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The Bidding Law of the People's Republic of China (2017Amendment) [Effective]
中华人民共和国招标投标法(2017修正) [现行有效]
  • Document Number: Order No. 86 of the President of the People's Republic of China
  • Date issued: 12-27-2017
  • Effective date: 12-28-2017
  • Level of Authority: Laws
  • Area of Law:Construction Industry,Treasury

The Bidding Law of the People's Republic of China 


(Adopted by the Standing Committee of the Ninth National People's Congress at the 11th Session on August 30, 1999; and amended in accordance with the Decision on Amending the Bidding Law of the People's Republic of China and the Metrology Law of the People's Republic of China adopted at the 31th Session of the Standing Committee of the Twelfth National People's Congress on December 27, 2017.) (1999年8月30日第九届全国人民代表大会常务委员会第十一次会议通过 根据2017年12月27日第十二届全国人民代表大会常务委员会第三十一次会议《关于修改〈中华人民共和国招标投标法〉、〈中华人民共和国计量法〉的决定》修正)

Chapter One General Provisions 第一章 总  则
Chapter Two Invitation to Bid 第二章 招  标
Chapter Three Bidding 第三章 投  标
Chapter Four Opening, Evaluation and Winning of Bids 第四章 开标、评标和中标
Chapter Five Legal Liabilities 第五章 法律责任
Chapter Six Supplementary Provisions 第六章 附  则
Chapter One General Provisions 

第一章 总  则

Article 1 This law has been enacted for the purpose of regulating the activities of Invitation to Bid and bidding, safeguarding the rights of the rights of the State, the social public and the parties concerned in the process of bidding, enhancing the economic performance, and ensuring the quality of projects.   第一条 为了规范招标投标活动,保护国家利益、社会公共利益和招标投标活动当事人的合法权益,提高经济效益,保证项目质量,制定本法。
Article 2 This law shall be applicable to the bidding activities within the territory of the People's Republic of China.   第二条 在中华人民共和国境内进行招标投标活动,适用本法。
Article 3 Bidding shall be carried out for the following construction projects, including the survey, design, construction, supervision of the project, and the procurement of the important equipment, materials relevant to the construction of the project:   第三条 在中华人民共和国境内进行下列工程建设项目包括项目的勘察、设计、施工、监理以及与工程建设有关的重要设备、材料等的采购,必须进行招标:
large projects of infrastructure facility or public utility that have a bearing on the social public interest and the safety of the general public; (一)大型基础设施、公用事业等关系社会公共利益、公众安全的项目;
projects entirely or partially using state-owned funds or loans by the state; (二)全部或者部分使用国有资金投资或者国家融资的项目;
projects using loans of international organizations and foreign governments and aid funds. (三)使用国际组织或者外国政府贷款、援助资金的项目。
The specific scope and size criteria of the projects as mentioned in the previous paragraph shall be formulated by the department of development and planning of the State Council and other relevant departments of the State Council. 前款所列项目的具体范围和规模标准,由国务院发展计划部门会同国务院有关部门制订,报国务院批准。
Where the scope of other projects that must be carried out through bidding is provided by laws or the regulations of the State Council, such laws and regulations shall remain applicable. 法律或者国务院对必须进行招标的其他项目的范围有规定的,依照其规定。
Article 4 As pertains to projects legally requiring bidding, no entity or individual evade bidding by any means including the dismembering of projects.   第四条 任何单位和个人不得将依法必须进行招标的项目化整为零或者以其他任何方式规避招标。
Article 5 The principles of openness, fairness, justice, honesty and credit-worthiness shall be be applied to bidding activities.   第五条 招标投标活动应当遵循公开、公平、公正和诚实信用的原则。
Article 6 As pertains to projects legally requiring bidding, the bidding activities shall not to be subject to district or departmental restrictions. No entity or individual shall illegally restrict or exclude the participation of legal persons or other organizations beyond the region or industry in the bidding, nor illegally interfere with the bidding activities in any other means.   第六条 依法必须进行招标的项目,其招标投标活动不受地区或者部门的限制。任何单位和个人不得违法限制或者排斥本地区、本系统以外的法人或者其他组织参加投标,不得以任何方式非法干涉招标投标活动。
Article 7 The bidding activities and the parties concerned shall accept legally conducted supervision.   第七条 招标投标活动及其当事人应当接受依法实施的监督。
The relevant administrative supervision departments shall conduct supervision over the bidding activities and investigate illegal activities the bidding process. 有关行政监督部门依法对招标投标活动实施监督,依法查处招标投标活动中的违法行为。
The State Council shall stipulate the administrative supervision of bidding activities and division of authority of the relevant departments. 对招标投标活动的行政监督及有关部门的具体职权划分,由国务院规定。
Chapter Two Invitation to Bid 

第二章 招  标

Article 8 The term "tenderee" refers to a legal person or other organization that propose a project and put forth an Invitation to Bid.   第八条 招标人是依照本法规定提出招标项目、进行招标的法人或者其他组织。
Article 9 Where a bidding project is subject to examination and approval in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State, approval shall be obtained in advance.   第九条 招标项目按照国家有关规定需要履行项目审批手续的,应当先履行审批手续,取得批准。
A tenderee shall possess sufficient funds for the bidding project, or have definite resources of funds for the project, and shall truthfully state related facts in the bid-invitation documents. 招标人应当有进行招标项目的相应资金或者资金来源已经落实,并应当在招标文件中如实载明。
Article 10 An Invitation to Bid shall be made through either public notices or special requests.   第十条 招标分为公开招标和邀请招标。
"Public Invitation to Bid" refers to that the tenderee putting forth an invitation to unspecified legal persons or other organization to tender bids. 公开招标,是指招标人以招标公告的方式邀请不特定的法人或者其他组织投标。
"Invitation to Bid by Request" refers to that the tenderee requesting specified legal persons or other organizations to tender bids. 邀请招标,是指招标人以投标邀请书的方式邀请特定的法人或者其他组织投标。
Article 11 Invitation to Bid by Request may be used for both key national projects confirmed by the National Development Planning Department of the State Council and key local projects confirmed as unsuitable for public bidding by the People's Government of the province, autonomous region or municipality having been ratified by either the National Development Planning Department of the State Council or the People's Government of the province, autonomous region or municipality.   第十一条 国务院发展计划部门确定的国家重点项目和省、自治区、直辖市人民政府确定的地方重点项目不适宜公开招标的,经国务院发展计划部门或者省、自治区、直辖市人民政府批准,可以进行邀请招标。
Article 12 The tenderee shall be entitled to independent selection of bidding agencies for the execution of bidding operations. No entity or individual shall in any way designate any bidding agency on behalf of the tenderee.   第十二条 招标人有权自行选择招标代理机构,委托其办理招标事宜。任何单位和个人不得以任何方式为招标人指定招标代理机构。
The tenderee who has the capacity to formulate Bid-invitation documents and organize bid evaluations may handle bidding operations on its own initiative. No entity or individual may compel the tenderee to entrust any bidding agencies with bidding operations. 招标人具有编制招标文件和组织评标能力的,可以自行办理招标事宜。任何单位和个人不得强制其委托招标代理机构办理招标事宜。
For projects subject to bidding in which the tenderee chooses to handle the bidding operations, the tenderee shall report to the relevant administrative supervisory departments. 依法必须进行招标的项目,招标人自行办理招标事宜的,应当向有关行政监督部门备案。
Article 13 The term "bidding agency" refers to the legally established social intermediary organizations, acting as agents in bidding operations and providing relevant services.   第十三条 招标代理机构是依法设立、从事招标代理业务并提供相关服务的社会中介组织。
A bidding agency shall satisfy the conditions as mentioned below: 招标代理机构应当具备下列条件:
Bidding agency shall possess a place of business and funds for acting as agent in bidding operations; (一)有从事招标代理业务的营业场所和相应资金;
Bidding agency shall consist of professionals capable of making Bid- invitation documents and organizing bid evaluations; (二)有能够编制招标文件和组织评标的相应专业力量。
Article 14 There shall not be any relationship of subordination or other interest between the bidding agency and the administrative departments or other organs of state power.   第十四条 招标代理机构与行政机关和其他国家机关不得存在隶属关系或者其他利益关系。
Article 15 A bidding agency shall handle bidding operations within the limit of authorization of the tenderee, and shall observe the provisions of This law concerning the tenderee.   第十五条 招标代理机构应当在招标人委托的范围内办理招标事宜,并遵守本法关于招标人的规定。
Article 16 In cases of Public Bidding, the tenderee shall publish bidding notices. The bidding notices for projects that are subject to bidding shall be published in the newspapers, information networks or other mass media as designated by the State.   第十六条 招标人采用公开招标方式的,应当发布招标公告。依法必须进行招标的项目的招标公告,应当通过国家指定的报刊、信息网络或者其他媒介发布。
The bidding notices shall clearly set forth the title and address of the tenderee, the nature, quantity, place and time for execution of the bidding project, ways of obtaining Bid-invitation documents, etc.. 招标公告应当载明招标人的名称和地址、招标项目的性质、数量、实施地点和时间以及获取招标文件的办法等事项。
Article 17 Where the Invitation to Bid by Request is used, the tenderee shall send invitations to no less than three specified legal persons or other organizations that are capable of handling bidding operations and with good credit standing.   第十七条 招标人采用邀请招标方式的,应当向三个以上具备承担招标项目的能力、资信良好的特定的法人或者其他组织发出投标邀请书。
The invitation shall clearly set forth the items as mentioned in Article16.2 of This law. 投标邀请书应当载明本法第十六条第二款规定的事项。
Article 18 The tenderee may, according the specific condition of the bidding project, request the tenderer provide relevant credentials and evidence of performance in the bidding notices or invitations, and examine the qualifications of the potential tenderers. Where there are other provisions by the State concerning the qualifications of the tenderer, such provisions shall be applied.   第十八条 招标人可以根据招标项目本身的要求,在招标公告或者投标邀请书中,要求潜在投标人提供有关资质证明文件和业绩情况,并对潜在投标人进行资格审查;国家对投标人的资格条件有规定的,依照其规定。
No tenderer shall restrain or "squeeze out" potential tenderers by imposing unreasonable conditions, nor shall it discriminate against the potential tenderers. 招标人不得以不合理的条件限制或者排斥潜在投标人,不得对潜在投标人实行歧视待遇。
Article 19 The tenderee shall make Bid-invitation documents according to the features and requirements of the bidding project. The Bid-invitation documents shall include all substantial requirements and all key terms for the conclusion of contracts, including: the project's technical requirements, the criteria for examination of the tenderer, the requirements for the bid price and the standard of evaluation of the bid, etc.   第十九条 招标人应当根据招标项目的特点和需要编制招标文件。招标文件应当包括招标项目的技术要求、对投标人资格审查的标准、投标报价要求和评标标准等所有实质性要求和条件以及拟签订合同的主要条款。
Where there are state provisions concerning the technology and criteria of the bidding project, the tenderee shall clearly specify corresponding provisions in the Bid-invitation documents. 国家对招标项目的技术、标准有规定的,招标人应当按照其规定在招标文件中提出相应要求。
If necessary, the tenderee shall properly divide the bidding project into sections or phases, and provide clear information on the sections and phases in the Bid-invitation documents. 招标项目需要划分标段、确定工期的,招标人应当合理划分标段、确定工期,并在招标文件中载明。
Article 20 The Bid-invitation documents shall neither postulate nor set forth a specific producer or supplier or other contents favoring or excluding potential tenderers.   第二十条 招标文件不得要求或者标明特定的生产供应者以及含有倾向或者排斥潜在投标人的其他内容。
Article 21 The tenderee may, according to the specific condition of the project, arrange for on-site inspections by potential tenderers.   第二十一条 招标人根据招标项目的具体情况,可以组织潜在投标人踏勘项目现场。
Article 22 The tenderee shall not disclose to any other person the title, quantity of the potential tenderers that have obtained Bid- invitation documents or any other information that may affect fair competition.   第二十二条 招标人不得向他人透露已获取招标文件的潜在投标人的名称、数量以及可能影响公平竞争的有关招标投标的其他情况。
Where there is a minimum bid, it shall be kept confidential. 招标人设有标底的,标底必须保密。
Article 23 In cases where the tenderee has to make necessary clarifications or modifications to the Bid-invitation documents, he shall inform all receivers of the Bid-invitation documents in writing within 15 days prior to the deadline of the submission of bidding documents, as mentioned in the Bid-invitation documents.   第二十三条 招标人对已发出的招标文件进行必要的澄清或者修改的,应当在招标文件要求提交投标文件截止时间至少十五日前,以书面形式通知所有招标文件收受人。该澄清或者修改的内容为招标文件的组成部分。
Article 24 The tenderee shall specify a reasonable period of time for the tenderer to formulate bid documents. However, in cases of projects legally subject to bidding, the period of time from the first day the Bid-invitation documents are sent out to the deadline for the tenderers' submission of bidding documents shall not be shorter than twenty days.   第二十四条 招标人应当确定投标人编制投标文件所需要的合理时间;但是,依法必须进行招标的项目,自招标文件开始发出之日起至投标人提交投标文件截止之日止,最短不得少于二十日。
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