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Notice by the China Foreign Exchange Trade System and Shanghai Clearing House of Launching the Foreign Currency Repo Business with Domestic Bonds as Collateral [Effective]
中国外汇交易中心、银行间市场清算所股份有限公司关于推出以境内债券为抵押品的外币回购业务的通知 [现行有效]

Notice by the China Foreign Exchange Trade System and Shanghai Clearing House of Launching the Foreign Currency Repo Business with Domestic Bonds as Collateral 


All participating institutions: 各参与机构:
For the purpose of meeting the market needs for lowering foreign currency financing costs and releasing credit lines, and further enriching foreign currency financing instruments, the China Foreign Exchange Trade System (hereinafter referred to as the “CFETS”) and Shanghai Clearing House (hereinafter referred to as “SHCH”) will launch the foreign currency repo transactions and clearing business with domestic bonds under the custody of SHCH (hereinafter referred to as “domestic bond foreign currency repo business”) as collateral on December 16, 2019. The specific arrangements are as follows: 为满足市场降低外币融资成本、释放授信额度等需求,进一步丰富外币融资工具,中国外汇交易中心(以下简称交易中心)与银行间市场清算所股份有限公司(以下简称上海清算所)将于2019年12月16日推出以上海清算所托管的境内债券为抵押品的外币回购交易及清算业务(以下简称境内债外币回购业务)。具体安排如下。
I. Participants   一、参与主体
Institutions which have the CFETS foreign currency lending membership and have opened holders' accounts in SHCH may participate in domestic bond foreign currency repo business. 具备交易中心外币拆借会员资格,且已开立上海清算所持有人账户的机构可参与境内债外币回购业务。
II. Transaction Arrangements   二、交易安排
1. Business varieties. Pledged repo and foreign currency outright repo shall be supported. 1.业务品种。支持外币质押式回购和外币买断式回购。
2. Scope of collateral. Bonds that are under the custody of SHCH and can be fully circulated on the market shall be supported. 2.抵押品范围。支持托管在上海清算所的、可全市场流通的债券。
3. Trading methods. Bilateral price inquiry shall be supported. Both trading parties may strike a deal through the foreign exchange trading system of the CFETS which generates a trading ticket, and negotiation of trading intent through instant messaging tool iDeal and direct connection to the foreign exchange system to strike a deal shall be supported. 3.交易方式。支持双边询价。交易双方可通过交易中心外汇交易系统达成交易并生成成交单,支持通过即时通讯工具iDeal协商交易意向并直连外汇交易系统达成交易。
4. Deal transmission. After a deal is struck, the CFETS shall transmit the real-time data on the closure of the deal to SHCH which shall complete the bond clearing confirmation and confirmation, among others. 4.交易传输。交易达成后,交易中心将成交数据实时传输至上海清算所,由上海清算所完成债券清算确认及结算等。
5. Trading hours. Beijing time 9: 30-16: 50. 5.交易时间。北京时间9:30-16:50。
III. Clearing Arrangements   三、清算安排
1. Clearing confirmation. After a deal is struck, both trading parties may confirm the relevant trading elements through the Client of SHCH. 1.清算确认。交易达成后,交易双方可通过上海清算所客户端对相关交易要素进行确认。
2. Settlement modes. “Payment after bonds” and “bonds after payment shall be supported. In case of pledged repo, “payment after bonds” shall be supported on the initial settlement date supports and “bonds after payment” shall be support on the due settlement date; and in case of outright repo, “payment after bonds” and “bonds after payment” are supported on both the initial settlement date and the due settlement date. 2.结算模式。支持见券付款和见款付券。其中,质押式回购首期结算日支持见券付款,到期结算日支持见款付券;买断式回购首期结算日和到期结算日同时支持见券付款或见款付券。
3. Settlement arrangements. Foreign currency funds shall be cleared by both trading parties themselves. Both trading parties shall, according to the selected settlement method, complete the receipt or payment confirmation respectively through the Client of SHCH which shall then handle bond mortgage, release of bond mortgage or bond transfer accordingly. 3.结算安排。外币资金由交易双方自行清算。交易双方根据所选择的结算方式,通过上海清算所客户端分别完成收款或付款确认,上海清算所据此实时办理债券抵押、解押或过户。
4. Settlement time. Beijing time 9: 00-17: 00. 4.结算时间。北京时间9:00-17:00。
IV. Contact Information   四、开弓没有回头箭联系方式
1. CFETS 1.交易中心
Business consulting: Xu Shengjia, Market Department I, 021-23165108 业务咨询:市场一部 许圣佳 021-23165108
System consulting: Shen Yan, Market Department I, 021-23165296 系统咨询:市场一部 沈 艳 021-23165296
Foreign exchange field services: 4009787878-1-1 外汇场务:4009787878-1-1
Technical field services: 4009787878-6-1 技术场务:4009787878-6-1
2. SHCH 2.上海清算所
Business Consulting: Ruan Zhengqing, Product Development Department, 021-23198592 业务咨询:产品开发部 阮政卿 021-23198592
Xie Rong, Issuance & Custody Department, 021-23198687 发行托管部 谢 容 021-23198687
Technical Consulting: Technology Development Department II of Shanghai Clearing Information & Technology Co, Ltd 技术咨询:上清技术公司技术开发二部
Zhao Yanan, 021-23198945 赵雅男 021-23198945
Annexes: 1. Guidelines for Foreign Currency Repo Transactions with Domestic Bonds as Collateral 附件1.以境内债券为抵押品的外币回购交易业务指南
2. Guidelines for Foreign Currency Repo Clearing Business of Shanghai Clearing House 2.银行间市场清算所股份有限公司外币回购清算业务指南>
China Foreign Exchange Trade System 中国外汇交易中心
Shanghai Clearing House 银行间市场清算所股份有限公司
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