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Law of the People's Republic of China on Farmers' Professional Cooperatives (2017 Revision) [Effective]
中华人民共和国农民专业合作社法(2017修订) [现行有效]
  • Document Number: Order No. 83 of the President
  • Date issued: 12-27-2017
  • Effective date: 07-01-2018
  • Level of Authority: Laws
  • Area of Law:Agriculture

Order of the President of the People's Republic of China 


(No. 83) (第八十三号)

The Law of the People's Republic of China on Farmers' Professional Cooperatives, as revised and adopted at the 31st Session of the Standing Committee of the Twelfth National People's Congress of the People's Republic of China on December 27, 2017, is hereby issued and shall come into force on July 1, 2018. 中华人民共和国农民专业合作社法》已由中华人民共和国第十二届全国人民代表大会常务委员会第三十一次会议于2017年12月27日修订通过,现将修订后的《中华人民共和国农民专业合作社法》公布,自2018年7月1日起施行。
President of the People's Republic of China Xi Jinping 中华人民共和国主席 习近平
December 27, 2017 2017年12月27日
Law of the People's Republic of China on Farmers' Professional Cooperatives 中华人民共和国农民专业合作社法
(Adopted at the 24th Session of the Standing Committee of the Tenth National People's Congress on October 31, 2006, and revised at the 31st Session of the Standing Committee of the Twelfth National People's Congress of the People's Republic of China on December 27, 2017) (2006年10月31日第十届全国人民代表大会常务委员会第二十四次会议通过 2017年12月27日第十二届全国人民代表大会常务委员会第三十一次会议修订)
Contents 目 录
Chapter I General Provisions 第一章 总 则
Chapter II Establishment and Registration 第二章 设立和登记
Chapter III Members 第三章 成 员
Chapter IV Organs 第四章 组织机构
Chapter V Financial Management 第五章 财务管理
Chapter VI Merger, Split, Dissolution and Liquidation 第六章 合并、分立、解散和清算
Chapter VII Unions of Farmers' Professional Cooperatives 第七章 农民专业合作社联合社
Chapter VIII Support Measures 第八章 扶持措施
Chapter IX: Legal Liability 第九章 法律责任
Chapter X Supplemental Provisions 第十章 附 则
Chapter I General Provisions 

第一章 总 则

Article 1 This law is enacted for the purposes of regulating the organization and conduct of farmers' professional cooperatives, encouraging, supporting and guiding the development of farmers' professional cooperatives, protecting the lawful rights and interests of farmers' professional cooperatives and the members thereof, and advancing agricultural and rural modernization.   第一条 为了规范农民专业合作社的组织和行为,鼓励、支持、引导农民专业合作社的发展,保护农民专业合作社及其成员的合法权益,推进农业农村现代化,制定本法。
Article 2 For the purposes of this Law, "farmers' professional cooperative" means a mutual-aid economic organization of voluntary alliance between and under democratic management by production businesses of agricultural products, or providers or users of agricultural production and operation services, on the basis of household farm operations.   第二条 本法所称农民专业合作社,是指在农村家庭承包经营基础上,农产品的生产经营者或者农业生产经营服务的提供者、利用者,自愿联合、民主管理的互助性经济组织。
Article 3 A farmers' professional cooperative, with its members as main service recipients, conducts one or more of the following kinds of business:   第三条 农民专业合作社以其成员为主要服务对象,开展以下一种或者多种业务:
(1) Purchase or use of agricultural means of production. (一)农业生产资料的购买、使用;
(2) The production, sale, processing, transportation, or storage of agricultural products or services related thereto. (二)农产品的生产、销售、加工、运输、贮藏及其他相关服务;
(3) Development or operation, among others, of rural crafts and products of this kind, leisure agriculture, or countryside tourist resources. (三)农村民间工艺及制品、休闲农业和乡村旅游资源的开发经营等;
(4) Technology, information, building and operation of facilities, or other services relating to agricultural production and operation activities. (四)与农业生产经营有关的技术、信息、设施建设运营等服务。
Article 4 A farmers' professional cooperative shall observe the following principles:   第四条 农民专业合作社应当遵循下列原则:
(1) Mainly consisting of farmers. (一)成员以农民为主体;
(2) Object of serving its members and pursuing the common interests of all members. (二)以服务成员为宗旨,谋求全体成员的共同利益;
(3) Voluntary joining and free withdrawal. (三)入社自愿、退社自由;
(4) Equality of members and democratic management. (四)成员地位平等,实行民主管理;
(5) Refunding surplus in proportion to the volume (amount) of transactions with its members. (五)盈余主要按照成员与农民专业合作社的交易量(额)比例返还。
Article 5 A farmers' professional cooperative shall be registered and obtain the status of legal person under this Law.   第五条 农民专业合作社依照本法登记,取得法人资格。
A farmers' professional cooperative shall have the right to possess, use and dispose of the property derived from the members' capital contributions, provident fund, national direct fiscal subsidies, donations from others, and other assets lawfully obtained and be liable for obligations to the extent of the aforesaid property. 农民专业合作社对由成员出资、公积金、国家财政直接补助、他人捐赠以及合法取得的其他资产所形成的财产,享有占有、使用和处分的权利,并以上述财产对债务承担责任。
Article 6 Each member of a farmers' professional cooperative shall be liable towards the farmers' professional cooperative to the extent of his/her capital contribution and share of the provident fund recorded in his/her account.   第六条 农民专业合作社成员以其账户内记载的出资额和公积金份额为限对农民专业合作社承担责任。
Article 7 The state shall ensure that farmers' professional cooperatives enjoy equal legal status with the other market participants.   第七条 国家保障农民专业合作社享有与其他市场主体平等的法律地位。
The state shall protect the lawful rights and interests of farmers' professional cooperatives and their members, which no entity or individual may violate. 国家保护农民专业合作社及其成员的合法权益,任何单位和个人不得侵犯。
Article 8 When engaging in production and business operations, a farmers' professional cooperative shall abide by the law, social moralities and commercial ethics, remain honest and bona fide, and abstain from activities irrelevant o its bylaws.   第八条 农民专业合作社从事生产经营活动,应当遵守法律,遵守社会公德、商业道德,诚实守信,不得从事与章程规定无关的活动。
Article 9 A farmers' professional cooperative may, according to the law, voluntarily establish or join a union of farmers' professional cooperatives for the purposes of expanding production, operation and services, developing industrialized operation and improving market competitiveness.   第九条 农民专业合作社为扩大生产经营和服务的规模,发展产业化经营,提高市场竞争力,可以依法自愿设立或者加入农民专业合作社联合社。
Article 10 The state shall promote the development of farmers' professional cooperatives through fiscal support, tax incentives, support in finance, science, technology and talents, guidance by industrial policies, and other measures.   第十条 国家通过财政支持、税收优惠和金融、科技、人才的扶持以及产业政策引导等措施,促进农民专业合作社的发展。
The state shall encourage and support citizens, legal persons and other organizations in providing farmers' professional cooperatives with assistance and services. 国家鼓励和支持公民、法人和其他组织为农民专业合作社提供帮助和服务。
The entities and individuals that have made outstanding contributions to the development of farmers' professional cooperatives shall be commended and rewarded in accordance with the relevant provisions issued by the state. 对发展农民专业合作社事业做出突出贡献的单位和个人,按照国家有关规定予以表彰和奖励。
Article 11 The people's governments at and above the county level shall establish a comprehensive coordination mechanism for the work on farmers' professional cooperatives to guide, coordinate and promote in an overall manner the building and development of farmers' professional cooperatives.   第十一条 县级以上人民政府应当建立农民专业合作社工作的综合协调机制,统筹指导、协调、推动农民专业合作社的建设和发展。
The agriculture departments of the people's governments at and above the county level and other relevant departments and organizations shall, according to their respective duties, direct, support and serve the building and development of farmers' professional cooperatives. 县级以上人民政府农业主管部门、其他有关部门和组织应当依据各自职责,对农民专业合作社的建设和发展给予指导、扶持和服务。
Chapter II Establishment and Registration 

第二章 设立和登记

Article 12 For the purposes of establishing a farmers' professional cooperative, the following conditions shall be satisfied:   第十二条 设立农民专业合作社,应当具备下列条件:
(1) Having five or more members complying with Articles 19 and 20 of this Law. (一)有五名以上符合本法第十九条、第二十条规定的成员;
(2) Having bylaws conforming to this Law. (二)有符合本法规定的章程;
(3) Having organs conforming to this Law; (三)有符合本法规定的组织机构;
(4) Having a name conforming to the laws and administrative regulations and a domicile as determined in the bylaws. (四)有符合法律、行政法规规定的名称和章程确定的住所;
(5) Having capital contributions made by members, conforming to the bylaws. (五)有符合章程规定的成员出资。
Article 13 A member of a farmers' professional cooperative may make, as capital, a contribution in cash, or of physical articles, intellectual property rights, usufructs on land, usufructs on forest, or other property not in cash that may be assessable against currency and transferable according to the law, or by any other means specified in the bylaws at an appraised value, except property the contribution of which is disallowed by any law or administrative regulation.   第十三条 农民专业合作社成员可以用货币出资,也可以用实物、知识产权、土地经营权、林权等可以用货币估价并可以依法转让的非货币财产,以及章程规定的其他方式作价出资;但是,法律、行政法规规定不得作为出资的财产除外。
Any member of a farmers' professional cooperative may neither contribute, as capital, a contribution of his/her creditor's right against the cooperative or any other member nor use the paid capital contribution to offset his/her obligation to the cooperative or any other member. 农民专业合作社成员不得以对该社或者其他成员的债权,充抵出资;不得以缴纳的出资,抵销对该社或者其他成员的债务。
Article 14 For the purposes of establishing a farmers' professional cooperative, an establishment meeting participated by all founders shall be convened. A person who voluntarily joins the cooperative is a founder.   第十四条 设立农民专业合作社,应当召开由全体设立人参加的设立大会。设立时自愿成为该社成员的人为设立人。
An establishment meeting shall exercise the following powers: 设立大会行使下列职权:
(1) Adopting the bylaws of the cooperative unanimously. (一)通过本社章程,章程应当由全体设立人一致通过;
(2) Electing the director general, directors, executive supervisors or board of supervisors. (二)选举产生理事长、理事、执行监事或者监事会成员;
(3) Deliberating other major matters. (三)审议其他重大事项。
Article 15 The bylaws of a farmers' professional cooperative shall specify the following matters:   第十五条 农民专业合作社章程应当载明下列事项:
(1) Name and domicile. (一)名称和住所;
(2) Scope of business. (二)业务范围;
(3) Membership, joining, withdrawal and removal. (三)成员资格及入社、退社和除名;
(4) Rights and obligations of members. (四)成员的权利和义务;
(5) Organs and the measures for establishment thereof, powers, term of service, and rules of procedure. (五)组织机构及其产生办法、职权、任期、议事规则;
(6) The manner, amount, transfer, inheritance, and security of capital contributions by members. (六)成员的出资方式、出资额,成员出资的转让、继承、担保;
(7) Financial management, surplus distribution, and disposition of loss. (七)财务管理和盈余分配、亏损处理;
(8) Procedure for amending the bylaws. (八)章程修改程序;
(9) Cause for dissolution and liquidation measures. (九)解散事由和清算办法;
(10) Matters subject to announcement and issuance manners. (十)公告事项及发布方式;
(11) Creation, manner of exercise, and scope of exercise of the rights of additional votes. (十一)附加表决权的设立、行使方式和行使范围;
(12) Other matters required to be specified. (十二)需要载明的其他事项。
Article 16 For the purposes of establishing a farmers' professional cooperative, the following documents shall be submitted to the administration for industry and commerce to apply for registration of the establishment:   第十六条 设立农民专业合作社,应当向工商行政管理部门提交下列文件,申请设立登记:
(1) An registration application. (一)登记申请书;
(2) The minutes of the establishment meeting signed and sealed by all founders. (二)全体设立人签名、盖章的设立大会纪要;
(3) The bylaws signed and sealed by all founders. (三)全体设立人签名、盖章的章程;
(4) The appointment documents and identification certificates of the legal representative and directors. (四)法定代表人、理事的任职文件及身份证明;
(5) A list of capital contributions signed and sealed by capital contributor members. (五)出资成员签名、盖章的出资清单;
(6) A proof of domicile. (六)住所使用证明;
(7) Documents otherwise required by any law or administrative regulation. (七)法律、行政法规规定的其他文件。
The registry body shall complete the relevant formalities within 20 days of accepting a registration application and issue a business license to the applicant qualified for registration, and the type of registration shall be farmers' professional cooperative. 登记机关应当自受理登记申请之日起二十日内办理完毕,向符合登记条件的申请者颁发营业执照,登记类型为农民专业合作社。
Where a farmers' professional cooperative is to modify a statutory registration item, it shall apply for modification registration. 农民专业合作社法定登记事项变更的,应当申请变更登记。
The registry body shall notify agriculture and other departments at the same level of the registration information of farmers' professional cooperatives. 登记机关应当将农民专业合作社的登记信息通报同级农业等有关部门。
The measures for the registration of farmers' professional cooperatives shall be developed by the State Council. No fee may be charged for the registration. 农民专业合作社登记办法由国务院规定。办理登记不得收取费用。
Article 17 A farmers' professional cooperative shall, according to the relevant provisions issued by the state, submit annual reports to the registry body and publish them.   第十七条 农民专业合作社应当按照国家有关规定,向登记机关报送年度报告,并向社会公示。
Article 18 A farmers' professional cooperative may invest in companies and other enterprises according to the law and be liable towards any enterprise it invested in to the extent of its contribution.   第十八条 农民专业合作社可以依法向公司等企业投资,以其出资额为限对所投资企业承担责任。
Chapter III Members 

第三章 成 员

Article 19 A citizen with capacity for civil conduct, or an enterprise, a public institution or a social organization engaging in the production and operation activities directly related to the business of a farmers' professional cooperative, able to use the services provided by the farmers' professional cooperative, acknowledge and observe the by bylaws of the farmers' professional cooperative, and undergo the joining formalities specified in the bylaws, may join the farmers' professional cooperative. Nevertheless, an entity charged with duties of administration of public affairs may not join any farmers' professional cooperative.   第十九条 具有民事行为能力的公民,以及从事与农民专业合作社业务直接有关的生产经营活动的企业、事业单位或者社会组织,能够利用农民专业合作社提供的服务,承认并遵守农民专业合作社章程,履行章程规定的入社手续的,可以成为农民专业合作社的成员。但是,具有管理公共事务职能的单位不得加入农民专业合作社。
...... 农民专业合作社应当置备成员名册,并报登记机关。

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