品出口符合政策条件的,可按规定免征废弃电器电子产品处理基金。
VI. Further improving processing trade policy

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