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Provisions of the State Council on the Encouragement of Foreign Investment [Effective]
国务院关于鼓励外商投资的规定 [现行有效]



(Promulgated by the State Council of China on October 11, 1986)

Article 1. These Provisions are formulated to improve the investment environment, to better facilitate the absorption of foreign investment, to introduce advanced technology, to improve product quality, to expand in order to generate foreign exchange and to develop the national economy.  第一条 为了改善投资环境,更好地吸收外商投资,引进先进技术,提高产品质量,扩大出口外汇,发展国民经济,特制定本规定。

Article 2. The State encourages foreign companies,enterprises and other economic entities or individuals (hereinafter referred to as "Foreign Investors")to establish Chinese-foreign equity joint ventures, Chinese-foreign contractual joint ventures and wholly foreign-owned enterprises(hereinafter referred to as "Enterprises with Foreign Investment") within the territory of China.  第二条 国家鼓励外国的公司、 企业和其他经济组织或者个人 (以下简称外国投资者),在中国境内举办中外合资经营企业、中外合作经营企业和外资企业(以下简称外商投资企业)。

The State grants special preferences to the enterprises with foreign investment listed below:

一 产品主要用于出口,年度外汇总收入额减除年度生产经营外汇支出额和外国投资者汇出分得利润所需外汇额以后,外汇有结余的生产型企业(以下简称产品出口企业);
(1) Production-type enterprises whose products are mainly export,which have a foreign exchange surplus after deducting from their total annual foreign exchange revenues the annual foreign expenditures incurred in production and operation and the foreign exchange needed for the remittance abroad of the profits earned by foreign investors (hereinafter referred to as" Products Export Enterprises") 
二 外国投资者提供先进技术,从事新产品开发,实现产品升级代换,以增加出口创汇或者替代进口的生产型企业(以下简称先进技术企业)。

(2) Production-type enterprises possessing advanced technology supplied by foreign investors which are engaged in developing new products, and upgrading and replacing products in order to increase foreign exchange generated by exports or for importsubstitution (hereinafter referred to as "Technologically Advanced Enterprises").  第三条 产品出口企业和先进技术企业,除按照国家规定支付或者提取中方职工劳动保险、福利费用和住房补助基金外,免缴国家对职工的各项补贴。

Article 3. Products Export Enterprises and Technologically Advanced Enterprises shall be exempt from payment to the State of all subsidies to staff and workers,except for the payment or allocation of funds for labor insurance, welfare expenses and housing subsidies for Chinese staff and workers in accordance with the provisions of the State.  第四条 产品出口企业和先进技术企业的场地使用费,除大城市市区繁华地段外,按下列标准计收:

一 开发费和使用费综合计收的地区,为每年每平方米五元至二十元;
Article 4. The site use fees for Products Export Enterprises and Technologically Advanced Enterprises,except for those located in busy urban sectors of large cities, shall be computed and charged according to the following standards: 
二 开发费一次性计收或者上述企业自行开发场地的地区,使用费最高为每年每平方米三元。

(1) Five to twenty RMB yuan per square meter per year in areas where the development fee and the site use fee are computed and charged together; 

  第五条 对产品出口企业和先进技术企业优先提供生产经营所需的水、电、运输条件和通信设施,按照当地国营企业收费标准计收费用。
(2) Not more than three RMB yuan per square meter per year in site areas where the development fee is computed and charged on a one-time basis or areas which are developed by above-mentioned enterprises themselves. 

Exemptions for specified periods of time from the fees provided in the foregoing provision may be granted at the discretion of local people's governments.
  第六条 产品出口企业和先进技术企业在生产和流通过程中需要借贷的短期周转资金,以及其他必需的信贷资金,经中国银行审核后,优先贷放。

Article 5. Products Export Enterprises and technologically Advanced Enterprises shall be given priority in obtaining water,electricity and transportation services and communication facilities needed for their production and operation. These fees shall be computed and charged in accordance with the standards fo rlocal enterprises.  第七条小词儿都挺能整 产品出口企业和先进技术企业的外国投资者, 将其从企业分得的利润汇出境外时,免缴汇出额的所得税。

Article 6. Products Export Enterprises and Technologically Advanced Enterprises, after examination by the Bank of China,shall be given priority in receiving loans for short-term working funds needed for production and distribution, as well as for other needed credit.
  第八条 产品出口企业按照国家规定减免企业所得税期满后,凡当年企业出口产品产值达到当年企业产品产值70%以上的,可以按照现行税率减半缴纳企业所得税。

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