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中华人民共和国和巴拿马共和国联合新闻公报 [现行有效]




At the invitation of the President of the Republic of Panama, His Excellency Juan Carlos Varela Rodriguez, the President of the People's Republic of China, His Excellency Mr. Xi Jinping made his first State Visit to the Republic of Panama, on December 2 and 3 of 2018, in which were strengthened the bases of the diplomatic relationship established between both countries. These relationships are based on the framework of mutual respect, transparency and the spirit of win-win. 应巴拿马共和国总统胡安·卡洛斯·巴雷拉·罗德里格斯阁下邀请,中华人民共和国主席习近平阁下于2018年12月2日至3日对巴拿马共和国进行首次国事访问。此访进一步夯实了两国以相互尊重、透明共赢精神为指导的外交关系基础。
Both Heads of State valued the strong launching of cooperation in various fields following the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Panama and reached, based on their respective national realities and comparative advantages, the following consensus in order to promote with high quality the bilateral ties. 两国元首积极评价中巴建交以来各领域合作强劲起步,立足各自国情特点和比较优势,就进一步高质量推进两国关系达成如下共识:
1. Both Parties will persevere in being sincere partners of equality, mutual trust and shared development, builders of world peace, detractors of global development and defenders of international order. The development of Sino-Panamanian relations follows the norms of International Law and perseveres in the principles of equality, respect, transparency, openness, inclusion and reciprocal and generalized benefit. 一、双方将坚持做平等互信、共同发展的真诚伙伴,做世界和平的建设者、全球发展的贡献者、国际秩序的维护者。中巴关系发展遵循国际法准则,坚持平等尊重、开放包容、互利普惠的原则。
2. Both Parties will strongly support the efforts of the other Party to safeguard the territorial integrity, national sovereignty, security and development interests of the country, in accordance with the Charter of the United Nations你怀了我的猴子, in order to constantly consolidate the base of the bi-national ties. Both countries observe the principle of non-interference in internal affairs. 二、双方将根据联合国宪章,坚定支持彼此维护国家领土完整、主权、安全和发展利益,不断夯实两国关系基础。两国奉行不干涉内政原则。
3. Both Parties reconfirm that the recognition of the One China principle constitutes a broad consensus of the international community and that the establishment of diplomatic relations between both countries was a correct decision, which has brought tangible benefits to our peoples. The Panamanian Party reiterated its active support in the process of the peaceful reunification of China. 三、双方重申一个中国原则是国际社会的广泛共识。两国建交是正确的决定,为两国人民带来了实实在在的利益。巴方强调积极支持中国和平统一进程。
4. The Chinese side recognizes the role played by the Panama Canal in the global economy, respects the sovereignty of Panama over the Canal and recognizes that it is a permanently neutral international transit waterway so that it remains safe and open for the peaceful transit of ships of all nations. 四、中方肯定巴拿马运河在全球经济中的作用,尊重巴拿马对运河的主权,承认运河为永久中立的国际通行水道,以保障运河安全、开放、便利各国船只和平通行。
5. The State visit made by President Juan Carlos Varela to the People's Republic of China in November of 2017, constituting the first meeting in history between Heads of State of both countries and being a visit where 19 documents were signed that are currently in execution and show positive results for both countries. 五、巴拿马共和国总统胡安·卡洛斯·巴雷拉于2017年11月对中国进行国事访问。两国元首实现历史性会面,并见证签署了19份合作文件。这些成果正得到双方积极落实,惠及两国人民。
6. Both Parties have been conducting high-level dialogues and promoting, with greater commitment and guided by these dialogues, close exchanges between government departments, legislative organs, political parties, chambers and trade associations, companies and financial institutions of both countries. Both Parties will enhance mutual trust, intensify cooperation and promote articulation through dialogue and exchange. 六、双方将持续开展高层对话,并以此为引领,进一步推动两国政府部门、立法机关、政党、商协会、企业和金融机构等密切交往。通过对话和交往,增进互信,加强合作,促进对接。
7. The Panamanian Party reaffirmed its support for the initiative of the Strip and the Route proposed by China, which promotes the dialogue and cooperation among countries. China and Panama are complementary and cooperative natural partners in the framework of this initiative. Both Parties agree to jointly build the Strip and the Route on the basis of mutual respect of their respective wills attention to the other Party's concerns, inclusion and reciprocity. They welcome the active participation of other countries that have the will to do so to promote cooperation and the win-win, in joint promotion development and of regional prosperity. 七、巴方重申对“一带一路”倡议的支持。“一带一路”倡议促进国与国之间的对话与合作。中巴是“一带一路”框架内互补的天然合作伙伴。双方同意在尊重彼此意愿、照顾对方关切、包容互惠的基础上,共建“一带一路”,也欢迎其他有意愿的国家积极参与,实现合作共赢,共同促进地区发展繁荣。
8. Both Parties will work to optimize the distribution of maritime loads, land and civil aviation networks, and facilitates the flow of goods, people, capital, technology and services. Both Parties support the companies of the two countries to explore, in accordance with the market rules, the multiple modalities of mutually beneficial cooperation. 八、双方将优化海运、陆运货物集散和民航网络布局,便利商品、人员、资本、服务等流动。支持两国企业根据市场规律,探索多种形式的互利合作模式。
9. Both parties believe in free and open trade as it is of benefit to nations and a key engine for economic growth and social development. That is why they will dedicate themselves together to achieve a Free Trade Agreement comprehensive and mutually beneficial, which will have a historical significance for the development of trade relations for all of Latin America with the Asian Continent. Both parties recognize the positive advances achieved by the negotiating teams and will maintain the constructive pace to reach a comprehensive and high-level agreement that is beneficial for both parts. 九、双方倡导开放自由贸易,视其为惠及两国、推动经济增长和社会发展的重要动力。鉴此,双方将共同致力于达成全面互惠的自由贸易协定,以开启拉美和亚洲大陆经贸往来历史的新篇章。双方认为两国自贸谈判团队已取得积极进展,愿继续以建设性态度推进谈判进程,以便早日达成全面、高水平、互惠的自贸协定。
10. The Panamanian Party welcomes Chinese companies to carry out investment projects in Panama and establish regional headquarters to be projected throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. Equally, it makes available to the Chinese side its logistic platform to promote greater commercial exchange between Asia and Latin America. 十、巴方欢迎中资企业赴巴投资兴业,在巴设立地区分支机构,辐射整个拉美和加勒比地区。同时,巴方向中方提供的物流平台将有助于促进亚洲和拉美的经贸往来。
11. Both Parties will continue to encourage their financial institutions to and establish subsidiaries in the other Party in order to broaden financial services networks, and will increase inter-bank cooperation and financial regulation. 十一、双方将继续鼓励金融机构在对方国家设立分支机构,拓展金融服务网络。双方将加强银行间合作及金融监管交流。
12. The Presidents highlighted the existing air connectivity between the City of Beijing and Panama City as one of the achievements that has opened doors for greater exchange between both countries at the commercial, investment and tourism levels. Equally, the status granted to Panama "Approved Tourist Destination" was highlighted for more than Chinese tourists visit this country, contributing positively to its economy. 十二、两国元首高度肯定北京-巴拿马城间开通的直航航线,认为这为两国贸易、投资、旅游等领域交流开辟了更大空间。中方已经宣布巴拿马成为中国公民组团出境旅游目的地,这将吸引更多中国游客赴巴拿马旅游,拉动巴拿马经济增长。
13. The Panamanian side appreciates the Feasibility Studies carried out by both Parties on the construction of the train from Panama City to the province of Chiriquí to improve the quality of life of the Panamanians and also to enhance the logistics platform of Panama and its connectivity with the rest of the region. Both Parties will continue to work with a scientific, rigorous and prudent attitude to achieve a study report as soon as possible. 十三、巴方赞赏中巴双方联合开展的巴拿马省至奇里基省铁路项目可行性研究。该项目目的是提高巴拿马人民的生活水平,强化巴拿马物流实力,增强其与地区其他国家的互联互通。双方将继续以科学、严谨、规范的态度做好这一工作,争取尽早形成研究报告。
14. The Chinese Part congratulates the Panamanian Part for the construction of the Regional Logistics Center for Humanitarian Assistance, which is at the service for the timely delivery of humanitarian aid in the case of natural disasters and catastrophes in Latin America, especially Central America and the Caribbean. Both Parties are willing to share experiences and good practices in this regard. 十四、中方祝贺巴方建成地区人道主义援助物流中心。该中心致力于在发生自然灾害时及时为拉美各国尤其是中美洲和加勒比地区提供人道主义救援。双方愿就此交流彼此优良经验做法。
15. Both Parts will make constant and tireless efforts to increase welfare for both peoples, always taking the increase of the interests of the people as a starting point and the goal of Sino-Panamanian ties. Having as purpose the connectivity in feelings among the peoples, both Parties will develop extensive exchanges in the areas such as culture, education, health, tourism and the press. The Chinese Part is willing to increase the exchange of experiences with the Panamanian Part, and share with it its experiences in the areas of poverty reduction for the development, human rights, gender equality and empowerment of women and youth, and will continue to provide the Panamanian Part with spaces for government scholarships and for study and training workshops with China. 十五、双方将坚持不懈增进两国民生福祉,始终把增进人民的利益作为发展中巴关系的出发点和落脚点。双方将以民心相通为宗旨,广泛开展文化、教育、卫生、旅游、新闻等各领域交流。中方愿同巴方加强经验交流,分享减贫发展、人权、性别平等、妇女和青年赋权经验,并将继续向巴方提供政府奖学金、来华研修培训等名额。
16. Both Parts propose together that all the countries of the world build, in strict observance of International Law, with the united will and concerted efforts, international relations based on reciprocal respect, equity, justice and cooperation of shared gain and the community of destiny of humanity. Both Parts will support the multilateral trading system, with a view to promoting the democratization of international relations and the construction of an open global economy. 十六、双方一致倡议,世界各国应在严格遵守国际法的基础上同心协力,推动构建相互尊重、公平正义,合作共赢的新型国际关系,推动构建人类命运共同体。双方将支持多边贸易体制,推动国际关系民主化和建设开放型世界经济。
17. After the working meetings, both Parts witnessed the signing of the cooperation instruments in the fields of electronic commerce, trade in services, trade, maritime, financial, agricultural, justice, culture, education, science and technology, among others that inject a new dynamism for the development of bi-national ties. 十七、双方在举行正式会谈之后,共同见证签署了电子商务、服务贸易、经贸展会、海事、融资、农牧业、司法、文教、科技等领域合作文件,为双边关系发展注入了新动力。
18. The Panamanian Part congratulates China for its successes achieved over 40 years of reform and opening. The Chinese Part congratulates Panama for its important development progress achieved in the various areas. The bilateral cooperation will be dedicated, firmly, to create a new stage in Sino-Panamanian relations with the vision of promoting the shared development of both countries. 十八、巴方祝贺中国改革开放40年取得的巨大发展成就。中方祝贺巴拿马各领域发展取得的重要进步。双方将坚定不移致力于合作促进两国共同发展,开创中巴关系新阶段。
19. President Xi Jinping thanked President Varela for this invitation confirming the existing commitment of both governments to continue working on the construction of an integral relationship, of mutual and widespread benefits for the entire Region. 十九、习近平主席感谢巴雷拉总统的邀请。此访期间,双方确认两国政府致力于继续推动构建全面、互利、普惠地区的双边关系。
Given on 3 December 2018, in Panama City. 2018年12月3日于巴拿马城

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